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Index for the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees,
                 University of Kentucky,
                    April , 1919.

1. Donation of Scovell Park for the City of Lexington -- letter
      from Wood. G. Dunlai,, Commissioner of Public Property.

2. School of Pharmacy.

3. Memorial Building.

4. Fraternity houses.

5. Rules for nominating Alumni members of the Board of Trustees

6. Student uniforms.

7. President's report.

      (a) Financial situation.

      (b) Attendance.

      (c) Changes in Experimant Station.

      (d) Disabled soldiers.

      (e) Building matters.

      (f) Josephine P. Simrall appointed Dean of Women.

8, Bond of and agreement with the Trustees of the George Peabody

9. Doctor Patterson's annuity.


- 189 -

                      M.1inutes Cf Board Of Trustees          April 1, 1919

                  Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees,
          University of Kentucky, for the regtular quarterly meeting,
                              April 1, 1919.

          The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentuc1k met in
regular quarterly session in the President's office at the University
at 11:00 o'clock, a. m., Tuesday, April 1, 1919. The following members were
present:  Richard C. Stoll, V. 0. Gilbert, J. iC. Elliston, A. G. Gordon,
P. -. Johnston, Jr. and Frank MYrcKee.  President Frank L. IicVey and Wellington
Patrick, Secretary of the Board, were also present.  The meeting was called
to order by M7r. Stoll.  The minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees
for the December meeting were read and adopted after a few minor corrections.
The minutes of the Executive Committee since the last meeting of the Board were
read and adopted as corrected.

          (1) The following communication was read from Honorable Wood G.
Dunlap, Commissioner of Public Property of the City of Lexington, with
reference to Scovell Park:

                          City of Lexington, Kentucky.
                          Board of Commissioners.

                                             March 17, 1919.

    President F. L. -ic1ey,
       University of Kentucky,
          Lexington, Kentucky.

    Dear Sir:

          I hand you herewith a copy of a resolution passed by the Board
    of Commissioners last Friday.

         The verbiage is somewhat confusing, as I seriously question
    our authority to give away city property, but the idea we meant to
    convey was our willingness to cooperate with you at any and all
    times and wre will gladly turn the use of this property over to you
    so that Mr. Olmsted may proceed to beautify it whenever he so desires.
    In other words let him include it in his landscape scheme, just as
    though it was a part of the campus.

         With kindest regards and best wishes from all of us, I beg
    leave to subscribe myself.

                                         Very sincerely,

                                         Wood C. Dunlap,

Commissioner of Public Property.


- 190 -

                   Minutes Of Board Of Trustees              April 1, 1919

          The resolution referred to in the above communication reads as


           "The question of whether or not Scovell Park should be sold and
the proceeds invested in other and more desirable park property has been
thoroly threshed out during the past six weeks.

          "Petitions, pro and con, have been filed, public hearings,
pro and con, have been held. The press has aired the matter from every view-

           "There is no difference of opinion that, from a purely business
viewpoint the park should be sold, but recognizing the splendid work that has
been and is being done by President !Mc-Vey and his associates in building up
the great educational institution Bmoun as the University of iZentucky, and
realizing further, for the first time that this park has been taken into con-
sideration in the landscape plans for the future, I cannot recommend its sale.

          "In order to show our good feeling toward the University, with the
approval of the Board of Commissioners, I will also recommend that the City
of Lexington donate this park, in perpetuity to the University, to do with
as they may choose, beautify in any wray they may desire, as soon as they please,
reserving the right to put in playground apparatus for the children when the
park is completed to such an extent that it would be practical so to do.

          "If these recommendations meet with the approval of the commissioners,
and if the University agrees to accept this gift, the city reserves the right
to continue to use the park as a dumping ground at no expense to the University
and will fill it as rapidly as possible."

