of                      COUNSTIES, C.
StCJ Jzoar.
           Many towns south of lake Ontario, beyond the mountain ridge
             or most ancient land, very ancient; Uc.
 6   8 IN North Carolina, some mounds near Saraw, towns on lHolston,ri-
             ver. On Enoe river 2 inscriptions were found in ploughing,
             on octogon stone pillar and a circular piece of brass! with
             unknown letters !-It, Rowan County 2 ironstone walls un-
             der ground, supposed basaltic by many, but erroneously.
72 1S    0 Ohio, this state contains numerous fine monuments like Ken-
            tucky, but only a part have been described although more
            than of any other state; another portion hU been surveyed
            by myself, many are yet hardlk known
         At Cincinnati, a large town, circus, mounds, c.
         OR Paint Creek, 3 towns with stone walls, mounds, teocallis, c.
         At the mouth of Scioto, a town, dromus, mounds, Mc.
         At Circleville, a fine circus and mound
         Near Chillicothe, five towns, with temples, avenues, e.
         In Belmont county, a mound of 16 feet, where iron and silver
         has been found
         On Lake Erie, many towns in Asbtabula cty. with mounds, c.
         On the Little Miami, many towns, stone forts, temples, c. a,
         copper com was found with Persian letters!
         At Marietta, X town, mounds, c. a silver cup found there
         Near Newark, 2 towns. with avenues, pits, mounds, etc.
         In Perry county, a town with a stone mound
         Mouth of Big Miami. a stone fort, a town with round pits,
           mouwn' and ditch, elleptical teocalli 550 feet, 25 high.
         Mouth of Maumee, a town and fort
         On Twin creek, two elleptical teocallis
         Vtauy other monuments rear Granville, Franklinton, Worthing-
         ton, New kthens, Gallipolis, etc,
     28. n Panis, county of Upper Missouri, many fortified towns on the
             Missouri, at the mouth of Osage, Chayenne, Laplate; also on
             rivers Kanzas, Laplate,Yellowstone, Jaques, etc. Two squares
             of 12M0 feet on Petit-ark creek. A large pit 200 feet long,,
             130 wide, 30 deep, near the Panis, etc.
25  32    Pennsylvania, mostly in the western parts; mounds and forts
             near Pittsburgh. Near Meadvflle 7 circles, mounds, etc. Se-
             veral towns and forts on the Monongahela, also carved rocks.
             On the Allegheny,,some towns, etc. A town on a hill near the
             Tyoga river with a circus, etc.
  1   5   South Carolina, near Cambden, in the Wateree, many monu-
            ments, a teocalli 20 feet high, a wall or parapet three miles
            long ! wrongly supposed to be built by Soto, who never was
 4   74   Tennessee; this state was anciently united to Kentucky and its
            monuments are very important for our history
          On the south fork of Forcadeer river, several towns, teocallis.
            mounds ; toe finest pyramid of the United States is there, it
            is 150 feet high, 1200 feet at the base, 120 at the top, per.
            fectly squares It was discovered only in 1822.
            On Duck river, a stone fort
         Near Clarksville, on the Cumberland, a town, many teocallis.; and
         k9Vr Palziyra, on Ditto) augther town, busts found tlere.