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GUILTY OF THIS OF llll5A1E3_l;6lLl:AlN  
  I1 €I°S1tY O K€HtUCkY  
   _""""" ‘_;;;·;‘.—·—;·;.·.·_··._._..~· #*4* ;;t;r.:;;;  1
r Vol. lll LEXINGTON, KY., ()CTOBER 6, 1910 No. 5  
1  .-_....  _T...; ...—;_........_-e;eT_»;-—_.--—-~--11
» V •:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••;•
t •;• •:•
1 •$• O •:•
  ·,· tate v     N Carolina ··
I I Q. * • 3.
g Of •£•
l •,• §••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••§••§••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••:••§••:••:••:••§••:•
l _""_“"_`llll`ll Tl Dabney put in. Dabney essayed a drop 5 to ll———Maryville. The half was stub-
1 kick but failed- Calm Wrighyb mm bornly fought throughout and a far
Q • • CII T triad a mrwaw [mss. the bn] going-, better resistance and play put up than
          8l1)’()I1€ €X[)€·Cl€d.
outside. They punted. Browi re SECOND HALF}
• • turning tho bclll. Johnson nuntii ill ll At the beginning of me tint-ti tninn
      time was called, the quarters brine; ef ter the following men Wllllll in for
·wt»;·,·a tt-,pt·tt€; duration State; Giltner, right end: liarle, right
e»-—-W--~— »—* »—»»~—- In the gpnoprl quartet- Kgntug-1__-xg.; guard; 'l`hrelkeld, full back; \\'at·
1 _ the hall on the forryegight yard {me; kins, left halt`. George Shanklin right
Alllwllgh ‘”""""°"? l"°‘“°l°‘l l' g°"‘l **§"""‘l lll lll l“T“l" g"""`“· lfl"` enntt-ti tint. yitntyviiie made twenty pall. anti emit sitttninitt ttttat-tt-t-,
walkover on Stoll FI€ld last Slallll'- M31`}'Vlll€, P2lll0ll,`OH3l`ll. Hllll \0l`· five yards UX S forward pass' Th U with Chambers playing (_H“()I_ in Mum]
lllly wllell Slalll Claslled wml Mary- lllllls Slllll_llGd llllllllglolll the lllllllllsx on the seeinti down_ one yard to t.’n, of \\'ebh who was injured during
llll°`· lllll Sllclcllalolls were treated to The detalls Of the game allll as llll Oll‘{3P{l WHS ll`ll`(l\\'l1 ff)?   l()sS of [Q1] the Sl¥Cl)l1(l ([ll2il`ll‘I`. Plily l)PK211I l)}'·
ll Vlllll lllsllllllllllllllblll Slllllllllsll at the lllllwsl Mlllylllllllls lllcll Off llllll yards. Maryville penalized twenty Maryville kic-king off to Slate. ll.
end Ol the llllsl hall wllllll lhll Score llllollgllt back lll the lllllllllllll lllllll f2·ll’(lS, l10llll·I!. COlll11S ll€ll 011 111 txt.'- Slliillkllll I'l‘C9l\’9ll ll1ls· llilll l)l1 lllv
Stood 5 to (I in f3v()r ()f l\la1‘}'Vlll€. lt Mallyvlllll was llellallzlld lllle llallds lllll Side puup Mapyyjlg [Dade; ,i]|.l'h+~t‘ ['\\'t’1l}' }'Li1'(] llI1l~* illlll l”r’llll'lll—*ll `ll
nlusl be lllllllllllllbellell lllollgll that the an Ollrlsldll lllalll State llllllllld allll lWt*lll)'·ll\'~‘ _~'t {l;.{3ll1 011 il l)’·;i\I_1‘IIll\' lW9l1l)' }'Z1l`llS. \\l3lkl11S WHS Sl·11l
lelllll lllllllllll llllll llllll lllllll was lllllllll webb “°°°"°l‘“l lll bllll Cllllllllllllls tt-xec·uted f· iwvd pass. three mnt ~- around right end for a gain of tifteen
