Aunt Ruth's bonds and speculated - I made a

hundred thousand in a week! I put back the

bonds. But it had been so easy! I could see

those bonds grinning at me through the iron side

of the vault box. Theyseemed tosmile and beckon,

to beg me to take them out into the air again!

They grew to be like living things to me, servants

of mine to get me gold - and finally I determined

to make one bigger coup than ever! I took

Aunt Ruth's bonds out and all the money available

in my trust, and put it all into this new company !

It seemed so safe. I stood to be a prince among

the richest! And, for a day or so, I've known

nothing short of a miracle could save me from

being wanted by the police! To-night I gave up

even the miracle. That's all. It's no usesaving

I'm sorry.

                            [A moment's pause.