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     The Board of Trustees met in the President's room
in the College building at 9 A. XM.

     Present:          Messrs.    Boswell,
                                   Goo ding,

      Messrs. Marcum and Stoll entered the room some minutes

      Judge Holt arrived at 11:40 A. 2MI .

      Captain Todd was elected chairman to serve until the
arrival of Judge IHolt.

      Current committee reports were called for.

      Mr. Peak, submitted the following:

      We your committee on the President's report respectfully
report in favor of an appropriation of not exceeding $500
to complete the upper story of the Natural Science Building.

      We fully concurr with in his endorsement of Hon.
J. T. Gathright, and Hon. C. J. Bronston, for their faithful
services in procuring the necessary legislation for the
college and hereby extend to them our profound
gratitude therefor.

      As to the two fellowships recommended by the President
we fully concur; and recommend that there be one fellow-
ship in the department of Botany for one year, and that
there be one fellowship in the department of Mathematics
for one year.

      We recommend that Prof. John P. Brooks be confirmed
as Professor of Civil Engineering.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 177

      That C. R. Sturdevant be confirmed as Assistant
Electrical Engineering, and that his salary for the future
be $1200:

      That Milford White be confirmed as assistant in the
Normal Department at a salary of $1000.00:

      That John T. Faig, be confirmed as assistant in
Mechanical Engineering at a salary of $1100 for the forth-
coming year, with increase (say $50.00) each year until the
Maximum enjoyed by the late assistant in Mechanical
Engineering, viz: $1250, be reached.

      We endorse the good judgment,prudence, and economy of
the President in regard to the new building referred to
in his report.

                       Respectfully submitted,

                       (Signed)    Thomas Todd,
                                   W. F. Peak,

      Report received and filed, but subsequently approved,
excepting the recommendation for the appropriation of money.

      The Committee on Finance reported that the Bond of the
Treasurer had been filled out and signed by the Treasurer,
and one surety and that the other surety would sign in
time to present the Bond June 2.

      The committee then submitted the following statement
from the Business Agent: viz.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 178

     Trustees of the A. and .i College of Ky.


      I submit to you the following statement of the financial
condition of this institution this May 31st, 1898.


From State Taxes since July 1st, 1897
  It  U. S. Fund of 1862
  tI  ii  "I   TI  T 1890
  " Student Fees
  I' Rent and other sources
              Total Receipts
     Balance in Treasury July 1st, 1897
     Total amount in Treasury during the



Dept. of Botany
      I t Chemistry
 "'   a Civil Eng.
 "    "' Geology
 "    a' Mech. Eng.
 at  TI ~Military Instruction
 "'  a! Normal Instruction,
 "'   "' Physics
 II  II Anatomy & Physiology
 T"  TI Zoology
   Fuel and Lights
   Repairs and Improvements
   Salaries of Professors & etc.
   Salaries of employes
   Stationery and Printing
   Stud~nts' labor
     T 1raveling Expenses
           11      1I

Trustees "


  280 . 00


587 .96
250 ,33



MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 179

25 erection of Natural Science Building      20000.00
26 Equipment "    't       "                  1320.58
27 New Green House                             725.55
28  New Boilers                               1622.85

                     Total Expenditures.               79935.16
        Balance in Treasury                             3413.57
        Interest on Bank Deposit (Cr.June lst.)           210.15

      In my report to you May 10th I stated our net deficit
July lst will be about $3600 i. e. about $1500 less than it
was a year ago.

      I see no reason now for changing my estimate made then.


                                  Jas. G. White
                                    Business Agent

      Your committee have examined the foregoing report
and find it correct.

      The committee have also examined the accounts, vouchers
and books of Treasurer Bullock from December to June and
find them correct.

                          (Signed)  J. B. Kennedy
                                    Hart Boswell
                                    A. P. Gooding

      On motion the report was received and approved.

      The committee on appropriations, on buildings and
grounds, on the Experiment Station, and on salaries all asked
for more time.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESJune 1, 1898 - page l79-180

      Mr. Peak submitted the following:

                               Lexington, Ky., May 31, 1898

To the Hon. Board of Trustees of the A. & M. College.

