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LOUISVILLE, KY., January 3, 1899.

At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held this day,
the resignation of Mr. M. C. Peter, which had previously been
tendered owing to the press of his private business, was
accepted with much regret. Mr. Peter will still remain a
director of the bank.

Mr. P. N. Clarke was elected President of the bank, to
fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Peter’s resignation.

The signatures of the officers authorized to sign drafts,
etc., will be found below.

Yours truly,
é: //@//©CASHIER .

 .yZ/‘gamx‘p, ofirm’lf .(//.)- r/ Clint/lg.) ,VPan/jiml «51/ / (go/1%Iix/4KgrxJ/riw.

07 ‘37 / ' 7/ ' /QJ /

Jxxz é/f/ ill/J /i/x !/ «ix/xlflxxm Ji/ix ,
gfl/Xlal/ZZW, a%£lld, /ix/2 5% / c5199.
Eonfibential to Stockbolbers. _

In handing you the within Statement, it alfords me much pleasure, to say, that we have now written off
every dollar of bad assets heretofore under criticism of the Comptroller of the Currency and as suggested to him,
from an examination of the Bank made on November 7th, last.

Having attained the end for which I have been striving for the past several years, I now feel priveleged to
submit the following facts, for your consideration.

This Bank was organizedjust prior to the financial disturbances, commencing with the Barings failure in
1890, embracing the panic of 1893, the Silver issue of 1896, and culminating in the Spanish-American war of this
year, the whole forming a period of nnexampled depression and business disaster, during which time many Banks
have suspended, and others have experienced severe losses, which have been written off from previously acquired
surplus and profits, or from the Capital Stock direct, we have done neither—organizing when we did, we had not
acquired surplus and profits necessary to meet nnexampled losses. Our capital has however been reduced in the
meantime, but by the repayment to you of 50 per cent of your original investment at 100 cents on the dollar, in
cash and the remainder with the'resumption ofdividends, should soon sell for the face value. These conditions have
been accomplished by a temporary suspension of dividends, a fact which has been just as unpleasant and much
more burdensome to me than to either of you, individually; at same time you must recognize that you and I and
our combined stock go to make the Bank, which, in its concrete form, is the only guarantee of safety to depositors
and other creditors, and our highest obligation is to protect these first and look to ourselves next.

To have paid dividends in the face of apparent losses would have been subversive of the very principles of
correct banking, and might have proven an ultimate boomerang in the shape ofa stock assessment—the payment
of the latter would have offset the payment of dividends to you, and at same time, would have been very injurious
to the future credit of the Bank.

As your President, I have attempted to deal with conditions as they presented themselves to me, and I am
sure you will, at this time, credit me with having acted for the best. Our losses originated largely when my
responsibility was divided with older and wiser heads and, while the infallible bank manager is yet unborn, I am
as much disposed to credit these losses to the subsequent depression and general collapse, as to mistakes of judg-
ment on our part when the loans were first made.

At this time I wish also to thank each and all of you for your patience and freedom from harsh criticism
during our period of apparent apathy, and in doing this it affords me some pleasure to present to you a statement,
which must indicate to you that the Galveslan Nalz'onal Ban/e is still not without honor in its own country.

Respectfully, ‘

 TELEPHONE No. .1, (um/(:1: or
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Gomer Main and M11] Streets.
- ///a 0
fwd, $2 / L C717 &z,/7Zh¢tv\
2 @272
QM» Vfiéfl/wfl/ 2:720 ELL 09¢,M\
”7&1 gg/czé/ Z/Zcfi\ //74L 2 Zl/VL gag/A JK
247742 222/Z; a W231 2%, 224,0 ~22; 2. Q Q \
,9 k/VL/L 7C )Zcfiw ‘ZLMK ék7él/Zyjfl 15% M
éétc‘ .
011 Wk {ML 'JW/x/T\ C795A 7Q
2’7 {>1 (717/7kfa 2/2/1'7L {ééé V/\ xZ/Z/{Z/ f6 aafl\
J/flL/Zr'VéK/Z/a (jLfiQ/Wf/sz‘ke/J ’5’ fl”\
f“ , ~£Qé¢"7\ £2 £ 2242.
K f / >57”? EWz/«Lé;
(2‘2- 6 / 5141;: é/é/MV
22 9;?

