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  The ])1`il`i”t(l1‘)` 0l>_iet·t of the R. O. T. t`. is  
{ tt ]>r.»x·i·le sy¢=ien1:1tie 1\liili1\1')' truininx t`nr >
O {hn pitrpnse of selecting students qiinlifiesl ‘
i 1`nr enniniissions in the nrnry ns ]ii*S(?1`\`t* Oi'- ,
`ial `, livers. As the years gn by. the veterans nt I
,1 the \\'nrl11 \\v1\l' will grm1u:1lly 1101-01110 sep- {
:1r:1te¤1 from the Reserve. so that ulti- 1
§ inntely the one great reservoir for Reserve I
i O1'i`it·ers will he the Il. O. T. t'. Units nt »
g the various emlleges and universities of our
` enuntry. .\lsn, in ttdilition to the benefits
aieeruing in the intliyiciuul student, the V
training received by those students who
. pursue only the basic course of two yenrs
will be ]1l`O]1(`bl`i,iO11ilt€i}' \‘;1111:1l_»l0 ns nn as- ·'
\ ::11 of Nzititinzil preparedness.
M F The Alilitnry Depttrtnient offers I1 pr0gr1~s—
j sire course 0i' four years, ('Ol\SiS[i11g' of two
[ yenrs linsie. nntl. 11 two yt·:¤rs' 11Ci\‘:111t·e¤i
L_ 1 <’t\lll'SP. rv
i The luisiti ennrse is required of :111 pl1ys» ·
i ivztlly 1`it 111:110 Fresliitien and Snpliomnres. E
{ The successful cmnpletinn of the basic i
{ eonrse is rt prerequisite of gmeluzttion in g
I t-very entirse in the university.  
, .\n zitlviiiivetl vntirse nf two yenrs is nf- lg
`l {ered to selected stutlents wlm }1:1\'e com- ‘r
1 pleteil the basic course, and who desire to li
1 pursue; the zulvzinced enurse with it yiew i
___ · te qnnlifyinq for :1. enmmission in the Of- ·
i t`it·i·rs' lr:es1~1·ve Corps, United States Army. "
i '1'lie (loyernmentz offers n very liberal allow- ·
C ztnee to stullents who enroll in the nd-  
' g v;1tu·0ve yailiizihie rt·fer»  
'_' r·n1·e rnl111n·¤—s after grtitluntion,