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K E G R 0


Seventy-Seventh Session

. .
u : . .: _

. . .




\\ ..!I.' IV , y‘
‘m H, ,
L [,I‘

'34.. 6,“! am”! 0mm, A. a”, Jaw, CMJ”
LouiSville, Kentucky —— April 15, 16, 17, 1953










Frankfort, Kentucky
Established 1886


Agriculture —— Biology -- Business Administration
Chemistry — Commercial Teacher Education -— Education
English — French and Spanish Literature
History and Government —— Home Economics
Industrial Arts —- Mathematics — Music
Physical and Health Education
Pre-Protessional Courses
Sociology and Economics


A Complete Life on One Campus


Modem. Well-eguipped Housing -— Athletics — Debating
Student Infirmary — Student Government -— Drunatics
Aesthetic and Social Dancing — Fraternities
Sororities — Clubs —- Movies — Theatre


For Information. Write the Dean









THE K.N.E.A. OFFICERS OF 1952-1953

Pres, A. R. Lasley, Hopkinsville, Ky.
lst Vice—Pres, William Wood, Harlan, Ky.
Sec'y—Treas., Anita W. Robinson, Louisville, Ky.
Ass't. Sec’y., Anita C. Richards, Louisville, Ky.
Historian, Alice D. Samuels, Frankfort, Ky.

Board of Directors
R. L. Lasley, President, Hopkinsville, Ky.

H. C. Mathis, Drakesboro, Ky. E. W. Whiteside, Paducah, Ky.
C. B. Nucholls, Ashland, Ky. E. 0. David, Cynthiona, Ky.
Departmental And Conference Chairmen Room Puge
Agriculture Teachers, P. I. Manley, Frankfort _______________ 342 18
Art Teachers, Mrs. S. S. Minor, Louisville ___________________ 333 17
Elem. Education, Mrs. M. R. Morris, Louisville _______________ And. 135 13
English Teachers, Miss Alice Samuels, Frankfort ____________ 205 14
Foreign Language, A. I. Richards, Frankfort _________________ 204 15
Guidance Workers, W. H. Craig, Covington _________________ 203 17
Librarians, Iames O’Rourke, Frankfort ______________________ 3l8 15
Music, R. Lillian Carpenter, Louisville _______________________ 230 13
Physical Ed., W. L. Kean, Louisville _________________________ 202 10
Primary Teachers, Mrs. A. E. Bertam, Louisville ______________ 218 13
Principals’ Conf., I. V. Robinson, Elizabethtown ______________ 304 18
Rural School, Mrs. E. B. Bennett, Louisville __________________ 220 16
Science Teachers, E. T. Woolridge, Louisville _______________ 302 15
Mathematics Teachers, A. 1. Ramsey, Louisville ______________ 302 17
Teachers of Exceptional Children, A. E. Woods, Louisville ___. 207 17
Vocational Education, B. W. Browne, Paducah ______________ 303 15
Social Science, D. A. Bradford, Frankfort ___________________ 206 14
Presidents of the K.N.E.A. District Associations
Mrs. M. Egester, Paducah, First District
G. Briscoe Houston, Henderson, Second District
F. B. Stimpson, Elkton, Third District
R. L. Livers, Bloomfield, Fourth District
I. A. Carroll, Lincoln Ridge, Fifth District
E. 0. David, Cynthiana, Bluegrass District
H. R. Merry, Covington, Northern District
Mrs. Iohnnie Woods, Harlan, Upper Cumberland District
1953 Convention Committees — Chairmen
1. Legislative: Pres. R. B. Atwood, Frankfort, Room 102
2. Resolutions: Prof. H. E. Goodloe, Owensboro, Room 103
3. Vocational Education: Prof. Burdis Brown, Paducah, Room 104
4. Rural School Problems: Mrs. Idella B. Irvin, Hopkinsville, Room 105
5. Scholarship Loan: Prof. H. S. Osborne, Middlesboro, Room 136
6. Revision of Constitution: Mr. Atwood S. Wilson, Louisville, Room 137
7. Auditing: Mr. M. I. Sleet, Paducah, Room 138
8. Research: Dr. G. D. Wilson, Frankfort, Room 139
9. Necrology: Prof. G. V. Curry, Ienkins, Room 140
10. Nominating: Prof. I. A. Carroll, Lincoln Ridge, and District Presidents,

Room 1 1 1
(To meet Wednesday, April 15, 1953, at 7:00 P.M. In Central High School Bldg.)

