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u... KENUC v


” 197%


E ovvu. E FARM









- JULY_ 1979 '

EmployerPaneI VisitsKSR

On July 17, the Living Skills
- Department at the Reforma-
'tory held apanel discussion,
entitled, “The Successful Em-
ployee.” The panelists, busi-’

ness persons'from the Louis- _
their -

ville area, .' discussed
, views on the hiring of ex-of-
fenders. They also responded
to questions from a group of
over 100 residents.
. > “The biggest problem
Seems to be showing up for.
work,” said Richard Chadwell
of Hettinger and Schuck Heat-
» ing and Air Conditioning.

'.?."._.“The men we have the great-

est problem with, and not just

e m hasizefdth‘efact'thatj‘
Ompa‘ny’ is in business to


The LivingSkills Program at
C'Ken‘tucky State Reformatory
sponsored the Prison Postal

. Novice Weight Lifting Contest


This novice tournament was '

composed of seven weight
. 'classes’:132-lbs..
lbs. 181 lbs. 198 lbs. 220
lbs. and 242 lbs Each weight
class had three lifts— squat,
_ bench press and deadlift.

During the squat lift the.

lifter raised the bar on his
' shoulders while backing out of
the rack. Once motionless, he
was required to squat on
command and face the referee
, at all times.
> The .,.squatter could not
bounce out of the squat and
the center of his tights- had to
‘be': below parallel bar. His

hands could not move on .the -

ban and he was required to
wait for the signal of command
' to rack
'! With the bench press, the
hands could not be more than

32 Inches apart. The lifters


d» _ed the residents to take Speech
'make a profit and that anyone”

who helps them make a profit '
' will have a job. 7
' In response to a question

Novice Power Meet HeIdAt KSR

"their personal
appearance, posture and gen-

148 lbs., 165 _‘

about the attitude of employ-l
ers towards the ex-offender,
Kenes Bowling of Goodwill
Industries said that he takes a
‘wait and seeiattit'ude’ when
hiring an ex'-offender, but that

.he likes for the person to be.

“up-front" about his record.
Mr. Bowling indicated that he

"a wanted to know' what the

person has done to change
himself and especially how the
person spent his time while
incarcerated. _

Relating to thegroup how.


he himself had to ‘build'

towards success, Duane

Loverher president of Ken-
_ ; (_‘

H encoura

or drama courses to improve
effect. Good

eral, attitude are necessary to

1By Kenny Hayes

were required. to have loaders

'help them in and out of the '

rack and the referee gave a

- command to lift only after the

bar was motionless on the
lifter's chest- The lifter raised
the bar at arm’s length, and
the referee gave the command
to rack.

Some of the disqualifying
factors are: bouncing the bars

4 off the chest, pressing before

command. touching the rack
during the lift, moving feet

(and uneven extension of the

arms. .

In the‘dead lift, thebar is
placed on the floor. The lifter
lifts when he is ready. and the
referee gives a command of
down after the lift is complet-
ed. The lifter must pull the
weight to. the erect position
with Shoulders. back and legs

’ _ straight.

Stopping or lowering the bar

, on the way up are two of the
' disqualifying factors.
~others are: bumping the bar
. off the body. failing to stand



' Y __
~ Paoppforth a resident at
, institution. Ms.
that similar programs will be " "

A few.

achieve success in any field, ”4

L'overher said
Other members of the panel

~ _included Anita Edmundson of

Hill Personnel, Grant Rickard
of: Clark Electric, ' Stanley
Lanaham of General Pest Con-
trol, Luther Lemley and David
Robinson of Spalding College:

Panel ,members said that
they would be willing to inter-
View residents before they

were released from the institu-'

tion. One panelist evennoffered
to conduct a training program
inside the institution;


Widup says

held on a regular basis in the

erect and failing to wait for

There were 21 contestants
in this novice contest. Acting
as the master of ceremonies,

.Donald Satterly called the

contestants’ weights and final
scores to the audience. He
gave an update account of
each division.

According to the weight
lifting formula, Michael
Strickland was by far the best

lifter of the day. This 148.

pound young' man won each
category in his weight class.

