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‘ ’ $9 A Chicago judge has thrown out a court order requiring
4-..; ' agay'fathe: to take an HTLV-III antibody test before
36:93 filik ‘\ VlSltlng his Children. Judge Howard Kaufman ruled that
xtzzsvflg v-’ i .l % the previous order was invalid because insufficient
:‘2‘:‘:‘:L‘.i’.‘, 0"] evidence had been presented to support it. The judge has
\ \Qqfifiiui: I K scheduled another nearing, and has placed a tough burden

'5 , ,, on the mother's lawyer to justify testing.

It will prooably be very difficult to find credible
medical experts to testify in favor of testing. Doctors
There's nothing I like better than curling up with a and scientists agree that the antibody test cannot say
good book or magazine! Well, almost nothing. _ whether a person has AIDS. Even if the father did have
Sometimes, though, it seems that I've read everything AIDS, he would present no danger to his cnildren because
decent in my house. I really enjoy having something new AIDS is not casually transmissable.
and exciting to read. What better way to insure that The father, called "John Doe" in court documents, is
than by subscribing to one or more magazine} I'm not pertectly healthy and shows no signs of AIDS. NGRA's
referring to TIME or LIFE: or even the Readers Digest, Cooperating Attorney in the can i: i-llCnG'l Closzn, ~a lat:
though. There are a number of Lesbian—oriented professor-argon] tiarshall School of Law in Chicago.
publications, those currently available are listed below. Also aSSisting on the case is the Illinois civil
If you do subscribe to any of these, let us know what you Liberties Union.
think about them. Reviews for publications would be very "from the National Gay Rights Advocates Newslpf'fpr
welcome! (Also, if you would like to donate any old
publications, (313) would appreciate if your could drop
them off at our office so we could share them with
everybouy. Our address is 431 S. Broadway, Suite 322.
Use the mail slot in the door and Thanks!” .
' II ' ' Deborah Edel. covers lesbian. H01 Wire TbrminnlAnnt-x
r iii}?isiswlinitiglffilgfiibu. magazines up to 1970. Use it in con- 1417 Thoma 1:433 'Auudch-IEA 90051
cations nowinprint.The titles junction With the Firebrand book, Cthago,lL60660 Sinister Hist om
of newly minted lesbian though.formorecurrentinformation. Ikon PO‘BOXI'IJOSTOFGO')
magazines testify to the phenomena —Chnstme Cossidy PO. Box 1355 ‘ gllontpc icr, .) ..
of specialization: Maize: A Lesbian ' Stuyvesant Station ”(Ila/ill?” St -1
Country Journal(ruml lesbiansr, Les- Achc:A Black Lesbian Journal New York. NY 10009 (134 Ijny Mrcr 2 3
bian Ethics (philosophical articles); PO. Box 11469 [Know You Know ambri at. A0 1 9
Hot Wire (women's music); Lesbian Oakland, CA 94611 7172 North Keystone Avenue. Sth TCIC‘Vomfn
Contradiction: (“a journal of ir- ALOECNewsIettenAsiflnlcS- lndianapolia,1N 46240 ’ ROBox 2.500 r
mverent feminism"). Regional in- bionsoftbe East Coast IslandLesbionsMngazme PleaSont Hill,CA 91.128
terests are represented by Leuic-Fair do C. Hall PO. Box 1371 13”! N00"
(Brattleboro, VT), Island Lesbians 820 Eastern Parkway Honolulu,H19680:l PO Box 303 .
Magazine (Honolulu). Urban lesbian Brooklyn, NY 11225 i lesbian Connection gathe‘dril dirti‘hnozr
‘exiatence: Off 'Our Backs Atalanta AmbitiousAmazons Tow or ,. Wild
Washington. DC); Womonews, Big R0 Box 5502 PO. Box 811 gOOSYishmg c
Applz Dyke News (New York City), Atlanta, GA 30307 . . East tansmg, M11532? S. . inner 207
Plexus(San Francisco), Sojournzr. Bay Azolea:A Magazine of thngby Lesbian Contradiction:A . _ antce. CA'B 1
Windows, Gay Community News Third World Lesbians Journal oflrrevemnt Feminism lloananens S
(Boston): Atalanta (Atlanta); New do Linda Brown 584 Castro Street, Suite 263 119 eYst ilsNLYt-iggtll
Directions for Women (Englewood, 314E351915tStreet‘ISE San Franusco'. CA 94114 iwew or .R . [B ks
NJ.).Ach¢‘A Bloch Lesbian Journal; New York. NY 10028 Lesbian Ethics “P1710115 ccl‘l’l‘EVWO 00
ALOECNewslefler:Asia.n Lesbiansof Boy Windows LE Publications Ce {05 T] 1;:- tke h Women
the East Coast (NYC); Azalctr A 1515 Washington Street P.O.IBox 943 We’lllcrl OI'MAVEEPICBIOH
Magazine of Writingby Third World Boston, MA 02118 Venice CA_ 90294 '3 L8 fy. ‘ ‘ I . .
Lubions: Between Ourselves: A Between Ourselves“! Woman-of- Tho Lesbian Frequency: ”filial ls‘f’fl'tllffnaixlgna mf’A'm’iz’lS» '
Woman-afColor Newspaper (NYC); ColorNewspapcr AJoumaI on Cassette “10 130d} POI-”ILC— 'rontoslwe; Y
Sage; A Scholarly Journal of Black PO. Box 1939 Radical Rose Rcmrdings flay Envy/algppcrmcmntlnezf. an inn.
%mn.a.nd5olsa$oul GadeYC) Washington, DC. 20013 PO Box 8122 Carlo 1 Spirhzl'Tt': Lnya Mine
address issues or women of color. Calyx Minneapol'iiMN55408 Gon ”lie—fl rusd L3 1 n “inn“
Black-Out (National Coalition of RO‘BMHB‘ORQMSS fief‘fag‘ ”Sign! — n on gay _

