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Ofhcral News-Letter of the State Councnl of Defense 1
To Editors: The "
news in this Bulletin    
is prepared for the SITY OF KENTUCKY Entered as S,c,,,,c,
press and is released . ,   °|ass matt"` at th°
for publication on   post office at Lex-
pgggiph ‘ al" i¥`|QtOI1, Ky, .
September 15, 1918   LEXINGTON KENTUCKY
’ Vol I N0 17
° lege units after the majority of their STUDENT HOURS AND T0 NAVA _
u   S 0 G   . fellow citizens of like age have been SUBJECTS ASSIGNED STUDENL TRAINING
• called to military service at camp. TS AT UNIVERSITY
Exception to this rule will be made, _  
          as the needs of the service require it, In the Curmculum of the Students, I 1`€t111`11€d Séptémber 1 from a trip
• O in the case of technical and sciémtiiic Army Training C01'D$» U¤iV€1‘SitY of to \VaS/hington, the Yale Training
At       students, Tvho >vi11·b& qssigmcd fQ1‘ Kentucky, the average number of Unit at New Haven and Madison
1¤¤g·;>1‘ periods my mmuswe Study m hours each week will be as f0110ws· C - ,
_ _ specialized Helds. MT _ . . . ' mm" the Almy C¤¤f·=1·¤¤¤¤ at Fmt
--1--- 5' NO units Of the Students, Army · 11·tzuy subjects, including prac- Shel-man and aa conference, with Cap
Plans are naw being developed at report at the University and register Training Corps will, for the present, HCM mSt1`“Cti°n¤ thaorgtical mmtmy will Moffett at the Great Lakes Naval
the University of Kentucky to Gdll- for training 011 September 16, 1918. be established at secondary schools, i11Si;1‘uCti011 and training, elr;ve11h0u;·5_ Training Station
cate under the calls of the WM and They will be required to pay their but it is hoped to provide at an early Allied guy · · ` 1 `
_ jects, mcludm 1 t · , . ·= , ,-
Navy Departments 800 qu=1l1fi€d Stud- own expenses until the date of muster date for the extension of military in- mcimtioms mbomt _ .g tec gms All th? downs connected mth the
cuts. At the F01`t Shéfidfrll C0¤Y€1‘· in the service of the United States struction in such schools. The scc- ’ my mf me mus mmm Ot Students Of the -"**`mY mid
ence, August 30-31, it was Stated that about October 1, 1918. It is probable oudary schools are urged to inteu- and the necessary DYQDMYWOH thm? NZWY K0 College this fall have not been
the first call on ·thG u11iV€1‘Siti€S f01` that rooms and board should be pro- sify their instruction so that young 101*. f01`t5’*tW0 h0111`S· settled, but it is to be expected that '
candidates for officer materwal schools vided by ppivme grmugemem; to in- mem 17 and 18 years old may be Each hour 0f lecture O1` recitation in Iuggt cases ·
would likely be December 31, 1918‘ clude October ]—5· HOWQVGY`, 11*0111 Qualified t0 Bute? ¤<>11Gg€ BS P1`0mPUY will ordinarily require two hours of · Engineers Of bot?] the
To meet this Mid f11t111`€ 011115 21-U U16 the date of muster in the service all as possible. . , Almy and Navy wh') are HG1 1mm€‘
. .. · · · supervised study The nour ·b chatel l‘ii d f ·‘ ·
f%1C1l1t1GS of the Ul11V€1‘S1bY Wlll DG expenses for lodging and subsistence 6. There will be both 21 collegiate ’ S a ove. Y qual Q_ Or Ofsmer material
placed lmd€1‘ the COHt1‘01 of U18 N3- will be paid by the United States. section and vocational section of the SG1 forth haV€_1`€f€l`€HC9 to the 110* Schools as Gngmears W;11 be ]`€tu!`H‘
ti0T13.l GOV€1‘I11Y1€11f. . It is expected that students in the Studentsf Army Training Corps. Young 1118} 1¤¤V€¤ méutuuou Such Studles as ;0d€€i]]2%t;l€;ii' Ot}1€}`S f·{1‘-*1¤>m_¤1
Field Al_ml€1_y_C_lm) Taylor Km} mg Corps at the same d:1mez¤@tl1e>1m1s- are called my this $91311011 each 101*111 DZIFY 01 U1G D1`OgI`&111 of D1‘€p211‘&— . . Qpmmlt {mma] tml?