V;u·Si[y 1116*11 lllaylllgl \\l€bl‘· Clinlll all llllelllllllllll fllllwalld llllss (lllllllllllllll tuckylhad P wp!] the })a]]_ pt; fg;·_ ;{1‘t111I1tl IPYT 9I1(l lll1‘ ll1ll`l)`·ll\'l‘ )'ill`ll$
bell- Gllllllllln Allll lllls llllllll lllallell llllllollellllll lllll ball llllll Clllllllllllll t\'e·bb 1‘e<·<~v•·vig the punt ou‘—..l , and \\'atkin:< repented around righl
well Collsldelllllg how lllllll lllllll llllllll lllllde lllllell llalllls thllllllgll lllll l\l21l`\'\'lll€‘ ·llI [l`I€ l'l9Xl ])l11\' l11[91‘C911I- l·l11(l ll(ll' lWPl1l)' }’2ll`llS 111lll'l‘. (lll ll1l*
l)1a)’(—*(l together Hlld the lll•l'll lllill tackle' l\Ially\llll€l got the bull (lll all ed ii t!(u.“td‘.`i pass, A ling buck n9t_ Flxrst `vylay \S1a[g\ tl/|)s[ *111* gl )'}`|_l‘(lS_
llllllllsell llllllll To Slllll lllc llllll llllllllllllllllll lollwlllld pass llllll lm lllll ted Maryville two yards. They punt- State is then forced to punt. On tho
Cllallll Sw*’*"l‘“‘d Sem lll llllllll (lf lllll Sllcllllll dllwll wllll llllll ylllllll lllllllll ed, Keuturky fumbled, but recovered next down Nlaryville is penalized tive
Old lllllll lll llle Second llllll‘ llllll ls welll lllllllwll lull ll loss Ol Slxl llllllll tle ball on the forty·iive yard line, yards for pushing. Nlzlryville is fort--
lllllsll llllll llllllll alllll ll) lll`lll’ llllll lllllllhllllls lllllll lllllllllll lllllllllllllllll Maryville hioeked .lohnson`s kick, ed to punt. liiltner reeeiviiig the hull,
vllllgll lllal llllllll glll lllglllllllll ll lllll llllldtl llvll llllllllll_' lllllllllllfllls lllllllll lll SlHl6lSI11&I11 lillllllg llll ll 011 ll1U Yl1l1'I)’ I'l‘lll1‘l1ll1g Sl ‘.`l‘ll )`ill’llS. Sllllv 11111118
lllllllltlll Ullll lll ll llllllllllllll llllllll llllll gall] allollllll lllll elldl lllllllllll llllllll five )'2lI`ll ll11l’. \llllll1`OSS 1‘l*(‘t*.‘*tl 1110 lll XlLI1'}'\'llll‘ ll1I l"l*l1‘ S(‘\€11 \i11`ll lllltl
llllllllll llllllll lllllll wollklllg Sllllllllhlll (lull (ll Sllallkllll lllcllllllg lllll lllllll lllllll t1I1(l 1‘l’lIl1'11€ll ll\’t’ )‘z1.I`lls, Tile!} XliIl'l`\'ll1t‘ ll`)`S il lllill llll l'l¥lllY lill`kl*’
llllll lll lllllllllllclloll wllll llllllllll lllllllll wllllllll he llllllglll lllll lllllll . lllllllllllllllfl l`o1‘Wa1‘d passes for twenty yards but is penalized \>r ot?-side. \'ou—
l’“l`l· lllllll ll llllll wllllllllllllg “'lll‘ lllll was llllllllllzllll llllll llllllls ml `lll (All DOlllllS kick was blocked and .l.ih·ist»n tress kicks to Shiinklin whor titurns
Ulllclals lvlls llollcllllblll lllllllllglllllll Sldll llllllll Pallllll lllllllll lllllllll lllllllllllll 8ll`V2Ill(‘l‘(l lltl llilll llll`(‘l·‘ \'ill`(l$ l*ll‘S1•‘1' ll\'l‘ \'&ll'llS,
lllll galllll llllll lllll flllll lllal so llllll`ll llslllltll lllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll lllll lllllllllllll VHIS lllllll't’(l illlll lilktlll lllll. \\lllll·llll** l St3t¢lS First Touchdown
llmll was llllllll lllll lllallll lllll lllsl llllll` llllllllldllll llllllllS` blllll, _l’llll_l` going in. dl2ll`)’\'llll‘ lllilllll ll\`·* )illll* Kl‘lll\ll`k)`S llzlll lll`e*l:lll/·ll l‘ille's bull. Maryville tries it iorw·;trd
