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December 5, 1900.
. My dear Sir:
I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of

your letter of the 3rd instant, in behalf of Mr.

John Scott. and to state that. by direction of

the President it. has been forwarded for the con- '
. sideration of the Secretary of War.

Very truly yours,
, 4“”
L/ \ if?
. .7 -/ j/[fl ”..._... n"
”4’., 9y 7’] /‘; r; ’51;
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Secretary to tho ”residmty/ '
Jwas K. Patterson, ”1.0., 1:15.00.
President State College of Kentucky,
Lexington, Kentucky. .

 p ‘ Washington, D. C., Dec. 11, 1900.
Dear Sir: ,

In pursuance of the plan outlined at the last convention ’
your committee met at Washington shortly after the Openingeof Con—
gress for the purpose of securing an early recognition of the 3111
S. 3982, for Establishing Mining Schools or Departments of Hining

_ in connection with the Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. It was
found necessary to secure a Special rule for this purpose. A hear-
ing was given us by the Committee on Rules on Saturday last, and we
were assured that the matter would receive proper consideration in a
for days, but it seems hardly probable, with the present pressure of
great public measures, that a place can be assigned on the calendar
before the Holidays. ,Our present plan is to maintain an attitude
of watchfulness without GXpecting to be able to press the matter be—
fore Congress‘takes its recesso If there should appear to be a fa—
vorable opportunity for action either before or after the Holidays,
your immediate cooperation will be asked by telegraph. It is desira-
ble that as many members as possible be fully informed as to the im—
portance of the measure and be prepared to take an active part in,
support of it when the preper time comes.

For the Executive Committee. ‘ .
. N flgflfitlé
Headquarters of the Executive Committee at
mbbitt House, Washington, D. C. E

 Washington, D: 0., Feb. 7, 1901.

Dear Sir: - .

We regret to sat that we have received from the Speaker of

tne House an explicit statement that Senate Bill 3882 will not

be allowed to some up for action-thi: session on the ground that

it involves an.appropriation, and large appropriations have al~

ready been made.

v .We do not intend,_however,-to relax our efforts_and ask es~
pecially that those, whose legislatures meet-this winter,\ may ~

press the passage of the resolution, a suggested form of which J

has already been sent you. ‘

Even if the members of your own state delegation are known

to be favorable, the pareaga ;f such resolutiOn by your legisla—

' ture Will have its effect. , h.
I For the Executive Committee.
__.fl~s Chairman.

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