tucky ‘ I ’ my in of the other student; in the mouth. Application ,{O1` voluntary iu- tion for the elmmiem wgufayg Sgyvigg, §EgtE;c;g?§[;1;`Y11;b; r€tm`?€(E t? md
' _ University. This t1`€L1lSf€l' will not, duction into the voqatimml section the Mn]- ,1 C ., . _ W ·n mw:} 1·¤1¤1¤g
C¤¤S1_A¤111¤¤‘vjF¤1·1 M(`m`O€y Va- however, z1iI¤1<, GLL 11@e1·i11g students amd students in the and an effort will be made L0 accom- `lD`_' lb Y nance COIDS OY other Ol? béuzg asslgned to an 'Jmcer ma' -
E}*gm€GrSTCm“D L€€· Va Radio C0m1m1uicati011 Course. mcdute as many as possible of those t¤¤11¤1¤¤1 brzmches of the S€1`Vi€€, $119 tmml SCHOOL
S1$1131Si(»iU1'lI) ‘MG&d<~>. I;01111. A11 prospective students mow regis- who volunteer for this t1·zm1iug. C0!11111i1t0€ 011 Ed11¤11i1011 @1111 $11901211 The ¢¤¤1‘S<·1S Outlined by the Navy
  H1   h;1?'p1i1i {EIB S;gl$(:E`i·.·e Service b MC11 in UIQ \`O(5?U1011iU SGCUOH will '.l`1‘21i11i11g may authorize gx reduction ggpgitggelicx iIEh;\mT§igaUOB‘ etc" will
( L c Ip; _ ., . ¤ t1· lzye · L I ._, , .21 L :._\ ,. tix . _ ·· ’v_ ,7v .':, -
Tha Navlll Tmiumg Cours? Wm be 1 O1 ci w O1‘L,.OC{.Ob€1 G 1 ted md tewtad by the stfmdzmd lu the hours Of mlhtmy instruction t 1, v_ V 111Y€1S1 :· 0f Ken _
by _l dj L ‘t T _ _ · 1, 1918, should apply t0 t.ue11· local army methods and those who ara (mcmdmg Dl,,1Ctim1 mmtaly mstmc Why mth 1119 Opéllmg of the fall
Su (lV1(€ 1110 W0 n1v1s1:‘11s, one `11 , V , . A ,,. · , = , . .   · ,. ,   , ·_ _ ‘ ‘ ` V " ,L ·_ · Y · · -
Engineering which Cormsgoudg Wiih boiuls bcfom SCDt(,111bt.1 11,v·1918,.1¤; Leung} to pobsebg mh? ,(3Q,U51t(,`Qllf`Ll1 mm, theoretical mmmry mstmctiou _ $220% 191 7MB C011fQ1ex1ce ·;md wsu
th M J.   1‘_ · ` _ VOlLl11t£lI`Y advanced induction 111*50 hcat1011s may bc HSSIQIIGLI for iurther and physical Unumng) to Hm IGN tha “1 1 he MUG Tmmmg U1111? Showed
E '_ €°·"““€***1_m1_d ElC€t"“?*_l ]¤H¤°-$1* the Service 0f the United Smtesklml t1`{\i11i1`lgi11 the collegiatce section. Six hmlrs A week DYOVMCC thft UH me 111111 th€1`€ ¤1`€ DHBV valuable
nswnz (;0uY>€T In the UWVQYSUQY,   assignment LO [hg Uuivgrgny of KOH. "{_ In View gf the Cgmpzwgygivgly rcduculm is mule; (wl IU: tl L1 $3 COUYSQS that can be b€$t giVG!l`1 il] C0]-
t €`f¤U”1€1 I11_€D·11¥UZ01`Y Y0? 11- €1€€k 0.11* tucky for further tmming All Stud. short time during which most 0f the StiH,t;,);1 Of at ;,ON.C€])})gl(U£__, IG SIU J1 leg? and these, t¤z<>1h¤¤·—-·irh UW €X·
<=€Y¤` 111111<>11·11 $@1001 and 111G1u<11ng ents or me above Class whg can make S[]_l(_1CHt-S()1di€1`S wm 1-(mmm in Q01. of udjmmml h6m__ "I, . t? wm E1 1’€1`1€‘11€€ 811111611 U1 summer training ‘
V CPLUSBS In trlgonolngtry and HU·V1ga¢‘ {[]‘[‘[]l]{3)'Q]]]Q]]tg f()y dcfcyljug thcir Call leg;) and thg Gxacting Byi1itn_]t€mber 16 d · ·
GENER L , A _ ` I _ txon xull not Dl€L,llld€ eixcctue amd ` IQ " _ 113115/ 1 , HH they wlll
ARA1é»YP%§§I§?§C CORPS Aim, instead oi by CI1]1St11.G11t as pw- gmk; wm.k_ It \`·ill Vary to Some €X_ be SQXGCKGCI irom the following list; 111911 be available for futuyg calls of
T 11011Sy C0I1Y·€111D18f€d· · tc/nt in accordance with the type Og EUSUSI1, FYGHCI1, German, Mathema- th'? N¤VY D€D€11‘tme11t. The mma,.