Page One






.Adam Clayton Powell, Ir.
Congressman from New York

Native of Philadelphia; University of
Pennsylvania; BS. in Education,
honors, 1918; MA. in Economics,
Ph.D. in Economics, 1921 (first Negro


BA, Colgate University, 1930; M.A.,
Coliirnbia University, 1932; D. D., Shaw
University, 1934; L.L.D., Virginia Union;
Studied in Europe, North Africa and Asia
Minor; minister of the Abyssinian Baptist
Church since 1937 with a membership of
15,000; first Negro Councilman of New
York City, 1941; first Negro Congressman
from the East elected to 79th, 80th, Blst,
and 82nd Congress. Second ranking mem—
ber of Committee on Education and Labor
of House and chairman of FECP Sub-com-
mittee; author or co-author of all Civil
Rights bills; member of Phi Upsilon Kappa,
honorary fraternity in philosophy; Alpha
Phi Alpha Fraternity; 1951, appointed by
U. S. Congress to go to Europe to study
labor condition in Europe; lst Negro since
Reconstruction to have legislation passed
by Congress and signed by the President
—P0we11 Amendment to Federal Aid to
School Lunch Bill.

woman in US. to receive degree), LLB
Law SchOOl, 1927 (Member of Law Review
Board); admitted to Philadelphia Bar 1927;
assistant city solicitor, Philadelphia 1928—
30, 1934—38; practiced law since 1927 in
the law offices of Raymond Pace Alex—
ander (Husband) since 1927; member of
Board of Directors, National Conference of
Christians and Jews; member Executive
Board, National Urban League; member
committee on Religion and Public Educa—
tion, the Pennsylvania State Council of
Christian Education; member of following
Boards of National Council of the
Churches of Christ in U. S. A.: Board of
Managers and Executive Committee of
Joint Department of Family Life, Board
of Managers of United Church‘ Women,
Legal Committee, Division of Christian
Life and Work Dept. of Church and Econo—
mic Life.

Page Two



Mrs. Sadie T. M. Alexander
Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.


 Who is Who on Convention Program





if Born in Metcalf County, Kentucky,
v where he received his high school educa—
n tion; A.B., Western Kentucky State Col-
t, lege; M.A., and Graduate Study toward
- Ph.D., University of Kentucky; has taught
r in a one-room school and high school; sup—
— erintendent of Metcalf County Schools;
11 served four years in the Navy; served in
a, the Kentucky Senate 1948—50; became
a Superintendent of Public Instruction for
y Kentucky in January, 1952.



d I


Supt. Wendell P. Butler
Director of Public Instruction
for Kentucky

Native of Chicago; Ph.B, University of
Chicago, 1931; admitted to Illinois bar, 1933,
U. S. Supreme Court bar, 1937; assistant
attorney, Illinois Commerce Commission,
1933—37; professor of law, University of
Chicago, 1949—53; Co—Counsel, Chicago
Division, American Civil Liberties Union
since 1947; National Legal Committee,
N.A.A.C.P.; official counsel in various
NAACP cases including the Texas “White
primary”, Oklahoma and Texas school
cases, criminal cases, and Illinois School
segregation cases



1‘ Dr. William R. Ming, Ir.
University of Chicago

Page Three



u -———~ «'- .~-.~..4. Squat-:1 ...»~......-.-w~;.

Who is Who on Convention Program


Dr. Williord E. Goslin
Peabody College

Dr. Arthur Young Lloyd
Kentucky Director of Research

Native of Webster County, Kentucky;
A.B., Western State Teachers College, 1926;
M.A., Vanderbilt University, 1929; Ph.D.,
Vanderbilt University, 1934; Principal
Webster County High School, Wheatcroft,
Ky, 1926—28; instructor in political science,
Vanderbilt University, 1929-31; associate
professor history and political science,
Morehead State Teachers College, 1931-34;
professor and head of history and political
science department, Morehead,,1934-36
Kentucky Director of Public Assistance
1936-41; Commissioner, Kentucky Dept. of
Welfare 1947-48; Director, Kentucky Legis—
lative Research Commission 1948 to pres—
ent day; author of The Slavery Controv-
ersy, and numerous articles on Political
Science, Public Administration, etc.


