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Vol. 36 No. 3
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ame-sex arrlages
A publication of the GLSO

 Cover photo by Brian
Hawkins Fairness Legislative
Rally Day in Frankfort, KY.
Wednesday, February 19
3 3 ° 9 b
That 5 What I m Talkln A out
Helena shares her distate for the season and treats us to i
an image of her perfect Christmas ’
Imperlal Court of Kentucky
ID. Vaughn fills us in on the fundraising prowess of
the Imperial Court for the month of February
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i G \ Flee] D ©lt \li‘laiireliii Ju®,>@lrxiui1§g
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l \V l iiflatt: S‘Lnlmnrain return" an unbiased and critical review
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I!" “‘32:” 231.3
W I.’ 0 G L S O
Editor-in—Chief The Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization seeks
Marc K. Blevins to educate, enhance and empower the community about
Photographer GLBTQQIA issues.
Brian Hawkins
Calendar Coordinator GLSO Executive Committee and Board of Directors
Chad Hundley Paul Brown, President
Circulation Ginger Moore-Minder, Vice President
GLSO Board, Chad Hundley, Kay Garner Paul Holland, Secretary
Jacob Boyd, Treasurer
LinQ is published monthly by and for the Lexington Gay and Marc Blevins, At Large
Lesbian Services Organization members and community. The Donovan Iefferson, At Large
Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization envisions Cynthia Lyons, At Large
a community that accepts and celebrates each individual. Cindy Sommer, At Large
All LinQ submissions and advertisements can be made to GLSO Staff
the editor (editor@glso.org) or to the GLSO Pride Center Chad Hundley, Office Manager
(859.253.3233). All submissions may be edited for length.
GLSO Pride Center
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 . That’s What I’m *
Q j , ~.
3 > , ,
Talkin’ About W
By Helena Handbasket
appy March, ya’ll! and then flee south to Florida the bears have it right. No, not Netflix to avoid the commer—
H Iam thrilled we or warmer climates for the myleathered, sexy, butch boys cials. We’ve watched so
are nearing the winter. Well, suddenly, I’ve but actual bears. I’ve always much that we’re waiting for
end of all of this snowy, wintry reached the place in my life heard that bears hibernate the next season now!
weather that has blessed us where that concept doesn’t during the winter months Confession time about
these last few months. Here’s sound like a bad idea. We and honey, they have the “Scandal.” When I watch
hoping Punxsutawney Phil could all use a break from the right idea! They are certainly Carrie Washington, I gener-
misread the signs and March insufferable cold winters. a species with above average ally feel that I may be a
does not bring any freezing Close your eyes and picture intelligence on this one. lesbian trapped in the body
temperatures or Springtime the perfect Christmas with Let’s talk about the right of a drag queen. Of course,
blizzards. Strangely enough, me. I’d wake up next to my way to hibernate. To start, the President is hot too.
I’ve had the opportunity to honey on Christmas morning. a cuddle buddy is a must. So, maybe I’m suddenly
sit back and take a cold, hard, We would have a nice My honey and I have done bisexual... just sayin’.
and even colder look at myself Christmas breakfast together, plenty of that lately and I’m I’ve also realized that some
this winter. Let me tell you, I put on some shorts and flip not complaining! *wink" But, of the best television shows are
have learned alot. flops, then take our puppy we’vebecomepseudo-hermits those from the past. I rekin—
It’sasurprisebutI’vedecided child, Mitchell, for a walk this winter. Thank goodness dled my fantasy friendships
that I don’t really like winter. on the beach. We could sing for Netflix and TV Land for with “Will and Grace” and my
I’m just not a cold weather Christmas Carols with the keeping us entertained. boys from “Queer as Folk”.
person. I lived in Minnesota waves of the ocean as our only Finding the right enter— Yes, it’s been a long, cold
for just over 4 years and I can accompaniment. Who says a tainment is key. Here, in the winter. Y’all just have to find
assure you that this Kentucky traditional Christmas must be comfort of our own home, we a way to hibernate and do
winter was just as bad as any cold and covered with snow? can watch endless amounts something productive with
of the winters I lived through Just because of one tired, old of movies and shows without your time. Sometimes the
up north. I used to laugh at song that’s overused? Honey, the constant interruptions most productive thing you
people that claimed to be I’m dreaming of a warm from people getting up for can do is to relax, refuel, and
“snow birds”. You know, those Christmas, not a white one. popcorn. We are hooked on revive. And baby, I can tell
people that live here during Something else I’ve learned the TV show “Scandal” and you it sure feels good.
the warm weather months about myself is that I think we’ve loved watching it on Until next month, love ya’ll.