      The undersigned, your committee on Internal Expansion
respectfully report that we met at the college, May 23 and
24 1898 and made as complete an examination as we could
in the time engaged and find that the college is well
managed, disciplined well, and is in a prosperous condition
with largely increased attendance there being four hundred
and fifty scholars now in attendance; but we see no necessity
of enlargement or curtailment of the courses of study at
this time. especially as many of the teachers in some
departments are over worked by reason of the
increased attendance.

      We find that Prof. Mathews has been unable to give
to the Experiment Station (owing to his other duties) time
proportionate to the amount paid out of the government funds.
He is now paid $1100 out of the college funds and $900 out
of Government funds: We therefore recommend an adjustment
of either the time given by Prof. Mathews to the College
and the Station, or the pro rata of salary as now
fixed. As Prof. Mathews is a competent and useful man in the
Station department we think that he should be required to
give half of his time to the Station and that equal parts
of his salary be paid by the college and station respectively,
also that he be allowed an assistant.

      We recommend that new chairs and curtains be furnished
Prof. Scovells office at a cost not exceeding $75.00.

      In V. E. Muncys  eoft* we find there are not desks
and deats suff icient and recommend an appropriation of not
exceeding $75 to furnish same.

      Owing to the growing interest in the Mechanical
Engineering Department and the large number of scholars in
the class in Mathematics in Prof. Whites department, and


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 181

as a thorough practical knowledge of mathematics is necessary
before entering the Mechanical Engineering Dem rtment we would
recommend that $600.00 be allowed Prof. White for the em-
ployment of such assistance as he can procure, until our
financial condition will justify us in giving him an

     We find a large increase in the number of students in
the Mechanical Engineering Department, which department is
growing in interest very rapidly and Prof. F. Paul Anderson
is very energetic and is forging his department to the front
ranks of such work.

      We recommend that $2500.00 instead of $2000.G be
appropriated for the operation of that department, and $700;OO
to repair floor etc. in forge shops. The department is in
need of an office and library room, and an addition to
Mechanical Hall to be used by the Civil, Mechanical and
Electrical departments jointly.

      The cost of these additional buildings is estimated
at $5400.00 which we would cheerfully recommend to be
appropriated if our financial condition would allow it, as
we fear it would not be good policy to order new buildings
with a deficit of $3600.00 now before us; but as soon as our
finances will admit we think these improvements should be
made as we are thoroughly convinced of their urgent necessity.

      We would recommend that during the coming year Miss
M. E. Milikan be permitted to organize m d teach a class in
Phonography in a room in the College Building in the after-
noon so as not to interfere with other studies, and that a


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 182

proper presentation of that department be made in the College

      The tuition to be paid by the members of the class
free of cost to the College. This we think is a very important
branch of study as the use of short-hand and typewriting is
rapidly increasing and such a department will add greatly
to the growing popularity of our college.

      We recommend a appropriation of $500.00 or so much thereof
as may be necessary to complete the upper story of the Natural
Science Building.

                       Respectfully submitted,

                       (Signed)   W. F. Peak
                                   Thomas Todd,

      On motion the foregoing report was received and filed.

      The Committee on Military Instruction and College
Discipline reported as follows:

      " So far as we have been able to form an opinion from
enquiry and observation, we find that the Military department
has been in about the same condition during the last year
as in the years immediately preceding.  During the last
year of an out going officer there is sometimes a visible
letting down in Military discipline in the dormitories and on
the College grounds. The President is anxious that such a
degree of discipline as is indispensable for good. order and
propriety, ard for the proper cultivation of habits of
promptitude, exactness and industry should be maintained
on the college grounds and to this end that existing
regulations should be enforced with a firm but
prudent hand.


MIiTU7.ES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 183

      inasmuch as Capt. Swigert's detail has expired and the
War Department declines at present to detail a successor, we
recommend that the President of the College be authorized
to provide at reasonable compensation for instruction in
drill, Military Science and the superintendence of discipline
in the dormitories and on the college grounds. In conversation
with him be believe that he can make the necessary provision
for this purpose until the War Department sees its way to
provide the Military Instructor.