Born, reared, and educated in Missouri;
held teaching and administration post in
Missouri for 25 years, leaving in 1944 to
become Superintendent of Schools in
Minneapolis; 1948 became Superintendent
of Schools in Pasadena, California; 1951
became Chairman of the Division of Edu-
cational Administration and Community
Development with George Peabody Col—
lege for Teachers; 1948, chosen President
of American Association of School Admin—
istrators; 1952, recipient of the American
Education Award presented at the meet—
ings of the American Association of School
Administrators; has contributed to many
educational books and magazines.

Miss Ruth Dunn
University of Louisville

Miss Ruth Dunn is a native of Green-
ville, Alabama. She received her AB.
and MA. degrees from Peabody Teach—
ers’ College, Nashville, Tennessee. She
has been a classroom teacher and prin-
cipal. At present she is the supervisor
of Elementary Education in the schools
of Jefferson County, Kentucky, and a
member of the graduate faculty of the
University of Louisville. She was the
first president of the State Association
for Childhood Education. Miss Dunn has
just completed service as a Consultant
at the “International Conference of the
Association of Childhood Education”, in
Denver, Colorado. She will be the guest
speaker in a joint session of the
K.N.E.A. elementary teachers’ depart-
ments at the Friday, April 1'7, 1953,
10:00 AM. session.



m Q-C‘E‘ETC 0 fi.()




Born in Adair County; graduated from
Bond-Washington High School, Elizabeth—
town, Ky.; A.B. from Kentucky State
College; M.A., Indiana University; graduate
study toward Ph.D., University of Chicago;
ordained as Baptist minister and at present
pastor of Virginia Street Baptist Church of
Hopkinsvile; principal of Booker T. Wash-
ington High School of Hopkinsville; mem-
ber of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Presi-
dent of Kentucky Negro Education Associ-


Mrs. Anita W. Robinson
Secretary~Treorsurer, K.N.E.A.



A. R. Lasley
President of K.N.E.A.

Native of Louisville; graduate of Central
High School; A.B., Kentucky State College;
graduate work Ohio State University;
completed requirement for M.A., Univer-
sity of Louisville; teacher in elementary
schools of Louisville since 1943; member of
Urban League Guild; member of Perry
Senior P.T.A.; member of Delta Sigma
Theta Sorority; active member of Ply-
mouth Congregational Church; Secretary‘-
Treasurer of the Kentucky Negro Educa-
tion Association.

Page Five




Meeting Place: Central High School
1130 W. Chestnut Street, Louisville, Kentucky

Central Theme: “Improving Human Relationships Through Education." 11

Wednesday, April 15. 1953

10:00 AM. Visitation of the Louisville Public Schools in session.

Special feature: “Tour of the New Central High School Building". ~—
, Reception for visitors at 1:00 PM.
1 3:30 PM. All City Musicale — Miss R. Lillian Carpenter, Assistant Supervisor
5 ‘ of Music in the Louisville Public Schools. (C.H.IS. Auditorium).
7:00 PM. K.N.E.A. Committees Meet.
, 8:15 PM. First General Session of the K.N.E.A. (C.H.S. Auditorium).
‘: . 1. Welcome Address and Response
; ; 2. President’s Annual Address
1 . 3. Address: Congressman A. Clayton Powell, New York City

4. Convention Announcements.

1 . Thursday, April 16. 1953
3 9:00 AM. Second General Session of K.N.E.A. Central High School Auditorium
Committee Reports:
1. Necrology and Nominating.
1 2. Address: Wendell Butler, State Supt. of Instruction in Kentucky.
t 1 3. Address: Dr. A. Y. Lloyd, Director of Legislative Research
1 Commission.


l 11:00 AM. Motion Picture at Lyric Theatre for visiting teachers.
, 1 1:15 PM. Special Business Session of K.N.E.A.
; 2:30 PM. Departmental Sessions of K.N.E.A. rooms at Central High School
1 1 Building (as announced). A
§ 7:00 PM. Student Musicale, C. H. S. Auditorium. S
1 8:15 PM. Third General Session of the K.N.E.A., Central High School Audi—
5 torium.
j 1. Report of Secretary—Treasurer, Mrs. Anita W. Robinson.
2; 3 2. Award of Lincoln Institute Key— —— Mr. I. Mansir Tydings. S
l ‘ 3. Address: Mrs. Sadie T. M. Alexander, Attorney, Philadelphia, Pa.
l ‘ 10:00 PM. Annual Social for Kentucky Teachers.
Friday. April 17. 1953
9:00 AM. Departmental Sessions of the K.N:‘E.A. (Rooms at C.H.S. Building 1:
l, as announced).
l '10:00 AM. Ioint Departmental Sessions. p
l 11:00 AM. Annual Spelling Bee —- (C.H.S. Auditorium).
5 Mr. Theodore Rowan, Chairman; Professor G. H. Brown, Assistant IV
5 Chairman.
1‘ 2:00 PM. Fourth General Session. Central High School Auditorium.
1. Band, Concert — Central High School Band.
. i 2. Address: Dr. Willard E. Goslin, Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn.
1 ‘t 3. Address: Professor William Robert Ming, University of Chicago, P
i E Illinois. —