' 'sduewhit Comwa ist . . ox t .
imbgégflfitha in- Common Lives/Lesbian Live: Dmitlcbomwosaoi a": ScoUnndfbiirerntlilylv‘ gtosasy‘
umtmgazinesincludolKnow 12m PO. Box 1553 MW g: l zo'wa-fgiebn :, cs 1
Know. a lesbian version of Mn, and Iowa City, IA 52244 do Word Weavers Cot on {if}; lesbian-ethics burn“
the 12.year-old Lesbian Connection, Conditions , HOBO: 87:12 ,;0.$.5‘p-_ .K‘Itcl | o 0 anrio I“:
which in still {no of charge Book 90.80: 56 ‘ ' Minneapolis. MN 55408 Hysteria; lCanU‘, n
review newspapers include: Womzn'l Van Brunt Station OITOur Baclts [Inlncwsl'gtlct . t Ci I .0“ l )
Rwiew of Books (also poetry) and Bmoklyn,NY112l5 1841Calumbia Road NW 1;“! g1."l "(film-id unlit iioloco liti’d
8d!“ Learumviewn women's pros. [3251335131.- t mfiifigon DC 20009 collz‘ctiri‘n‘iil neyrondllilsrntump

e . - - . .
b03311; bloucrbobed-Andno Fleck San FrancimCA 94110 On Our Backs Monuslil—lndin feminist Journal ‘
Cindy's Wordswthz Wiu(Firebrnndi GayCommunltchws R0. 801421916 Witllillcsbnliln norvrs. . . l b‘
Books. 1986) in "A writer's guide to 167 Mmont Street. 5th FL San F‘rancuco, CA 94142 Mu n‘r— anbl' QMI‘nlst. cs ion.
feminist and lesbian periodicals and Boston: MA02111 Plexus OutnOélf;hi:n inncvgvg‘n‘sizuilifii wave
Wbliahenl." with annotated listings Hcmsles 545 Athol Avenue finfil’rwr—hrm‘h lead“ mni’minc
and uP-to-dato addresses; The La- R0. Box 768 . Ouklond._C/\ 9-1606 1:! 1; “-1 llrilinli '1‘ nmlli-sbian
bian- Periodicals Index (NAlAD ConnlStrcctStntion RnrnAws r tullrlc' L; v try
Press. 1986). by Clam Potter and New York.NY 10013 1’08013095 purnomcw u c.

