Office ofthe President
February 22, 2011
Members, Board of Trustees:
Recommendation: that as Chair of the Board of Trustees I hereby appoint the following
individuals to the "Celebration of the Lee T. Todd, Jr. Presidency Committee”. This Committee
is charged with the planning of a celebration of President Todd’s ten years as President of the
University of Kentucky at a date to be scheduled during the month of July 2011.
1. Teny Mobley, current Board member who will also serve as Chair of this Committee
2. Tom Harris, Vice President, University Relations
3. Ryan Smith, current Board member
4. Everett McCorvey, current Board member
5. Doug Boyd, President Todd’s Chief of Staff
6. Stan Key, Director, University of Kentucky Alumni Association
7. Paula Pope, Campaign Services and Donor Relations Director
The Committee shall select an appropriate site and make appropriate arrangements to celebrate
the decade of change and challenges that President Todd has brought to the University of
Kentucky with his vision and his limitless energy and passion.
Background: Pursuant to GR II 6. Q) Special Committees, which provides:
"Special committees may be established and appointed at any time by the Chair of the Board of
Trustees and with such charge as the Board of Trustees Chair may detennine. Special
committees shall cany out their duties as specified and report to the Board of Trustees. Such
committees shall function until discharged. Membership shall include trustees and may also
include persons who are not Board of Trustees members.” Therefore, I hereby request the
Board’s approval of this Committee.
Action taken: EI Approved EI Disapproved IZI Other Announcement