E 3:45 PM. Business Session of K.N.E.A. P

‘ Report of Resolutions, Legislative and other Committees.

New Business. 1\

5:30 PM. Annual Banquetfor Kentucky Principals — Prof. J. V. Robinson,
Chairman, C. H. S. Cafeteria.

Page Six

 7:00 PM. Board of Directors Meeting, Room 140.

8:15 PM. 22nd Annual Musicale of K.N.E.A.
Kentucky State College Chorus, Central High School Chorus, Lincoln
Institute Chorus, The University of Louisville Artists, Guest Artists, etc.
Directed by Miss R. Lillian Carpenter.

10:30 PM. Adjournment of 77th Convention.


Time: Wednesday, April 15, 1953, 3:30 PM.
Place: Central High School Auditorium

R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman

Mrs. Henrietta Roberts' Pupils

Charles E. Smith, James Conner, Frances Bell Green, Doris Fresh, Theresa
Fresh, Janet Bell, Patricia Walker, William Ray, Carol Ann Ray, Barthelia Lee,
John Cummons, Paul Merritt, Mary Maxwell, Eula May Jackson, Barbara Jean
Little, Patsy Ann Ford
Music — Sixth Grade —— Mary B. Talbert School
Mrs. Marie D. Barlow, Teacher

Pupils of Mrs. Goldie Hyatt

Alonza Livers, Merrily Feay, Bond School Class, Stephen Webster, Carol Ann
Shobe, Deanna Joyce Shobe, Millie Miles, Kay Johnson, Carol Adams, Mary
Sue Blacklack, Caroline Blacklack.

Pupils of Mrs. Selma Flack
Sylvia Robinson, Annetta Corwell, James Harper, Sandra Weeden, Dorothy
Reynolds. '

Pupils of Miss Emma Minnis

Duet — Simple Confession ____________________ ,________- ____________ Thome
.Vinetta Howard and Jo: Ann Minor V
Piano Solo —— Le Secret __________________________________________ Gautier

Pierre Jewell ,
Music — Fourth Grade — S. Coleridge Taylor School
’ Mrs. Carrie E. Evans Teacher '

Pupils of Miss Elizabeth Minnis

Piano Duet — Home on the Range __________ Arranged by Louise Searmoline
Alphonzo L. and Genivieve Humphrey
Piano Solo —— Fur Elise _______________________________________ Beethoven

Gwendolyn Winston
Music — Fourth Grade — James Bond School
Mrs. Lavinia Daniel, Teacher '

L Page Seven




Time: Thursday, April 16, 1953, 7:00—8:15 P.M.
Place: Central High School Auditorium

Piano Solo — Etude Revolutionary ________________________________ Chopin
Margaret Rose Porter
Duet —— 'Tis Raining _______________________________________ Homer Grunn
Winifred Carson and Iacqulyn Brown
Piano Solo ~—« Dancing Gayly ______________________________________ Erwin
Blowing Bubbles ________________________________________ King

Beverly Neal
Duet — Helen Curtis
Beverly and Velma lean Neal
Piano Solo — L'Avalanche ________________________________________ Heller
Drifting to Sleepy Town
Harp and Organ Brett
Velma lean Neal
Vocal Solo — Will 0' the Wisp
Lois Dixon
Two Piano Ensembles — Diana Hoist, once Brown, Sue Ella
Elaine Downs, Sylvia Ann Hannibal, Arlee May
Piano Solo — Curious Story _______________________________________ Heller
Jacqueline Lively
Piano Solo — Valse Op. 64 No. 1 __________________________________ Chopin
Margarite McClowsky
Two Piano Ensembles ——

