Over the past two weekends, 700 people rode on the three nights each weekend. President Todd
thanked Mr. Smith for starting these programs while he was president and pointed out that he has
had an impact on the campus.
Gatton School Accountancy Scores Get National Recognition
The president praised the School of Accountancy for receiving national recognition of its pass
rates among advanced degree programs on the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. It ranks
sixth in the nation for students’ test scores.
Department of Art Launches First Public Art Smartphone Application
President Todd stated that Mr. Kellen’s reference to mobile apps in his address to the Board is
confinned by the accomplishments of students and faculty at the UK Department of Art and the
Gaines Center for the Humanities. "Take it Artside!” was made available free in November
2010 as an iTunes app and as an Android app in February. It includes images of local public art
in the Bluegrass area along with a brief description of each piece, artist infonnation, and its GPS
location. The president thinks that having such an app may raise the art and cultural IQ of
Kentucky, one of his stated goals.
Company Founded by UK Graduates Wins Award Presents in New York
AwesomeTouch is a company started by some UK engineering and business students. It was
recently selected from more than 50 participating companies to present at Vator Splash NY, a
business start-up event in New York City. AwesomeTouch was the only company from
Kentucky to be selected. The company is developing applications for large multitouch screens in
public places. Its first product, AwesomeMap, is a way-finding solution that allows visitors to
quickly and easily discover dining, shopping, entertainment, and similar venues in a downtown
area. The company will receive $5,000 and six months of free rent in semi-private work space.
Patterson School of Diplomacy Uses iPad to Enhance Master’s Program
The Patterson School of Diplomacy and Intemational Commerce has begun a maj or 18-month
trial ofthe value of Apple’s iPad in supporting professional graduate education. This will be the
first instance where an entire professional school — faculty, students, and staf`f — will use the
device. This maj or technology initiative will encompass student recruitment, admissions,
seminars, and graduation. In addition to Apple, the trial is being supported by software
application developers, media companies, and hardware and accessory providers from the United
States, Canada, and Europe. The goal is to transfonn the student leaming experience, enhance
overall school operations, and prepare graduates to advance diplomacy and intemational business
in the digital age. President Todd added further that the Patterson iPad users are now negotiating
with companies to give them online iPad access to a large number of intemational newspapers as
part ofthe resources available to be used in their studies. It is also likely that some students will
develop their own apps for the iPads.
Nearly 600 participate in December Commencement Ceremonies
President Todd announced that the first December commencement involved 600 people. He
thanked Provost Subbaswamy and his staf`f for accomplishing this first for the university and
announced that it will be continued in coming years. Having the December commencement
allows a personalization of graduation that was heretofore not available in the spring