 . 55./J; 57 .J -../(gm. 52w
* i %W /awwl//é/;/JZ: .
gig/{W £5555”. fi/rwa/v 61/ %&au/émc[
15?;th 34/ (2.44.1 2. 5:30; 1%: [7/1J/
(«ZZZMPZMZP a” .. 5i , r 5” '
Zét—gb 5 2 5) [Zmflr/% m/w
. %cm,a -au/ nmJ %ma/¢w£
' 5W. ML M1 WCX m) ,7 ?
fl/{J gig/45% flf/émawiw/MJ
Jaw . .»‘/5W5“. Wow» 51
' gym m a; W 5’ M
I . W M WM ”5% ~ ‘

 .mm 22% flwée‘y/ J” W6 ‘ 2‘42 Z3 zip/ya: y/wrcw ing: %MW
_ Z/ém WZ‘W MZW Wax Zia/MM, 2m W
222%; n , 2 222M 2 222 2222/2222: 7 2222/
%4% W gym!“ Q mw jfiwe W1 é/mfl/ %%w
. Z—mmo/ p/mn/Z «447m W -16 %W 2e WW
%5M Z/W /M ”of? @aaw M WKy/v/WUM/fiw 4647: M
W M 14% :éWW Q/AZW m/‘ ZWX 42%;}? add/44M»
71%; W22) :7 % / ' 2222/ f W M W,” -
CW f%afl “1% /W zen/242W / % 7375+
W %( //w:;6" [74% Mb
4' Z Who 22 M m
W 2%/ M. 24 W
fb’mrfl new}? gut/M Z/m/ flwg '
{4) in 222.22 , ' flew
MW 222 2* 2.:/26 gm»: 2/
if” 2 “WW9?“
V m eagle/74% WM

L... ._~ m
:Ag‘f}; Lexington, Ky,£oy7Z4/W£fl
. Received from_7/E42UL/{Mflrmjfi
/’ ,
. the sum of. 07(0 (A /,,_L2,,\/\, _c/0//ars in payment of his membership dues from
, / (57%: {gm ., ...z‘o Z/raflme/M/ . _
//Z/W2%4Wy 2
$ /‘/'0"0 l/ N Treasurer.