      We find that the usual course of Military instruction
has been given during the year, and that in recent exhibitions
of skill and proficiency in Military tactics they acquitted
themselves with credit before the State authorities and
the general public.

                   Signed          A. P. Gooding
                                   Thomas Todd

      On motion the report was accepted and approved, and
it was ordered that the President be authorized to carry out
its provisions.

      Mr. Flournoy submitted the following:

To the Board of Trustees:

      Your committee appointed on the minutes of the
Executive Committee report that they have examined said
minutes and find the expenditures therein allowed have been
done as directed. We concur in the change proposed by
the Executive Committee of the student mess system to a
regular boarding system under the plan suggested by
the Committee, but recommend that no contract for
students board be made for a longer term than
one year.



      We approve the employment of lMr. Rhordr and recommend
it be made permanent at the salary of 475O00 per month.

      We further recommend that the proceedings of the
Executive Committee be approved as a whole by the Board.

                 (Signed)          J. C. Floulrno-y
                                   D. F. Frazee

      On motion report received and approved.

      On motion ordered that three fifths of the time of
Prof. Mathews be given to college work and two fifths to
station work, and that three fifths of his salary be paid
by the college and two fifths by the Experiment Station.

      Prof. John Shackleford was elected Vice-President
for the next two years.

      It was stated that-on account of some question of
legality the Business Agent had refused to pay the $200O.0
appropriated on May 31 for the benefit of the Association
of Alumni.


MINUTES OF THE BO.XRD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 185

     Mr. Mathews then moved ' That a mandatory order be
issued here and now to the Business Agent to draw his check
at once for the amount specified.  -    Seconded.

      After remarks by several members of the Board and the
suggestion that the whole matter be left to a committee
composed of Judge Holt, Mr. Flournoy, and Mr. Mathews. M1r.
Peak expressed some doubt as to the propriety of the motion
by Mr. Mathews, and raised a point of order.

      The chair sustained the point of order, Mr. Mathews
appealed from the decision of the chair to the house.

      The decision of the chair was lost by ayes and noes
as follows:

      Aye - Flournoy, Peak, - 2.

      No - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Holt, Marcum, Mathews,
Patterson, Stoll - 8.

      The Business Agent was then called in, and after being
assured that he would not be personally responsible for the
result of any illegality connected with the appropriation,
agreed to pay the amount appropriated.

      Mr. Mathews then withdrew his motion.

      Judge Holt now took the chair.

      Messrs. Gooding, Plournoy, and Todd then submitted the
statements which appear on the two following pages.


                  M E M 0 R I A L - P A G E.

      In memory of Judge Thomas H. Hines, who was elected

a member of the Board of Trustees by the Board and served

with honor and distinction from June 1894 to January


      Died January 23, 1898.


                  X B X 0 R I A L - P A G E.

     Dedicated to the memory of Richard A. Spurr, who

served honorably as a member of this Board from Jan. 1886

to January 1898.

     Died May 3rd, 1898.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 188

      Mr. Kennedy submitted the following:
To the Board of Trustees of the A. and VI. College.

      The committee on buildings and grounds beg to report
that they have carefully examined the buildings and grounds
of the college, and find the same in very good condition
except, that natural wear indicates the necessity of trifling
repairs in the steps and plastering of the college building
proper, and in the old dormitory. This last building, too
needs paint, and a more careful supervision of janitors

      The change of location of water closets and bathrooms
in the new dormitory seems very necessary to the committee.
We believe that the best of attention is given these quarters
by the attendant in charge but owing to their situation, the
sanitary conditions must be bad; we, therefore, recommend
that the Business Agent be directed to change same to the
rooms now used as an armory, and tu put in two additional
bath tubs, and to make such changes on the sewer pipes
as may be needed to effect this changes his expenditure not
to exceed, however, $150.00 which is to be taken from the
general fund for repairs and improvements, if same is
available; if not the Executive Committee is directed to
supply any deficiency; and the Business Agent is directed
to use the two rooms just in front of the present Armory
as an Armory, and to make such changes therein as may be
needed for such purpose.



