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Vol. LVII, No. US

University of Kentucky
APRIL 6, 1900



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Heavy Vote Expected
In Congress Election


Thursday's Student Congress
election were made today by the
two principal candidates for the
SC presidency.
Both John O'Brien and Carson
Porter said voting records could
possibly be pushed aside because
of the unusually large number
of candidates seeking spots in
the Congress assembly.
ballot will list 105 representatives for the 23 positions.
Meanwhile, reports today indicated certain parties arc advocating a split ticket in the
election. Several persons who requested they remain unidentified
contended O'Brien has advocated
a split ticket, encouraging voters
-to elect Marsha Fields as vice
president. Miss Fields is Porter's
running mate.
O'Brien's running mate, Oscar
Westerfield, also is advocating a
split ticket, encouraging the election of Porter us president.
O'Brien this morning said the
reports were unfounded. Current
SC president Winston Miller said
he had heard rumors of split
ticket movements, but he said he
believes these reports are not true.
In another development today, Miller cast some doubt on
whether Don Pratt, the write-i- n
candidate, could serve as president if he were elected.
"My feeling is that he could
not be president. It would be
cold, blank, flat unconstitutional," Miller said.
The decision, however, reKernel Photo by Dick Ware
mains with the Congress Judicial Board who will take recomGwynne Deal, a University sophomore, was crowned Miss Lexof twelve candidates, will mendations from the Congress
ington Tuesday night. Miss Deal, one
elections board. The chairman
represent Lexington in the Miss Kentucky contest this summer. of that board, Bob Bostick, could
See story, another picture, page
not be reached today.








Young Democrats' Head Denies
Patronage Charge From GOP
Assistant Managing Editor
Herbert Deskins, president of
the Young Democrats Club, this
morning denied a charge by
Young Republicans
Steve Young that he is working
salaried basis for
on a
the state administration.
Young claimed in a news release that Deskins, a second year
law student, carries 13 class hours
at the Law School and "is drawe
pay from the state."
The release, which carried a
note signed by Young, said Young
claimed Deskins "is paid by the
state to help keep the Democrat
club operating on campus."
The release further stated,
"He now draws $2.10 per hour
as a 'legal aide' to the state
Highway Department."
Deskins said he works 20
hours, the maximum allowed by
the Law School, in the legal
division of the state highway
office in Lexington.
Deskins said he works on "a


part-tim- e

basis" and

is classi-

fied as a seasonal employe.

Miss Campbell was unable
"I am a part-tim- e
emto state how many hours Deskins
will remain as a part-tim- e
said he was
ploye until this summer when works per week, but
I will be hired for summer work," paid on an hourly basis of $2.10
Deskins stated.
per hour.
He said he works from noon
said her
Miss Campbell
until 4:30 each weekday after- records show Deskins as beginnoon. "At no time have I ever
work May 10, 1965, conworked past the hour of 4:30 ning
tinuing until Sept. 17, 1965 when
he resigned. She said he was
Bill Gilbreath, District Highreappointed Nov. 3, 1965.
way Supervisor in Lexington, said
The news release reported
this afternoon that Deskins is a
Young as saying, "Deskins went
"part-time- "
employe working on the state payroll on a
"20 hours or less."
basis" Nov. '3, 1965.
Mr. Cilbreath, who offered
Deskins said he resigned in
to reveal work vouchers, said September to work with the
Deskins is "strictly a part-tim- e
Fayette County
legal aide."
in last November's
Lillian Campbell, state per- election.
said Deskins
sonnel file clerk,
"I feel I'm violating no rules
is classified as a "seasonal
of the University of Kentucky
employe," which she said and I do a good job as a legal
means he works every summer aide at the Highway Department.
on a
"I'm married and 1 have to
Lowell Clark, state highway
said work, and I feel this is just
training officer, however,
he is employed on a "seasonal digging down into petty politics
basis, which he said that is so typical of Steve Young
means he is "working just part and his Young Republicans,"
Deskins charged.
of the year."






Candidates Show
Platforms, Debate

Student Congress presidential candidates John O'Brien ami
Carson Porter outlined basic' points in their campaign platforms
before about 100 people at Tuesday's
Botli candidates took about
his and O'Brien's plan is to hold
ten minutes each to present their
a campus referendum to deterproposals after which vice
candidates Marsha mine a campus consensus
the merger and then to proceed
Fields and Oscar Westerfield furbetween Conin negotiations
ther presented their respective
gress and the Board.
O'Brien led the discussion
"If the merger w re passed
in outlining plans for upgrading
by a large majority, we would
Congress Summer Employment
Continued On Page 8
See editorial: page jour.
Service by seeking specific jobs
on an employer-studen- t
He further spoke of plans
for a student book exchange designed to cut book costs at bookstores and for implementation
of a campus better business
bureau to regulate soliciting.
O'Brien told the audience that
a non profit bookstore which he
said his opponent advocated
w ould low er rev enues in the Student Center to such a level that
funds would have to be sought
elsew here to pay building bonds.
"I was vice president this
year, and I think I will make
a great president. My opponent
has been in Congress two years,
initiated one piece of legislation,
and had a 6S percent attendance record."
Following O'Brien's statement, Carson Porter told the
group, "Student Congress is not
on the level it should be at the
present time. I do not intend to
reiterate old programs. We need


Porter first told his audience
he favored a non profit !xok-storstating he believed an exchange could not reduce book
ami that
prices significant!)
O'Brien's charge of its holding
building bond payments was invalid.
Going on to the merger of
Congress and the Student Center Board, Porter charged, "If
you vote for O'Brien and Westerfield, you're voting to keep ourselves out of the Student ('enter
Building next car tor the month
of October."
Westerfield later retorted that

105 Students
Aim Petition
At Candidates
A petition urging Student
Congress to "compile and publish an evaluation of courses
and instructors" was circulated
in the Student Center Monday
The petition was signed by
105 students during a period
of about two hours according
to one of its Cramers, Patricia
Dominguez, sophomore education major.
"This is to represent the Cact
that students do have ideas and
leaders do not come to students
Cor them," Miss Dominguez said.
Miss Dominguez explained
that the petition was designed
to bring out an important issues
in "an issueless campaign."
The petition states:
"It is a well known Cact that
many of the courses on this
campus are taught in a very
ragged manner.
"We the undersigned believe
that the Student Congress should
take steps to compile and publish a 'Student Cuide to Courses
and Instructors.' This could be
easily accomplished by basing
the information in the handbook
on evaluation made by the students.
"The feasibility anil success
of such a publication is well
supported by the results achiev cd
at other universities."