 Weft/“(M _ 7
‘e ‘3? t I (11111 ‘7' 'f’b
c; a a , you t .
J ‘
. or THE
[IV/ll (L/ (In: llwrnl lt./fin; I’I'wterm((2'1'f:bm‘g, on. .’1'/uu's(lu_//. 8H2 Fulu'iiarg. 1.91%).
7) ’ . ,, . . . 1 report on the affairs of the bank for the'
{ The annual general IIIEEIlllg of proprie- l past year, accompanied by the usual
, ‘ tors “f the .Nittilt Bank, Ltd" ““5 held at statement of accounts, du‘lv audited. But
3 the head othce, Maritzburg, on the above- for the political troubles. which have '
’l mentioned date. Mr. W. (1. Baker presided, existed in the adjoining Transvaal chub-
. l “)‘1‘l.th91'e were) “15? present HP”, ‘1' T' he during the past year, as well ‘15 pre-
, , >1olhinghorne), l-L-(J', Messrs. 5' 1" Be)n- vious thereto. culminating on the 11th
1 , Illghel‘l' J).l., _B “ twi'eenacre, )J'ly October last in the deciaration of war by
. I .\l.L.A., 1' Du”? (1 lt.. “but, '11") I}, the Transvaal and Free State Govern-
4 ,' 1? H‘lth‘n'nyfig E’ bhel’S‘m‘ey EJ'M'lL’;L merits against, the British Empire. the
, l”Meal-“’15ll‘lild,ll’)l(’lt”ll (”Islen'fl’l“ .statemcnts laid before you Would have
, . : ‘1' Dewmeul‘lv '5 l'reeman, J' 1:".1’lmh‘ shown still more satisfactory results in
l j J‘ .A' )l:ller, l“ Loney. Jesse binith, J‘ business transacted and profits earned.
/ },g”me"".J‘ A“ 1{,11!w‘lllflll’ R" A‘ Holgate, Consequent on the above occurrences,
‘ (7' H‘ ()_\le.ii‘a,\\._\1.Cameron, D1" NIH“ I trade with these .\‘tates has been much
: epland, .\lr. Jas. Mackellar‘(gencral 'man- ‘ restricted during the first nine 1“”th of
.‘ ( tiger), and Mr. H. B. to_hns (assistant l last year, and communication entirely
l - geh‘eral manager). , ,2 stopped for the remaining three months
1 l ' 1.118 annual report ”f the Lln‘th" thereof. Notwithstanding this, we find
‘ '. (which was taken as read) was as follows: ourselves warranted in declarinu ‘.“u a
l l The directors beg t" present t” 1the dividend equal to that for last‘vcar,
f l shareholders a statement, duly audited, namelr. at the “I” of 10 per cent: 1,“.
; ,‘ of the accounts of the bank for the year annuni on the paid-up capital of the bank,
, l i ' ended 50th December, 1899' The “61' omitting,r only the 2 per cent. bonus add~ l
"' l profit (“MUde “86’565 1.15' 0d- bl‘mlght ed for 1898. Of this: dividend, 5 per cent.,
l ,‘ 10’3““1'd from the l’l'eCEdllli-l' year) “It“ was paid out to vou on 30th June last,
( 1 making all necessary deductions, amounts and a further 5 ‘1,” cent. will be paid
. J to £52,482 18s. 7d. Your drectors now vou durin-r the I)l‘€r~8nt month, for the
“ 5 declare a dividend for the year referred half vear Ended 50th December last. You
, ‘ to at the rate of 101per cent. per an— will iiiite bv the statement submitted
. ‘.‘ » num. lhe interim divzdend paid in July that “.6 carriv forward to next account
,‘ i 11“? f'bmrbe‘bfjldrfdlé, 1.7; 16d~ {11:9 rte- (as a precautionary measure) the sum of
, mainmg por ion 0 "lVltellt anion s 0 £12,559 6s. 7d. out of last vear‘s profits,
‘ l £14211 17'5“ 6d' lotal, £28323, 15" being nearlv double the amount s'milar»
_ j , And the balance of the net profit 15 re- Iv dealt with thr ‘previous vear. I
i (1 commended 1') be uPPWPHM‘id 2"“ fOI‘ would also inform run that no credit has
i 19“,“ To reserve fund, £10000; to pen- been taken in these accounts for Iii'ofits
. ,l 51““ fund, £1,500? t" credit ”f profit “11d earned during the last three months of
- ,‘ l 1085! new account, £12;559 5'" 7d‘ the past year by brunches in the Trans-
.‘ l £24'059 55' “1‘; total, 9323482 185‘ .7d' vaal, these profits having been carried to
l l [1,1118 branches “t Dundee, Ladysmith, a separate account :or the present. As
1 . ' ”Newcastle, and the Eli-lei have been a result, to some extent. of the adverse in—
l closed; pendingr thea‘estoration ot‘ peace fluences referred to. our net profits for
f between the Reliubhcs and the lampire. 1899 (exclusive of carryings forward)
‘ 1* 'IJ'he directors retiring by rotation _are Mr. were £10,0851css than for 1898. totalling
leter Dams and 31,12 b' F; Beningfield. up. however, to £45,917 Ts. 7d. for ~Ihe
J‘P“ who-being Ehglble otter themselves vear. A sum of £10,000 has been added
for re-election. Mr. J. A. Runcnnan to the reserve fund from last vear‘s 1’1‘0'
was elected an auditor of the bank at a fits. niakinw it £120.000' A. sum of
i SPe‘Jial general meeting or shareholders, £1,500 has ”been added to pension fund,
on the 12th December last. to fill the vac— raising it to £10,483 25. 8d. 0n the
ancy ‘c‘uflsefl by the lamented ‘dcath 0f debit side of the accounts youiwill find
Mr. C., It. I‘aunton. .\Ir. Runcmian‘and that notes in circulation were £90,787
Mr. G. ,J‘ Bliicfai‘laiie (the other auditor) 1055” showing an increased issue during
1‘0“ retire.from 09199, but ”1'6 e-lg‘.l)le the vear of £15,805. This increased circulat—
for re-election. Warrants for the (ll‘Vl- tion. has been entirelv in Natal. Fixed
(lend will be transmitted to shareholders deposits and icurrent accounts
on or about. the 17th inst, immediately were £2092 745 195' 5d. be
on receipt of the list of proprietors re— ing £56,947 ’10s_ 4d. .1985 than for
. gistered in the London branch register.‘ 1898, ordinarv deposits and current ac-
' The chairman, 1“ movmg the adoption count balances having, however, increased
of. the report and statement of accounts, during the vent. The apparent decrease
SMdi— is entirely caused by the shrinkage of
Gentlemen,—Your directors now sub- Colonial Government; balances. Balances
mit. for your approval and adoption their due other banks show an increase of

