2WaI No.
     of                    coats, c.
          Near Nashville, on ditto, several towna, teocallis, statues, etc.-
          On the Canyfork ot Tennesee, a circus where the triune vessel
          was found
          Near Pulaski, a subterranean brlckwall
          Near Carthage, a fort, graves
          On Big Harpeth river, several mounds, one is 40 feet high, a
          sun and moon painted yellow in a perpendicular cliff of 70 feet
          On French broad, paintings and letters on a vertical cliff, 100
          feet above the water!
          In Warren county, a town with mummies, etc.
          Near Brasstown, on Tennessee, the enchanted mountain with
          carved tracts of men and beasts
  3   3 n Texas, at the head of river Sabine, an elleptical teocalli 6 feet
           high, a mound on the river Trinity, etc.
  I   1   Vermont, sculptured rocks at Bellows falls on Connecticut
  32  72    Virginia, principally on the Ohio, Kenhaway and Holston -
          Near Abington, a circus and mound
          On Clinch river, a late town, with a ditch round it, L.
          On the Ohio, painted rocks near the mouth of King's creek-,
             with figures and letters! mounds near them. Towns near
             Belleville, Letarts falls, Parkersburgh, Park's bottom, Gal-
             lipolis, etc.
         On the Kenhawanv, 105 circular temples, towns, mounds, ect.
           one mound is 40 eet high and 420 round
         At Big Grave creek, many mounds, the largest is a conical py-
           ramid surrounded by a ditch, 70 feet high, base 540 feet
           ;und, top 180 feet
         At little Grave creek, many mounds, the largest is like that of
           Big Grave, but 75 feet high
         At Burning Springs, sculptured hierogliphics on rocks. Many
           mounds, etc. on the Guyandot, Elk river, Slhenaudoah, Mo-
           nongahela, Fluvanna, Rtivanna, etc. L.

   The actual number of ancient seats of population or sites already ascer-
tained by me, in North America, amount therefore to 541, of which 393
out of Kentucky, and 148 in Kentuckv, while the ancient monuments found
in those sites amount already to 1830, of which 505 in Kentucky and 1U25
out of it.
  If by my researches during 4 years, I have been able thus to increase
the knowledge of the number of ancient sites and monuments in the single
State of Kentucky, from 25 sites to 148, and from 100 monuments to 505:
it is very probable that when.equal industry will be exercised in the other
States, that number will be more than doubled; since I entertain no doubt
that 1000 sites and 4000 moiuments exist still in the United States, exclu-
sive of Mexico, besides the small burrows, and those that have been des.