X. Proposed Revision to Goveming Reggglation: Governance of the University of
Kentucky — Petitions to Address the Board of Trustees (URCR 1 [
Because there was no clarity within the Governing Regulations as to how someone seeks
permission to speak to the Board of Trustees or to present an issue to the Board, URCR 1
proposes an appropriate revision, and this is its first reading. The proposed revision to GR II is
intended to replace the current Administrative Regulation (AR) 1:2, Policy Relative to Requests
for Appearances before the Board of Trustees that was adopted by the Board in 1970.
Ms. Curris recommended that one word, electronic, be struck from the Goveming
Regulation as originally presented in the Board packet so that interested parties can apply either
in writing or electronically to address the board. The process is that such a request will go to the
president and be forwarded to the chair of the board, who will decide if the matter should be
brought to the full board or should be referred to a committee. The GR change does not affect
the ability of anyone to come to any committee at any time and raise an issue. The
recommendation for the Board to receive the revision ofthe GR for preliminary consideration
was accepted. This being the first reading, the resolution will come back to the next meeting for
final approval. (See URCR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)
Ms. May also mentioned a separate issue that came to the moming’s meeting. General
campus security was discussed, and the committee declared its interest in leaming more about
the measures in place across campus to safeguard the security throughout campus.
Y. Other Business
Dr. Brockman asked if there was additional business to be discussed. Ms. Young stated
that she had forgotten to mention the UK HealthCare annual report for 2010. The report has
been distributed to board members, and she suggested that everyone take a look at it.
President Todd wished to thank Tom Harris, Jay Blanton, and Bill Swinford for their
efforts in getting another article in today’s Chronicle on Higher Education. It was written by
Paul Fain, who has covered UK for several years and who has now left The Chronicle. Thus, it
will be his last article. President Todd promised the board members a copy.
Mr. Gatton encouraged all board members that may be in a position to move forward on
getting the state to offer the university increased funding for building projects to urge them to do
so because there is never going to be a better time than right now. Construction finns are
affected by the economy, and now is a good time to build facilities and buildings because interest
costs are so low. An effort should be made to sell the state on accelerating their programs.