 ~ . ills lavablc were ' the managers of the Transvaal branches, .Mr. Hathorn: I don’t, make a .propo- the necessity which caused Mr. Maciarlane
iiiléimin {815:2 2952d oil the1 cyi‘edit side and these gentlemen are deserving of :srtion; I only throw out a. suggestion. to bedlocked up in Lath)SIlllthli"udldt' pre:
we lind cash iii hand, notes of other banks, your special thanks for safeguarding the Mr, _Freeman remarked that he did not vente ‘him from attending ttli' isd u areas
drafts, orders, stand at £713,693 17s. 1d., bank‘s interests as they have done, Under think 1*! W35 ‘11? ”Plillollldotf) the maetm% :u‘(§.[€0‘l,'bufhlled:f:;‘e OfflghiJS ‘oiiitil‘rF—i
or £24.51?) 9s. 8d. higher than the pre- the able management of Mr. J. S. Dun- that the suggestion sliouB edcarris 1ou (lie: ihpir) _ and the least the: 'ouIDd do
Yinur‘ \T‘ill', “WWW; lhe present strong caiipand the London Committee, iiicreaserl If'll: would. hamper tie oai in eaing wasrto rg-elect‘liim to “1.6 “with; be cc-
pos.tioii of the bank in this respect. Re- business of a. profitable character has » With securities. , .. d ._ h 'l" ‘1} :'k‘ r
‘ ‘ ~ ' ' " " ‘ '0 1055 b been done at our London branch d rinr The report and statement of accounts cupie prior to ostrities )iea mg out.
Immune“ “1 ““115“ “81 y u 5 (iiilause) \Ir RunCim'ui too was emi-
£75 975 10s. 8d. than on 315C December, the year, and that branch has proved were then adopted. . . 111‘ -. "l‘fid f 1 ‘ ’Q. . -' 1: . h
1895i (.‘:Isll balances With London banks itself a useful adjunct to the head office The next busmess was the election of nenty (111111 e 'or tie poiiion, ~oi , e
. '. » . . ' u'ood se- . -' .y . ‘ ' .. two directors in the room of Messrs. P. had been a bank manager himself, and
and shoit loans in London on 5 here. 0““1D to one of your ammo” . ' . . k . th '1 1 b R. 1‘ ‘ r
I‘lll‘itv shuwed i111 inCl‘t'ilse 0f £71,785 165~ (311'. Gr. J. Macfarlane) being absent on Davis and S. F. Beiiingfield, who retire tnewd eIt“ If}: tusiiiel-f- :'llxllli()iei’l:ll.li1€1g,
10‘1- if T1165?) “‘illl Olll' “the? fairly liquid duty with the Carbineers at Ladysmith, by rotation, and are eligible for re-elec- fgi'eltlhe eli'ii‘e‘holtlisli's 1:2) ii:t(f’\io 1.611355“;
assets. such as British, Indian, and 0010- onlv Mr. J. A. Runciman'S" services as tion. . ‘ . .. . $ ,1] _ 1d {.1 , '1 pi: Ind h‘ileqlv do
““1 ”“‘TYm'W‘” securities, bills "f “x' auditor have been available for last year’s The chairman said that the retiring _di- ‘ “ 9 “our nine tea on. _ .i” .
I i ' ' V i ' i ‘ ' ‘ . ‘ ' “ ' ' 1v eiitlenieii iioniin- I their duty to the sliaieholdeis than Messrs.
change. UL“ An hand, llemliliuHes lt11 mull audit. 1n the lmdSt Of our anxrety 1525015 “$16 the 0n, g i ”\Iacf'irl'iiie ’uld Runcim'iii
H" " '1 i»-‘""" .'ir-' - .. .. .i . , “it t , <. .
t'uuilhlthmd 511:121 like. rtil reieiilt" L”2:31:11 in lebdul ti'¥118futUIe prospects Of inide’ Mr. 1’. F. l’ayii moved the re-electioii l Mr. J. Df’Yel'iieuil_secondedthe motion,
”’1‘ ”“0 L 1’ P l and the po..s1ble outcome Of the piesent ' ' d B ‘ Vii ld l ‘llld the retiriiir auditors \lessi‘s \Iacfar-
to 58.86 Per cent. M in“. tut‘fll deplorable WM" and while expressing Sin" 'Of Messrs. D‘ius'im . .emdlbde '- . .k‘ r lane and Runciiiian werethen-relelecicd
indebtflhless to the. lmbhc' neary C91? sympathy With the many 501“)“le M1". Dévefdlelil ‘seL’O-ltlvlet "t Ilene!“ ill: Mr Runciiiian returned thanks on be-
35 1’” “1“' higher um” ”um were lie-1d ones who have been bereaved in connec— t‘hat lt‘ “fm ' *6 ‘l n'nb‘ldl e dol iiiiel 7e - half of \Ir \Iaefarlane and himself.
the previous year. liivestiiieiits iii tion therewith, both in England illld ' lel‘fle’s f) t“9th'um' tt9“-miliflficiil‘ikrlv‘ fit i On the Proposition of Mr. Hathorn. se-
””‘Vellmllem.Sefuntles Show an increased South Africa, and with those whose homes (1’11” .‘iectotis a ‘l“.‘ ““8, 1‘ t . ( , conded bV Mr. O‘Meara. the remuneration
“”1““ at 53103366 1.08. 7d" “‘mse‘luent 0“ him? been “.1“.de and despoiled, let us 1”fl‘lplesent'. " s 'd ted nem con i of the auditors was fixed at the same ani-
pui'chases made during the year, the total hope that better times may soon come 18 mo ion vat a op, .4 'h . t- cunt, 1“ 1.1% .‘ve’u‘ n'unelv 150 (“line‘s
value held now, at cost, bellig‘ £240,011 mund‘ and that the results of it all . Mr. Benlnglflelcll‘,tlllltllldlllhl‘lgg ti; nitee 1 each ... .._ p . , . _, b ,
13"- IOd‘ Bills dlwfmmetli Am”, "df may bu substantial prosperity and good lr'lgyldplgndletiited tothldh'rfl'ifii-s oflheelbaiiil; ‘ ‘Mr. O'Meara moved a vote of thanks to
“mull Shiiwed ‘1 I‘Ed‘mw“ 0t 981.313 05. Government in future, benefiting and “'oll ' f fore K ‘ i i the directors and to the stall of the bank
311‘ “ms“ “Chime” we}? 19"“ by'£81"857‘ givmg confidence “like to the Uitlander, Inshfglefl‘ivis. rein'irl'ed that he was verv ‘ for the successful manner in which the
165' 10d Bank premises and Plnllie'l‘tlies' as well as the sturdy Boer. (Applause) much-oblioed to shareholders for re-elecf— i affairs of the institution had been managed
. ,irc taken credit for at,£.1'1’7‘8‘7 5&71tghli-E 91, The chairman then moved the adoption in him to the pmition and was very during the past year, as shown by the
“m“ 101‘ 1898' A(1-dlt.mm Ililv d .ttl‘u'wtlib 0f the l'elml‘t and statement of accounts, lgd to say that with regard to his friend balance sheet. ‘
to our banking offices at Villlflus- pain s, and intimated his \i'iiliiig‘ness to answer §Ir Beninvfield he was M well able H1 The chairman, in acknowledging the
esl’ecl‘dly “t Dlllimp, “““S'Ed tl'e "“119“? "m- questions WhiCh might be lmt‘ conduct anad see to the affairs of the bank compliment, srid the Board had done their
Eurnrture and fittings; stamlps all: St'd- I Ml” OMEN“ heconded the fldOPti‘m "i as ever he was With regard to himself, best. Thev lad been passing through an
Eff‘,’lllle'l-y":liiue'fitter!)I’ll?(“1:31t‘ll'lll'lititll‘f‘l)t‘; 1 the report, and‘, called attention to the he had a verviarge interest in the bank, anxious time from day hi day, and it. was
“ ~ _‘ .'_ .‘ , j ,‘ . . W F‘" , , ) large amount of cash in hand. At the , ‘-. . ' .,_ ' '. ma i a rreat thintr to know not their services
for. Ciegl'eillltlgnll lgdelml-hbh‘enflidt 31:: 5m” time he did "0t know that it WOUld ildnegitilifd yquirtlibthiitt ii‘fStlslilclili'ellitolderg,e and wegre appreciated by shareholders. He
1011191“ iI‘S‘mS Will. “adj-“f" V0? i“ t regard be advisable lllldel‘ the present circum- he could promise tham that the affairs of was sure that the Board would continue
:2 tllier financial sdundiiess of the bank’s 2:111:62; tpilinggffédagg“1:23;?“ 0f the cash thet institution would receive his best at- Elgprstheir best in the interest- of share-

