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The Cats' Pause
Hoop Cats Take On China In Exhibition COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOWL PICTURE
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1983 result
Florida Citrus
Hall of Fame
Dec. 15 Dec. 15 Dec. 21 Dec. 22 Dec. 22 Dec. 22 Dec. 26 Dec. 27 Dec. 28 Dec. 29 Dec. 29 Dec. 31 Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1 Jan. 1
San Diego
El Paso
N. Orleans
4 p.m.
8 p.m.
9 p.m. 1 p.m.
3 p.m.
4 p.m. 8 p.m. 8:30 p.m. 8 p.m.
8 p.m. 8 p.m. 3 p.m. 8 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m.
5 p.m. 8 p.m. 8 p.m.
undecided TCS-Metro Katz ABC
$111,539/$130,000 $400,000 / $425,000 $470,000 / $470,000 $500,000/$1.2 million $401,000/$500,000
--/ $750,000
--/ $500,000
$600,000 / $700,000 $697,500 / $900,000 $400,000 / $400,000 $450,000 / $550,000 $418,000/$575,000 $465,000 / 465,000 $1.8 million / $2 million $1 million / $1 million $3 million / $4.2 million $1.8 million / $2 million $1.8 million / $2.1 million
N. Illinois 20, Fullerton State 13 Air Force 9, Ole Miss 3 Brigham Young 21, Missouri 17 Tennessee 30, Maryland 23 Alabama 28, SMU 7
Notre Dame 19, Boston Col. 18
Florida 14, Iowa 6
Penn State 13, Washington 10
West Virginia 20, Kentucky 16
Florida State 28, No. Carolina 3
Oklahoma State 24, Baylor 14
Georgia 10, Texas 9
Ohio State 28, Pittsburgh 23
UCLA 45, Illinois 9
Miami 31, Nebraska 30
Auburn 9, Michigan 7
Media, Bowls Converging On UK-Florida
Those from the media covering the Kentucky-Florida game will pack the Commonwealth Stadium press box to its limit according to UK sports information director Russell Rice. Over twenty different Florida news-
papers alone are expected to file stories from Lexington Saturday after what could be the Gators' first Southeastern Conference football title ever. If Florida defeats Kentucky, temporary coach Galen Hall's Gators
Nov. 17  1:30 EST. Commonwealth Stadium, Lexington
Location: Gainesville, FL Nickname: Gators Colors: Orange & Blue Enrollment: 33,000 Conference: Southeastern Athletic Director: Bill Carr Stadium: Florida Field (72,000) Head Coach: Galen Hall Best time to call: 10:30-12:00 Mon.-Fri. Publicists:
Norm Carlson
904-392-0641 (O)
904-462-5031 (H)
John Humenik (SID)
904-392-0641 (O)
904-377-1908 (H)
Chris Cameron (Asst.) 904-378-4128 (H) Lettermen Lost: 16   Returning: 51
Starters Returning: Offense: Neal Anderson, TB; John L. Williams, FB; Tom Peddie, TE; Phil Bromley, C; Lomas Brown, T; Scott Trimble, T; Ray Criswell, P.
Defense: Tim Newton, NG; Greg Cleveland, T; Alonzo Johnson, LB; Mark Korff, LB; Ricky Easmon, LB; Bobby Raymond, PK.
1983 Results (9-2-1)
Ray Criswell
			28	Miami	3
1984 Schedule			19	Southern Cal	19
Sept. 1	Miami	A	17	Indiana State	13
Sept. 8	LSU	H	35	Mississippi St.	12
Sept. 15	Tulane	H	31	LSU	17
Sept. 29	Mississippi State	H	29	Vanderbilt	10
Oct. 6	Syracuse	H	24	East Carolina	17
Oct. 13	Tennessee	A	21	Auburn	28
Oct. 20	Cincinnati	H	9	Georgia	10
Nov. 3	Auburn	H	24	Kentucky	7
Nov. 10	Georgia		53	Florida State	14
Nov. 17	Kentucky		14	Iowa	6
Dec. 1	Florida State				
will be the outright champion with a 5-0-1 league mark and could well strip away the adjective from his occupational title.
Numerous bowls are also expected to be in attendance, including the Sugar, Orange, Peach, Citrus, Liberty, Cherry, Fiesta, Sun, and Gator.
Out-of-state papers already granted credentials for the game are: Atlanta Journal, Atlanta Constitution, St. Petersburg times, Gainesville Sun, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Florida Times-Union, Lakeland Ledger, West Palm Post, Fort Myers News-Press, Daytona Beach News-Journal, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jacksonville Journal, Gator Bair, Cincinnati Enquirer, Orlando Sentinel and Miami Herald.