A ··  . · ' {Thi) Studgnt, by .VO11?.l1t{1l`Y 1l1€1L1C— acadcmic instruction, Q_ gi will be UCS, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, tiV€ UHKGS f01' the Army are Deggm.
b f1€01’d111§ to .lI1St1`llCC10l15? received gsi? Ggqmis *1 S_Qm}€I U1 th€_U111@€d msg in a mgdiga] Sghggl [ham iu a G€0g1`€~DhY, T0D0g1‘%11>hy nad Map bef 31, M¤1‘€11 31 and June 30, '
Y the U111v81‘s1ty of kggpuqkyy the f`¢.€$ 1111},. 111111-011119d, SLUJJGCK T30 College 0fhb€l.a1m.tS_ Mélklilg, Meterology, A5f]*O]]01]]5v, H, N, ROYDEN `
mam-power mu definitely binds the ¤¤111¤1‘y <11S¤11>1¤¤€ wd with the my S The primery purpose of the H>’gi€¤é· S¤1¤11¤11<>¤, D€S¢1‘i1>11v€ GGG- C€‘·1°*a1¤ U Q Amiy
country to the policy of msmmng 01 ¤1>1‘1v¤1¤- They W1US11111111=¤1€<>¤S· sm'de¤ts* Aim ` · · ` · 1¤€¤" M9 1 ‘ 1 ` " ’
_ V _ _   lc _ · y Tl-ammg Corps is to sl, CIQHICH and Free Hand Ccmmzmdant.
gig €;g;61;“gI`$Yl lm UIQ W111;111g of gglllzidggci3ul°“b;“gma;UV° duty and utilize mg executive and teaching D1`?1“£111g» Ellfvéying, Economics, AC. ` __ 
" · ulciy as pussi g_ It ‘ » ' ca as soon as , 1 ,· . coun invy {jstoyy, Im . t—
faxes the age um from 18.45, both possum with the wuem my me £?‘$§;112‘imi§ZS‘lES §E§i2‘€‘§L€$§‘¥iET ¤¤¤1=¤·?  and Govii-ZZ12°$EalLa`V’ PR¥§I¥§_§,,SIGNS CONTRACT
;nCW1;;1V§ ·IVJ DYEILCGS thc H:3,$10]1 upon O?1;E§¥ituS;Es£&§€?;_€ hand msuucmm mg 0t our new Eil`lH1€S. T111s 11D})OS€S PEYUIISSIOI1 111HY bé granted for the 700 STUDENTS
&S1S. I G new military pro- _ G1 *0 _1€1S- _ great responsibilities on the colleges 1`€C0g111U011 21S an allied subject gf
gl‘€Ll1l, ELS Outlined by {hg Sggygtayy 2- Officers: U111{01`m$, YIHQS and and gt [hg Sguug thug Q/1‘QultQS an gx. T10tI11OI`€th311 0119 subject Outsidg {hg President Frank L' MCVG}7 has sign'
gfriyag <3im1ls‘f01‘ the imcraqs? of the ;L;;?lag§h€1` _Sq‘€pmf€nF_ as may be cepticnal opportunity for service. The above list PYOVMGG That it Occupies ed 34 (icmmct WiFh. the Vvar Daparb
Y Y 111016 than two 1111111011 men ‘ 6 W1 Q ulmshed by the colleges are asked to devote the 1101 m01`€ than three hour; pgp yvggk mgmt mr the tmmmg of SBVB11 h\111·
Egcgsli 3, iiilgi This- Wig probably §;$;C];§Da1`t111€Ht, as previously an- Whole energy and €duC&ti011£11`D0\\’€F in 1€Ctm`€S Mid recitatigug yvjth COP d1'€_d_Stud€HtS_und€Y the HGW plan for
,51 a G 19 1}1¤'>111ZM1<>¤ Of all ,_ ‘ _ of the institution to the phases, and 1`€$D011d111g time for study tmmmg S<>1<1¤€¤*S at the @119865 of
phys1cul1y—fit 1·eg1st¤—ants unda]- 21, 0- Thé St“d€¤t‘S°ld1°i`S W111 be lines of training desired by the Gov- In the case of t h · `1 the United Stat€S‘ It seams p"°b‘
