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l985 No. 4 C O N T E N T S
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mm  KE CKY
COVER Margret I. King Library - North
l Speaking Out tor nlVe”itY of entucky
E Higher Education • Lcxln i _
i gton Kenruck 40506
  Un1ted We Stand r Y
l Higher education in Kentucky as a whole needs more
_ T985 OFFICERS support. Speaking up tor higher education and tor UK
3   is on the alumni agenda. Q
  Julio Kurtz Tackett '68
l Lexington
owed o. Ravencratt rss   at  
Reston, Va.
. TREASURER. Some duplication ot programs among universities is
’Vl'$— JO'?   ’Vl0"*$ ,38 necessary, but this story focuses on the unique
S;i.’:'g$;i°;Y opportunities available only at UK. ·
Jay Brumtield '4B  
~ Lexington
¤·R¤¤¤R Patents
.lay Brumtield '48
Bob C. Whitaker ,58 Patents represent the tinal delivery ot theoretical and
I EDITOR applied research to the taxpayers and toundations
  UZ HOW.-my pemomn that tinance the research. ·
i ’68  
i MG D,$;;;*;?rd ‘3" Model of Excellence
B d B ` . .
Juli: Biotii-gs letiersonICommunity College put ateather In (Z
Linda Brumtield Kentucky s cap when it was proclaimed #2 in the
M¤rgi€· €¤rbv country. O
Ruth Elliott
Amelia Gano
Carolyn Grittith
Ruby Hardin • • •
r Ennis tom. H1be1·nat10n Tngger
Betty W. Nelson '52 '
, ART DIRECTION Hibernation research at UK may one day lead to a b
· El¤B€ Yi/€b€' natural anesthetic, a cure tor sleep disorders, and to
wgns more successtul match-ups tor organ transplants. ·
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