LinQ Send comments or suggestions to: helenahandbasketKY@gmail.com

 ,2.. 1.23,:7’7777} o
igwourt Imp er 1 a1 3
Court News .
By I. D. Vaughn
ebruary fundraising contestants competed in the 3153, “M;
Fendeavors progress at Valentine’s-themed categories. . 295:"‘9',’ ‘
full steam for Emperor Iayda Colby won the title Miss . . ’ ‘ .. .
Patrick and Regent Empress Gay Valentine 2014, while ' ’:§&”w ",
I.D. of Reign 32. Working in Lairica Andrews was runner— 7;. '_ ML '13-;
conjunction with the Scott up. Mister Kenneth J. Squires ‘ 1 ' ‘ ., ._ ¢
County Humane Society, the won the Mr. Gay Valentine " '7‘. I " " I???“
Imperial Court of Kentucky title. All three contestants will ' l I" '
held the annual “Wags n advance to the Entertainer of .‘3?
Drags” event on February 8 the Year Finale in May. it:
at the Grand Reserve. The Then on Valentine’s Day,
event showcased Regent Emperor 29 Clayton Burchell
Empress 32 ].D. Vaughn, and Emperor 30 Fred
Empress 31 Trinity, Empress Worsham hosted the Single
30 Shotz, Empress 29 Helena and Bitter event at Crossings. Emperor 32’ Patrick Thompson With Empress 27’ Gracie
Handbasket, Imperial Princess Several court entertainers Steeles 0f the Imperial Court Of New York during the
Royale 32 Kali Dupree, and impressed the Friday night Imperial Court of All Connecticut's Coronation.
Marquise Aurora Cummings. crowd at Crossings with their Court members attended the Ball. Keep an eye out for
The group entertained a large Valentine’s musical selections. Connecticut Court Coronation April’s edition of GLSO’s LinQ
crowd while guests were On Thursday, February 20, in Hartford, CT. Several for updates on these events!
treated to a silent auction, theCourtwelcomedtheNorth Imperial Court of Kentuck March shows no sign ofbeing
a pet parade, and food and American Bear Weekend members were honored with less great for fundraising.
drinks. The event raised over attendees with a kickoff titles during the visit. The Court already has several
$6700 to benefit the Scott show at Pulse Nightlife. The The Court wrapped up the events planned. On Sunday
County Humane Society. crowd loved the event and the month of February with three March 16, the court will
The following week, the proceeds were distributed to events, the Drag Olympics host the 18th Annual Falsies
Court held the Mister and Moveable Feast Lexington. on Februaru 26, a Kentucky Awards, a yearly award cere-
Miss Gay Valentine Pageant Later that week, Emperor Invasion Show on February monyforlocal entertainers and
at Pulse Nightlife. Several 32 Patrick and a delegation of 28, and the 2014 Mardi Gras community members. This

 year’s ceremony will feature 18 ceremony begins at 8pm.
awards, with such categories The CourtwillhostaComedy . _ j
as: Outstanding Achievement Showat9:30pmonWednesday, ‘ i ., _ ,
5 - j 3.:
in a Special Performance, March 19 at Crossings. The Algjgg‘ 3 ‘ _’*f "it
.i ’13 ' .i f .
the Michael Thompson event will feature comedy :filgg l 3 ,
Community Service Award, performances from the Court 3": ‘31.“ i ‘ , I
5"" . we. - L; . ' i-
and the New Image Award. Monarchs and lines of descent. ' f 1“. > f . a»
In addition, nominees for The Court scheduled two . l Z >
_ '7“,
ABSOLUT Diva of the Year college outreach events in . ‘
will perform the night of the March. The first is a mini ’4‘”
ceremony andawinner will be college pageant on March 27 W
announced from the nominee at Transylvania University. 3
with the highest fundraising The second is a show at EKU 7‘
total from tips and dona- on March 31. More informa- —,. 5
tions. The doors open to the tion on all events of Reign , .1 , ‘
event at 7pm and will be held 32 at the Court’s Facebook . A :1; '
at Bogart’s Lounge, located (ImpCourtKY) or website: 3 .. W .,_ 2...: 1
Io Dee Monroe at Miss Gay Valentine
at the Campbell House. The www.imperialcourtkentuckyorg.