_ · ‘ . he problem 1S a` new one f€Ssi011*11 sci 1 · ·· · · 8 un erslty 0* Kentucky
students Smeg thgy we not to be cars 0f the Army and will be kept and cmg · · ( mos pmnsmn M11 be will be fill d ‘
_ » · = _ l _ {Or mv -L Y , d d _ ( , . _ € to Capacity u11¤><¤¤s Such umaay SO zxbunduutly ghw,1 list Of u1f§Bd‘°S‘§)?"°]?d€d mthe ¤‘>¤V¤ Should me meh- Cmdenms as high
BGWICB 111 the Hem by JUHBY l9l9- as 9ugm€G1`S’_Ch€miStS and d0CtO"S· 9. The plan contempmtgs the mak- M V Su Jécw $(*11001 g*`adu€1t€S with the Registrar
The Only €Xc€Dti0nS`Wm be certain After :1 Cermm period, the mgm Wm ing Of Contracts with au mqtitutions · ihe p1·0g1·z}m or study in allied sub- 011 O1` before the data of yepnming at
Stud€·]]};S Qngflggd in   Studies   S€l€ct€d E1CCO]'(lil]g t() their DEP. llaving units Of the Studcuiis, Arluy Jecgs nwust euclude 3* Course On the   U11iV€1`SitY, S€,pt_Q]‘]]b€]‘    
°§n§"{}**1Y1’ V111116. 9. g., xnedicme, gu. g:n"“"_"“€· am} assifélwd _‘~<>‘ 111111tMy Training Cgrpg fm- the hgusjugy Sub. Egvcllgéllgplziiggg Ot the “’“Y· This a‘Y`iV?*1 at 111*3 Univwsity the students
g lggng dvd ?hGmm1.y_ Undcrthcsg Y 111 0116 of 1116 10U0W111g WHYSZ sisteuce and instruction of the stu- qiniq CO -9 usf? Spgclal war wm have their °pti°n Of Several
coudmoufs it 1S Obvious that schgglg (EU H€__111=1Y be U`a¤$Y¤1`1‘€d t0 ii denL-soldiers to mm épgect OH O,. about gl ` MSB Wlth 3 mmlmum Of UIYBB Courses Of Study both from a military
and college? fm, young men Within (ggut]-gl Ogylcmg tmmmg mma October 1, 1918. A Sgmmm State- mis; Igfml hf>111`S DBF Week with ({0;- and naval training standpoint
tha. age limits of 1111% new law cannot (b) H8 may be tI`*mSf’31`1`€d tv 21 ment of thiq date =·€;S forth tha ppg U I H mg Mme for Study °°V°“"g It is likely that studemg xl
· , .   .·     · ~* - , · -_ . -, · · s vm are
ggggrgggsto (Tgmga as under peace ;;’1;10(;’*11i1115S10¤€d 0ff1C€1¤ i1€1111111§ ccadure and principles governing these nggebgegigs b?&tléEguiGq\1l1Qm€Ht wd not high School graduates can be ad`
· Full 11111011tHI chguggg ‘ ‘ C()1lt1';1(;[S_ _ ._ `SG 01* <>¤111‘S€s in mitlcd to th » t· , · ·
mum UB 11111dG in college and School (C) H0 may bé assigned to the Signed, H1bt01`Y, GOV€1`1l111€11t, Economics) Phu mchmeut 1_€;O1;?l$a 31*;*; 1*3111111F 116-
_ practices in Order to afialpt umm to S¤1¤<>¤1 ‘Vh€1‘9 11€ is €111‘0N€d f01‘ fur- Committee Ou Educmtigu and OSOphy’ OT Modém Litemmre “’h‘31`@ 011 November lrthg Th 8 -}mLrS1ty
effective servigg ju this €m€1·gGnCy_ gm? intensive work in Yi SD'?Cm€d 11119 Spvciacl Trwiniug   COHESES are S0 planned as iu the are being Widg1v·adve(;t;;g (gxlrigg