      In this connection we desire to commend the janitor
service at the new dormitory, and we particularly desire
to express our praise of the very excellent care that our
Business Agent bestows on this entire property in all its
details. We cannot forbear to say that his oversight of
the buildings and grounds lack in nothing that the uttermost
care could bestow on his own property.

     We recommend that a new floor be laid in the blacksmith
shop and that a down-blast system of draft be placed at the
forges, provided our funds allow.

     We further recommend that a neat pavilion be built
at the style entrance to the grounds, for protection of
those awaiting the street car, not to cost exceeding $50.00.

     We recommend that the grounds be neatly mown for the
sake of health and neat appearance.

      Lack of means alone prevents us from suggesting all
the improvements set out in the President's report, and we
recommend that the Board make a personal and concerted effort
to obtain an appropriation from the next Legislature for
building purposes.

                 ( Signed)        J. B. Kennedy,
                                   J. C. Flournoy

      On motion Report was received and filed.

Adjourned to meet 2 P. M.



      The Board of Trustees met at 2 P. M. in the
President's room in the College Building.

      Present:                     Judge Holt,   Chairman
                         Messrs.   Boswell,
                                   Stoll, and

      Attention was called to the fact that no report on
Salaries had been submitted and that Gen. Hobson & Mr.
Flournoy, of the Committee on salaries were absent. Messrs.
iarcum and Todd were then appointed to serve, with Mr.
Peak as chairman. It being understood that they would
report at the December meeting of the Board.

      The Report of the committee on appropriations was

      After some discussion the appropriation for Electrical
Engineering was increased from $800 to $1000, and the
appropriation for Mechanical Engineering was
increased from $2000 to $2500.

      Mr. Boswell moved that the President be authorized
to compensate cadet officers for the faithful performance
of Military duty.

Carried as follows:


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 191-192

      Aye - Boswell, Kennedy, Marcum, Patterson, Peak,
Todd, - 6.

      No - Frazee, Gooding, Stoll, - 3.

      Mr. Frazee moved to raise the appropriation for
Military Instruction from $300 to $500.00.

                 Carried as follows:

      Aye - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Kennedy, Marcum,
Patterson, Pet, Stoll, Todd, - 9.

      No --

      Mr. Stoll moved that the salary of J. R. Johnson
increased from $750 to $1000.


     The President offered as a substitute- that the
salary be made $850.00. The substitute was accepted and

      The revised list of estimates for the ensuing year
was then read as follows:


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 191

For Advertising                               $900.00
    Department of Botany                       600.00
               " Chemistry                     600.00
    I'  II ~~    Civil Eng.                   600.00
               " Electric Engineering         1000.00
               " Geology                       600.00
"1       "t    "   ~Mlech. Eng.               2500.00
         t     " Mil. Instruc.                 500.00
         "t "t~  Normal Instruc.               200.00
               " Physics                       500.00
               " Physiology                    250.00
               t Academy                       200.00
It"            " Classics                      100.00
For Fuel and Lights                           2000.00
Insurance                                      800 00
Miscellaneous                                 1200.00
Postage                                        250.00
Repairs and Improvements                      2000.00
Salaries of Professors and other Instructors-36000.00
   it    " Employes                           5000.00
Stationery and Printing                        400.00
Students Labor                                1200.00
   it    traveling expenses                   1000.00
Traveling                                      400.00
Trustees meetings                              450 00
Water                                          450.00
Emergency fund                                1000.00
    Bill of Combs Lumber Co.,                  771.40

Compensation of Joe Dicker $45 a month.

                   (Signed)       D. F. Frazee Chairman
                                   R. C. Stoll
                                   John G. Mathews


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 192

     Mr. Boswell moved that the report of the Committee
on appropriations be received and adopted.

                Carried as follows:

     Ayes - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Kennedy, Marcum,
Mathews, Patterson, Stoll, Todd, - 10.