. \ .
\ 9
' ‘. ‘9
" i’
. g ‘53! 5"" :x
4 ‘AJHij ,3; 5% ~ . - -‘
,T‘fl‘fa' .;"‘I‘ ’ 1 Mar; _. ' fir; », w ‘l, I; h _ . m
at » . «ww- MW .JW .. _
£15527 7‘34“ ’3. ‘- "\ ll 1 ‘ "a I .._. ' _'
fig? — a - rm-
“59+ ' 1.x *- m 3! v ~
. i‘ V . ,3 r z
4 , W n . fl i-f.:j'}'i'-H {3:34 . .;
» 7 i \ll' All .1 @‘l‘ £5 [/22
"' " j, ‘7 we: ‘5} .. ‘3‘.th“- ; 1: ‘ ~
, i f}, " ”.3 1—34) r 7‘35 K533 l" i
,"V«: "‘ , .
sag , ' <7 “
3"“ (i :5???“ ' , ‘ ~ _ , «1 i ‘,
gem . - a -
Current and last 3 Reigning Empresses of Kentucky, from left to right: Her Imperial Majesty Empress 29, Helena
Handbasket; Her Most Imperial Majesty Regent Empress 32 and Empress 22, ].D. Vaughn; Her Imperial Majesty
Empress 31, Trinity; Her Imperial Majesty Empress 30, ShotZ

A New GLSO Group Un Nuevo Grupo
Provides a Safe del GLSO Ofrece un
S ace or is anic u ar e uro ara
p f H p L g S g p
LGBT Communi la Comunidad Ga
ty y
His ana
The Gay and Lesbian to talk about the problems La organizacion para gays con que los Hispanos gays
Services Organization that gay Hispanics face and y lesbianas (GLSO) va a enfrentan y celebraremos
(GLSO) is going to start to celebrate the triumphs comenzar un grupo dirigido los triunfos y momentos
a group directed at the and special moments of a la comunidad hispana a preciosos de cada persona.
Hispanic community each person. The possibility partir del 28 de marzo. El También existe la posibilidad
starting on March 28. The of meeting new friends grupo se reuniré el primer de conocer a nuevos amigos
group will meet the first and uniting a big group y tercer Viernes de cada mes y unir un grupo grande de
and fourth Friday of every of people from Lexington en el Centro de Orgullo Gay personas en Lexington y
month in the Pride Center and the surrounding areas (Pride Center) a las 7 pm. areas alrededor. El grupo
at 7 pm. The Center is also exists. The group will El Centro esta ubicado en seré dirigido por un estudi-
located at 389 Waller be led by a Hispanic grad- el 389 Waller Avenue, Suite ante Hispano graduado de
Avenue, Suite 100. From uate student in psychology 100. Desde e1 principio, psicologia llamado Roberto
the outset, the mission of named Roberto Abreu. He la mision del grupo seré Abreu. El esta muy agrade-
the group will be to provide is very happy to begin this brindar un lugar seguro para cido de iniciar este grupo, lo
asafe place for Hispanic gay, group, which is free to the que personas hispanas de la cual es gratis al publico. Su
bisexual, and transgender public. His vision is that the comunidad gay, bisexual y vision es que el grupo iré
people to discuss what group will go developing transexualpuedan discutir lo desarrollando los temas de
happens to them on a daily discussion topics and other que les pasa a diario. Habré discusion y otras actividades.
basis. There will be serious activities. Besides excellent momentosseriosymomentos Ademés de discusiones
moments and moments discussions, there will be llenos de risas. En en grupo excelentes, se ofrecerén
full of laughter. It’s a time snacks and beverages. hablaremos de problemas meriendasyrefrescos.