· , , 01’:l` 'td   ‘ " ` ‘ ' UIOUO `1€ d gt' `· »-, Y, ‘ ’ -
The f0U0W1¤¤ stnimnentg mlumg (dl;   i1mSD§Cm°d_ Um°· BY ROBER'1 I. REES, Mmmplish SuiSl;;;t{f)%Hl duectm U Wu D9D¤1`i111€11t R5 the surcst, mad to
g;€dg€¤F11'11l 171311 under which the Catioml tmili; ;§StS;1gn€‘; to the V0‘ COIOHGI, General Staff Corps, p,_u.DOS€_ ‘ I ld y the Same ¤ {1‘i1i11111g Camp and a, commission in
U 611% Army 'Fmmmg gm-Ds yvill for me} _‘__1 g_ F _1°“ O- th€_Q°1`DS gh&h·ma,H_ 1111% Army or Navy f()I`C€$_
Opéfflfg under the Changcd conditions I luuclrl tlallllflg gf ]_)]1]1ta1·y      
pmduced bY Uk? 1`<’ViSi011 of the SG]? va ug` WORK D LARGE GL
- . _ · 1- IVIDED INTO Tramvns 1 ASS INDICATED - ·
uva Service LPN,. C (6) HG 1113}* be t1·z1nsferre,d to q BRANCH POST OFFICE FOR
* · ‘ IN RADIO T ·
( t · ·   A ?—“ - RAI -
mi? {211 yofmg mem, w¥m were DIM? ;];;§;;}1¤¤¤1 101 duty 111111 LYOGDS as an In mmngmg the work Of uw Stud- __é NING UNIVERSITY IS ASKED FOR
carry 0u§‘;1lg1i;*];1;;lrthisifnll, shgmm 4_ Similar swung and rgagsigm €1j1t$;A1'111YT1`i1111111£§C01`DS.U111VG1‘S1tY Ciwtain H. N. Roydgn, COmm;md_ X . .
Should O t th; - ·111€ 1_0 $0. Mach ment of the men Wm bg made at vt I\€11t11€kY, @119 D€1‘i0d b9tW9€H Oc- 1111t `OY the Uuivgrgjtv 0[ I- { . 1 ¤1>*m¤¤¤11¤S been m¤<1¤1<> \V¤$h‘
mimic   t O L College Ol his Chmcev Deriodicm intervals, as the require- topm mst,-1918: and July mst, 1919, reports that admucam _ ttm} u<¤1111€1‘ as a 1‘€gula1· mem 0; the Service demmd It Cm M11 be d“’“1€d ¤¤¤>11¤·¤¤ 1611115 *311011 the Radio Cgnunu - gis mmm for mS1¤11¤¤1 at **19 Univvrsitv of Kau-
is? mf; H? “'*U· 0*- C<>111‘S¤. also reg- not be mw dgmmcly Stated gw MQW, °f ““"*€ ‘“°”¥“‘S' 1"“`i°d· In Um 11151 clicnms EL mgg mmcdti?n· COHYSG 1%* tuck? The 1`°‘1““`€’“€¤tS 101 Y1 11051-
_ (ir fum 1118 100211 bo;u~d on the 1.€g_ Du pm.tiCulm_ Student wm MQW _   t$?l`U]U.Cil(]GlU1C wm-]; mC]udmgmStmC_ Especially qd t *SS· NUS 0011rsc 1S Omm OH the campus have grown in -
· · SC. Jv t, G J-. · _ . _ ` . .   ‘ 1011 €XZITU111l1iO11S wi · E men 0` - · . .
Eglgglsll (hy   It ‘ h llcsldcmw College. MUS Wm depend on S12 Tg- t' ‘ t 1] Gnd On the Um age Of ;W;£t°idWF?h ‘i0u“_4_ t thelast year, :¤ndw1th LI1e1ns,La1];;t,;gn
(hy 1);)I;"?l)£,OS2;:Jl0 11it¤11¤¤¤·11y mt be pm-- Mmm 31, and mfO‘ff‘§f1‘;ga§mf‘I{‘g§§§“g; ,,9 ‘§JQ§§§§md 1§§j;§‘€ga1’f?1 m=·1¤<>¤ my m$>v_¤<1 from we 1»·Smm of the Ad.
GWICB muted to remain on duty in the COI- Saturday, Jung 21. den, Commamkmt »P €1111 H. N. R0y·   Jnulding to 34 mgm Spa.
, · 10 .