College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Advancement has characterized this college since its establishment in June of 1891, until it now ranks among the very first Engineering Schools of this country. With the advancement have come new ideas and with the ideas has come work, and with the work has come an appreciation for music. This has shown itself in the beautiful and expressive song of
Two by two they cross to Mining, Two by two they cross to Civil.
From the unsophisticated Freshman to the learned and sedate Senior there is one continual bond due to a common cause:
Innocence and compassion on one side, Compassion and innocence on the other.
The course is so laid out as to afford all the students an opportunity to develop the art of expression, or in the words of one who has just gone, how to "get up on your hind legs and express yourself." This is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the college and to the students, as engineers, in presenting technical subjects in a clear manner.
The drawing room equipments are well adapted to the work of the college and, "you see," were designed with some forethought, for they are near enough to the walk for one to hear- the rustle of a skirt or to look upon some shadow of a dream. This is the attractive feature about the lectures in English given during the senior year.
The most interesting of the drawing rooms is that occupied by the Seniors. A special table is given on which is placed data of every description and the orders governing the week's work are very artistically placed on the door with various cognomens of the Spanish Athletes.
The laboratory work of the Junior and Senior years in steam, electricity, automobile and cement testing is the best of its kind in the country. Here each student is given an opportunity to perform the experiment, a privilege not enjoyed in most of the higher universities. The work is attractive and gives the college the largest enrollment of the colleges in the University.
A. C. E. works from sun to sun, But an M. E.'s work is never done.