- ' s . ntinued confidence ‘ b - 5 c ‘ .:. ten ion. .

. Egslizsliuigi (i): 311: igstitution. With Ml" Huthom suggested that the direc- Mr. T. P. O’Meaia moved the re-elec- The general manager (Mr. Mackellar)
“”3”” [U “‘0 “WW” "f 119‘“ banking tors 511011151 confide”. whether It would “Qt tion of the retiring auditors, Messrs. Mac- also expressed thanks on behalf of the
“file's“ ”t Jl’llimllf‘fihlnm I "1“" 1°11 "0“ 100k well in the accounts If tliev allotted farlane and Runcimtn. They regretted stafl, and the meeting then terminated.
thatda contract was Entered ‘into with 331$;uiltlculi3‘ (llillotrii)? Ciiiiveinfiileliil’OOO) 131
Messrs. John Abbott and Co., of Joliaii- .' 5 311‘ ll ' ‘ securi—
nesburg (Messrs. Carter and McIiitoslilieing ties to the reserve fund. _Tliere would
the architects) for the erection of the said he “0 dlflerewe whatever 111 effect, but
premises. Rumours of impending war were 1t ‘f'ilS COInfOl‘tlllg t0 DEOPle Who were not
current at the time, but in the belief and 19115113855 people ‘tO see the proportion of
hope that a peaceful settlement would be the invested funds separately represented
effected, voiir directors decided to I]'()- in the statement of accounts.
ceed with the work, reserving the right- Ml‘: _DilVlS: DO you mean lock up the .
to stop it at any time upon war Leiiig securities altogether?‘ ‘ .
declared. This having occurred, the work Ml‘~_ Hatliorn‘ replle’Cl m the negative.
was stopped before excavations for the H}? (lld ~110i? WiSll_t0 interfere in7 the
foundation were completed, and iiiriher slightestdegree With the directors ad-
actioii is for the present delayed. Fol- m1111St1'ilt10n Pf the assets, b_lii': 11? .Would
'lowiiiur the declaration of \var came be! he 'SllbmittEd, a. Comforting thing to
order: from the ’l‘ranwaal authorities for people if they were able to see that, say,
all uitlanders (foreigners) to leave the £140._090 Were put away in such and such
country. Permission ‘was obtained for a SQQUI‘IUES. . . . _
limited number of our staff to remain in The chairmanxin i‘eplymg to the paint,
charge of our various branches in the Re- raised by M1‘. OMeara, as to the amount
public. \Ve have therefore 51 members - 0f 03511 111 _hand, said that the directors
of our staff distributed amongst our seven would continue to invest if it was con- .

