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Established l894 University of Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky


Vol. LXXXVI, No.93

independent Since l97l

Tuudoy, January t7, I984


Reagan criticizes Soviets for arms violations

lh \\\\|I\lll)\'
\t tt '.‘.i'ttt‘l’

.illtl \l' tt-pm is

J. ‘tsllI\t.'l'H.\’ Al’i PreSident Reagan. declaring
tlz.’ i-t'rti 2s a year of opportunities for peace" chal»
co: the soviet t'nioit yesterday to revive nuclear
talks and said fears of war are under

, V1»- titit mistaken

i otherwise conciliatory speech. Reagan t'rlllt‘llt'tl
imitations ot arms control agreements and the
- handling ot human rights issues But he
'ltiit as a result of the military buildup of his first

~ i's ill oiticc. “we are safer now "
ii i, .i: s adi isers acknowledged that the speech was

w .1 to 'llsttt‘l impressions of the president as "war
- ".r tat-e of concerns that his political standing
'- :aiiiaged iii the election year by a negatin-
. “ I'lt‘ti shitts Sortet t’nion relations


Director proposes

several steps to

Vincent l)avis. director of the l’attersoi. whim;
plomacy. said that Reagan. in his speech
tone down his previous reputation as a
man" to the Europeans
Reagan is more of a threat to peace that ’i'.-‘

"This has exactly been the main piotilt-i'. 5
tiations with l' S S it over the past teat «tit

tirst began to try new t'tltlt'lllitltil‘) .iiiiiv‘wmie


The speech was given betore at; till‘i,‘ : . .
erninent ot'ttcials and members Ill t ongw~~~
ered by satellite lll time tor European ~ .
broadcasts It opened a busy two we”. pe-
gan in coming days. he will ilel .i-i . »
t'nion address announce his politia.
two otitot town trips as his paifi'it .iia‘w
presidential campaign picks tip

"1 believe 1984 finds the l’nited s'a'ws

tliiii’ s



advisers who care

._ t' \l t\ t.tv Itsl’l.t-. mm Matir; l.

2' how sttidei.'_s t ant
:iig systt-ii,
's are eiitztled to good -.\sstiiiie
at i within: to liarhara
oi special programs
~.' ..’i the ( tillege tit Arts &
3 students should be re
"it making sure they get

do not ls'lltl‘.\ i

.I lily»
to see an .id‘..se:
it Needed
'tie .iittiser to giye ac
gt'tltlillt‘ iniorination.
ti." 1! s tip to the stu
'i'eltzgent questioner
audit-me to tie stire
xi .tl ’he;r.i‘

'lie stit‘t‘ e\et‘}thi
lt not ask tor I‘lat‘
llllp‘tl“.ill‘ ‘titoi‘ttiat
llé‘t‘thii.’ ‘.

ttttt‘ txit‘?

‘ti di

lite? 'lt.~'
‘:te additional benetits ot
izttttsei’ o\ei‘ a period tit
said. "you will
. reitce

-t.w reit on peer.s tor ad
getting the tull
said Students do
lfil\llil(trlll£tllt)li and

sll' someone who ac
an adviser. she

she w hen the). are as."

.\d\ :sers
who {'at)
curate intorniatioii
ti‘oiitiiesliootziig a

t'\ s'
7' li'


1‘ tillll’\("

p} with their
Yhelt‘ college deal;
tci‘ent one

warned against stti
:iieit adtisers to do
. lietore meeting with
'.i:>-:.'s should read the I'm
actiuire their re
deans otticc and
r requirements
bi'tttatbt KO'VH‘I ill‘ll
ltrennon. dean of the
if l'titiiinunications. who
TIi,t‘l‘i} it: charge of advising
' ii' titears during the 1960s.
iiiitte otten. departmental
:t't‘ttl kept up to date" be
xvi‘t is otten not enough stalt

ask a protessor th

act as their .itl't :ser

"lt ~\oti know prt
partntent that not
Just do it she sa


the chairman or d
and explain the and

advising and should

nia/e she said

the obstacles

i .e".r submitted to the Kt"

make the coiita-rtaii‘.
: ittl\l

'1 at early eiit iiigti

sit 'llit

Olii- willing i., iistei: and

'.t‘le iti‘oiessioiia.‘

tile titalliltilt' at ,t:.

protaie sti

ln departments ll‘.
son adiises all stzitit-iz‘s

gests students take 'lit

\labry said s'tideiits desei'ye good

"There are wats ‘o

the t’t'stkitis‘.’ z.“ ‘


an s otfu t»

ill si'tlit‘s't‘l

‘Tiet‘ti .\ti;
lot it lllll‘hl- tlli

-.itl'\ oii'
st t 'l '3:
tetfl "t'stnittsi1.,

iig A‘ tindersfwid
:ttta'ion \sk tor
oz. t‘. .\i tiiii; .’
fie ‘l‘t't lat ‘. l".

tiotii‘s l‘ .79} oti'.

hint at: at tio'tu'

i. ',


{at tr.