llllll HWY lwlll llllll lllllll ll lllllllll°" lliltner returned the ball ten ytii Is. tive yards for un off»side pllv. Slide pass lo l`ulsto. gained tittetn yttt·ds_
UU" mall lalllllg ull ll· Slllllll llll` llllll‘ 'l`he ball went behind the line out |lllllll’ll. Then Maryville ilgillll lm 'lillll ll`l|atrit uround left end for six ynrtls_
'll¤¤·¤lk<·l·l‘¤ gllwll lllllllllllllllllll llllllll side Init was brought to tht- 1\\··ll‘)‘~ into pluy their gri·:it<·sl groudl undue Nlztryvillo pt-nnlized tivo vgtrtls tttr
ll· Sllllllllllllls gallls llllssllllll llllll wllh ll\'t‘ )‘31'll ll11l* illld [Ill! llIl(I S('!‘ll1l*1l.l§*‘ (ll', lllll lllll`\\'ill`ll ll2l$S» \lllllY""*·$ lll |lllF*l`llI;.Z. \l»llll1‘l*sS kieks lt; (}1l111t·|‘ who
lll’ll"*"*l’l*` llllllllglllllll lllll l°l‘ll lllllll play. lllaryyille lost two yards on <· l)’Ilara nnnde lifz··¤·n yurds ind their returns tive y;trds_ \\’;ttl;ittS tt;-mm.;
lll lllll lllllll lllllf lllll llllw lllllll llll llII'l’l’-II1z|II lIIlt*l'l(*I‘t*Il(‘v lllll)`. lltllillll llllll'l1llll\\'ll, lllll lll'Sl lll llll llli|ll·‘ llll l'l§lll lllll 1I1lt* );11'lis. lllltti l'l111s lil
_ S;l"“'*`ll llll l"l·*`ll· ll wlllllll llll ll llll nmde twenty yards. 'l`ht~n }.Iur· iille State this )l‘Ell'. They missed l' ··   ··' Sllilllkllll uni 'l`hrt~1kt·1d print; the hall
l`ll'llll lllll l"l’l"l"’lll llll"l wll"“llllll`llll‘ 1t·~·t ten. (1ur line held slr ug; on \\'t·hh kit·k··~l otf, Shunkllu lll'l"l'l`lll· lo the twwnty ynrd-lint-, when Il,
l‘}¥l*'ll "“*‘ *ll‘llll"‘l lll lllll llllslllllll lllllll their next play. \'outrei·s ·u·ui··.l. ed at foryvnrd puss but at llill')'\`llll‘ Shiinklin goes nrtund 1t·t`v end tot-
lll! lll"“?·il' l'llll*"l lllll lllllllllllllll lll l.i1tnt·r wornied his way ll‘·l lnrds nizin fell on it. \'i·utrl·ss in.tdl· lllll'l_\’ Kl'llllll'k_\lS lirst ioui·Y·down_ ittt.·t- t·tin~
llllil bull ll"" lllll l"lllll· Wllll Sllllw lln n forwnrd pitss State nntde l‘.\`l·ll y- tive yards nivund l'l1.Zlll end :·ud lll|l~‘ yl l'1lIlLL it into it gon!. St·ort· I{t·ntnt·ky
Inst S&Illll‘llil\' illlll lll`llllll$l`$ lll lllllkr il tive yards. liilluer wats tnk· vi oul and was up. Alas? :ilzis' the slor~ sl· od li, \I;tryvi11t· T.,

‘ r'?
2 T Il E I D E A
Ank Your Grocer for- Maryville lurks to Shanklizi who re- for this situation. The authority to *CLA88IFIED ADS. h
.` turns the hall twenty-five yards. A purchase all these sweaters was given ——-—-
    forwardi pass to Threlkeld failed and to Mr. Curtis, the treasurer. and they WAN'I`ED—Every State University `
Dorm Forget Hoe cake Meal A1Hl‘}'VH]("S hall. \’·»ntress kicks to Would have been purchased long ago student toh ave his laundry done at r
Mmm B`, Gilmer who returns the ball five if the managers of the teams had the Peerless Laundry. Wilson & ,_
. t . yards. End of the third qnnrteiz given ln the sizes of sweaters re- Babbage. Agents. 10-6 _ j
Lexington Roller Mlus co' Fourth Quarter. quired and several other conditions   .  
