T. Capital Construction Report (FCR 10
The final FCR recommends acceptance ofthe Capital Construction Report for the three
months ending December 31, 2010. There were five new contracts this quarter, six completions,
and a number of change orders. Mr. Stuckert moved approval and Dr. Gannon seconded. The
motion passed without opposition. (See FCR 10 at the end of the Minutes.)
U. Student Affairs Committee Report
Dr. Brockman asked for the Student Affairs Committee report by calling on its chair, Ms.
Patterson. Ms. Patterson joked that her report kept shrinking because items she had intended to
discuss from the morning’s meeting had already been discussed. She infonned the Board of the
presentation about Student Center needs given by Dr. Robert C. Mock, Jr., Vice President of
Student Affairs. Statistics show that foot traffic and the number of reservations for rooms are
increasing. In addition, the building infrastructure has serious flaws, mostly because of its age.
Ms Patterson welcomes the approved retrofit (passed in FCR 8), which will involve cleaning up
the facilities and upgrading restrooms and other infrastructure, and she feels that having the
upgraded facilities will help in recruiting students. Dr. Mock also mentioned the legacy ofthe
Student Center in programming arts events. It is one ofthe first student centers to have a
premier concert series, a nationally known jazz series. Students will be kept well infonned on
the renovations, and there is much to be excited about. She acknowledged the help of President
Todd and Provost Subbaswamy in implementing the renovations.
In addition, Mr. Smith gave a report on the Cats Cruiser at the moming meeting. The
new program has had much success since its inception only weeks ago. President Todd pointed
out that Mr. John Herbst, long-time Student Services Director at the Student Center, was in the
room. The Board gave him a round of applause.
V. University Health Care Committee Report
Ms. Young, chair of the University Health Care Committee, was asked for her report.
She discussed two action items, FCR 6 and FCR 9, which were initiated from the Health Care
area, and which had been passed by both the Finance Committee and the full Board.
Dr. Karpf gave a presentation about the UK HealthCare system as an economic driver for
the state of Kentucky. Since 2004 UK HealthCare has seen an increase of over 2,100 full time
employees. Salaries and benefits for the hospitals and College of Medicine have increased over
$300 million. In addition, UK HealthCare has seen an increase of approximately $500 million in
hospital operating revenue and over $160 million operating revenue in the College of Medicine.
Looking forward, the area’s strategic plan will focus on becoming a regional provider for
patients beyond the borders of Kentucky and will continue to mature UK HealthCare’s research
infrastructure and provide economic stimulus for the Commonwealth. Dr. Karpf also noted that
the entire $532 million cost ofthe buildings in proj ect Phase 1A was funded by clinical operating
revenue. No state or federal appropriations were used for the project. Future phases of