The game's original 1:30 p.m. kick-off has been moved up to 12:20 p.m. EST time national television, the game will be televised live over Atlanta Superstation WTBS as the "SEC Game of the Week."
Autographed Basketballs
If you're looking for an autographed basketball by the Kentucky Wildcats this season, the UK basketball office has some good news for you.
You can trade an unsigned basketball for one autograpbed by the Wildcats by simply bringing in a Wilson TN 1616 basketball.
According to Wildcat equipment manager Bill Keightley, UK has come up with this special plan to help facilitate the process and prevent losing basketballs left at the office.
Keightley said only Wilson TN 1616 basketballs (and they must be new ones) will be exchanged for a similiar basketball which has already been autographed. Keightley said the Wilson TN 1616 was selected because it is easily autographed and the signatures show up better on this particular ball. No other basketballs will be autographed.
The Wilson TN 1616 can be purchased at most any neighborhood sporting goods store. More information can be obtained by calling the UK basketball office at (606) 257-1916.
No basketball will be available for purchase. UK will only swap a signed basketball for-an unsigned one......
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"Go out and get the two best teams available."
Those were the instructions given to members of the Peach Bowl's team selection committee last week. Today, Kentucky is firmly in line to become one of the two participants in the 1984 Peach Bowl scheduled for New Year's Eve in Atlanta.
No, there's no official agreement, perhaps not even the usual gentleman's agreement. But if I were a betting man, I would be getting some reservations in Atlanta if I were a Kentucky football fan.
When Peach Bowl committeeman George Haney talked with a group of reporters at Commonwealth Stadium for almost a hour after UK's 27-18 win over Vanderbilt Saturday, it was obvious that Haney was delighted with what he had just witnessed.
Without hesitation, he exclaimed, "Kentucky just won itself a bowl invitation today, and that's a fact."
What he refused to confirm is that the bowl invitation will come from the bowl he represents.
But all the ingredients point to Atlanta. Forget about the 1976 success enjoyed by both Kentucky and Atlanta businesses. And forget about the 27,000 or so Kentucky fans who followed UK to Atlanta.
First of all, the lead paragraph of this column is standard front for all the bowls. When asked if the statement was just a publicity front and not to be taken as gospel, Haney only shrugged his shoulders.
Fact is, the Peach Bowl will not kick it off on New Year's Eve without a regional team, a club from the Southeastern Conference, or the Atlantic Coast Conference or a southern independent.
Right now, Kentucky is a good bet for the Peach Bowl. Why? Well, the worst UK can do is finish at 7-4, and with a big-named football opponent, that would be attractive for the Peach Bowl. Plus, Kentucky will bring enough fans to insure a good television background. Odds are, if UK should lose their final two, there would be more pressure on the Peach Bowl to bring a team which would have a good following. If the Wildcats should upset either of their last two opponents, then the Peach Bowl would have plucked a real plum.
If Kentucky came up with an 8-3 mark, the opponent would likely be a very good team or someone like a Penn State or Michigan or even Notre Dame which would have a winning record, but not good enough for the so-called major bowls.
Tis true the Peach Bowl would be taking a chance, but no greater than JJK^ Like_ Haney, suggested,, UK isv
assured of a bowl regardless of the final two games. Kentucky could end up with the likes of either the Independence Bowl or the Cherry bowl or the Freedom Bowl. None of those would be as attractive as the Peach.
Another reason for the Peach Bowl is the timing. Many of the bowls are played again this year on Dec. 22, the same day that UK played West Virginia in the Hall of Fame last season. There were many who suggested that UK's following was off because the game was played right before Christmas. Scheduled for Dec. 22 are Citrus, Sun and Cherry. The Holiday is out because Brigham Young will be the host team and will command an opponent with a higher ranking.
A pair of games are on Dec. 15. The California is already paired up with
two conferences, but the Independence would be a likely shot if UK waited til late and lost the two remaining games.
But you can forget the Independence. Dec. 15 happens to be the date that Kentucky and Louisville happen to get together on the hardwoods at Freedom Hall, at the exact hour of 8 p.m.
The Hall of Fame is out because bowls usually don't like to have a team return two years. The Aloha would be great in Honolulu, but there's not been a lot of talk about this one.
That leaves the Bluebonnet and Liberty, two possibilities, but probably not as attractive as the Peach. All the others are major which will require much more than a 7-4 record.