mvesr m 490mg 7m Palm/o
Iii fl /‘
L . Q ‘ Save $10 online with discountcode:PR/DE
I n www.ImperialF/owersLexington.com
o publication of GLSO Imperial Flowers
Connecting the Bluegrass LGBT Communitu 393 WallerAve. 8592337486 Local
Email editor@glso.org or call 859.253.3233 for more info Lexington, KY 40504 800-888-7486 Toll-Free

 PFL AG L ° t M tin
Our meetings are open award-winning documen— shows both the devastation /" , ,
to parents, LGBTQs, and tary “Wish Me Away.” The of internalized homophobia, “ , /
allies. We offer a confi- film tells the story of Chely the transformational power / ' X
dential, supportive atmos— Wright. After a lifetime of of living an authentic life, PFLAG
phere where you can be hiding, Chely becomes the and the conflicting responses
yourself, wherever you are first commercial country from Nashville, the heart- Our April 8
in your journey. music singer to come out as land and the LGBT commu— meeting will offer
The meeting will be 6:30 to a lesbian, shattering cultural nity. Due to the length of plenty oftimefor
8:30 PM on March 11 at St. stereotypes within Nashville, this film, our meeting may discusswn and
support, as we will
Michael’s Episcopal Church, her conservative heartland run a little later than usual, have no formal
(2025 Bellefonte Drive). family, and most importantly, with our support group time presentation.
We will be showing the within herself. The film being shorter.
a‘\c WTW'”
\L 1;}: <‘:/ N . E
, a 9 w’ 9 REAL ESTATE »
j; ,5
._ 319 South Ashland Ave.
y' ‘ LeXin ton K Y 40502
i‘ /’ ’
3‘5 MI}, .
: Cell/Text. 859948991150
Fax: 85992937018
Teresa (30111138, Realtor teresa@towneandcountryky.com
ABR, GRl, QSC www.yourbluegrassrealtor.com
Assisting Buyers (’7 Sellers for 20 Years! Become A Fan!
” Ql‘i, by filial/51y, love referrals} ” WWW.Facebook.com/TeresaCombsRE

Sleep; or) watCh rushed and amateur. Cut to love everlasting orjustafling, m”
k. ? the next scene and, because and it ends. Not alot actually Z
LOO lng O we barely got to see it, all of happens, but what makes the E
By Matt D. Sullivan the awkwardness and humor movie intriguing is the situ- 2
Once a week I make myself plotlines. The main char- is implicated by the droning ation and what makes the E
sit and sleep—watch another acter Patrick, played by conversation he and the two movie successful is enough é
episode of Looking, much the Jonathan Groff, is a Video other main characters, Dom time to make us care about I;
same as I did with Glee and game designer. He's attrac- and Agustin, have while they the characters. Haigh has ’€
The Walking Dead. This new tive, shy, and romantically walk to the bus stop and sit the ability to create a bond
show, airing on HBO, and and sexually inexperienced, around smoking. There's a between audience and char—
having premiered this past prime material for excite- lot of talking in the show. acter in relatively short story
January, follows the lives of merit. The first time we meet They spend so much time time. He struggles to bring
three friends in San Francisco him he's crawling around the talking they don't have time that to Looking. It’s dificult to
who all happen to be gay. The woods and we're unsure of to do anything else (like make bond with three main char-
show's hook is a promise to what he's doing exactly. He Patrick seem more painfully acters, and therefore three
show gay men realistically. I gets to a small clearing and awkward through action). different storylines, in a
was drawn in by this promise it turns out another man was Time is atechnical issue for matter of ten minutes each.
at first and, so far, they've following him and he was the show and I'm not sure why There is hope, though.