 Women, we have a gathering just for you. The monthly
lesbian Potluck is on the 14th at 2pm. Thrsrn's lots of
great food, great company, and great conversation. Join

tjij‘J us, and say "HI" to old friends or to make new
”A acquai ntances .

Feminist Alliance has its meeting on the 15th of this
month on the UK campus. It's at 8pm in the Old Student
Center. While we are a student organization, we welcome
input from visitors as well.

Interweave has its meeting on Monday the 15th at

You know, September is a busy month, with students giggém‘: meg: :léganznmnzrmrsourselves and our
returning to classes (hopefully from a great summer The Gay i’arenting Support Group meets on the 17th at
break) ' and everybody trying to‘get Lhe 16“ gasp out of 7pm The to ic this month will be "Divorce Custod and
summer! This September is no different than most. We other Hassleg." Those of us with children haze an
fifilenough going on this month that you can have a great entirely different set of problems and a different

Our biggest event comes up early in the month with our :ggéoglgaon hfe’ We know this and can help. Will you
"Farewell to Sumner" dance at the Unitarian Universalist The FundRaiser for Feminist Alliance is on Monday,
figur‘i" gdsigrs‘ponggregig 2:46:23) énénsfinmcfizzi 20nd September 22nd. Dinner will be served from 6 — 8pm at

gm Y’ -y. ' ~ ' Alfalfa's, and will be followed by live entertainment.
grab your best boyfriend, or your favorite woman and head Tickets are available in advance or at the door
on out for a fun evening! It's BYOB, so you can have How 1 t k bef h nd that '11 kn h '
your favorite beverage. We have a few surprises cooked ever, 8 us now ore a ' so we 0” 0”
up, including a raffle. The festvities start up at 9 "31% iggiiygzcmon thly Program meeting is on the 24th at


Niel): Sargezye—nd is the long weekend that marks the 7‘30?“ It will be held at the Newman Center.
end of summer so I know there'll be a lot of partying 'For those 0f you who want to help, my: don't know
going on. Halli, fire up the barbeques, and have a ball! quite how, the (1g) GAYLINE Training Meeting can give you
But let's play it safe. If you drink, let someone else geedmiiforittigfit ggutggnzggilthtljslemgAtngbtlEngurih: {2:
d 'v ! ' ’

“Dignity is active this month, and is starting off posted hours. We can always use more volunteers.
with a Liturgy on the 2nd of Septenber. This will be at cane: £11123: fig Efizznetbfilt'énggfiefullétg‘rlgitffintél

.. er : . . '

theFmgtCIeilliiancztiz giving a fundraiser later on in For more information as to the location 01' time 0f :3“
the month, and 1:11 discuss it later. However, a event, see the Events Calendar on the back cover of this
planning session for it will be on Wednesday, the 3rd at issue, or call the GAYLINE at 231—0335-
8 p.m.' If you care to give us a hand, come to this one! . . .

Dignity's ever—popular rap session is on the 4th of C non and 30m “53
this month, at Keith's house. A lot of great ideas have _ . _ . . . .1 _
come out of these, including our "Farewell to Summer" Orgamzatlonsr 1f you have aothltleS you 0 like to
dance. (Thanks for the idea, folks!) Plus, it's a great see discussed here. give me (Karen) a call at 259-3292 (
way to meet new people, so join us! BEWARE the dreaded answering machine — Steve)

The weekend of the dance is a big one for Interweave,
since the local chapter is hosting a district meeting. , _

We start off with a social/potluck on Friday night, the APPEAL '10 BE FILED FOR W DEERE:
Sth' . , . NGRA filed a suit in November, 1984 against the

Or, if you re into outdoor sports, you can try _the Lincoln Christian College (ICC). The school has refused
GISO potluck/ volleyball gathering that same evening. to give Greg Johnson his B.A. degree because he is gay.
This also happens on the 19th, and that? the laSt one Of Greg is a resident of Chicago, Illinois, and ICC is a
gitfir‘ C mon out and get the lam" Spikes out Of your private Christian college in Southern Illinois.