- "l‘ransvaal branches i(the Nigel branch Sldel‘ed »Szlfe to do so. but in the present
havinrr been closed). These gentlemen state 0f the country they thought it as
haves, so far, remained at their (posts 281111—111“ knlowing what tmight1 happenfi
lovallv and resolutelv doin their uty, We a urge ainoun. in rant,
atvure‘at personal inconveniegce, hardship, Mr. O'Meara could show the directors
and risk, and are therefore entitled to the how they could invest and yet. have the
-=vnipathv and consideration of the direc- money In theli‘ Ceilers, they would be _
tors. Upon the occupation of Newcastle very pleased. ‘:‘ltll reference to Mr.
.(in Natal) by the Boer forces, in October Hil’thl‘nS suggestion, the directors had,
last, our manager there (Mr. Munro) acting 011 ‘1 PTQVWUS lllllt: already allo- .
elected to remain in charge and risk the cated to the reserve fund a certain
possibilities. Our managers at Dundee amount of the assets represented 'by se-
and Ladvsmith, with the sanction of the curitles. He thought the directors
General .Maiiager, very discreetly decided would be qUite prepared to conSIder the
to close these branches subsequent to the question of showmg in the statement the
battle at Dundee, removing the assets to amount in the reserve fund represented‘
the Maritzburg and Durban offices respec- by securities. p
tivelv. The members of our staff in The General Manager read the rule
Natal, London. and the 'l‘ransvaah have, bearing on the question, and pomted out
generally, given full satisfaction in the that it would be very difficult to keep
performance of their several duties during the securities alwavs at the exact amount
the war, and we are pleased to recommend of the reserve fund; in fact, it would be
tllilt-‘tllé'V be granted the usual 5 per cent. hardly practicable.
bonus (in their salaries. The past year Mr. Freeman: . Do} understand that ,
has been an exceedingly trying and an- . this prec’ommendation is adopted by the .
' xious time to the General Manager, and meeting. _
' P. DAVIS & Sons, Printers, 254. Longmarket Street, Maritzlrurg.
l ,

 Bailovcr Eollegc annual.
I’litxovicn, l.\'l)., January 21, JHH‘J.
'I‘() the Allznini ::nrl Alrunnuo:

\Ve, the class of emu, are engaged in the preparation
of an Annual for Him. It is our purpose to make this An-
nual comprehensive of the hrighest, most original represen-
tative features of life at Hanover, together with historical,
literary, biographical and pictorial matter of interest to every
Alumnus and Alumna of Hanover College. It will emhrace
matter of exceptional literary merit, from men of National
fame. It Will portray the prominent historical scenes, inci—
dents and characters of the College, in original, graphic
form. In short, we aim to make, it truly representative of
your “Alma Mater.“

We invite your attention especially to one proposed
original feature of the Annual. It is the insertion of every
Alumnus and Alumna of the college, together with their name,
class, and vocation. We otl‘er you the privilege of insertion
for one dollar. We believe, that such a grouping of the
Alumni and Alumnae will he of the greatest historical value
and interest.

“'0 take this means of soliciting your interest and co—op-
cration. and earnestly request that you embrace this otl'er,
and send us at the earliest possible moment your photo, name,
address, class and vocation. These must he in our hands not
later than March 15th.

We solicit your order for an Annual at the price of one
dollar, upon receipt of which we will mail it to your address
free of charge

Advertising space can he had at the following rates: Full
page, $4.00; half page, Slow; quarter page, $23.00.

Hoping to receive your support, we are

Very respt‘lyq
Class of 1800.
Address S. WILM‘R llL'H’l'lR, Bus. .\l‘gr. Annual.

