gj.K EMtUCK IAIN! JL^^^pLL nineteen twelve
P. A. WHITACRE, LL. B. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Alpha Epsilon; Lamed Pe; Henry Clay Law Society.
"The Bubble winked at me and said: 'I   wonder  if   you'll   miss   me,   brother, when you're dead?' "
Patriotism has consumed me. I will therefore accept any office of public trust, preferably justice of the peace. Away with fame, fortune, honor, position and power! My county calls; I can't raise; give me Budweiser. I hail from other states, being attracted to this seat of learning by its fame for "Old Bourbon" and big glasses. At that, I am a pretty handy fellow, and can do anything, to-wit: plow corn, teach school, sell life insurance, audit books, run a commercial college, and darn sox. When I leave here I intend to cheat somebody out of a thousand dollars.
Sigma Nu;  Mystic  Thirteen;  Keys;  D.  D.  L.; . Henry Clay Law Society.
" 'Tis I, be not afraid."
"Skeeter" is a man of much note. Having ambled among the classic corridors of K. S. U. for some "moons" he has acquired a fund of knowledge upon divers subjects unusual for one of his years. He is exceedingly proud of his voice and, being scrupulously careful thereof, 'tis said that he nightly bathes his throat in a copius solution of rock candy and Sam Clay Bitters. Morpheus is one of "Skeeter's" boon companions, and he objects to all forms of hard work, believing that to be the portion of men of little minds and creatures of low degree.
WALTON PERKINS, LL. B. Williamsburg, Ky.
Henry Clay Law Society; Patterson Literary Society.
"I anr nothing if not critical."
"Perk" appeared on the scene in 1910. He had some previous knowledge of the law which he got in. the courts "down home." It has taken him some little time, and no little trouble to decide whether to stay here two years or three to complete his course. In fact, at one time, he contemplated doing it in one year. He is always ready for an argument, no matter on which side; and is a triumphant winner, but a good loser. He has many original ideas which show deep thought, and' his grasp of things legal is unusually good.