      No --

      The Committee on the Experiment Station submitted the
following. After changing the salary of Mr. Rhorer from
$65.00 to $75.00 per month.

      " To the Trustees of the A. & M. College.

        Your Committee on the Experiment Station has
investigated its condition and management, and find every-
thing highly satisfactory.

      We believe that the recommendations of the Director
will improve its facilities, and are necessary to its best

      We therefore recommend, that the Board approve the
recommendations of the Director, as follows.

      1 That the funds from the Hatch Act, the income from
the fertilizer control and the pure food bill, and from the
farm, and any interest accruing on these accounts be appropri-
ated for the use of the Station.

      2  That the Committee on purchase of land, Mr. Hart
Boswell and the Director be continued with power to purchase
land for the use of the Station, subject to the approval
of the Executive Committee.

      3 That $2500 be appropriated for a dairy barn, if
in the judgment of the Executive Committee, such funds
be not needed for the purchase of land.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 193

      4  That Mr. J. N. Harper be elected Agriculturist
for the Station at a salary of $75.00 per month; his
duties to be assigned by and subject to the orders of
the Director.

      5 That the Director be authorized to employ Mr. J. W.
Nutter as a dairyman, at $40.00 per month.

      6 That the services of Mr. Edward Rhorer as stenographer
and secretary to the Director, be continued at $75.00 per

      7 That the Director be authorized employ temporarily, at
a fair renumeration, such additional help as he may require
in the chemical laboratory.

      8 That some readjustment of salary or time of Prof.
Mathews should be made between the college and Station.

      As to minor details we believe that repairs and
painting on some of the buildings at the college farm are
necessary,but as such work is already being done by
authority of the Executive Committee, we do not
deem it necessary to recommend it.

                              Respectfully submitted,

                                    (Signed) J. B. Kennedy
                                              R. C. Stoll
                                              John G. Mathews

      Report received and approved on motion as follows:
Aye - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Kennedy, Marcum, Mathews,
Patterson, Peak, Stoll, Todd, - 10.

No - - O.



      Mr. teak submitted the folliowing:

        Your committee which was appointed to examine the
minutes of the Faculty beg leave to report the following:

      The suggestions on page 173, sections 1, 2, 3, and 4,
of the minutes of the faculty are approved and recommended
for adoption.  Section 1, page 174, is approved and

      The suggestions from the Special Committee appointed
from the Engineering faculties, and the recommendations of
the faculty relative thereto are not approved, or

      The recommendation to place the study of Plane
Geometry in the Academy instead of Physics, and to dispose
of the study of Physics in the Academy is approved and

      The proposed schedule for the Scientific course,
presented by the Special Committee from the Scientific
Faculty, and approved by the general or whole faculty,
is approved and recommended.

      Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4, on page 185 are approved
and recommended.

      Recommended that no person be allowed to represent
the college inmany oratorical or declamatory contest,
or in a debate, or any like contest, who is not a member
of a literary society of the college, and in good


MINUTES OF THE BO-ARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 195

     We recommend  the following students for the degrees
opposite their names respectively:

       Lafayette B. Brock,         B. S.
     David William Hammock        B. S.
     Arthur Solomon Lovenhart     B. S.

     William James Cahill         B. M\i. B.
     William Thomas Carpenter     B. Y1. E.
     Thomas Smith Hamilton        B. Ms. E.
     Edward Charles Lovenhart     B. Mai. E.
     Charles Louis Straus         B. X. E.
     Paul Sterling Ward,          B. M. E.

     George Green Brock,          B. A.
     Thomas Luther Campbell       B. A.
     Frank Preston Farley         B. A.
     Jack Stubblefield Johnson    B. A.
     Margaret Isadora King,       B. A.
     Ida West Lucas               B. A.
     Henderson Taylor Trosper     B. A.
     Henry Clay Wilson            B. A.
     Lila Beatrice Terry,         B. A.

     Robert Browning Hamilton     B. Agr.

     Mary Eva Clark                li. S.
     George Crutcher Downing      Mi. S.
     Joseph Christie Frazer       M. S.