Webb goes, ln at center for State had been fultllled, WANTED—'l`wo live and energetic  
NI A R C I N and Shanklm kicks to Wright who Seme of the Sizes were handed in men Whew am te mak? Silmé 988}* ? T
fumbles, Babb recovering the ball. A promptly enough. For instance, the pocket money, saturday work- 1
forward pass by Threlkeld fails. Mary- gms who were entitled to Sweaters in will notl nterfere with studies. Mr. :
GOOD FURNITURE’ viltyil gaulm ‘:lkf(;g“valgLa:;$?   basket ball gave the necessary infor- KHHL Mmer Br°s‘ 10`6 jc ti
pep Q Y lr (2 · ll * S i b · th i t *—·— _;··vt:iT·rr·;;:;;"T;:.· . .-$_.   ·
C ts wan Pa er and 8wve8_ M mat on a out e s zes jus as soon as __ »_ ·
upe » P th Patton. Marpwille returns but the basket ball Season ended In 0th_ BOARI)— All eating plades in Lex- »- .
  puntl1s]blo;hed.kl?lla::"' · · ' thi · .· tl STATIONERY
¤¤ 0* the mms *8 gm b€*··w= h0Z;vZ?"bui1Z$€€t.-DZZKFG lm§2ZYg;
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND The game was One of me hardest the subject seemed to extend no fur- PMNTING
GOOD LUNcH__ fought on Stoll ileld. The best play- th •
ers for Maryville were Wright, Von- er     &  
CHEAP. U.€SS_ Patton and O·Ha,·a_ On the Mr. Curtis informs us that all the Inccor mt d ° ‘
_ Blue and Whitg team few meh data is now at hand so that these P0 9
521 South Lnnc. - .
‘ were above the rest but especial credit 8W€¤i€1`S Wlll be here Just as soon as N0. 152 West Main Street  
  must be gsm cam. Webb. shanklin the Order can be filled- 4
EVERYTHING FOR THE and Threlkeld. The Faculty Committee has shown Lexington, Ky. _'
KODAK! K€mtucky-.(;i1m€,·_ Dabm.y_ right more interest in the development ot   `
Developing and Printing. ehd; Foster, Williams, right tackle: mick 6thl€U¢S than U19 St¤d€¤tS have. i
. Bablitz Earle. right guard; Webb This has not been the fault of the `
Lcxmgton Photo Supply C0 ` . , .t d , . _ _ New Phone 621x 01d Phone 617-3 V
_ ‘ (Capt.) center; Campbell, left guard. ¤ U 611% IH any way. because until `
Over K1rby's Ten Cent Store _]OhnS0n_ left tackle; Babby left phd; the last two or three years it has   &   ~
  B_ Shanklin, G. Shanklin, quarter; been very difficult to Obtain a satis- pR|NT|NG
W . . hrelkeld. full back; Brown, right Yacmfy €¢>¤€¤. and t0 meet certain oth- Rush Work 3, Specialty
Amana Mlm T . ,
“” half Collins G. Shanklin, right half; €1‘ Conditions, 14(M46 South L|m°·t°n°
* ‘ »l
UNIVERSITY ICE CREAM xx atkins, left half. l · _ A year ago last Spring me commib Lexington, Kentucky; I  
PARLOR. and LUNCH STAND M¤’>"'m*‘_(;/;"S‘*‘· "‘:“"`“d}1R‘Q;;T;` tee went so mr in then- endeavor to ‘
, . .. SOB. tackle? · al`- rig t gm"' ; l` revive a wide interest in this most de.   Q
South Lllllé d-lld   mslow Streets Soni center: GibbUnS_‘[gf[ gu‘[ll‘d§ Pat- Sirable form of Sport as to guarantee  
_ Yun- left tackle; OHara° flplil beugt the GXDBHSGS of twelve [11611 fI‘()l]] ,  
J- J. FITZGERALD Craw£ord,Cr·•»arte1-, Ygllllerx   utnces, each of the members of the K L A- A.,   S  
\\'rig t, ( api.! Fig a ? U " · The m et wl. h h ‘ `
PLUMBING e IC was eld under these
left ha"- conditions aroused ' t » G *
Steam an t .   ` · more in ertst than _ _
21 W Id Wil QT HGBMJIK Tha Omqlais were. Yin Mgifig was €xp€cq.,d_ Each member of me     I
MJ . Shoit. · - Lexington, Ky. xrerepee; Prof. A. M. VQ Son, le K-1.A·A·b€nt a mu quota of com g   _ L
  judge- Ml*°h°“· M°‘”>’V“°· ““‘*""°; zestams. The sweat which 1-€S,.11€.d {  
KINKEAD COAL COMPANY Uulllalb State- head unesman was felt to be well worth the ex-   N Limestone it
"""""*—_`w"`l` pense invclved. ‘ ’ t
OFFICE ¤¤<1 YARD- ·rnAcK Ann sAestt·arh‘S knm-k, 22.2 \\•·st Mum
  encourage literary wrmng We have He hntlv his Huck to hrnrke-n wt·ll KODAK FINISHING
r •" ln our midst several persons who are The doctrines than he told; _ AND PH0T0S‘
. . . gifted ln expression and with a vo- UPON his _·§<¤ 0“· A I .".0vt, Ml Q.
