Campus Events Evolve With Student Interests
The minutes of the faculty of May 7, 1902, give an insight to the social activities of the campus during the Patterson administration: "President Patterson called the attention of the Faculty to the fact that he had received intimations that the frequent 'Cadet Hops' were resulting in the deterioration of the quality of class work by the participants, and asked for the opinions of the faculty upon the subject. Professor Kastle thought that as the rule, the privileges of the Cadet Hops should be restricted to the upper class students and that the general student body should only engage in them at long intervals, such as once a year." The report of November 16, 1903 stated: "a girl was requested to withdraw when reported seen on two occasions waltzing with a young man in the college gym." In 1908 the name of the institution changed from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky to the State University. In the same year the College of Law was established with W. T. Lafferty as dean.
The sophomores dragged the freshmen through Euclid Pond in the annual class tug-of-war in 1913.
William Jennings Bryan and President Barker ride in the back seat of a 1911 convertible after a speech Bryan delivered on campus.