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I     I I       _, rr _ .A‘,    i3,   A.·‘ J        ‘ GHOSTS ACROSS KENTUCKY _ I . I 1*** s
    it ,·VC I   William Lynwood Montell N, L_ . f *5 I Q
i fi;-           ile I   From glowing red eyeballs to a flesh—eating   # X T
J` Pig Woman of the woods, these 280 stories     ’
are vital ingredients of Kentucky culture, and "’ i
` THE Gl GENER/\T|@i\] to lose them would truly be frightening. So `
THE EI\IC\/CJ—OpEDJ/A\ A Memeiir read them alone in the dark . . . if you dare.
OI:   Frank F Mathias   pHp€I` GIi<¤st~.i<.rrr·»s I$¢·ultu;I\y
fohn E` Kleben Edlwr-In-Qhlgf "Respectfully renders smaII—town history SISTERS II\I IDAIN I
iAn absolute must for anyone interested as n Wonny oieee or Sorneining Ieirger: I  
in Kentucky, regional, or urban history. oiirseityeg AnieriCa_~_goroarn Kingsoiiyer Battered \X/Omen Fight BGCR l
_JameS C` KIOUZI "l recommend it highly."—Stephen Ambrose L. Elisabeth Beattie and
$39*95 cloth $25.00 cloth Mary Angela Shaughnessy  
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