>He should have. For, the size
of a person is not what makes '

the man. It’s his dedication,
desire and work toward
achieving his goal—the goal to

I be the best.

This , was a great contest.
We hope that there will be
many more in the future here.

1Who knows—we may have a

national champion hidden
here at La Grange.~



..I~ .w.

, [-


“Best Offer. Geing"

By Mike 'Jolner'


;“MEER .7:





- What’s an FCDC? As the
picture clearly'shOWS, it’s a
work camp. In all actuality the
picture ofGlendale Tooley and
Dewey Parker is. of them
,working‘ona tree which the

'Futuristic Jaycees of the”

'Frankfort Career Development
, Center undertook to cut up as

a chapter _money making pro-


Nonetheless, the point re-
mains that FCDC is in fact, a
work camp providing services
to various offices of the state
government. The Frankfort

'Detail, as it is called, performs

such tasks as picking up trash,
maintaining buildings, assist-
ing'the state police. landscap-
ing and providing personnel
for both ,of the governor’s
mansions. It also provides
cafeteria workers, painters,
electricians and moving crews.

Also on the career develop-
ment side, are several men
working for the Department-of
Finance Print Shop. Whereas
. some of these men are exper-
ienced printers, there are
some novices learning a new
skill. .

Population stays at about
seventy men who occupythree
dorms. The dorms, kitchen,
dining room, pool room, TV

room. CCU. conference rooin,

administrative offices, laundry
room and weight room are all
housed under.~one roof. A

separate ‘ building for visitors _~

is located behin'd'the main unit

in the picnic area. Activities
.consist of volleyball,

ball and softball teams which
-compete in the Frankfort ‘Re-
creational League. An active
AA, Jaycees, GED and college'
program is offered at FCDC.

Of course, all these activities-

are after hours'programs.
In short, a perfect place to,
kill some time?.WRONG! Like

other camps, _FCDC has its'

problems.- We :haVe a level
system that’s fairly reason-
able. However, level achieve~
ment is another question.
Minor rule infractions are met
with write- -up_s resulting in
extra duty.’Not so miner rule
violations are met. with
shackles and a fast trip to LA.

An overall ‘view Would indi-

cate that as far asthe prison‘

system is concerned, FCDC is

the best offer going. However, .

like all .places'there are those
who would wish to be el-se-.
where. Most current residents

are content to’ remain .at least

until the parole board meets.






 Page 2 — The INTER-PRISON PRESSi— July 1979






the end of time? I wrestle with so many oppressions, that steadfastly try
to hold me in bondage. But in their chains I seek to find their weakest
link. There’s always thirst after I take a drink of» life’s turmoil and
confusion, but I strive with endurance of an eagle in flight with eyes of‘a
hawk throughout day and night, with ears that bear, footsteps closing in
from a distance. Sometimes when in thought. I wonder, are they after my
life by chance. I ' ' .. . .

. ' , . ' , ‘1 >- r < y r r v r r r
'l' " ' "',’,"“L',' V, 1': 5 ' L, " " "11‘ 5 '1 ''''' 7 ''''''' r {a .1 r it‘lJLA‘Ulul'JL'J J J .1 J





; . 4
C: I > _ . . I v V I . .
‘ [mm-ms u
E . ‘ .

E Public Education Services Manager;

mnmmmnmson mas-mm 1mm:- .n
s i'tlia’fi‘eim“ has... “’o‘t Goir'b’éflbn am 'uan-'xenitu&y"** “yawn-1s
5: produced by and to: resident-ht the 11 conecflond Institutions of ‘
5‘ ~ ' the Communal“: of Kentucky. The views expressed in this
:3 rpubflcitlon are not ,. . ’ fitthe Kentucky Bureau of
ii Correction. 35pm: million in y granted, provided the
.5 . . MMhWa-Mloom-pnfim 3.1L \ _ .- Ill!
:3 ‘ .md'tbfie Public Edna 5“ .. 2r 1‘. . - I of
WsMMtKM.W% o

' H mars-orméj ;

