Historical Sketch
Russellville to the Highland Lick crosses Drake's Creek near Samuel Williams';
thence a straight line to the mouth of M'Far1in's fork; thence down the west
fork to Pond River to the mouth thereof, thence down said river to the Hopkins'
County line, shall be . . . added to the county of Hopkins." (1) The legis-
lature approved an act sr January 51, 1844, providing for a resurvey of the
Hopkins-Christian County lines. Daniel H. Harrison, of Christian County, and
C Ambrose Gordon, of Hopkins County, were named commissioners to make this survey,
but no changes were noted. (2) In 1847 all that part of Caldwell County lying
‘ north and east of Tradewater River was added to Hopkins County under provisions `
of an act approved January 50, 1847. (5) In l860€%its boundaries again were
altered when a portion of its territory was taken to create`Webster County. (4)
On February 20, 1884, still another and final act affecting the county's boundary
line was approved, authorizing a change in the Hopkins-Webster County line to
include Slaughtersville in the county of Webster. (5) {
At present Hopkins is bounded by the following counties: Webster on the i
north; McLean and Muhlenberg on the east; Christian on the south; and_Webster %
·and Caldwell on the West. (6) Q
Early Settlers é
_ In 1780, when Kentucky County, Virginia, was divided into three counties, 1
Jefferson, Lincoln, and Fayette, the tangled wilderness which later became known '
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