December 31 fits into the Kentucky athletic schedule as well as any day on the calendar. The basketball Wildcats are set to play Kansas on Dec. 31 at Freedom Hall, but we've learned that UK officials have already been playing the "what if" game.
And if UK should marry the Peach Bowl, look for the UK-Kansas game to be moved up a day and be played Sunday afternoon at Freedom Hall.
What the bowl situation basically comes down to is this: the Peach Bowl, in the end, most likely will be willing to gamble on UK upsetting one of its final two opponents and being a real plus. On the other hand, while UK could wait and perhaps attract a bigger bowl with an 8-3 record, I believe Kentucky will play the game of a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
UK athletics director wasn't making any public comments Sunday, but he was spotted in his office and he admitted he needed to be near a telephone.
Don't be surprised if the handshake hasn't already been made. It says here Kentucky, will.play,in,.the. Peach bowl
on New Year's Eve with an opponent to be selected by this time next week.
+     + +
When the Florida Gators roll into town for Saturday's game, the boys from the Sunshine State most likely will enjoy their largest following ever to Lexington.
All the SEC marbles are on the line for this one, and it most likely will provide Florida with its first ever SEC title. For a school so well known for its football, it truly is strange that it has never won a SEC title.
The Gators will be strutting and riding high. They have awesome talent, whether it has been attracted to Florida by legitimate means and within the rules is not important to Gator fans right now. They smell a title and they're ready to enjoy every minute of it.
Having witnessed other wild celebrations via television in recent months, one has to wonder if UK has taken any precautions to protect the safety of the players and its stadium goal posts as well as the turf if the Gators do indeed win that elusive title.
The post game scene will probably be something to rival a Super Bowl or a World Series.
+     + +
With aH the talk about Florida winning the title and wondering if the SEC will indeed allow the Gators to represent the conference in post season bowl action, UK has been given practically no chance of springing an upset Saturday.
The Cats will be out to make the game respectable at best, but as long as upsets like Maryland's over Miami last week continued, there is always that one, last hope.
And if there is hope, then you can point to the fact that Florida has never really enjoyed playing in Kentucky in late November. In fact, the issue has become such a debatable issue and there have been some harsh feelings between the two schools because Florida wants to play UK earlier in the season.
A good example is this year. To date, Florida has played only one game outside its state lines. That came early in the season at Knoxville when the weather was warm. Like their mascots, Florida doesn't enjoy playing in cold weather.
Former UK coach Fran Curci used to infuriate the Gators staff by forcing Florida to sit on the shady side of Commonwealth Stadium although UK normally occupies that side for most
One can imagine how it feels to live in sunny Florida for 363 days a year, only to be forced to play outside in thirty-degree weather in Kentucky. And can you imagine the sting after a hard hit on a cold day.
Cold or not, Florida has the best athletes and the best team that . . . (you fill in the blank.)
The mystic and popularity of Kentucky basketball never ceases to amaze me, but the tradition and following of the Wildcats are typified most each fall when the Wildcats go on a three-game tour around the commonwealth.
Last week, Coach Joe B. Hall and his Wildcats were invited to christen the sparkling, new Bell County High School gymnasium near Pineville. This 3,000-seat facility has to be one of the very finest in the entire nation.
The Tact tfiat Bell County officials requested UK to help dedicate the facility is a tribute in itself.
But the real significance of Kentucky basketball is the impact it has on the lives of so many Kentuckians, people like Cecil Liford of Barbour-ville.
There was a time in his life when Cecil was one of the most active individuals anywhere. He owned and operated Liford's Produce in Barbour-ville and put in many a 18-hour days selling his produce over a dozen or so Southeastern Kentucky counties. He was the epitome of a small town business man.
And he was a Kentucky basketball fan, a true-blue one.
Then, tragedy struck. He was critically injured in an accident as he was taking orders for his produce firm back in 1976. Several weeks followed in serious condition and months of rehabilitation followed that.
Since that tragic accident, he has been confined to a wheelchair. His condition, however, has not deterred him at all. He still owns and operates his produce firm and has purchased another business.
Because he is more confined than in the past, he has become even closer to the Wildcats according to some of his close friends. Junior* Davidson, a friend from Hazard, says there is not a more knowledgeable Wildcat fan in the country. "There is not a single statistic which he doesn't know," Davidson says of Liford, "he's an unbelievable UK fan."
Which is why he was perched alongside the floor at Bell County last Thursday evening when the Wildcats took to the floor. You could see the gleam in his eyes.
And if Cecil Liford decided to trade
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