' 11,2
LEXINGTON, KY: I- A}. 2nd, 1899.
President Jas. K. Pattersmn,
nexgngton, K].
My Tsar President:
I have ynur note of the 2nd. I am ant enfjfled
TO any inanks for thc copjos of Tho Morning chald. “csha con—
tVolS, manages and praci cal j owns Th6 Harald, and I have
no oibcv than a formal con cation nifh if as nominal Pvesjdnnt
Of a merely nnmjnal knard of 1: Gators, which Pmard was selnoted
by hjm to serve during his aksence, vncn h? Ihnuth $kfi* jfi
niighiilin rmw3esuaflfi/ thafi: th0213 shnxlcf'he S(Nn0 a1flfl1ovjrhy for* the
busjncss manager or tbs Managing Edjfmv to appeal to. Th“ only
. - , .
other connection I have Uflh if is, fis a movs maiiir 0? pate?-
nal affsctjon for Vosna, in Write edi?0r”als. And it is due hofih
to yOL and to Washa thaf I should makc ihjs axplanatjon.

153%: I l{nci‘ihtwv ruicll it IVOUJJl 5grai if / mini t(>’hnjre i110 (TD—
portunjty to prinT [our addrcss. I alsn kncw whni an advanfawe
it would be to the com unity i0 have an Opportmnjfy to road it,
and nSDecjall/ in thos¢ who should havo thd senss to Dressrvo it

As in my own lecture; I and? tho fljSIflkO of Tr/jnq to
covcr IOU much ground. I flictafnd in Full nnl/ thaf part Thjch
was a Crifiicism anon our Down? in acmuivc and ”0Vhrn fierrjsnr/. I
made an ahsfracf of Th“ rdma‘ind v of Tho lsCIvre, thich “asks
has taken and ma/‘pui info some sham: and print.

Wjin sincrre resnnci, I am,

Vir/ txuly ywuns,
,, , ,1 x -
M w , as
K ’ \ /
.’: /’ /
xx/ [(7 .._—__.._
E/ W— /
(“jotafcd) /
e" :'
l l
A i

 9741/40 4 /,

4‘4 224/ M @4/4; 4% / Zwyr/MAZ
M0 w a? 44W 6 M ‘47?
v /4; % M W 4% _’..
77%; fan/m fV/Mr- Qafl’fiftfjw //L/é9~rm

, ’ 7

77/L/é4: 0’} WM g - WA/fljfl

41¢/Z 472m /44/% M /»%+-1/4 7% /O;
M M/Z‘ W 4 %& 7f'6fl2 /:;f #41:

,.’. ‘ I M ‘ M 44% 41,6 J" 44-4104
ARM 7 W4 3 “'7 aW/W‘ ”‘7 M fiff"?
Wm WM z/ééfl; J/Wafhwaflwwf

£45545?ka M/éZW.fld/M

/4; M fl f4” ’ (QC/227v , 741 ‘34,. La ”baa

744/7 f2~éf VXg/W Zr‘b W/ %W %3 Ar/rZ/i/m‘.

aa/aa/fiflw/{JZAMK Z [4% @4664wa »/

/L%«//I’ fl» W» @% //2/:p%v/ 7W Cay/5W 4»?

' ' ” Z‘ W /4¢./
9‘ 01M? ///7//£¢/ru flmz’szr’ . ‘
J44 gwmfi’ww; AT fly? 4,? W %
WVZM/fl/év WW fl”? [2% f4

 Fri/Z //L//; 47714 A/ad ¢Lwéf ZP/Z/%fAW&W/ ngfl 4‘ m /
flzréZL/‘f L/flfgmf fl”. J/W //M ”a; M
4%,“:f/E fl: / Z1; M73024? flat/7&1 AL Mia/444:7! ”4%? M4 ‘
(1‘ M/ amok 7/2; A/YQ/éf ywww //M;.y% 4, /WJ‘ AL“:
M? «mi/m» J W 7;“ W” MLMW My 4“ 2%
41% W 4 7%»? 424% flay/{23? .M /WM‘7‘ éM/é;
7/Ww/wé W @, fifmf My a7? /4;7:M,ag
Amy/M flk/é’; Alp/a a; 4. 3M - @é mag/é;
' 7M 47ft; MM 9%» 7 KW 4; 744/ 4 MM .
.. /é/é4¢zw‘4~d"71 / /4;/ {I‘fl/%Ah: /W yfiaaa, /ZM1:% Wu;
W/Mf :4;:74,’ 4214/76? , 7 M ¢Wf W 6W
flmwzy J/M Maw/(4:5 w W OM41 V why/,4
{70 W471 W; 144/: ivy/4w}, W (“95% M 71, 7W:
, 4W1 , mp , _ _ ,
thMZZmM >2: /L/:’:LZ::4¢£% /é4p ?% “K ”@7 W-
m/ JW/WZM ”5 ”1’0“ %9{ 4w 2;“ 6%
Ezra/fig I; Mum /;,,‘/. >74 z:{/ 7/4 ffé/ W4 M/Vé
”’10 /" LI“ ' :3 ‘ ' ‘ ‘
> I r‘ 7/ 4%? / w/Am x411. V, A /m#7,4 //z/W7 ”7%