(a) Russian Picnic ____________________________________ Enders
Doris Hobbey and Shirley Emerson
(b) Night and Day ______________________________ Cole Porter
Shirley Emerson and Bonnie Anderson
Piano Solo — Hark, Hark the Lark _______________________________ Schubert
Lucy Scott
Piano Solo — Prelude C Sharp Minor ________________________ Rachmaninoff
Eva Burnley
Piano Duet —- Hungarian Dance _________________________________ Brahms
Laverne Lovely and Ossie Bryant
Piano Solo -—- Opening Theme — Concerto _________________________ Grieg
Patricia McMillan
Piano Solo —— Serenata ______________________________________ Moszkowski
Dorothy McGarr
Valse Caprice ________________________________________________ Cyril Scott
Bonnie Anderson
Piano Solo ——~ Country Gardens _________________________________ Grainger
Luvetter Ross
Piano Solo — Piano Concerto Op. 54 ___________________________ Schumann
Fanitul Op. 3 No. 3 __' ____________________________________ Olsen
Murylyn Kinslow
Piano Solo — Rustle of Spring ‘ ____________________________________ Sinding
. Patricia McGill
Piano Solo — Second Mazurka ___________________________________ Godard

June Carroll
Page Eight





 Alma Mater ___________________________‘_ _____________ Lisle


2. Waltz Medley ______________________________________ Weber
3. Liebestraum _____________________________________ Liszt Fox
4. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

5. Home on the Range ____________________ American Folk Song

Newburg Elementary School Orchestra, Mrs. Iessye H. Hamilton, Instructor

Piano selections were performed by pupils of the following teachers:
Misses Emma and Elizabeth Minnis
Mrs. Iola Acton
Mrs. Elizabeth Buford


Central High School Auditorium
First General (Public) Session
Wednesday April 15, 1953 —- 9 PM.

Seated on the rostrum: Past Presidents, Past Secretaries, Officers, and
Departmental Chairmen.

Presiding: Mr. William Wood, First Vice President

National Anthem ___________________________ Mrs. Ruth Davis, at the organ
Music _______________________________ Boys Glee Club, Central High School
Mr. Frank L. Whitaker, Director
Invocation ______________________________ . ________________ Rev. W. L. Bell,

Pastor Asbury AME. Church,

Louisville, Ky.

Music ______________________________ Boys Glee Club, Central High School
Welcome Address ______________________________ Mrs. Maude Brown Porter,
Assistant Principal, Central High School,

Louisville, Ky.

Response to Welcome __________________________________ Mrs. M. I. Egester,
President First District Educational Association,

Paducah, Ky.

Solo — “Lover Come Back to Me" —~ Romberg ___________ Miss Lucy Darden,
Hopkinsville, Ky.

resident’s Annual Address _________________________________ A. R. Lasley,
President of K.N.E.A., Hopkinsville, Ky.

Solo — “Thou Art My on” — Bach ______________________ Mrs, Helen Smith
Louisville, Ky.

Address _____________________________ Congressman Adam Clayton Powell,

U. S. Congress, New York City,
Introduced by Attorney Harry S. McAlpin

Benediction ______________________________________ Rev. Raphael Hancock,
Pastor, Central Christian Church, Louisville, Ky.


Nonvmembers of the K.N.E.A. are to pay a fee of 50 cents at each night session.
A teacher may have an escort admitted free on the membership card at the
Wednesday and Thursday night sessions.

Page Nine




Central High School Auditorium
Thursday, April 16, 1953 — 9:00 AM.

Organ Music ___________________________________________ Mrs. Ruth Davis,
Organist, Quinn Chapel AME Church
Invocation ________________________________________ Rev. David M. Iordan,

1 Pastor, B. E. Iones Temple, Louisville, Ky.
1 Report of Necrology Committee

In Memorium — Deceased Members of the K.N.E.A.
Service conducted by Prof. G. V. Curry, Chairman

Report of Nominating Committee ________________ Mr. I. A. Carroll, Chairman

Solo — “I Heard a Forest Praying” — De Rose _______ Miss Christine Barlow,
Bowling Green, Ky.