' . Gr has cor leted all the academic r uirements for

The monthly GISO F0?“ 15 on “9”an the 8th at 89"" graduggion in MEy, 1981. However, when aggellow student
These gatherings Wine ‘soc1alizing ”1th informative told the Dean of Students that Greg is gay, the college
dlSCUSSJ-Ons- Come 301" us. . . withheld his diploma. The Dean then sent Greg to a

‘ September 9th marks the opening of the bowling season Psychologist who attempted to "convert" him to
(yeaaaaaa!!!) This happens at 99m at Joy land Bowling heterosexuality NCRA has sued the psychologist for
Ianes. ‘Every Tuesday thereafter Joyland will be joyous, practicing psychology in an unethical manner
indfi'gghsgefizfigzflgutgifi hieEyoilwednesda th On April 9, 1986 the Circuit Court dismissed the suit
10th. at 6:30pm. The topic will be "Homosexuality 3 again“ ICC' muffled? “Mice °f ”peel °" April 129
Causes,. Olres, and other Fairy-tales." This really and ”Pea: to submit the” appellate DUEE early this
sounds fascinating! If you have any ideas or opinions on swrglgggls coo peratin oouns e1 in Illinois is Beth Tannis
this ffOPiC’ or any ideas for other discussions, let us of the prestigious Cgicago law firm, Jenner & Block.
know, OK? If you jug: want to come, listen, and meet ——frcm the National Gay Rights Advocates Newsletter
folks, we appreciate your interest.

Alsbithat same evening, the Gay/lesbian Pride Week VISITATICN 11mm pm pm mm AK:
Association is meeting, also at 6:30pm. We're trying to
determine what we really want to do for next year, so In another Chicago case, Nam is representing Rich
come let us know what you'd like to see. Klein, a gay father who has AIDS—related complex (ARC).

Then, on Fridays the 12th a 26th, we have Cards 'N Mr. Klein's tax-wife is attempting to cut off his
Games, starting at 7pm. We always have a great time, but visitation because she fears that his medical condition
watch out for Steve and his RISK-attacks (Our Editor -,,j_1 1 harm the children. She also claims that his
doesn't realize that I'm typing this and I can beat homosexuality "seriously endangers the children's moral
anyone at RISK — Steve) Bring Monopoly, Trivial and emotional health."

Pursuit-Twister, or any of your personal favorites (all Working with NC-RA on the case is Helen Rogal, an
leatherlitems must be checked at the door!) We love to attorney in private practice in Chicago.
try new games!!! -—frcm the National Gay Rights Advocates Newsletter