 . . - .-.... .7 14/1155]. Mai/75 6.0595?“ WHITE.
1 w. , -

:2 -&:fig » ; = 633$: . .
32 » 141.52% I. ~ mflnghm
Wyl- [2.2m <6) - .:.~ * .. 2
*4», - ' .- ..2. w%“mmw ”WWW“
ifigfaflQTJLEW'-l “$5”! “ififig§§§§§§§E¥?3“Vfimmm:555”"

g. .3 1 “f::::§:ii:;“lf;.i‘:¥“’” .Plcfm. .
3.3% To 1:. BY u . y W.
n.m+3nu;w%u‘*= .
- f : ”WWWMW‘j’g/f’émgggéf‘"”WW5” NEW YORK Feb. 6 the 190019
Rev. James K. Patterson,
Lexington, Ky. -
Dear Sir:-

Will you kindly semi us a bicgraphical sketch of your~
self cantaining from 830 to IOCC worde, for publicati¢n in Th: Rat"

1 mal Cyclogafiia of American Biagraphy, a descripiicn cf which is cnw
closes. This is a national wark which has been in pregaratiou for
over ten FCCTS and whe nine volumes that have been publishefl have met
the most ‘wvatahie endorsement ané praise from both public and prcss.
They are to be found in ihe leaéing libraries, historical societies
anfi eéucaticnal institutiona throughout thc country, where thay are
held in the highest estimatiohm The Lcndon ”fimeS“ says, “Its value
as a wark of historical amd biGgraphical referencv is incontcgtablo,'

- ané the New York "Esrald“ calls it ”a permanent anfl worthy contribu~
tion to the literature of the country.“ This Cyclopedia unques$ion~
at}: will be the biographical authority of this country for many y:ars ‘
ta comeJ ané it is flesirable the?ef0re to have the account of fear
life a3 accurate anfi ccmplete as possible 50 that it will he a permam
neat authority for future refe?ence. .

As you see, we are making a special feature cf gencalogias
anfi family historiasy and we want fl record 6f your'ewm ancestry. as
well as a full account of year lifs and work, from whi$h the editOIs
can prepare a satisfactur; biography; a copy of which will be sub—
mitted to you before publication. There will be no charge what9ver

. for this and we hope you will kindly assist us in obiaining a suitable
sketch. for which we thank you in advance.
...1 ,, -' /
Yours very tru.y, C;/ :lggiigéi ,fzzo

 _%I%§fl(d/fiflldal%%nflfi .IfififJgT/(ffi/fi l/é'nzy'éj/vw/t/{éz J/fimmémzfi.
ix , //§ ///—3
///~ /7 /"//// ' / J0 ~
1;:761/ fl/‘t ,/ anyway/y. //”6’/}.4,
x“. - x7), /
a {-’i/Jfi‘Zfl/fltflflvw -/:)«/»’/Mz (I '.
- c r""‘."-"'//.:7
.Q/ 219,} e, fla/fl/n C /2’ «vii/11:.. ,,
[/7 ,Q/ ' /./ , ,
/rr'., / ,,.: w I” gs ,*>
'-,' k¢400« , /K;;/‘”v' , ”ii:fiil:_-:f§[ll_::/94f§2,,l
1r. Janos K. ?ct‘crson, Pres.,
¢tete College of Ky.,
. l;c>:i15fto:L, Iqr.
Dear Sir:~
We are in receipt of your favor of tie l?th
inst., and Thclose horeWith a catalogue of ngord 3i~
blcs as requested. The price of Hodgkin's Italy is
as follows:
Volumes 1 and 2~—~—~—————$12.SO
" '3 H 4 r 00
" 5 " 8 10.50
We shall be happy to allow you , discount of lo?
off those iriccs.
Your: very truly.

 r -
4.7; , 'F/Q/‘QUJQ, r", '7
' ’ ’ THE Oxford Catalogue No. .1), 189839. ‘ f f
- Genulne Oxford Teachers B1bles
The Best is “ways imitated- “Oxford” Self-Pronouncing Bibles
“Men do not counterfeit, counterl'eits or imitate »
that which IS unknown or worthless.” (I Oxford ” \vorkersl BlblBS

The great success of the “ Oxford India. Paper”
hasundueed up number of imitators to offer so-culled AND
1ndla l’uper Editions. said to be as good us the . . . .
famous Oxford India Paper. Authorlzed Amemcan Edltlons
Don’t. be deceived !!

This wonderful paper is n Speciulty of the Oxford 9 ' J‘
Press, and is manufactured at their own paper mills. v " TWENTY FEW 7 mama-mm“ i733
_[t was first produced in the yeur 1575, and has st‘end- “’ cowmuflmlms' 1; T it:
fly grown in