Address and Discussion — “The Minimum Foundation Program of Education
for Kentucky"

1. Wendell Butler, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
for Kentucky
_ 2. Dr. A. Y, Lloyd, Director of Legislative Research Commission
3 § for Kentucky
. 3. Question and Discussion period for teachers

-, ; Announcements

Benediction ___________________________________________ Rev. W. A. Iones,
Pastor, Fifth Street Baptist Church, Louisville

Central High School Auditorium
Thursday, April 16, 1953 — 1:15 PM.
: Presiding: A. R. Lasley, President of K.N.E.A.
: 3 Music — Garden of Eden —— Overture — Geo. D. Bernard
. God of Our Father — G. W. Warren

National Emblem March —— Bagley
The Band — Kentucky School for the Blind — Otis Eades, Director

1 , Special Committee Reports:

1. Revision of Constitution 4. Scholarship Loans
2 ' 2. Vocational Education 5. Research
1, . 3. Rural School Problems 6. Other Committees

New Business

Announcements and Adjournment y .,

u .

Page Ten



Central High School Auditorium
Thursday, April 16, 1953 —— 8:15 PM.

Seated on the Rostrum: Board of Directors and Presidents of District Education
Associations of K. N. E. A.
Presiding: A. R. Lasley, President of K.N.E.A.
Invocation _____________________________________________ Rev. G. A. Frazier,
Pastor, High Street Christian Church, Mt. Sterling, Ky.
Music — "Island of My Desire" — Filipino Folk Tune
“An Evening Hymn” — E. Ionas
W. H. Perry Sr. Elementary School Chorus, Louisville,
Mrs. Selma Flack, Director
Secretary’s Annual Report ________________________ Mrs. Anita W. Robinson
Music — “This Is My Father's World"
”Somebody's Knocking at Your Door" (Arr. by R. Lillian Carpenter)
W. H. Perry Sr. Elementary School Chorus

Award of Lincoln Institute Key _________ Mr. I. Mansir Tydings, Lincoln Ridge
Solo —— ”Oh, What a Beautiful City" —— Boatner ____ Mrs. Clara A. Caldwell,

Feature Address _______ Mrs. Sadie T. M. Alexander, Attorney, Philadelphia,

Introduced by Mrs. Carrie Smythe, Principal of W. H. Perry
Elementary School, Louisville
Benediction __________________________________________ Rev. William Byrd,
Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Louisville


Central High School Auditorium
Friday, April 17, 1953 — 2 PM.

Presiding: A. R. Lasley, President of K.N.E.A.

Band Concert (One-half hour) ___________________ Central High School Band
E. Allan White, Director

Invocation ___________________________________________ Rev. W. L. Holmes,

Pastor, Baptist Church, Eminence, Ky.

Address ______________________________________________ Dr. W. E. Goslin,

Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn.

Solo — “Because” ~— d'Hardelot ____________________ Mrs. Anna S. Ransaw,

Lincoln Ridge

Address — “Segregated vs. Integrated Schools" _____ Atty. William R. Ming,

University of Chicago,
Introduced by Mr. Frank L. Stanley, Louisville
Solo — “It I Could Love You" — Firestone ____________ Mrs. Anna S. Ransaw,
Lincoln Ridge
Committee Reports:

1. Resolutions 3. Auditing
2. Legislative 4. Other Committees
(See Page 1 for Committee Chairmen)

Benediction ___________________________________________ Rev. E. T. Buford,
.__ . Principal, State Street High School, Bowling Green, Ky.

Page Eleven




Friday, April 17, 1953 —— 8:00 PM.
Centred High School Auditorium
R. Lillian Carpenter, Mistress of Ceremonies

Selections —
Fairest Lord Jesus — Traditional
Silken Fan Minuet — Isaac
Piuicato March (Strings only) — Kinney
Serbian Peasant Dance —- Velska
The Inter-School Orchestra, Louisille —— Directors: Mrs. Henrietta Clemons, Russell A. Crider, E. Allan White

The. Star Spangled Banner
Organ Selection Wiley B. Daniel, Jr., Louisville

Selections ,
Lo, A Voice From Heaven Resounding — Bortniansky
We Adore Thee — Palestrina
A Poor Way Faring Stranger — Hayden Morgan
horus —~ Lincoln Institute - Mrs. Cynthia Gibson, Director

Piano Solo — Allegro Modorato — from Sonata in E Minor — Grieg ____________________ Jean Cooper, Louisville

Jerusalem — Gounod
The Road End — Purvis
The DeNalIes of Central High School — Mrs. Nannie B. Crume, Director





Air from Milton's "Comus" Dr. Arne
"Preach not me your musty Rules"