 ACl‘-Iexington Debuts
In a press conference held on Au u Q
ACr—Iexington announced its goals and intentigngt toZItSLEe / ;§,
central Kentucky commnity at large. The Rt. Rev. Don A. / 4 I ‘5’
Winberly, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of ' ..
Lexmgton (encompassing Fayette and 63 other Kentucky ' ’ K ‘E
counties), and Dr. John Poundstone, the conmissioner of L \%V W'”15 MT UP YOUR M?
the Lexington-Fayette County Urban Health Department led ‘
the press conference, with each of them shading an ' ‘
enlightened concern for the victim and their families. \3’ ‘
ACT—lexington (ACT stands for AIDS Crisis Taskforce) has 9\ ‘
the support of gay/lesbian groups, the local religious '5Ԥ;\
corrmunity, social service agencies, legal and media J $3»)
representatives and, despite its recent debut, is already m
a functioning organization. Services currently provided @
ifilude'cgmsegng (bereavement, emotional, financial,
a , grie , ucation (risk reduction, community) , GLSJ'S Rainbow Bowlin Lea e ' ' ' ' -
training (for We‘ll-V913 01' . "buddies", office/clerical season at the Joyland 8031 onguthvellllliagimPiie? 12:30:31;
flgljggnigggafiofgl 132::an £0119 care; hOUSingl interested in joining or forming a team is asked to be at
su r ou ' .
Eeferril, Stagseeportation, visitation). Fi‘f’gen "bfidigg'l' gitbgzii’s‘gsiiiifi fisiegofgtmésogeomkisgg'ccsligiigrogmio
ave a rea y n trained at a joint ACT—Hospice session teams (men and women) Teams ar ' d f
held during the first week of August. Many people from individuals show u _‘ . e r"? e “P 0 _ how many
the . co . . . . p at this meeting—so, Singles are
for gain?logéizseomzsgnsuzolfizierzdeedmgfi tit": gelcome or bring your own team, . (we also need subsitutes
gayéllesbiarfl WW3) SUPPOIt- 990919 are needed as Wgeukllygzsggohsngrelgn figsdgjnnighzwit SYEEYP inegfafle
spe ers, u —raisers, hot-line workers, typists/data bowling alley and usuall 1a t t'l . I ' '
entry operators, general office and at—home workers Y s 1. 11'00 pm“ Last years
writers, trainers/teachers, home-caregivers, "buddiesflI' (2:33;: ii? 33:53 bogglmg Mfg :625 per week. (with
recruiters, organizers, and coordinators. People are macho kip: ofg '- Ou 9“ t ave to be a P 1.0 or d
needed for as yet undeveloped tasks. The gay cotmunity . ‘ person...3ust {hale enthUSlasm 15 all
has long been the sole voice in efforts to stem the tide {fleneiidafio 3:32???“ we 11 all have a "gay Old
of AIDS, but we cannot afford to slacken our efforts. ' ' '-
Many people still perceive AIDS to be a
hmexuawllgd-caused/transmitted disease. If you have any
0 e skills or are willing to donate our time, - - ' ‘
money, or resources please call Mrs. Terr; Andrews, GM Organizational Meeting ’
ingfden;:0?t (Eggnsilfig? orgifigtOS' Airy—M23??? The Gay/Lesbian Pride Week Association will be having
Tax -deduct.ibl e contributions may be made payable to an organizational meeting on Wednesday, September 10th at
ACI-Imington and mailed to the above address the GISO office (431 S. Broadway, Suite 322) at 6:30pm..
' Until two years ago, the only PRIDE event held in
Lexington during the month of June (to coincide with the
anniversary of the "Stonewall Riots," a turning-point in
the fight for gay/ lesbian rights) was a Pride Picnic,
sponsored by the then Lexington Gay Services
MPERIAL Organization. For the past two years, attempts have been
made to encourage other gay/lesbian/homophilic
c organizations to sponsor other events during an entire
OURT of the ICBE Notes week of celebration of pride in our heritage. Although
by these efforts met with some success, interest and
LUEGRASS Twyla Knight participation have declined over the past year. That,
coupled with the dormancy of several organizations, has
E prompted the Pride Committee to attempt to formalize its
MPIRE inc structure and involve gay/ lesbian businesses and members
_ of the general community, as well as the various
organizations .
So, anyone who is willing to donate some time to
provide area gays and lesbians with some measure of pride
The Imperial Court of the Bluegrass Empire, Inc. will in themselves and their conmunity is encouraged to attend
be producing an "International Night," a pryrigged, camp this meeting. If you cannot attend, please drop us a
contest sindlar to the very popular "Miss Ellaneous" line at the following address: GPWA, P.O. Box 13516,
contest. The event will be held Sunday night, September lexinqton, Kentucky. 40575. Hepefully, this (Iron? can
7th, at 9 pm at the Circus Disco on Richmond Road. The provide a forum of discussion between all facets of the
event is BYOB for persons aged 21 or above.Alcoholic gay 3W3 lesbian community in the central Kentucky area.
beverages in the possession of persons under 21 years of .
age are subject to confiscation. The National Association of Black and White Men
M weeks later, on Septenber let, the ICBE will be Together (BWMT) is a gay, interracial organizati‘?“
hosting another, soon-to-be announced event. On conmitted to fostering supportive environments wherein
alternate Sundays, the 14th and 28th, Privy Council racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal
meetings will be held at 3pm. These meetings are open to of human equality realized. To these ends, we engage in
the public andthe public is encouraged to attend. For educational, political, cultural, and social activities
more information on these events and others, call as means of dealing with the racism, sexism, homophobia,
(606)266-0882 for more information. and other iniquities in our contmln‘ities and in our lives.

