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David Rosellea man sincerely in UK's corner
Looking for next coach to be fair to players
What in the name of Adolph F. Rupp is President David Roselle trying to do, make an Ivy League school out of the University of Kentucky?
WeD, he would be tickled to death for anyone to
Earl Cox
Cats' Pause Columnist
mention UK in the same breath as Harvard, Yale and Princeton. That, of course, isn't going to happen in the lifetime of Roselle or during the lives of the next dozen presidents of UK The money isn't there and will never be in this poor state.
But Roselle already has improved the caliber of UKs students and hopes to continue to do so.
So much for academics.
Now for athletics, especially basketball:
I've heard Roselle blasted for not knowning anything about sports, particularly basketball.
WeD, forget that image.
During meetings I have had with him as a representative of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, I was pleased to learn that not only does he know the name of every coach in every sport at UK, but he also knows many of the athletes. That, frankly, surprised me. But the man does know about his athletic teams and coaches - and he cares.
Some of the basketball Wildcats have told me that he has constantly praised them throughout their trying period and has assured them that their situation would get better. From talking with the players, I got more than a hint that Roselle knew that former coach Eddie Sutton was not fair to some of them. On the night that Sutton resigned, Roselle emphasized that, Number 1, he wanted the new coach to be fair to his basketball players - fair in all ways, including seeing that they earn degrees.
Earlier, Roselle said that the UK program will be born again and will come back stronger than ever and will win another national championship.
How much stronger statement can Roselle make to get the nonbelievers off his back?
PENICK TO UK - State Tournament fans may have seen a future UK guard, Andy Penick of state champion Pleasure Ridge Park. Although he was voted the Sweet Sixteen's Most Valuable Player, Penick seldom was at his best. He can play much better.
Few know it, but Penick's sixth-grade brother, Scott, upstaged him the same day that Andy helped PRP to the state title. Playing for St. Helen's in the City championship game, Scott scored 39 points (right, that's 39) to help his team win the tide.
The Penicks come from good sports stock. Their father Terry played basketball for Ahrens High and their mother Linda was an outstanding softball player. Their uncle, Buddy Pfaadt, was a standout athlete for Male High and a great football player for Eastern Kentucky University. Andy has one more year of high school. His presence will make PRP one of the favorites for next year's state crown, but Fairdale has a lot of talent returning and may be favored in the Sixth Region.
A CLASS ACT - As you probably know, I am no Eddie Sutton fan, but the man went out with class. He could have chosen to be nasty. And he still could choose to write a book critical of UK and Wildcat basketball. But I doubt that he will because it would
Kentucky spring football roster			
OFFENSE Split end		DEFENSE Left end	
Alfred Jones  6-4, 188, Sr.-IL	Oak Ridge, Tenn.	Tony Massey  6-2, 221, Sr.-3L	Somerset
John Bolden  6-0, 170, Jr.-2L	Louisville	Jeff Brady  6-1, 230, Jr.-1L	Melbourne
Joe Pagano  5-10, 177, Fr-RS	Broadview Heights, Ohio	Billy Swanson  6-0, 226, So.-Sq.	Paducah
Left tackle		Dean Wells  6-2, 232, Fr.-RS	Louisville
		Clint Thompson  5-10, 205, Fr.-RS	Louisville
Mike Nord  6-7, 291, Jr.-1L	Louisville		
Tom Crumrine  6-4, 260, Sr.-Sq.	Westerville, Ohio	Left tackle	
Scott Rayburn  6-3, 255, Jr.-Sq.	Richardson, Texas	Oliver Barnett  6-3, 285, Sr.-3L	Louisville
Jeff Weihe  6-4, 246, Fr.-RS	Louisville	Jim Graves  6-6, 235, So.-Sq.	Lexington
Left guard		Daniel Lee  6-5, 254, So.-Sq.	Marianna, Fla.
		Chuck Latimer  6-5, 241, Fr.-RS	Lorain, Ohio
Dean Wilks  6-3, 300, Jr.-2L	Proctorville, Ohio		
Todd Perry  6-4, 261, Fr.-RS	Elizabethtown	Left guard	
Center		Jerry Bell  6-3, 284, So.-1L	Louisville
		Mike Chism  6-0, 264, Sr.-1L	LaGrange
Brian Cralle  6-1, 285, Sr.-1L	Elizabethtown		
		Daniel Schulz  6-1, 237, Fr.-RS	Lexington
David Crane  6-2, 256, Sr.-1L	Louisville	Rich McCune  6-2, 230, Fr.-RS	Jackson
Courtney Longacre  6-2, 244, So-Sq.	Louisville		
Matt Branum  6-1, 247, Fr.-RS	Florence	Right guard	
Right guard		Mike Meiners  6-2, 265, Sr.-1L	Louisville
		Joey Couch  6-1, 248, So.-1L	Hagerhill
Joel Mazzella  6-1, 285, Jr.-1L	Parkersburg, WVfe.	Jody Matthews  60, 251, Fr.-RS	Villa Rica, Ga.
Kevin Disotelle  6-3, 244, So.-Sq.	Houston, Texas	Brad Shuford  6-3, 292, Fr.-RS	Cincinnati, Ohio
Bill Hulette  6-2, 262, Jr.-1L	Morganfield, W.Va.		
Travis Hahn  6-2, 235, Fr.-RS	Louisville	Right tackle	
Chris Reedy  6-2, 237, Fr.-RS	Elizabethtown	Doug Houser  6-4, 264, Sr.-3L	Aliquippa, Pa.
Right tackle		Donnie Gardner  6-4, 235, Sr.-3L	Louisville
		Scott Booth  6-3, 266, Sr.-Sa.	Bradenton, Fla.