“ 1 I" l " 2’11111'11 '15 ’7’" 1 E 1; J)

eve catcl' m yse

J .J ’1" rillrl‘u

T L'l


. . v. 1 r) [51 'JY'UJLIA‘,{J‘L'a1l’1‘lrl 'I Lrl [I J L’A‘A’l J. '1 \'J r) I A ' VJ ' l" '1 '1 r): J I’ r f ' 'I J '1 ,1 J l r! 1" .[J
5‘ ' ° ° I [AM ME
- Weightlifting Contest Resu ts 5
‘ 3 By Jeannie Stephens
1:: _ . 7 KCIW
f NAME BWT. Coelf. Squat. Bench DL Total ‘ Pomts
: (T) Dallas Turner ' . 126 .888 165 140 275 580 515_040(1)
[L (T) Michael Strictland 1483A - ,763 330 300 410 173:0 793.520(1) [j I’m only aperson . ' . [hurt too
f3 (T) Do" MOSley 148 '768 200 225 300 5563000) I ’ve just learned not to let it show. -
. Terry Grismer 146 .778 . 175 150 300 '62? 486-250(3) Isay . . . Iwant . . ' Ineed . . '. Ifeel, .
é; (M) Leonard Papproth 142 .797 135 140 200 475 378.575. In wa s on could never know 5“,;
:1; '(T) Eddie Byrnsr , 155 .737 270 235 405 910 670-670(1) y y .'
;. (T) Frankie Barnett 164 .703 270 4 255 350 875 615.125(2) , . .
3 Ernest DeBoise 156 .733 260 225 375 860 630.380(3) I ve seen hell more than once
;. Marvin Simms _ 155 .737 250 185 395 830 596.710 Had death hold my band.
9 Jimmy Thacker 164 .703 200 150 300 650 456.950 . I ’ve tasted defeat so bitter . .
J. (T) Tim Farrow I 174 .672 365 250 525 ' “40 766.080(1) ’ That not even I could understand. if»
1 (T) Dale Bethell 169 .687 375 265 480 1120 769.440(2)~ »
,3 (M) John'Smith 169 .687 350 230 520 1100 _ 755.700(3) I've had hope matched may
: Bruce Dorsey 170% .684 300 285 400 985 673-740 Just as lzfe I started to see, =
i: Ricky Bowman - 180 .654 300 200 430 930 608.220 , . .
Terr Carroll , 179 .657 275 245 390 910 597.870 I ”e badfr’ews f‘” "’9’ ”my '
' y The scum of the earth to teach me. 3
.1}. (T) Dennis Dahl 196 .615 325 240 465 1030 633.450(1) ' g
~ (T) JoelTinch ‘ 186 .639 350 225 450 1025 654.975(2) _ F
._ Gary‘Peters 209 .586 270 265 375 910 533.260(2) Some things I can never tellyou l
_ : (T) James Robinson 225% .554 400 330 510 1240 686.9600) 50 don t" take my life and compare, g
.j (T) Terry Lancaster 220 .564 315 220 400 935 527.340(1) Today I m strong . . . Iwalk alone . '
.. _ Oh, but the; price I paid to get there. . . . .
: [T—Team] 3‘
.. [M—Mast’er, 40 years and over]
[1,2,3—finlshers in their class]
01', 37-1315 '1....fl..l.*tl.'1‘a'1!l.‘1't‘,'.1'. 519,1 '. .' ‘1‘, my,» H r‘ .5 51' 11'1va I, 3 'ilg'Lgn', 5‘ ‘1' 5 ’, 3.213 r'. ’1 LL ’:‘ u 1 5 1 ”I I115 .Wfi " IHAD A DREAM
. By Jeannie Stephens
By Warren Caldwell . '
7 ; . KSP
~' Lfehm‘iiW‘BWZt‘hmw’” ' s.


‘Tz’oJke "222‘: e's re‘a s2fifiiti“
Hurting worse than ever before,
Itwasonlyadream . . . . . . . . . . .

Nothing more. '

For a short time- I was free
You were whispering soft and low,
Buttheanoke up ; . . . . . . .
And you had to go.