 find irritating. Anything else? Many different brands
offer various smells, tastes and colors. Give them a
EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED '10 KNOW ABOUT CCNIMS try.. .variety is the spice of life. Some scents may
but prove allergic, however, and a few dyes may run. Most of
(Never Thought You‘d Need To Know) the brand—name condoms are quite stable.
So, now that you've chosen your rubber, do you rush

Researchers at the University of California at San out to the nearest bar with them bandoliered about you?
Francisco proved late last year in laboratory tests that HOPerIIy not (unless it's Halloween)! Give them a try
condoms can stop the transmission of the AIDS virus by yourself first. Practice putting them on and taking
(formerly LAV and HTLV—III, now referred to as HIV — them off (to avoid future breaks and spillage). Follow
Human Immunosuppressive Virus). The AIDS condom study the fOlIOWing tips for condom sense:
was patterned after an earlier Herpes condom study. Five
brands of commercially available condoms (three made of 1- OEH the Eckage carefully. Tearing, or long
latex, one of natural lamb skin, and one of synthetic fingernails can damage the rubber. Don‘t test
skin) were tested in the UCSE‘ study, conducted by Dr. Jay rubbers by inflating them or stretching them.
Levy. 2. Keep your cock free of grease and lube for the

Approximately a teaspoon of fluid containing a high best "holding power." A generous dab of
concentration of live AIDS viruses was pumped, under water—based lubricant in the tip of the condom
pressure, into each condom. The condoms were then dipped will greatly increase sensation without slippage.
into a virus—free culture fluiu IO}: 3U minutes. The. 3, Gently press the air out of the receptacle tip
culture Was then tested continually for a three—week before rolling the condom the rest of the way on.
period. No viruses were present in the culture fluid Air bubbles can cause breakage.
even after this extensive testing period. This, of 4. Unroll the condom so that it covers the entire
course, presupposes that no ruptures or tears are present erect cock. I uncircumcised, pull back the
in the condom, before or during use. Condoms were foreskin before covering the head with the condom.
developed with the ability to withstand a certain amount Fitting an erect penis with a rubber is best but,
of 'wear and tear,‘ although not necessarily the amount if the COCk is soft, be sure to UILL’Oll the entire
involved in anal intercourse. For this reason, some condom down to the base as the penis tumesces
people suggest using TWO condoms at once. (QEtS harder). Smooth out any air bubbles.

So, the question remains, "WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE 5- Use plenty 0f water—based lubricant on the
USING CONDOMS?" Complaints range from "they're outside of the rubber, and on the asshole before
uncomfortable" and "I can’t feel anything with one on" to entry. Dryness and tightness contribute to
"stopping to put one on just TOTALLY ruins the mood." On breakage and slippage. Don't be afraid to use
the face of it, these objections are trivial compared your fingers to hold the rubber on.
with the potential loss of life, but many people are 6. Hold onto the base of the condom after ejaculation
quite resistant to change. to avoid spilling the cum or losing the rubber

Assuming you get the idea and choose to "play it inside your partner.
safe," how do you incorporate condoms into your sensual 7- 1mm USED RUBBERS AWAY. Repeated use of the same
style? condom defeats the purpose of using them.

