Index for the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees,
                 University of Kentucky,
                    April , 1919.

1. Donation of Scovell Park for the City of Lexington -- letter
      from Wood. G. Dunlai,, Commissioner of Public Property.

2. School of Pharmacy.

3. Memorial Building.

4. Fraternity houses.

5. Rules for nominating Alumni members of the Board of Trustees

6. Student uniforms.

7. President's report.

      (a) Financial situation.

      (b) Attendance.

      (c) Changes in Experimant Station.

      (d) Disabled soldiers.

      (e) Building matters.

      (f) Josephine P. Simrall appointed Dean of Women.

8, Bond of and agreement with the Trustees of the George Peabody

9. Doctor Patterson's annuity.