What was now tears, had been gentle rain
rolling softly down my; cheek, ' ~
If-only morning could have waited . . . . .
Till I found what I seek.


I heard your laughter warm and tender
Your eyes full of love looking at me
It was true in my dream . . . . .g .....
. When I was free.


My feet touched the cold floor
And reality came like waterfalls
No longer was I dreaming . .....
But looking at prison walls.







Kentucky State Penitentiary................................ ...... -....803
Kentucky State Reformatory -..‘ ........................... . ............ 1923
Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women ........... 110
Blackburn Correctional Complex ................................ ' .....243
Bell County Forestry Camp68‘
Harlan County Forestry Camp .......................................... 37 . . _
Daniel Boone Career Development Center........... ................ 36 , I ' L
Western Kentucky Farm Center ...... , ................ . .............. 135
Roederer Farm Center '. ............... _ ...... .7 ........... , ......... ~ ...... 145
Frankfort Career Development Center ............................... 86 L;
TOTAL ...................................................... - ......... .‘ .3586 :12












Home Building Skills
.’ . Have Place At FCDC

By Mike Joiner

Featured above is Walter-
Collins of FCDC. Though
Walter may not be able to
assistnyou in finding an actual

"home-gfor-Jparol‘e board pur-


. -"i26§’és‘.”'he sure can give you a It lead to the creation of yet
‘r fineumedsls hereto sh r~~ urine ..
. parole boar Waltérmi‘m his; “A , .

' . Mau‘rice‘r‘Hector looking on,
displays two samples of his
. handiwork. The model to
‘ , Walter’s right is a duplicate of
the Frankfort Career Develop-
ment Center. To his left‘is av
,~duplicate of First Corinthian
Baptist Church of Frankfort.

This unusual; hobby began V

. very‘innocently when Walter

decided to‘ builda 'doll house .

, out of cardboard for a visitor’s
' .- child. His first attempt was so

Revival Held At PeWee Valley . _

The revival was scheduled

to run for. three nights, with a .

baptism to be held on the last
night, Sunday, July 29.
Brother Page, honored
; speaker ofgthe first session of
' "the revival, did-not Show up
wJuly 27, as planned, However,

., on Saturday, the revival was . ‘
'. honored with" Earth Mother

'frOm the “All the Way
HOuse.” Earth Mother Was:
accompanied by the Young
Folks-Choir and they have.
been visiting K.C.I.W.'for a
number of years.

The- women of the inStitu- '

tion were not the only ones
that vveregfilled' with amens



'- presented to Reverend-“N

successful that he was asked
to challenge the task of mak-
ing a model of FCDC.’ That
second model is the one that is
pictured here.




and the congregation. of First
Corinthian Baptist Church

. who offer-anOutreach Minis-
' try”program to the men of

FCDC. The members of that

church were so pleased With"

the FCDC model that they
then asked Walter to put'his
talents once‘ again to work in
the creation of a model of the
church. Hence the other mo-

and praises for the LOrd. The
male residents of the institu-
tion were also touched.
Among the honored guests
was Brother Joe Weiss, who «is
well known all over the institu-

tions in the state of Kentucky.

Testimonies were given from
guest speakers concerning
their repentence from drugs
andrdoomed lives of crime.
Gospel folk songs were won-
derfully sung by Mr. Bob
Lawson, and, last but not
least. came the baptism. -
Residents of the institution

'gave their lives to Christ Jesus

through baptism performed by

' Reverend Shumaker. Even the


The INTER-PRISON PRESS - July 1979 — Page 3

In many poems I speak to thee,
0f life and what it means to me;
Of love, joy, peace and poverty,
Ofyester years and years to be.

I ’ve spake of God and mother dear,

I spoke my thoughts when death was near:
And though my heart’s alone it strives.

T 0 keep me hooked till death arrives.

Hooked in a life beyond this world,
Which others seek but will not find; '
Because of fears they stay behind.

They say that I’m insane, I know,
T o speak of places they can ’t go,-

But then again what do they know,
0f worlds above and worlds below.

