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Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky., Nov. 24, 1871

 Worthington *

 I Said Resolui
 tion could not
 be formed but
 ras rejected
 on a resolu-
 tion of Z. F.

   B. From
page 222.
Aye s & Nays
being alled
for stood as

     Curaitor C. T. Worthington offered the follo'4ing substitrte
to the resolutions of J. A. Williams and the substitute of flu_
rator Withers which was refered to a Committee composed of
Regent Bowman, C. T. Worthington & W. T. Withers who reported a
reolution X
     Curator Withers moved to amend the last section so as to rerd-&
to administer and control the University in strict accordance with
the Charter in the interests of the Christian Church-
     On motion to lay on the table the Vote Stood
Nays R. M. Bishop, -. W. Elley, John G. Allen, C. T. Worthington,
Andrew Steele, W. L. Williams, A. G. Hernion, R. J. White, E. C.
Ricketts, B. B. Groom, IV. T. Withers, L. B. Wilkes, Wmi. E. Rogers 13.
Ayes Benj. Gratz, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, J. S. Woolfolk,
A. H. Bowman, Joseph Smith, John Shackelford, Z. F. Smith, J. P.
Tarbitt, R. Sloan, Enos Campbell, Z. M. Sherley, S. M. Wing, Horace
Miller, J. B. Bowman - 15.
The motion to lay on table  was carried - by the above vote.

   Nov. 25, 1`71

Death of
T.M. Allen

Prof. Mc-
Garvey's Com-
suni cati on
marked A.

Thanks to
Chai rman &

Report of
ComT.. of

Letter of
Com. to

     Boara met at 9 A.M. pursuant to adjournment Curator Worth-
ington in the Chair. Minutes were read and corrected.
     Curator Tarbitt offered a. resolution that 7;as adopted viz
that a Committee of three be appointed to draw up suitable resolu-
tions in regards to the death of Curntor Thomas M. Allen and
     The following composed said Committee G. W. Elley, R. C.
Picketts,W. L. Williams.
     Curator Withers presented a Communication frown Prof. McGarvey
which was read & on notion refered to the conference Comsmittee.
     On motion a vote of thanks was offered and adopted to the
Chairman and Secretary of this Board.
/225/ R. M. Bishop Chairman and others of the Committee of Confer-
ence addressed the following note to Regent Bowman.
     The Undersigned Committee of Conference unanimously & earnest-
ly beg that in view of our pending negotiations looking to a recon-
ailation of all parties, you now withdraw your charges against
Curators Wilkes & Withers & Professor Mcharvey.
                            Signed R. X. Bishop
                                   J. G. Allen
                                   Jno. Aug. Williams
                                   Z. F. Smi th
To which they received the following response.



     Kentucky University, Lexinvton, Ky., Nov. 25th, 1871

                              Lexington, K-1r.,
                                  Nov. 25th, 187-1

R. if!. Bishop & others of -the Comte- of Conference.

     Dear Sirs:
               In reply to your earnest appeal to withdraw the
charges I have prefered against Curators Wilkes, Withers, And
Professor McGarvey, I beg leave to say that in view of reasons
assigned in your note I am willing promptly to withdraw the
said charges -
            Signed Very Respectfully
                        J. B3. Bowman

     The Committee offer the above as their report which upon
motion was adopted.

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