          After discussion, a motion w7as made, seconded, and unanimously adopted,
authorizing President LicVey to send the following communication to Commissioner
Dunlap, accenting the property on behalf of the University, and leaving the
details of the transfer to the disposal of the Executive Comraittee at future

                                            April 1, 1919

Honorable Wood C. Dunlap,
    Lexington, teentucky.

hay dear 1r. Dunlap:

     I have been requested by the Board of Trustees to acknowledge receipt
of your letter regarding Scovell Park and to erpress at the same time the
appreciation of that body for the courtesy and kindness of the City Commission
of Lexington. The Board of Trustees further feels that in making the suggestion,
which your honorable body did regarding Scovell Park, they were acting in a
high minded way on a rather difficult problem, and the solution of it as sug-
gested in your letter meets with their approval. I am, therefore, instructed
to say that the University of Kentucky will be pleased to accept the gift of
Scovell Park in perpetuity, or, if there is any doubt upon the ability of the


- 191 -

                        Minutes Of Board Of Trustees              April-), 1919

Commission to make a transfer by gift, to purchase the pronerty at a nominal
price. This price would mean the payment of a small sum of money and the
increased responsibility of the University of Kentucky- to continue its work
and organization in the City of Lexington.

          Malay I further state that the appreciation of your body for the
growing importance of the University and the added value of its existence in
the city as a factor in its development are looked upon by the Board with
pleasure and appreciation. I- the arrangement to transfer this property to the
University by gift,,, purchase or lease is satisfactory to your honorable body,
the University will be glad to take up the details with your Board relative to
the transfer of the property and the conditions upon which the transfer is
to be made.

          With best wishes and appreciation of your work, I remain

                                            Sincerely yours,

                                                Frank L. YoVey,


          (2) President L1cVey reported to the Board that. he had considered
the matter of a school of pharmacy and wished to defer the matter until next
year when he would know better about the available funds for the purpose and
also know more definitely the part which the University will take in health
matters of the State.

          (3) AThe matter of a memorial building discussed at a previous
meeting of' the Executive Committee was presented and discussed at length by
members of the Board.   The idea of a State memorial building was advanced
and discussed by members of the Board, the point being made that the Univer-
sity would be an appropriate place for such a building. It was suggested
by ).$r. Frank hic.-Cee that the various counties might contribute to a fund and
have placed in the building tablets bearing the names of the men who have lost
their lives in the Great C-ar, with a separate tablet for each county in the
State.   The Board received the Proposition favorably, and directed the Presi-
dent to prepare data and plans and report at some future meeting.

          (4) The matter of fraternity houses on the University campus con-
sidered at a previous meeting wras taken up and discussed. President .MoVey
suggested to the Board that it would be necessary to impose certain restrictions.
He stated that such houses, if located on the campus, should be properly
sponsored; should have the endorsement of their grand chapters; and should abide
by the regulations laid donm by the University with respect to care of property,
management of houses, type of architecture in buildings, financial relationships
with banking institutions, and such other conditions as the University might
see fit to impose. A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously adopted
authorizing the President to inform fraternities that might apply for building
sites on the campus that the University will provide suitable sites under such
regulations as the Board may impose.


- 192 -

                   IMTinutes Cf Board Of Trustees           April 1, 1919

          (5) The rules for the nomination of Alumni members of the Board
Of Trustees discussed at a meeting of the Executive Committee on March 26,
were presented, and with a few changes, adopted as follows:

          Under the provisions of the act of the General Assembly of Kentucky
knovw as House Bill NTo. 173, January 24, 1918, three members of the Board of
Trustees shall be appointed by the Governor from the AlUumi of the University,
the term of office being for six (6) years. One of these is to be appointed
biennially and from three Alumni members nominated to the Governor by the
Alumni of the University.

         The act further provides that the Board of Trustees of the University
shall prescribe the method by wMhich the Alumni of the University shall make the
nomination to the Governor of the three persons from whom the Alumni members
of the Board of Trustees shall be appointed.  The following are the rules
prescribed by the Board of Trustees:

               (1) DNominating ballots shall be mailed to each
          person entitled to vote not later than July 1. Each person
          entitled to vote shall have the right to nominate three per-
          sons for members of the Board of Trustees.

               (2) The ballots shall be mailed to the Secretary of the
          Board in an envelope furnished for such purpose.