Can you travel with me or hold my hand.
Can of these words you understand?

If it be so then you can speak, as I

0f worlds that others seek.

If it be so then take a vow;

To tell no man. of what and ho'w'
0f why and when the end must ’be,

0/ this place past insansity.


By Barry V. Williams, K SR

by Jerome Steed Wilson-~KSR




Jbewmbwtwo ’
an;téadfzaaarinporiair-362:1. . .
and 'to the-doing of great things? '
_ strength and perseverance, '
harsh and continuous, _
may be'employed by the smallest of us- I '
and rarely fails of its purpose
for the silent power
grows irrestibly with time.





‘ V I ’m lonely tonight, . ’
' and thinking of you,

, _ ' .So sorry for the hurt,
_ I’ve put you through,
My way of life ,
Has never been the best,
But your love for'me
Has stood every test. ,
Words can never say,
What’s in my heart,
of how much I love you.
Though miles apart, .
A lot of pain I ’ve caused you,
Since I’ve gone on my own,
But with open \arms,
4 You’ve welcomed me home.
Thank you for the love,
You've given me. , ' ‘
When I 'was in trouble, . , ' ‘
and when I was free, '
You’ve always reached out, ,
With a loving touch, l
And I just wanted to tell you, t
I 'love you so much. :

male residents took part in
speCial prayer and confession
through Reverend Coleman. .
Reverend Shumaker and
Reverend Coleman were
preaching their hardest to help

them receive salvation.

Dedications and commit-’
ments were received in addi-
tion to the baptism. As far as
holy water was concerned.
there was definitely a lot of it
in that baptismal tub. As far as
it went, there were three to be
baptized that night on July 29,
but we ended up with 18
females giving their lives to

By J eannie Stephens
Christ. KCIW


 Page 4 —'The INTER-PRISON PRESS — July 1979






5“" ‘0‘“ A m 1W 1 ”Mi ”e 5°“ W21 acgv'ifaiveiifii fiiiii‘iiiii ‘ 3:.” we... "‘ m" ”mg ‘7‘” ‘ .
is 9'5.“ ‘1 e ‘ F \‘*““’A ‘5 ~ +0 \(eep L‘ W5 \1 recreation started Friday with For some members, this E
7 ? P fisc‘d ConC‘uxc MQR\ UWV‘m ‘M‘ mes, a movie and popcorn, another was their first picnic at ‘
. . Side. 09 77 \‘ 1 * ’3? movie Saturday. Sunday we K.C.I.W. and a new experi. if
*- aflofi ' ' ‘ 1m ‘ S ' ‘ ' had a special. treat, it started ence for some of the staff. Our ‘
out" . with a disco, then we enjoyed day was filled With enjoyment.
* "\lme Kentucky Fried Chicken, cole laughter, plenty to eat and
slaw rolls, lemonade and a drink. We also had a softball
movie entitled “The Ga—unt- game in which K C. I. W. tied
i i let. " p the score with the Community
' 9 . 1 Monday’s activity started :3iptist Church. What a game!
_- l , off full blast with'open recre-' now cannot speak or all
9 ' . ation on the yard for all levels, the residents. but I had a.day_
15 on 1 1' T5 . ~ ‘ in which all residents were ' to remember
0‘ £6th - jes Jr .5 g on“: 2‘; \leo (:3 wk») Bec°““ allowed to wear their own So thank you r651dent la1son '
“”3 Q Mack '49“ ' ”\ka i? ’Pf‘tson “.3 0~ clothing. There were so many. council staff—especially John
me 7 e 9‘ One‘s » °~ \“m\1+o~““m SD ‘ ““0“ng \owV activities and games going on . Watkins Frank Durham, and

\ ‘ ‘
\l‘M‘d‘Afi o“ .





30“ \A)‘\\\ 80
*‘>\ “I \\Q I‘fiou,

that everywhere you look,
someone was doing something
different. Not only residents
were participating, the Com-


“e C M sx’t.




{h elm; Jets»-

unity Baptist Church mem-

Weekend Memories.

