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JAMES RAY DUNCAN, B. M. E. Lexington, Ky.
Thesis:   Automobile Efficiency Test. Tau Beta Pi; S. U. A. A.; A. I. E. E.; A. S. M. E.; President W. C. T. U.
"Nature denied him beauty, but gave him brains."
This bunch of brains is a product of Nicholas-ville, of which he is very proud. His herculan-ean efforts have been for four years the wonder of the campus. Even meal time does not disturb him in his pastime. Dunk is a prime member of the W. C. T. U., but we have our doubts of his eligibility. It happened in the memorable flag rush between the '12 and '13 classes that a fair maid offered assistance to Dunk who was forming a cushion for a 200 pound Freshman, and if she had not later transferred her affections to "Slim Slick" and the "Fire Chief," the T. U. society would have been deprived of one of its main supporters. Nevertheless"Dunk, we're for you."
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Thesis:   An Analysis of the Otto Cycle by Means
of Optical Indicator. Tau Beta Kake; A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E.
"I should think your tongue had broken its chain."
You don't know him? "Well, if you ever saw a rosy-cheeked youth running at full gallop across the campus or putting speed into a bicycleyou saw Leonard. Y"ou've missed half of your life if you haven't talked to himhe's from Frankfort and knows all "they is" to learn he's going to be President some day if he can't be an Engineer. Popular? Well, since he attained the position of Senior there is a rumor that he has been seen in the vicinity of Pat Halland had the nerve to appear in public once with a maiden. What's going to happen next?
JAKE H. GAISER, B. M. E. Covington, Ky.
Thesis:    Modern Gas Producer. Kappa Sigma; Lamp and Cross; Mystic Thirteen; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball, Captain '11.
"I am the very pink of courtesy."
Jake's the only baldheaded youtu In the class. He can be seen shining afar off. We cannot say what manner of man Jake was when he came; he sprang full fledged into the public eye, the best athlete in the University. One of Jake's chiefest characteristics is getting hurt and arousing the deepest sympathy of the fair sex. Another marked habit is rushing Hattiebut he "is just such a pill" that he hasn't become a stroller. If we really want to get an estimate of Jake go to Kinky, and listen to Jake's remarks. 'Tis said he has run the list of foolish questions up to 27102.