Clorinda R. Orlando Morgan
My Lovely Celia George Munro (arr. by H. Lane Wilson)
William Pearson. Baritone —— Genevieve Moss, Accompanist
Polish Dance Severn
Iran Acton, Violinist —— Mrs. lola Action, Accompanist

Selections by the Ensemble from the Kentucky State College Choir — Richard L. James, Director

Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 52 (Excerpts) J. Brahms
| Was Once A Pretty, Tiny Birdie



2. In Wood Embowered

3. No, There Is No Bearing With These Spiteful Neighbors

4. Locksmith, Hol A Hundred Padlocks

5. Bird In The Air Will Stray Afar

6. Nightingale, Thy Sweetest Song

7. A Tremor's In The Branches

Bess, You Is My Woman Now ____________________________________ from "Porgy and Bess" -—- Gershwin
Duet for soprano and baritone ________________________________ _ _____________________ Janet Floyd and Norman Orr

Members of the Ensemble:
Janet Floyd, London, Kentucky; Delores Gordon, Louisville, Kentucky; Hattie Brittenum, Memphis,
Tennessee; Ruth Davis, Lexington, Kentucky; Carolyn Graham, Bowling Green, Kentucky; William
Donaldson, Baden, North Carolina; Norman Orrl Nashville, Tennessee: Charles Price, Louisville,
Kentucky; Linwood Newbold, Norfolk, Virginia.

Patricia Brown, Frankfort, Kentucky; Myrtle Gillespie, Lexington, Kentucky

Selection by the Kentucky State College Dance Group, International Doll Shoppe;
I. Gypsy Dance
2. Clown Dance
3. Pleasant Wedding
4. Festival


Gypsy Dance: Head Gypsy—Gail Arvin, Covington, Kentucky; Freda Ross, Lynch, Kentucky; MozeIIe
Wilson, E. Chicago, Indiana; Eunice Pulphus, Chicago, Illinois.

Clown Dance: Elizabeth Edwards, Roanoke, Virginia; James Swearengen, Memphis, Tennessee.
Peasant Wedding: Bride—Ann Baker, Lexington, Kentucky; Groom—Norman Macon, Lebanon, Ohio.
Festival: Entire cast and proprietor, Ernest Thornton, Baltimore, Maryland.
Curious Children: Rita Wright, Frankfort, Kentucky; Beverly Ovelton, Frankfort, Kentucky; James
O'Rourke, Frankfort, Kentucky; Arnold W. Wright, Frankfort, Kentucky.

Page Twelve


Music Department

Thursday, April 16, 1953 — 2230 PM.
Central High School — Room 230
R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman
Demonstration in Elementary Music
L. A. Diggs, Principal James Bond
School, Presiding

James and Mrs. Mildred S. Ed-
wards, instructors, Booker T. Wash-
ington School; Mrs. Wilhelmina
Brown, Virginia Avenue School
Chairman; Mrs. Belma Lunderman,
James Bond School, recorder.

GRADE ONE — Miss Lucille Martin,
instructor, S. Colridge Taylor
School; Mrs. Myrtle Forbes, Phyllis
Wheatley School, Chairman; Mrs.
Edna Wimsett, Lincoln School,

GRADE THREE—Mrs. Elizabeth Scher-
er, instructor, William H. Perry, Sr.
School; Mrs. Lucy Phillips, G. G.
More School, Chairman; Mrs Laura
Whitfield, Mary B. Talbert,

GRADE FIVE—Mrs. Anna Huddleston,
Douglas School, Instructor; Mrs.
Mary Henderson, Highland Park
School, Chairman; Mrs. Edith Bris-
tow, George McClellan School,

Friday, April 17, 1953 — 9:00 AM.
Central High School — Room 230


SIXTH GRADE -—- Mrs. Addie Black,
Virginia Avenue School, Instructor;
Mrs. Mary C. Smith, Dunbar School,
Chairman; Mrs. E. A. McFarland,
Phyllis Wheatley School, Recorder.

County Schools, Mrs. J essye Hamil-
ton, Special Teacher of Music,
Louisville Public Schools; Mr. Rus-
sell Crider, Special Teacher of
Music, Louisville Schools.

COMMITTEE — Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks,
S. Coleridge Taylor School; Mrs.
Ruth B. Davis, Mary B. Talbert
School; Mrs. Evelyn Beard, Booker
T. Washington School; Mrs Bea-
trice Webster, Mary B. Talbert
School; Mrs. Marianne J. Scott,
Georgia G. Moore School; Mrs.
Edwina A. McFarland, Phyllis
Wheatley School, Secretary.