                   Respectfully submitted.,

                   (Signed)        W. F. Peak,
                                   R. C. Stoll,
                                   John G. Mathews

On motion the report was received and approved.


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,June 1, 1898 - page 195-196

     The Business Agent came before the Board and made a
statement concerning the appropriations of the previous
year for payment of Employes, student labor, and Trustees
meetings, and other appropriations. WTereupon,

      On motion of Mlr. Mathews ordered that there be trans-
ferred from the emergency fund, $65 to fund for employes,
$70.00 to fund for student labor, $30.00 to fund for
Trustees meetings.

      Ordered that student labor, in the Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering Departments which adds to the
equipment of these departments, material of permanent value,
shall hereafter be charged up to the annual appropriations
of these departments.

      The following officers were elected by ballot for
the ensuing year.

      Secretary  -                            V. E. Muncy,
      Treasurer  -                            R. S. Bullock,
      Business Agent -   -   -   -    -    - Jas. G. White,

      For the ensuing six months the following were

                            Executive Committee.

      Judge W. H. Holt, Chairman
      W. F. Frazee
      A. P. Gooding,
      J. B. Kennedy,
      R. C. Stoll,

                           Board of Control

      Hon. Hart Boswell.,
      Thomas Todd,
      J. T. Gathright

Elected by ballot

J, K. Patterson, M. A. Scovell - Members Ex-officio.


MINUIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, June 1, 1898 - page 197

      The Business Agent submitted the following:

                            Lexington, Ky. June 1, 1898.

To the Honorable Board of Trustees of the A. and M. College
.of Ky.


       Mr. G. W. Stone, mine inspector & etc. has asked me
as Business Ag't. to supply him as I do the Professors
of the College with postage, stationery and other like
necessities for conducting his office.

       I have let him have such supplies to the extent of
$24.40, this amount being sufficient for temporary needs.
Shall I continue to furnish him such supplies as may be
approved by President Patterson as in his judgment
necessary? President Patterson can explain to you
Mr. Stone's connection with the college.

                           Yours respectfully,

                           (Signed) Jas. G. White,
                                      Business Agent,

       A motion to authorize the Business Agent to furnish
 needed supplies to Mr. Stone was carried as follows:

       Ayes - Boswell, Frazee, Gooding, Kennedy, Marcum,
Mathews, Patterson, Peak, Stoll, and Todd, - 10.

       No  -O.

       A committee of young ladies submitted the following:

       To the Board of Trustees of the State College of


MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 197-198

      We who represent the women students of the Kentucky
State College, do hereby respectfully petition your
honorable body to permit the women students, matriculated,
or who may hereafter matriculate, in any of the regular
College Courses, to wear a distinctive uniform dress such
as may be selected by, and prepared under the direction of,
a competent committee appointed by the President of the

                 (Signed)   Francis V. Butler
                                       Chairman of Com.
                             Nellie E. Peyton
                                       Secretary of Con.

      Qn motion of' Mr. Frazee ordered"that the petition
from the young ladies be received and that permission
be granted to the female students of the college to wear
such uniform as may be determined to be appropriate".

      A petition of some length was submitted by the officers
of the Athletic Association asking the Board of Trustees
for an appropriation.

      Mr. Stoll moved that $200 be appropriated for the
benefit of the Athletic Association.


      On motion the petition was received and filed.

      President Patterson moved that $500 or so much thereof
as may be necessary be appropriated out of any money available
for that purpose to finish the upper story of the Natural
History Building.   Carried as follows:


MIMITBS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1898 - page 198-199

      Ayes - Boswell Frazee, Gooding, Kennedy, Mlarcum,
Mathews, Patterson, feak, Stoll, and Todd, - 10.

      No - - 0.

      Xr. Kennedy was excused at 4 P. M. to go home.

      Mr. Boswell asked (for information) if receiving and
filing a paper prevents further action upon it?

      The chair ruled that it does not.

      Mr. Boswell then moved that an appropriation of
$100, be made for the benefit of the Athletic Association.

      Lost - by Ayes, and nos, as follows:

      Aye - Boswell, Patterson, Stoll, -