and Studies is intended to communicate more effectively UK’s program to students who have
academic and career interests in broadcasting, cable, multimedia, and the audio-recording, film,
and electronic game industries. Ms. Brown moved approval of AACR 4, she was seconded by
Mr. Stuckert. Dr. Brockman called for the vote, and the motion passed without dissent. (See
AACR 4 at the end ofthe Minutes.)
Ms. Brown then gave a short report on the presentation of Dr. Mike Mullen, UK
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, who spoke about the Honors program. The
program began in 1961, and it will celebrate its 50m anniversary this fall. It has between 225 and
250 students who enter as freshmen. Currently it has two tracks but is revamping its programs.
Undergraduate Education looks forward to involving more colleges directly with the Honors
program and to finding ways to foster deeper relationships among the students and faculty, to
incorporating honors advising, and to encouraging co curricular activities and study abroad. She
stated that it is extremely important for UK to be @ destination for Kentucky’s top students.
And to educate Kentucky’s elite, you must be willing to make creative efforts to attract and to
keep them. The committee looks forward to hearing more about the program as it develops.
O. Finance Committee Report
Mr. Stuckert, chair ofthe Finance Committee, began by reviewing the Finance
Committee items that were among the consent items that had already been approved and
expressed his appreciation for each gift. These included the estate of Mr. John W. Denton,
E.ON U.S., Mr. Don L. Jacobs, Sr. and the Don Jacobs Foundation, Inc., and the Kentucky
Christian Foundation. He also expressed appreciation for the future effects of FCR 3, which
authorized a Fund for Excellence Quasi Endowment.
P. Data Center — Hospital (FCR 6)
FCR 6 recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the initiation ofthe Data Center
and Related Support Space project in the new Patient Care Facility currently under construction
and approve the increase of the existing $570 million scope of the total project to $575.6 million.
The project will fit up approximately 2,000 square feet for a new computer machine room on the
fourth floor ofthe new Patient Care Facility for a new hospital data center with redundant air
conditioning, electrical, and communication support systems. The $5.6 million will be funded
by UK HealthCare operations (agency funds). Mr. Stuckert complimented Dr. Karpf for his
ability to generate funds from UK HealthCare operations which have allowed the hospital project
to proceed without being dependent on state money. This increase in scope ofthe project to
$575.6 million is well within the total Patient Care Facility legislative authorization of $7
million. Mr. Stuckert moved approval of FCR 6 and was seconded by Mr. Mobley. The motion
passed unanimously. (See FCR 6 at the end ofthe Minutes.)