delivered. The characters cruising. The other man starts they chose to go with a thirty Episode five does what the
feel genuine. They have jobs to unbuckle Patrick's belt minute airing. Thirty minute other episodes wouldn't. We
and struggles and hobbies. and Patrick fumbles around shows are usually reserved for follow Patrick on a day-long
None of them seem particu- for words to say, introducing comedies or cartoons, forms date he has with a man named
larly adept at anything, they himself and trying to get the of entertainment that don't Richie. There is no one else to
aren't politicians, or celebri- name of the man who now hinge on any real character interrupt the story. The pace
ties, they aren't ruthless or has his hand down his pants. development. Since Looking is slow, but not stagnant. They
morally superior, they are just Patrick kisses the man, in an tries to be real, not necessarily go to Golden Gate Park, they
average people. More impor- attempt to make the moment comedic, it requires fleshed see a fortune teller of sorts
tantly, these characters are more intimate perhaps, and is out characters, but with a who only speaks Spanish, we
not defined by their gayness. rebuffed. His phone rings and limited run time they have to see them being intimate with
Watching characters who feel Patrick excuses himself to revert to talking to move the each other. When the char-
like an accurate representa- answer the call. The moment story forward. Andrew Haigh, acters aren't rushed, when
tion of me and people I know tries to be awkward, it tries an executive producer of the we have time to see them
is refreshing, but, unfortu- to be humorous, maybe show, wrote for and directed change, we can connect with
nately for Looking, this isn't arousing, but because it lasts the movie Weekend, a movie them. You don't really need
enough to save a show from only a moment, none of that that is similar in tone and action then. If Looking would
being dreadfully boring. comes through. In reality, an pacing of Looking. Weekend stop talking and start doing
The problem with Looking awkward person like Patrick is about the brief relationship it wouldn't be so boring. I'll
is that it relies heavily on the would probably leave as two men have over, as the title continue to tune in, for now; I
premise of reality while fore- quickly as he does, but on suggests, a weekend. They like having noise in the back-
going things like exciting screen, the story comes off meet, they bond, it could be ground while I sleep.

I’m saying this because this them, though. What I’m
. , is what (I thought) I knew doing, loving a transgender
ReVOlutlonarY) I 11 about transgender persons. person, should not be inher-
. I fostered this belief from a ently special. The who of
take 1t 0 0 0 lack of education and experi- love really shouldn’t matter
ence with trans persons. to me or anyone else. It’s the
Through my relationship love that is special, not the
By Bobbie Thompson ' m with Alana, I have found “make-up” of the couple.
aka Alana’s Spouse both experience and a valu- Unfortunately, in the
able education. My reason society in which we live
for sharing “my side of today, it is somethingspecial
I read an Advocatecom of these “steps in the right our story” in my memoir toloveatransgenderperson.
article a few weeks ago that direction.” Now, back to (www.myhusbandlooks- If loving a transgender
identified the most vocal how my mind works for a better.com) is my attempt to person wasn’t special, then
advocates of transgender moment, I am of the opinion educate through my expe- no transgender teen would
equality. So, here is how my that as people become riences and to advocate for be rejected by their parents.
mind works: My definition educated regarding the our transgender population. When a married person
of an advocate is someone transgender population and So, I made a comment to comes out as transgender,
who is in “support” or “favor” learn that “people are just that initial article. “I hope to the next step wouldn’t be
of something and actively people,” then equality will be be on this list someday as a divorce court. Most of all,
speaks out and takes action one result of that education. result of my memoir.” there would be no need
to demonstrate their support. I’llbethe firstto tellyouthat Someone responded to for “Transgender Day of
In this instance, the advo- I knew absolutely nothing, my comment and said, Remembrance.”
cates on the list are in “favor” not a single iota about “You’re not doing anything After all this, I found
of transgender equality. The being transgender when my special. LOVE is special, Brynn Tannehill’s article
article pointed out certain friend of 25 years (a former but who you love is not.” At at the HuffingtonPostcom
steps that these advocates lover and now spouse) first, I felt rather offended, and in big bold letters it
have taken to show their came out as transgender. At as I took the comment says, “Loving a Transgender
support, while highlighting first, it freaked me out and personally. How could they Person is a Revolutionary '
their results. I thought my friend had say I’m not special? Act.” It totally confirmed
It made my heart feel good a “mental condition.” I’m As I thought about those that I am special or, at least,
to see the accomplishments not saying this to be nasty, words I began to agree with revolutionary. I’ll take it.
n Brynn Tannehill Become a fan ’Follow -E
t: Director of Advocacy, SPART*A
Lovin a rans en er erson a
g T g d P IS
Revolu 'ona c
t1 ry A t
Posted: 02/03/2014 2:12 pm EST 1 Updated: 02/03/2014 2:59 pm EST ;

 ‘ l
* ~ '
Two GLSO board members will be guest grilling each hour, so don’t miss this 1
opportunity to get a good meal and'get to know the folks who operate the GLSO. j
3 bd’SMon ‘01'a ‘ G __ 'll ’
. , Thursday, March ‘1 3
- From 6'00 m -' 9'00- m +
. " ' ' .. l ' ' , ,. l
. I ‘_ I ' V ' OR‘G‘NAL , I 1
V‘ I ~ ‘ ' I ' Mongolian Grill] 7 ‘ ' f 1
2309SII‘BaI't0nWaY Y .. ' T 1
LeXIIlgton,K Y 40599
’,. - .