Primary Department

Room 216 —~ E. Cafeteria
Central High School
Thursday, April 16, 1953 — 2:30 P.M.
Presiding: Mrs. Aora E. Beatram, Act-

ing Chairwoman
Department Theme: “Helping Every-
body’s Children, Our Business”
Devotionals and open remarks — Chair-
Panel Discussion on Theme — Partici-
Mrs. Henrietta B. Anderson, Frank-
lin, Kentucky; Miss Fannie K.
Taylor, Kindergarten, S. Coleridge
Taylor Schooli‘; Mrs. Julia Hall
Burton, First Grade, Booker T.
Washington Schoolii‘; Mrs. Mae Etta
Wilson, First Grade, Virginia Ave—
nue School*; Mrs. Edna Wimsett,
First Grade, Lincoln School*; Mrs.
Sunshine Bullock, Third Grade,
Phyllis Wheatley School‘i‘; Mrs. A1-
berta Overall, Third and Fourth
Grades, F. Douglas School* Mrs.
Mary Lucy Murrell, Glasgow, Ken-
"5 Louisville Schools
Business — Election of Officers
N.B.: The Friday, April 17, 10:00 A.M.
session of this department will be along
with conferences of other elementary
teachers. Miss Ruth Dunn, Supervisor of
Jefferson County Schools, will be the
guest speaker.

Elementary Education


Room 135 — Central High School
Thursday, April 16, 1953 — 2:30 RM.
Presiding: Mrs Mayme R. Morris, Louis—
ville, Chairwoman

Department Theme: “Improving Human
Relations in the Home, School,
Community, State and Nation”

Devotional and opening remarks —

A. Five—minute discussions by Kentucky

1. In the Home — Mrs. Sallie 0’—
Million, Winchester, Ky.

2. In the School — Mrs. Mable W.
Render, Central City and Mrs.
Marie Robinson, Frankfort.

3. In the Community — Mrs. Eliza-
beth Byrd, Shelbyville and' Mrs.
Della L. Jones, Williamstown.

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4. In the State — Mrs. V. B. Purdy,
Finchville, and Mrs. Catherine
Pleasant, Lawrenceburg.

5. In the Nation — Mrs. Rosa Curtis,
Georgetown and Mrs. Blanche I.

. Starling, Lexington.

Questions and General Discussion (15

Music Demonstration: Miss Mae Anna
Britt, Lincoln School of Paducah,

Business Session
Friday, April 17, 1953 — 9:00 A.M.
Room 135

1. Announcements by Mrs. M. R. Mor-
ris, Chairwoman

2. New Business — Election of Officers

Adjournment at 10:00 AM. for joint
sessions of various Elementary Sub—
ject Conferences; Annual Spelling
Bee at 11:15 A.M.

Elementary Teachers9 Joint

Departmental Sessmn
Friday, April 17, 1953 — 10:00 A.M.
Central High School Auditorium
Mrs. May‘me Morris, presiding
Opening Remarks — Chairwoman of
Elementary Department

Audience Singing — Led by Mr. Carl
J. Barbour, Principal of Dunbar and
Talbert Schools of Louisville

Presentation of Guest Speaker —— Mrs.
Aora E. Bertram, Chairwoman of
Primary Department

Guest Speaker: Miss Ruth Dunn, Super—
visor of Jefferson County Schools
and Instructor at the University of

Theme: “Developing Better Human Re—
lationships Through the Three R’s”.

Discussion and Question Period

Annual K.N.E.A. Spelling Bee — 11:00
A.M—Mr. Theodore Rowan, Chair—
man; Prof G. H. Brown, Co—Chair—

Departments Invited: Art, Music, Prim—
ary, R u r a 1 School, Elementary
(teachers and principals), and
Teachers of Exceptional Children

English Department

Room 205 — Central High School
Thursday, April 16, 1953 —— 2:30 PM
Presiding: Miss Alice D. Samuels, Chair-
Theme: “Vitalizing English Through
Human Relationships”
Mr. Victor A. Sholis, Vice President
and Director, Station WHAS—TV,
Louisville, Kentucky


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Discussion Areas:

“Making Our Purposes Clear”

“Improving World Understanding
Through Communication”

“The Place of Radio and Television
in the Classroom”

“Speech Theraph