Composite Book of Hours. Text 1: Use of Toul, Late 15th century, terminus post quem: 1485. Text 2: Use Unknown, late 14th century (MS Latin Kentucky IX)


  • Latin
  • Old French



  • Identifier: MS LAT KY IX
  • Summary: This Book of Hours is a combination of two separate Books of Hours: the first text is 15th century Northeastern French, Use of Toul the second is late 14th century French (possibly Anglo-Norman). The two books have been bound together, possibly in the 18th century when the book was bound, and the two texts alternate between (incomplete) Offices. The early sections have been subject to biblioclasm and is much more intricate with grotesques, elaborate foliated borders with dragons, and scenes of the peasantry below major illuminations. The later text has patron portraits of René d'Anglure and Catherine de Bouzy.
  • Origin: Text One: Late 15th century, terminus post quem: 1485, Northeastern France, probably Toul. Text Two: Late 14th century, France, possibly Paris.
  • Decoration: Text One: Full page illuminations of beginnings of Offices, strewn borders, red and blue alternating illuminted two- and one- line initials, clean margins. Text Two: Half-page illuminations at beginnings of Offices, foliated borders/margins inhabited with grotesques, fish, dragon, and geometric line bars, one- and two- line blue and red alternating illuminated initials with illuminated borders.
  • Provenance: Philip Sang, former owner, 1961. Rev. Thomas Downes, D. D. P. P. Kilmallock, Ireland, former owner (d. 1890). René d'Anglure and Catherine de Bouzy (married 1485) (patrons of Text One). François du Fou (Illustrator of Text One).
  • Notes: Illumination between fol. 26 and 27 missing. Illumination between fol. 36 and 37 missing. Fingerprint fol. on 89r. Iconoclasm of face in illustrated initial on fol. 109v.
  • Script: Text One: Gothic textualis semi-quadrata. Text Two: Gothic textualis precissa.
  • Support: Parchment
  • Binding: 18th century brown Morocco, with gold floral stamping.
  • Layout: Text One: 18 lines, ruled in red. Text Two: 16 lines, ruled in graphite.

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