t SODA WATER. but to insist that every one who can An(i“a,tg_‘;]c'i';“‘;;u;Y;;}':i:U;';’l;r;lri>9<;i·0np NI PP hAII).
%   Ylrites vegies 0; any   contribute I   that       WGA  
. t em to t s co umn. Without a devl|’s deed. SARRIS &  
t PENGILS and Arrangements have been made with °
4 ,' the professor ln English to donate when I ams? and Went my way HOME-MADE CANDY
· I fl th t lif . l . s
  STATIONERY. the best compositions written by the q·hat9(;n]yad€.vl$S‘$];qm¥l€,2 Should pray }•`R.E¥S}[ EVERY DAY
__ different English classes. This should The hell of wrath its hand to stay 1p7 East Mlain SL
V.             encourage the   students to put From   deadly D8in_  
when th€}i FJ`9 80Qd- COTITE U1 forth their best efforts in their com- I mw a widow bam and Gor "THE_
3 and we Wll] certamly do the position wmmg Lovely Old aim gray. D ·
' b€$'t· W9 can f0I` YOU. Composition, as essay writing, is an Bless the outcasts at her door,
  Respectfully, grt_ and it is ggldom that 0ne's writjug Weep for their w0es_ but evermore
( ` can successfully pass the able critic'! Lead them the better way"
      eye. Verse writlng is also an art, [ Saw a violet on the hpath
g , and a good poet is loved and admired Retlecting hues above,
by all mankind. He reveals to us hid- The VFW f¥`a¤l”a“°" ef l'? breath Alwa S the Best Show
Corner Main & Ldnw., den truths in such a manner um they wm'?  t’;;’f‘YGfj*Q]°i;*}‘;j)‘j€°’ ‘*"a*h Alwaysythc S e Price `
. . . are appreciated and understood. As ' `
Phoenix Howl Bmldmg" Emerson says, "We love the poet, the 1 turned and viewed the star'ight sky Always Clean Always G°°d'
  invgntgyg who in any form, whether Ant; all iearth‘i'real_n1 bellowéh 1 h Often Out-Ta.1ked—
in an ode. or in an action, or in looks _   rg)? £;:SSO\;l?n§ngrr§l$rity 9 S g Never Outdone,
I and b€ha"*°*`· has Welded US 8 MW \Vithln my life did glow. 3 Shows Dai1y—3:00, 7:30, 9:00.
I thought. He unlocks our chains and —VV. C_ S., 'll.
I admits us to a new scene."   "TRY T0 GE IN."
· . The poet is a lover of nature and NOTICE' NOTICE"
expresses that affection in his Choice All athletes who ham “°t mled Out  
‘ 114-116 North Upper St. of w0rdS_ He fixes Om. ideals. he the ellgibilitv blanks rnust do. s0 at ·
{ moulds our characters, he elevates °“°€· H; °l:d°‘L_t3 parncmatp u';_ha;;
our thoughts and he pleases us by his mere 0 [ 9 t° egg games' 6
• Or, blanks must be flllled out on, or be
The poems and compositions which f0“`· F"id“"· the Sooner the better'
        will flll this column will not be the These blanks must be filled out accu-
V€!‘Y b€St. but perhaps the Opportunity rately, if not they will not he accepted. 1- 
l offered will be the means of develop- These blanks can be obtained from
L4 Blankets ing $0mG dormant power_ Pr0f_ Miller or Coach SWPPIIHIIG.