 Yet another Federal judge bl
Map: Jefflones, PhD, February 2014, middlingamerica. ogspotcom c' 'l '
h l d th t t t ' b
m as m e a a S 3 es an on Data: Marriage Equality USA list of pending lawsuits, February 2014 IVI M a rrlage Laws
E—* offering civil marriage and its .
<1 benefits and responsibilities Note: As of 10/18/2013 six tribal nations allow same-sex marriages. Fe ru a r 27 1
a b y 20 4
g to same-sex couples violates ’
m the US Constitution. Ajudge - . . o u
g . With Year Same-sex Marriage or CiVil Unions Enacted
LL] in Texas ruled that the Texas
Z ban was unconstitutional. The PI u 5 Fe n d i n g Laws u its
ruling has a stay on it while ME
I the case can be appealed by ‘ «a 7 N
, '1 we VT H 2009, 2012
the state government. . " ¢ - f 2009 2009
I / r 1/0 I)“, ‘
11 Kentucky, another Federal 7, / , // /
judge lifted his stay on an I Q ./ fl / «14" i W ,
earlier ruling that the Bluegrass / // ////// WY / I . ’l MA
State must recognize marriages ' , riff . / f, I, . ‘ 2003
legally performed in other I/ //i 7 ; i // ‘ ,1.) RI
‘ ‘7
states. The state's Democratic , i;;,.;;v‘£;¢2// // , ’ll/ ' ll: 1” N J CT 2013
Attorney General had asked for “g; f . .. (/ / ”9‘ i y 2013 2008
a 90 day Stay so that the State / j ' ragga //l b” I [If] 2013
. . J rile at?“ 4'“ it”; "rfe‘ 7 l . V I fl
can dec1de to either appeal , ; 35% / WM” '4’“
or F KY 1 ‘- a a / ,l‘ M ll 4: 1’ MD
Prepare 0r coup e5 . a 4' I, f/ ”/1! /" 2012
married out of state, confusion ‘h ~_ ,inliaai ’W// W 1 DC
abounds about howto complete \ //l s" Liveling . /// 4-. I 2009
. w y -
their taxes. Currently, they , ‘ s‘eefiet} -W A
returns as married but must (I 1—s- A ,/ J:fi_efie‘:l ” " fl} _ r___1 --
submit state returns sepa- - l” ’ . ‘ “it?! 0 130 260 520 Miles 1/ l!
W e' ‘z. /
rately as single. No word yet W // x lg |_H+H_H_l ‘ é
on how the February 27 deci— ‘ «:1 r- l ’9 [I [’9 4'35.“ ¢ " “I
c . _ I $434195 ~ HI
sion will affect tax filings. {fl $25135 .‘l 201 3
The increasingly legal /,---’"I I i=5"
complexities are making my J ed”?
little map also more complex. '
I've now added Ohio to the D Recognizes some or all aspects of same—sex marriages performecin other states 'l/A Pending lawsuit to legalize same—sex marriage
states recognizing out—of-
State marriages because the . ~ I _ :l Restricted to opposite—sex couples at the state level
Federal court ruling there 7': On-gomg lawsuit re ated to same—sex marriage _ . _ _ . ' _
(taxes, domestic partners, death certificates, E: Limited benefits for some sex couples. marriage for opposne sex couples
orders the state to recog- . . . . , _ ' ’ . .
