‘ Assistant Project Technician, who also supervised the final editorial work
necessary for the publication of this inventory. The Governmental essay was
written by the present State supervisor. Lucille Vairin and Alice Pulford
were responsible for the typing. _
The Kentucky Historical Records Survey wishes to express its deep
_ appreciation to Mabel S. Brodie, Assistant Archivist in charge of public
records inventories, of the Washington,D. C., office, for her helpful ed-
itorial criticism of this inventory in manuscript form, and to Dan Lacy,
Assistant Director, Historical Records Survey Projects, for his valuable
suggestions. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the Filson Club and the
Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville, for their generous cooperation,
and to the officials of Hopkins County for their helpful assistance.
Forthcoming volumes of the Inventory o£_the County Archives of Kentucky
will be issued in memeographed form for free distribution to government offices,
libraries, and historical societies in Kentucky, as well as to selected li-
braries, and depositories in other States. For a list of publications of the
Historical Records Survey in Kentucky, see p. g_. Requests for information
concerning particular volumes should be addressed to the State Supervisor,
550 South Fifth Street, Louisville, Kentucky. t
4_p _ Clifford R. Rader, State Supervisor W
V ‘ Rmge¤+; · u
C Louisville, Kentucky
January 20, 1941 `