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3/6/76 g M0. 1LlO
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L-13 August — Laura Lou Ievy art exhibit — Art Library and King Library South
12-13 August · Library procedures meeting — 8:30 a.m. - Gallery (see note)
21 August - Inventory - 8:30-4:30 (see note)
Contributors to this number: Trudi Bellardo, David Farrell (Editor) . Gail
Kennedy, Faith Harders, Dean Trivette, Terry _Warth.

 ..2.. `
Library Procedures Meetings:
There will be a Library Procedures Meeting for all department heads and
branch librarians on Thursday, August 12, and Friday, August 13, at 8:30
a.m. in the gallery. One session will cover personnel procedures and the
· other one will cover business procedures; each session should last about
an hour. g
KLIP Day Augst 21:
The King Library Inventory Project (KLIP) is scheduled for Saturday, Aug-
ust 2l, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. One hour training sessions for vol-
unteers are scheduled for the week of August 16-20; volunteers will be
notified of tines and places.
The Libraries will provide continental breakfast and lunch for all partic-
ipants as well as a compensatory day off work.
If you can help out and haven't had a chance to sign up, contact Gail
Kennedy in Acquisitions (73811).
AUX .1925 .
Seven librarians from King Library were in Chicago this year for the Aner-
ican Library Association's centennial conference-·—July 18-24--and although
the there of the conference was "CELEBRATEl", mst of us agreed that ex-
haustion prevented much celebration!
Those who attended were Trudi Bellardo, Faith Harders, Rebekah Harleston,
Gail Kennedy, Patricia Renfro and Dean Trivette. The following is a
compilation of ALA highlights from some of these people.
For Rebekah Harleston and Dean Trivette ALA is always centered around the
Goverment moments Round Table (GODORT) . Both Rebekah and Dean are
active in this organization. 'Ihis year Dean presented to GODORT a Draft
Syllabus of Resources for Teaching Government Publications. He was
assisted in the prepara"Efon of this by Rebekah and other UK librarians.
The project was greeted enthusiastically with praise for its applications
for constructing a solid program i.n this area of library teaching. GODORP
members approved the Syllabus for presentation to the ERIC Clearinghouse
where it can be made freely available to a large number of teachers and
librarians. It has also been selected for presentation at the Joint Pro-
gram of the GODORP Education Task,Force and the American Association of
Library Schools in Washington, D.C. in January, 1977. Dean Trivette was
chairmen of the Education Task Force this year and was elected GODORT
membership chairman for the coming term.
According to Terry Warth, the most interesting neeting she attended was
the ACRL Manuscripts program on library security. Those present were
admonished as follows:

"Have a plan of action to be followed in the case of suspected
t.heft. Know what the laws in your state permit you to do.
Have each employee properly instructed." Accused thieves have
sued libraries on the grounds that they should have had: Free-
dom from unlawful search and arrest and also, a right to privacy.
She also attended a meeting of the Library Research Round Table forum at
which Dr. Robert Cazden of the UK College of Library Science presented a
W paper. The topic of the forum was "Books and Empires: the Rise of Bibli-
ography in the 19th Century-Russia, Germany, and·England."
Dr. Cazden said the enormous production of books in Germany required heroic
bibliography. They still have a wealth of material uncataloged such as
cheap popular fiction, the tons of ephemera generated by the Revolutions of
1848-49, and erotica.
At the Resource and Technical Services Division Catalogers meeting she dis-
covered that the 19th edition of Dewey will continue the philosophy of the
18th with further refining of the index and more cross references. The
30l—309's will have the greatest change. The introduction will be redone
into "How to use the Dewey" for beginners.
` Trudi Bellardo participated in a pre-conference institute entitled "DIAIOG
User's Workshop: Update l976." One of the important benefits of this
meeting was the opportunity to meet with the producers of the various
indexes in the DIALOG data base (e.g. Social Sciences Citation Index, Dis-
sertation Abstracts, etc.) and discuss with them the peculiarities of their
respective indexes.
Gail Kennedy attended several cataloging and acquisitions meetings. One
highlight was a trip out to the University of Chicago's Regenstein Library
to see their widely acclaimed library data management system. The UC
Library has built an on-line, interactive data management system that can
store and process all of the data and files needed to automate the labor-
L intensive activities of a large research library. The system is currently
in operation and is highly successful. It has automated the various
function of searching, selection, ordering, cataloging and circulation.
Though not now offered commercially, the system is designed for both trans-
fer to another location and sharing by a cooperating group of libraries.
PF RSD%`—,‘E*aE·L,
New staff:
Debra Childs is joining the Catalog Maintenance section. She has recently
moved to lexington from Mississippi where she worked at Winston County
Lela Coope, who has been working at Lexington Public Library, has joined
the staff in CSR.
Katherine Wilson, who majored in German and art at Eastern, is new working
in Interlibrary loans.

Job Gpgningz
LT II (Reference) — Medical Center
If interested, call Tag Frye at 233-6086.
Cataloger. University of Kentucky Agriculture Library. If interested,
contact Faith Harders, 'ibni Powell or Paul Willis.
Catalog Librarian. Cornell University. September 15, 1976. $14,000+.
Map Librarian. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. October l, 1976.
· Bibliographer, Religion & Philosophy. wracuse University. October 15,
1976. $11,265+.