By Carol Jarvis

Aggie Lewis—and a special
thanks to the Community Bap-
tist Church for all you did for

u< to make Memorial Day a.

mgmorable one 'for everyone

by Jerome Steed Wilson--KSR



“Jamming" .At KCIW‘

. By Carol Jarvis , With death gazing upon aman,

he sees the end of all dreams. ,

he, 1.?»

“v.54. . 14.3331; ‘;

K.C.I.W. was jamming and
throwing straight down. We,
the residents at K. C. I. W.,
were paid a yisit b ‘,‘_‘R1ffi_y,


Rarfwnarrau :


Fire Band. ” We also had a
special visit from Channels .
3 and 32, and the radio station
1425402. The television chan:

the attendance from the ladies
even though they were expect-
ing a larger crowd. According
to allL f hgm


Italked to super Roadie! He
said he really enjoyed the food
and that he never had any
doubts about coming here but

,- most important was he liked


: theykfeltgood


'1' ‘ I!

_.; become





All the mayhes and might-have- heens 7
have run out of time.
And the man sits alone with precisely what he has


the saving account of the soul at full maturity. =

illlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllll‘lllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllli 7




Ti you wtnt to. send your copy of TthCcntucky Intern-icon Press to ao'mcom by mail; pm.) ’3“ fl " ‘ I "
‘tddi-‘ss and yours 'm the space. provided beloinFotfi “malty and staple: one time hflflmflefi
«meme twe o’pen ea

. nels filmed a few close ups of
some of the‘ residents, plus .
some of the dancing. All the

looking at the residents and
_ that the staff were really good

ladies enjoyed the music to the
fullest. I can’t speak for all th
residents, but as far as I’m

concerned, “they were the They give yOu the feeling of *_ . ' , ., ‘L
best bands we’ve ever had down home folk. They would _‘ , ,-
here.” like to make it to the top. anus 47 ,. .4 j

John Simon'was responsible Y0“ ve got my vote guys! The ‘ ' ; , -
for the bands being here. only thing Super Roadie didn’t ‘. «
Rapid Fire started the jam off . like was our 220 volt fence, but r, é. ‘
with a song by “Boston.” tell me who does? The. last ‘ .. , .
They took off in full swing and comment from Super was that . . . . ' f :1 g
in full blast. The recreation K.C-I.W. was far out and the MAN. “-1," . i,
hall rocked like it’s never scenery was beautiful! 7 _. . ,i ,_
rocked before. It was wild, and According to Jeff, a spokes- ”Ht? 1»;
alive with sounds of some man for Rapid Fire, they have flit]. p“ 56’ ,1
good, decent rock. There were been together for about five PR 4.?
18 members in all. Both bands years They first played under E33 .. ~-
jammed and did a real decent the name 0f “Madusa ” They 111
job play mostly rock. Mike, the ,

drummer for the band, stated 70’ *

They slowed the pace down
a bit, but were still rocking. It
consisted of a duet by the bass
and lead guitar players- of
Rapid Fire. _

The bands had visited La
Grange two weeks earlier.

I talked to a few members
including John Simon. Accord-
ing to Mr. Simon, Rapid Fire
is from New Albany, Ind., and
Riff Raff is from Louisville,
Ky. The playing at prisons
started after a lecture. The
.first prison appearance ,was
May 27, at La Grange. Every
member is real good home
folk. The bands and other
members were real happy with

‘ ed with no fear.

to all of them.
-Riff Raff has been together
fer about one year and a half.

mm hes! regu;

meet, leavins bath the return’ and receiver’ 3 addres Visible. The KW'V ..
Oneiscentstamp, ,1 _ .. ‘


that Rapid Fire plays mostly 1n
Kentucky and the surrounding
areas. They are out to make it
to the top, but if not, that’ 5
fine with them. They just want ‘
to play their music and enjoy
The band plays about '
anything. They just want to
please the crowd. Mike also
commented on the security of
K. C. I. W. and that they arriv-

For all the residents, we
wish to thank each and every-
one for a very good and
exciting time. Hurry back
guys. you’re always welcome
and will be greeted with