               (3) No person shall receive a duplicate nomination or
          election ballot unless upon satisfactory representation to
          the Secretary of the Board that his ballot has either been
          lost or destroyed. No person shall be permitted to vote
          otherwise than by ballot.

               (4) All nominating ballots shall be cast by noon of
          the day previous to the regular meeting of the Board of
          trustees, but not in any case later than noon of September
          15, and at noon said date the said ballot shall be opened
          by the Secretary in the presence of the executive Committee and
          of such other persons as desire to be oresent at the opening of
          said ballots, and the ballots shall be opened in the room at the
          University set apart for the use of the Board of Trustees of the

               (5) The names of six persons receiving the highest number
         of votes for nomination shall be placed uDon the election
         ballots, and no other persons shall be voted for. In case two
         or more persons shall receive an equality of votes, the Secretary
         of the Board shall determine by lot the person who shall be the

     (6) The election ballot shall be mailed to each person
entitled to vote on or before October 1.


- 19.3 -

          Miinutes Of Board Of Trustees              April 1, 1919

(7) The names of the candidates shall be arranged
on said ballots alphabetically, and opposite the name
of each candidate shall be a square, and the vote
shall be cast by making a cross in the square oDposite
the names of the Dersons to be voted for, and shall
be placed in the proner envelopes and mailed or delivered
to the Secretary of the Board.

     (8) With the election ballot, the Secretary of the
Board shall mail a short biography of each candidate, which
biography shall contain, among other things, the date of
the dandidate's birth, the date of his graduation, the degree
which he has received, his present and past occupations, and
any public service Which he has rendered.

     (9) Other than the short biography above mentioned,
and these rules mentioned in paragraph 16, no other matter
shall be mailed by the University to those entitled to a
vote except the nomination and election ballots and the
envelopes in which the ballots are to be returned to the
Secretary of the Board.

     (10) No person shall be permitted to vote in the
election except by ballot.

     (1 ) The election ballots shall be cast by noon of the
day preceding the December meeting of the Board of Trustees, and
no ballot cast after noon of said date shall be counted.

     (12) The election ballots shall be publicly opened at
the University in the room set apart for the Board of Trustees,
by the Secretary of the Board in the presence of the Executive
Cormmittee of the University and such other persons as may desire
to be present.

     (13) The three persons receiving the highest number of
votes shall be nominated.

     (14) The Secretary of the Board shall certify to the
Governor of the Comrmionwealth of aentucky, the names of those
who have been so nominated from which the Covernor may make
appointment in accordance with the law.

     (15) All ballots shall be mailed to those entitled to
vote to their address as appears from the books of the
University and with said ballots there shall be mailed envelopes
upon which shall be printed "Ballots for Nomination of Alumni
Members to the Board of Trustees", or "Ballot for Election of
Alumni Members to the Board of Trustees"' as the case may be,
which said envelopes, shall be placed in another envelope, on
the outside of which shall appear the name of the person casting
the ballot with the date of receiving his degree.


- 194 -

                      -,inutes Of Board Of Trustees            April 1, 1919

               (16) These rules and regulations shall be printed and a
          copy sent to each person entitled to a vote when his ballots
          are mailed to him.

          (6) ThW question of uniforms considered in paragraph 13 of the
minutes of the Executive Coramittee of March 26, 1919 was taken up and dis-
cussed and a motion was passed directing the Business Agent to reimburse
students for receipts held on such uniforms.

          (7) President lMcVey was then called upon for whatever report
he might have to make and the following brief report was presented:

          Gentlemen of the Board of Trustees:   I have to present to you
to-day only a brief statement touching a few points, as follows:

          Financial situation. The University will have a deficit of
approximately $65,000 below what was estimated in the budget adopted last
July. This is due to the failure to receive taxes on the estimated assessment
suggested by the chairman of the Tax Commission a year ago. Next year we shall
probably receive the full amount as the assessment will probably run to two
billion dollars. Wie have received from the State Treasury '265,000,leaving
us $75,000 short of the amount set forth in the budget.  'Ve shall probably
get $15,000more. In any event, we shall not receive all told more than
:290,000 thus leaving the deficit at .i55,000. We have liquidated the indebt-
edness of the University existing at the beginning of the scholastic year,
but at the end of the year we shall have this new deficit of $i55,000 to
$65,000 in addition to the amount the University owes to the George Peabody
Fund. In making up the budget for next year, we shall probably be able to
take care of the deficit and have perhaps i45,000 for repairs of buildings.
In general, this is all that I have to say regarding the financial situation
at the present time.