First, you need to choose a particular brand of condom .

(awwwww, what the heck. . .rubber) that suits your Style. Now that you can get a rubber on and off, try getting
Latex rubbers are recommended over "natural" (made from yourself off while using condom. Prove to yourself that
sheep gut...yuck!) because they are more durable. Should you can come while wearing a rubber. If, at first, you
they fit like a glofl Exact size isn't everything! don't succeed, try, try again. Fantasize about it during
Latex stretches to fit many sizes. A rubber which fits use. You'd think that, after the past few anxiety—ridden
snugly at the base will act much like a cock ring, making years when it looked like ALL sex would soon become
erections harder and orgasms more intense. One with more impossible, the ability to engage in safe—sexual
room at the top moves and feels like a foreskin. The practices would enhance the sensuality of those
rubber should, however, reach the base of the penis. A_re thin-skinned, little lifesavers.

thicker condoms stronger? Modern production techniques The next major hurdle is the dreaded, "How do I tell
produce condoms of reduced thickness without sacrificing him/her that I want to use a condom?" Don't erect a
the strength and impermiability required by federal latex barrier (pun intended) by stressing the negative.
standards. More important for strength is the age of the Don't say "we can't do anything unless we use a rubber."
condom and the way you treat it. Condoms may have a Eroticize their use —— tell him how much they turn you on
shelf—life of 5 years, but they begin deteriorating after and allow you to experiment with non—traditional sexual
less than half that time. Condoms age more quickly from play like frottage, massage, mutual masturbation,
heat, strong light and rough treatment. Don't leave them voyeurism, and exhibitionism. But, what if your partner
in the car or billfolds for long periods of time. Should hasn't yet taken the steps you've taken to ensure your
you get lubed or dry rubbers? Lubricated ones don't continued health and he doesn't know how to properly use
break as easily as the dry, powdered ones and also give a rubbers. So what? C(XmUNlCATE with your partner!!! You
moist, more natural feeling to them. Some, however, are preparing to have sex with him, fer gosh sakes
prefer the dry ones for their ability to stay on better can't you talk to him? Try some master—slave
(see, clinging power has more important uses than sealing role—playing and tell him exactly what to do. Or even
bowls of fruit), and using their own lubrication. Some the good, old headmaster—schoolboy routine. You can
rubbers are pre—lubricated with nonoxynol—9, advertised always make condom—use a hot part of sex and not an
as containing a spermicidal lubricant. This spermicide interruption. Don't make the mistake of believing that,
kills the AIDS virus on contact and may provide local once YOU are properly attired in your choice Of latex,
protection in case of tears or spills. some people, YOU have to cum. Use "Dre than one rubber (no, I don't
however, find that it irritates mucous membranes and the 0W“ StOCk'ln a. condom CO‘T‘PanY) liberally interspersed
carcinogenicity of nonoxynol-9, when used in non—vaginal W1?“ non-invasive sexual practices. If you can't enjoy
intercourse, has yet to be determined. What about usmg a rubber, thenlyou are “0t trying. Make a stand.
different ShaEs? Condoms with receptacle tips are Be a sexual pioneer 1“ your 0““ CWitY-

recommended in order to catch the semen (cum, to most

people) and prevent leakage. Ribbed condoms have W

contoured exteriors that some find exciting and others

 The Opening Ceremonies, on Saturday August 9th, will
take place in San Francisco's Kezar Stadium, as will the
Closing Ceremonies on August 17th. Gay Games organizers
OLYMPIC—'10 USE OR mp '10 USE revealed plans to use radio conmercials to help achieve
their goal of selling all 30,000 available seats. It is
believed this will be the most extensive advertising
campaign, outside of the gay media, ever use to promote a
gay event.

San Francisco, July 9 — Organizers of Gay Games II "We have a spectacular Opening and Closing Ceremonies
today disclosed that they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme planned and we've decided one of best ways to reach gays
Court for their right t