Mike Pfeifer  6-7, 300, Sr.-3L	Louisville	Shawn Evans  6-6, 243, So.-Sq.	Richmond
Greg Lahr  6-4, 271, So.-1L	Pinkerington, Ohio	Eugene McClellan  6-3, 266, Fr.-RS	Cincinnati, Ohio |
Chuck Bradley  6-5, 265, Fr.-RS	Louisville		
T.J. Maynard  6-4, 259, Fr.-RS	Flatwoods	Right end	
Tight end		Tony Zigman  6-2, 212, Sr.-2L Puce Danip! _fi-0 1QR Fr-R^	Lewes, Del.
Mike Meece  6-6, 230, Jr.-1L	Madeira, Ohio	HUM  UC1I IfC -           ITU,    ISO, ll.nO Jeff Buising  6-1, 201, Fr.-RS	Williamsburg ] West Des Moines, Iowa j
Steve Phillips  6-2, 201, Jr.-Sq.	Fairfield, Ohio		
Patrick Porter  6-3, 220, Jr.-Sq.	Flemingsburg	Left linebacker	
Mickey Dean  6-3, 225, Fr.-RS	Sarasota, Fla.	Randy Holleran  6-1, 240, Jr.-2L	McKeesport, Pa.
Quarterback		Derrick Thomas  6-2, 228, So.-Sq.	Lexington
		Reggie Smith  6-2, 199, Fr.-RS	Cleveland, Ohio
Chuck Broughton  6-4, 230, Sr.-1L	Ashland		
		John Buchanan  5-11, 203, Fr.-RS	Bowling Green
Freddie Maggard  6-2, 227, So.-Sq.	Cumberland		
Brad Smith  6-2, 190, Fr.-RS	Lakeland, Fla.	Right linebacker	
Ryan Hockman  6-2, 190, Fr.-RS	Harrison, Ohio	Craig Benzinger  6-1, 215, Sr.-2L	Stone Mountain, Ga.
Troy Wilt  6-0, 195, Fr.-RS	Charles Town, W.va.	Carlos Phillips  6-1, 223, Jr.-Sq.	Owensboro
Travis Powers  5-11, 187, Fr.-RS	Middlesboro	Steve Kelley  6-2, 232, So.-Sq.	Hopkinsville
Fullback		Left cornerback	
Andy Murray  6-1, 242, Sr.-3L	Louisville		
		Tony Missick  6-0. 196, Sr.-1L	Miami, Fie.
Darren Bilberry  6-2, 205, Sr.-2L	R. Knox		
		Sterlir - Ward  5-11, 166, Fr.-RS	Lexinc,:on
Mike Knox  5-10, 216, Sr.-Sq.	Louisville		
Rodney Shepard  5-11, 250, Fr.-RS	Brooklyn, NY.	Free safety	
Tailback		Ron Robinson  6-1, 185, Sr.-3L	Nashville, Tenn.
Al Baker  5-11, 225, Jr.-1L	Cadiz	Gary Willis  6-1, 173, So.-Sq.	Gainesville, Fla.
Alfred Rawls  5-11, 200, Sr.-IL	Pitts, Ga.	Brad Armstead  6-0. 172, Fr.-RS	Henderson
Tim Harris  5-10, 185, Fr.-RS	New Castle	Right cornerback	
Flanker		Chris Tolbert  5-11, 178, Jr.-2L	Pensacola, Fla.
Phil Logan  6-2, 200, Jr.-2L	Louisville	Albert Burks  5-11, 182, Sr.-1L	Monroe, La.
Greg Hunt  6-0, 184, So.-Sq.	Richmond, va.	Larry Jackson  5-11, 200, So.-Sq.	Mayfield
Bob Shehan  5-11, 168, Fr.-RS	Florence	Punter	
Placekicker		Bryant Smith  5-10, 149, Fr.-RS	Camden, Tenn.
Ken Willis  5-11, 196, Sr.-2L	Owensboro	Brian Scott - 5-11, 184, Fr.-RS	Hardy
Doug Pelfrey  5-11, 175, Fr.-RS	Edgewood	Peter Adams  5-10, 164, Fr.-RS	Memphis, Tenn.
Tommy Fitzpatrick  6-1, 188, Fr.-RS	Lexington	James Parker  5-10, 172, Fr.-RS	Louisville
hurt his chances for another job.
FOOTBALL TIME - UK football coach Jerry Claiborne, fresh from being inducted into the Dawa-hares-Kentucky High School Atietic Association Hall of Fame, is busy with spring practice. He plays down early depth charts, but I -and fans - like to look at them.
Joey Howard, UK's talented assistant sports information director, has published a fact-filled spring football booklet In case you are interested in which Wildcats that Howard and Claiborne are pushing for 1989 honors, they are defensive tackle Oliver Barnett of Jeffersontown, offensive tackle Mike Pfeifer of Trinity, defensive end-back Tony Massey of Somerset and linebacker Randy Holleran of McKeesport, Pa.
Pfeifer told me last summer that doctors told him that he should strive for a maximum of 310 pounds. Fully recovered from a knee injury suffered in the Alabama game on Oct 1, Pfeifer now weighs 305. His 6-7 frame carries the weight well.
With so many returning Wildcats, Claiborne may have his deepest team (but he says the 9-3 team of 1984 had more). Anyway, if the season started today, Claiborne says he could field more Southeastern Conference-quality athletes than ever before.
But the big question mark continues to be quarterback. Qaiborne told me that he will concentrate on finding someone who can complete more than 44 per cent of his passes.
Keep your eye on sophomore-to-be Freddie Maggard. He may beat out the more experienced Chuck Broughton for the starting QB job.