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t ornin; board was a Board of t`urat0rs. EY-
arship from thee early days. lts first g0\`~ '
ery student was required to be morally [it
insidc and outside of the univr-rsity and was
compelled in attend Sunrlay school and
tyhurcli regularly,
Thu present University of l{<~ntuuky's first
‘ name was Agricultural & Mechanical Col- ,
; lege. In 1878 the name was changed to -
State Vollcgo by which nanin it. was known
; until 1908. when it was changed to "State
` Univ<·rsity." ln 1910 the name "Univcrsity L
of Kentu<;lu1 ISTS to 1RSl saw a hulldlnx
lmmn on the- vaimiiis of tht- pwsteiit univrirr  
j sity, 'l‘lio .\·ln1inistra,tion huihlin:. \\’hit