\lahrt stitttst it. he! .o-"e?
\he said sttitteii's who are iiiil..i;i


\l'l\ ‘ri'liil‘i ‘f'f'

'l' 't“}\H" .i till


one per

itzitiittzte J‘

e'~. knoll. .tt-il 'Ii
itessot‘s ..' a ’lt"
llt'l lithe
:d ‘1: you dont

\til; .i'i

know another tat tilt} member go to

eaii tery tithetlt

Sketch) notes

Wk '17 "t” liohh‘. ii..
tt‘it'it‘t‘se 'he

ind get around

Behind the scenes

Student athletic trainers juggle full-time jobs will; lieutc class /oa(/5 and sit/i"

\\\ \ ll \RIH'


carry otit a treatm

scribed by a licensed physician said

A] Green. head athletit trainer
"It‘s a behindtherscei‘ies’ Job.

. :" athletic trainers do more
.:.st iiiix Gatorade for the ath-
illltl sweep floors They make
etaluations of injuries and

said "The trainers
the athletes see '
”ii the average

woi ks as an athletic trainer.

to 4o hours each ‘.\ee-.
room and
it's a hill time lt’li oi .
tullrtiniesttident tat-w.
“til the hours tit, lyi' _, .r
lht‘ tt'iitlet‘s

ent program pro
at pt'ai "i t~
do Jobs that only .
er l" :1 'iottr's
trainers spend to

RI! lllll\s \


. . ,,

He said liltii'oiw..:_ r...

.\ i'i'ts‘.


, i


l'\llll A\‘\'rcs. an undecided freshman. massages football player Ricky Ricks. a psychologt itinior .'\\rcs



bother tiie ahetia titteti 1 physical

position in st » it
':t working rt-tatiotisiiii '.. "t
president said
"'lht- opportunity tot p
the \o'. :et leaders \litttll’l take it‘i»
‘tlea'i'while a senior adii. '
”it the condition that he
'ta iiiv-siiieii‘ toiiti'ities

tiiiii.i-i' tot .it

tears to es'..ti


titt’ i

ixi'lll liii.i.*s
'lllli.‘ "1‘til‘f‘



'liel "-12 “.ir

'lit' s'l' 'it" '
'5'? v-st- 'lrtl\i’. worth Maxi wt

emit iiit'ei"a;itt'. an: .i' 3»
president said lri
iaiztli'. nastaken look 3» t'. '
tats 'Jli' .r\ltit't’:l'.i s
.stt;iiklt‘i;1'tie ‘.’tl,tii



“iiii‘wttit t'
\fii’ t'l'ttt‘.s lit'tth

{ectoiii .1 ;.. w


:oii sophomore satit
wing a trainer c ins
l.ltlt' he enioys being
iiiaiiircollegeathletit proL'raI'

lietatise the trainers "ti
same residence hall as
they arc on call :4 how's
iir muted he can con'ai'
and get help Green said

.\thletic trainers
tiiiancial assistance. he saw:
are ottered tinancia‘i aai
after their first war .is a tint:
Green said Following the r
year they start with a partial s. r;- .
arshtp and can work then w
a lull scholarship he said

To insure that operations l'l..’;
smoothly. Green has two graduate
students to him they run
day-today routines in the training
room such as scheduling. he said

I n



{la it‘ls‘

.tthiele tiet ' "


also are

.l‘\ lil' "


Although trainers often are tiiii
fused with managers, their roles are
totally different. Green said l‘t‘ait‘
ers are concerned with the treat
ment of llljul‘K‘S. whereas titanagers
work Wllh coaches aitd equipment
he said

Past experience in athletic train
ing is important in becoming a col
lege trainer. Green said Recruiters
do not only conStder high school ex
perience when looking at prospet
ttve college trainers. he said :‘ttten
dance at workshops and
conferences. letters of recommenda

'tiere is less danger that the SUVlf‘t leadership A ..
:w'es' imate our strength or question our resou. e

oe iiiust and Wlll engage the sotiets ir a toting u' is
set .otts and constructive as possible a diauiguo- 'ria'
tr.»- to promote peace in the troubled region» .,i not
.wid reduce the leyel of arms and bond a mils': .1 '. ..
"ill'1;.'lL{ relationship. he said

’ttll strength is necessary to deter war and ' '. i

‘.i t' negotiated solutions,‘ Reagan said

\u'. e‘ '2. te'~

,,- ' tiiakes sense to compromise orilj. :? ’tie'. .-.' g
- .iiig .ii return -\nierita now otters sniz.v'r.r.t'

'he speech occurred as Secretary oi state vwwrt'r

st :ii'I arriyed in Stockholm
3 Foreign Minister Andrei Grointkt. am:

W11 .-

swederi tor a new, L;

watt-rence on easing East West tt~iis.o'~
1 ‘1”de ko are scheduled to meet pr :a'e. ' i"
' 't.e tit's' time since September

:jtt‘i‘ {/It’ll' work
s nipression ot the
.‘tll‘ilt‘lllldl ”The

"ate a say also.”

», s also can find re-
. ”A iig graduation
weer. This my
tit te got two in the
.'.t\' he said


set oiid tear grad-
tr‘.i.'ll physical edit
said he would
at :‘irs training career
.iiliege level or in the
league Gear}
in the ninth




i- 'llv' trainers said they

lK because of the pro-

l\ '1. tires an undecided

. a sad she attended l'K be-

"ist she .tas impressed with Green

.~ .3 the lrl'itfll't‘llll

't ,, Huston Ryan. a therapeut-

w-i teatioii sophomore agreed. He

at it 'ie tame to [K because Green

siiowii in the field “He gives

Hie-.iiiiii to grow as a trainer."

t‘r' s,tttl titan wants to be a college
'i.. :i-v .