          Attendance.   The Attendance at the University is now about 800.
The attendance for the year up to the present time has been about 1,400. It
is difficult to say, but had we not been confronted. with the war situation,
it is probable that the attendance for the year would have been considerably

          Changes in the Experiment Station.   Since the last meeting of the
Board three persons have resigned from the staff of the Experiment Station.
hDis. Helen B. Wolcott, State Home lDemonstration Agent has resigned. Dr. R.L.
Pontius recently resigned to accept a position with a Philadelphia firm. Dr.
Fred Miutchler resigned to accept a position as state agent in Kentucky for
D. C. Heath and Company of New York and Chicago. The resignations were
accepted by the Executive Committee. The work done by Dr. Miutchler was
arranged for by designating Dean Thomas P'. Cooper, director of extension, and
by making MBlr. Thompson Bryant and ir. Geoffrey Ll.organ assistant directors.

          Disabled soldiers. The University has entered into contracts with
the Federal Board for Vocational Education for the training of a number of
disabled soldiers.  So far vie have signed contracts for seven men, and it is
possible that by the opening of school next September ne shall have sixty or
seventy men with us. Contracts are signed wnrith the Covernment for the payment
of their tuition to the University, the men taking care of themselves and the
Government reimbursing them for their expenses.


- 195 -

                   Minutes Of Board Cf Trustees              April 1, 1919

          Building.   Building matters are practically completed with the
exception of work on the Old Dormitory on v~hich we expect to begin in
June.  Fjork on this building was suspended x-men the funds ran short.  The
reconstruction of roads and walks will be taken uo soon and the campus again
put into condition.

          Dean-of 'omen.  After careful investigation, I have to recommend
to the Board the name of !iss ,osephine P. Simrall for appointment as Dean
of Yiomen, at a salary of ;R2,000 a year -- the same salary as has been paid
to the dean of women -- Miss Simrall to report for duty at the beginning of
next semester in September. As a matter of record, I may make the following
statement as to her qualifications:

               kiss Simrall is at present dean of women at
          Swreet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia, and
          also head of the department of psychology there.
          She is a graduate of viellesley, and has done grad-
          uate work at the University of Cincinnati and at
          Johns Hopkins University.  She is a native of Kuen-
          tucky and has lived in Kentucky all her life until
          the last few years. She is widely related in

                In recommending Miss Simrall to President
          MdVey, President Emilie '.. MicVea of Sweet Briar
          College said,  bliss Simrall is an excellent teacher,
          has unusual executive and administrative ability,
          and much social accustomness. I consider her in
          every way qualified to fill the position, but I
          am not going to tell you anything more about her
          because I don't want you to have her".

                Chancellor -Frank -f. Chandler of the University
           o Cincinnati, in speaking of Miss Simrall said,
           "Miss Simrall is possessed of marked literary talent.
           She was active in this community in the work of
           w.omen's organizations as Well as socially, and
           during her residence at Sweet Briar she has done
           -:much in an executive way to assist the president
           in developing that college. She is snympathetic
           and gentle in manner, but by no means lacking in force.,

           A motion was made, seconded end unanimously adopted approving the
reconmiendation o0 the President.

           (8)  The matter of a bond for the trustee of the George Peabody
Fund was taken -up and discussed and the following action taken with respect
thereto:  The Chairman o the Executive Committee and the Secretary Of the
Board of Trustees were authorized to sign a new agreement with the trustee of the
Goerge Peabody FPund (namely, the Phoenix and Third Trust Company o0 Lexington,
Kentucky,) as 0 Eovember 1, 1918, omitting from the agreement that paragraph
which reouires it to furnish a separate bond, the said agreement to be in the
following form:


- 196 -

                    idinutes Of Board Of Trustees              April 1, 1919

1          TIHIS AG R2J72.T made and entered into this 1st day of November,
1918, by and between the University of Kentucky (hereinafter sometimes called
"the University"), party of the first part, and the Phoenix and Third Trust
Company as Trustee, of Lexington, Kentuclk, (hereinafter sometimes called
"Trustee",) party of the second Dart,

          W7ITI1ESSETIH: That, whereas, the Trustees of the .-Peabody Fund gave
to the University of Kentucky the sum of Torty Thousand (,4O0,000) dollars as
an endowment, to be known as the C-eorge Peabody Rndoi.ment, the income of which
is to be used by the University for the maintenance of the school of education;
and whereas the Phoenix and Third Trust Company has been elected by the Univer-
sity as Trustee of such fund,

          lNOW 2A7U.EFORE THIS G-R-RaEE-BIT -WJITi'_S&ET!^:

          1. The Trustee has, with the approval of the University of Kentucky,
invested the George Peabody Endovwment, amounting to forty thousand ($40,000)
dollars, in Liberty Bonds of the Fourth Loan of the United States, and the
Trustee now holds said bonds.

          11. The Trustee agrees to register these bonds in its name as Trustee
of the George Peabody Endowment to the University of Kentucky.

          111. The Trustee agrees to pay to the University the income from this
trust fund, Then and as received, for the use of the University in maintaining
its school of education, and the University agrees annually so to supplement
the said income from said trust fund that the aggregate amount expended.unon the
school of education shall be at least ten thousand (UO,000) dollars.

           IV. The Trustee shall, at the direction of the University of Ken-
tucky, change the investment of said trust fund from time to time, and such
reinvestment or reinvestments shall be held by the Trustee upon the same terms
and conditions as herein provided.

           V. The University of Kentucky shall have the right at any time to
change the Trustee hereunder, and if it should select a new Trustee of the George
Peabody Endowment, the Trustee hereunder agrees to turn over said fund and any
accumulations thereof, upon demand, to such new Trustee.

           V1. This agreement is executed in duplicate, each copy to have the
force and effect of an original.

           INT TIMSS WHlTEhRF, the University of Kentucky has hereunto set its
hand by Richard C. Stoll, Chairman oP the Executive Cormaittee, and has caused
his act to be attested and its corporate seal to be affixed by vWellington Patrick,
its Secretary, and the Phoenix and Third Trust Company has hereunto set its
hand by W. A. McDowell, its President, and has caused his act to be attested and
its corporate seal to be affixed by Sohn R. Downing, its Secretary, at Lexington,


- 197 -

            Minutes of Board Of Trustees               April 1, 1919

Kentucky, the day and date first above ivitten.

                               U1ThIvrJVSITY OF -WUOT2KY

Seal                            by Richard C. Stoll,

Attest                           Chairman, Dcecutive Comnittee.

1-Yellington Patrick,


                              P-IiOEIMTE AMIED TIOS [TRUST C010AY1M
                              By .1. A. !M4cDowell,
John R. Downing.

          (9) An opinion of A. H. -,-orris, Attorney General for the
State of Kentucky, in the matter of the annuity of Dr. James K. Patter-
son, which has heretofore been made.a part of the minutes of the
Executive Committee, (see report of minutes of the Executive Committee
fcr February 19, 1919) was read and discussed by the Board and the
following motion was offered, seconded, and unanimously adopted: That
the University of Kentucky shall pay to Dr. James K. Patterson the sum of
02,700 as advised by the. Attorney General in his opinion of January 30,
1919, which opinion has heretofore been made a matter of record in these
minutes; that before any such payment shall be made, Doctor Patterson
shall sign and deliver in full a receipt to the University, the receipt
to be prepared by the Business Agent of the University in conformity with
the aotion herein set forth; that this payment shall liquidate all indebt-
edness that Doctor Patterson has against the University arising out of
the contract referred to in the aforesaid opinion With the exception
of permitting him to remain as a tenant in the house which he now occupies
on the University campus.

          There being no other business to come before the Board after
motion duly made, the chairman declared the Board adjourned.

                                   Respectfully submitted,

                                        Viellington Patrick

Secretary of the Board.