Mwarsden Sumatra and Malays
Meares, travels
Mellish travels and Maps
Mitchill, Dssiertations, c.
lsigeon, voy. de Pythagore
New Y:.rk tlist. Collections
North American Reviewv
Nuttall, travels to Arkanzas
Oldmixon, North America
Officer, travels of an
Olivet, new translation of Sepher.
Origine des Loix, des Sciences et
  des Arts
Pages, travels round the world
Pallas, travels in Russia c.
Parry, travels
Pennant, Artic Zoology
Pernetty, ki lkland I.
Peron, travels
1Perouse, travels
Pickering, Indian languages
Pike, travels in North America
Pinkerton, Scythians, fossils, c.
Pliniius, Natural History
Pownal's Map, c.
Proud; History of Pennsylvania
Ptolemy, Ancient Geography
Quarterly Review
Elafinesque, Manuscripts of Tellus,
  Ancient history of North America
  Antiquity of North America, Ge-
  neral view of the American lan-
  guages, c.
Raleigh, travels
Ramsay, History of Carolina
Telaud, American lang ages
Robin, travels in Louisiana
Rogers, North America
Rollin. Ancieut History
Romans' Florida
Sanford, History of the IJ 5ttes

Shermerborn state otlndians in 1812
Schoolcraft, travels
Sibley, travels
Smith, Narrative
Smith, History of New York
Southey, History of Brazil
Sullivan, History of Maine
Thomas, travels
Tonti and Laralle, travels
Traditions (in Ms. of the Shawta
  nees, Ottawas, c.
Ulloa, travels and researches
Universal History
Valancey, Antiq .f Ireland
Vanegas, History of Californe
Vancouver, Travels
Vaetl, o'i Languages
Verazanz, travels
Vespuctus, travels
V dInev, va. ions works
4ilford, resea'clies
Winslow, comments
Winthrop, tistory
Winterbotham, America
Zuniga, conquest of Peru.

Annales philosophiques Americaines
Bozman, listory of Maryland
Burk, History of Virginia
Cumberlad, Origines Gentium
t ankldnpolar eravels
Hdnxes, American Annals
Jameson, Hermes 9cythicus
Langsdorf, travels
lawson, Carolina
Long, travels
Maurice, History of Hindostan
Philadelphia, philosophical tran-

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