The editor wishes to thank the Attélld to Thi? at UUCP- •
1 ? COD1f01’$8. 8l1U10l' of the following verses H8 ————————e—-—·——      
_~1 Sheets has broken the ice, so fall lu line and THE MODERN SCHOOL
    to     COlllm¤, Practice          
; pillow cues makes perfect. Here is your chance to Prof. Merle Tb0l‘D€ of UW d€Pa*`t‘ g
’ get the practice. mem Or journalism of the Vniversity .
¢ \ POR THE COLLEGE GIRL —;— of Washington, in an address before
t . . "NO MAN HAS EVER the National Editorial Association
H d T 1 d S t, B tton
_ ¤ °‘“ “°‘“° ‘“_°'° ‘“ “ “ su~»< so t¤w.·· made the following sigmncant and in- MARGARET B_ FDSTER
{ ’ G1°v°s’ and anythmg also she wants at No man has €‘,€§]`k _ I lumlnating remark in explaining the _
_ ' 89**5*-1 Prius In misery and Shanle bo Ow character and scope of the course at VOCGIISI
_ But what some creature loves him yet his instiwtionr
? T 0 And would his life ¤‘¢‘Cl&im. ‘·Thig journalism training bridges ;————-———————-——-—
Q, {I I.,   S N Th   D _ over the English idea of culture as
  • . Plggogsleglan go accmsm and best exemplified in our own Harvard    
V And so ungainly grown, Vniversity and the German idea of B  
6* But somewhere beats another heart specialization at Yale because it gives b
$‘ E     Harmomcus with his °w“· the student the greater part of a llh—      
’ • And sometime midst th' endless ways Mal arts °°'"`B°· a“°wi“g hi'? te The only tirst class shop in Lcxintiton
_ I Ot life’S commingling th;-Ong browse around in literature. pollttcal Yale Pompudouru{penalty.
lnporter and Dealer 1n Thrligsgt¥;gc\;i|é£;¤§e{)9aPn1»: SOLIOITFD I mw a mighty mgm.- stand ""d has ‘““d° “ M ‘"‘° ms “`°"‘ “‘° L°xmgt'°°’ KY
` ‘ }I~ht, guardian of his nock; ' game of gathering and editing news."

 l l
4 ` T H E ID E A 1 {  
l     each class and work ls progressing
' nicely. 'I`h·se ln Miss Hamilton's I-1 E   L
l""'Il’;l°'Il;`V*`:'N ']}lhllI`>;tI;Il}' ln); llllolsllltrvrllh hull) nf Stillv I'ltl\‘f*l‘Sll)‘ of K¢·llltlt·k)'. (`IRSS I`P|lCI‘l gh Hl{€l‘QSf_]hg h(`gl[\n][]g l
t•l‘ lv wl t· tl lt- S ll t*l S, · ; · · ; ; 1 ; *1
1 1 1mhHl;ml1'lIltl> ttul 1l11mt1:11 of tl11t and o lvavorable outlook for the €ll_ é
_'I`llI·Z 1111;,1 1s 111.. (\"lt'l$_I'I 11.111—11,1.1111·1.11 11... TXI1-..11111-, 111111 o 1s11111»11 JH} *‘“'“*‘ """“"· TM "°“"g ‘“'"°*‘ “’hf‘  
¤   A
 -...*......._.._.;_.. --_ __...____ 1 1 · l t _ ,
l·Z11t1·l‘l‘t·tl att lA*XllI2`IOlI l’1»:·¤t ()"1t‘t‘2IH !<4*t*0lltI (‘llI§LQ mall matter. be content to miss it' h ll __  l
—·—·—· —————————-—— The work in journalism is none t e 1 “· .. ° iiil¥1.=·E1:1§=.1 .~
 ·r·l1l_1· :1 l,.:E;1:::5l:;;:l:;· :5-;;.
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Address all mall mater to THE IDEA. 1::11 toast Maxwell Street, t,1·xl11gto11. xy. 1-€··Slly_ who can poggibly mm [hp time ll {11 ¥g§§§gi§ll§      
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next week's issue: S. W. Jackson. work is On n"nd·   lggllhhl.  
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B. H. Collings. H. A. Babh. The Editor of The Idea vtllsllesito   ·  · ---- I
Miss Alice Cary Williams. Miss Mattie Cary. thank uw editors ef me 0 Ow ng 1 l' ,1 l  _
papers for the prompt attention given igim _
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