birth certificates, Etc-l that does not dlreCtlv $89k I: ClVll unions for same—sex couples, marriage for opposn‘e-sex couples
nize such marriages on death I - - -
egalization of same—sex marriage . f b h d 't l
certificates. This ruling, - Marriage or at same-sex an OppOSl e-sex coup es
however, if on appeal too. Judicial ruling allowing same—sex marriage stayed for appeal process
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 Fairness Leglslatlve Rally in Frankfort
. ‘ , , . . By Brian Hawkins
. " " 7 " I -U‘Ptoti
m Kentuckian '5'
. for Fairness

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#FAIRNESSNOW '\ D REA] \glfx‘ofi ._
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. F [a 1% 7 #FAERNESSNOW 3
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A M' ' ’
. mister s Journey
a By Scott Rollins
: My name is Scott Rollins, with others who might not my church about PFLAG that Jesus is Lord means that
a a member of PFLAG, and have heard it. and my involvement in it. I Christ, and not I, am Lord
the minister of Highland Itwasn’tlonginto mytenure didn’t betray any confiden— over my life, everything
Christian Church (Disciples at Highland whenIheard the tialities by sharing stories I else about our faith is non—
I I 7 of Christ) in Frankfort. Iam first rumblings of discontent heard at PFLAG, but I did essential as far as member—
‘ writing to share my story. about my “views on homo— let my church people know ship. Things such as how
I moved to Frankfort with sexuality.” One person, in a how horribly LGBT people we interpret Scripture, how ,
my family in June, 2010, from word, went “postal” on me have been treated by their we vote, how we understand
Knoxville, TN, to serve as the at a meeting of our church church “families”. God’s role in the life of other m
minister at Highland. I knew leadership. Soon after, he left We watched the video “For people. . .None of these can
very little about Frankfort the church because I “didn’t the Bible tells me so,” over form a checklist of what a
before we moved up here; believe in the Bible.” Another several PFLAG meetings and person must believe. As
I didn’t even know that church leader shared with Iimmediatelyorderedacopy. the minister of a Disciples
Frankfort was the capital of me that she felt conflicted Ishared it with several fami- church, I cannot tell people
Kentucky untilIdida Google- and didn’t know if she could lies in my church, all of whom that they must thinka certain
search before interviewing remain in a church where have gay or lesbian family way about matters of faith,
at the church. Even though the minister believed as I members. Every family butIsure can tell them bowl
I didn’t know much about did about same-sex relation— who watched it loved it, so I feel about things. Especially
Frankfort, nor the church, ships. True to her word, she decided to present the video about issues important to me,
I wanted to make sure that soon left the church. to our church leadership who are not “issues” after all
they knew about me. Shortly after moving to group. Well, that stirred up a but are people I care about
I made sure that the church Frankfort, I found out about few other church leaders, all and who have been treated
search committee heard my the Lexington PFLAG group. of whom were wonderfully so harshly by the church, a
“Audrey story.” Audrey is a Iwas loosely involved in the involved in the life of our group who has been charged
dear friend of my family and Knoxville PFLAG group church, and whom my family by its Lord to “love your .,
a former minister co—worker before moving, so I began loved. Ultimately, they could neighbor as yourself.”
at my church in Knoxville. to attend the local meetings. not “agree to disagree” on the But, there were some folks
Audrey also happens to be Due to my commitments issue of homosexuality. who could not “agree to disa-
a lesbian. I fully supported at home (coaching sports, Let me explain that phrase, gree” on this, so theyleft. And
Audrey both in our ministry running kids to sports and “Agree to disagree.” In our I have to admit, that group’s
together and in her sexual dance and school events, denomination, the Christian leaving hurt a good bit. It
orientation. I told that story etc.), I couldn’t attend every Church (Disciples of Christ), hurt personally for my family
openly and freely as I met meeting but I always felt our only requirement for and for me, and even more for
with the search committee. grateful to be a part of this membership is our confes- others in our church who had
After the church hired me, great group when I could! I sion that “Jesus Christ is known these folks a whole
I shared that Audrey story even began to tell folks from Lord.” And while saying lot longer thanIhave. These

folks had also held leader— sympathy is because, over faith, baptism and spiritual share their thoughts on the
ship roles which now would time, all the wounds that gifts of all Christians regard— Ordinance. For many of
be vacant, and of course (not may have been created from less of their sexual orienta- these citizens (actually most
to be crass) they took their folks leaving have been tion or gender identity, and of them), this gave them a
money with them too. healed over, and, from my that neither is grounds for chance to bash GLBT folks.
Now, if you are still reading View of things, the Vitality of exclusion from fellowship or Very often it was a minister
this ramble, please don’t our congregation is stronger service within the church, who did the berating, often
think I am trying to gain now than it has been in any but we celebrate that all are quoting Scripture to suppos-
any pity points with anyone, of my time in Fran