xt7gqn5z6g1b_20 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7gqn5z6g1b/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7gqn5z6g1b/data/50w29.dao.xml Woman's Democratic Club of Fayette County (Ky.) 0.68 Cubic Feet 2 boxes archival material 50w29 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Mary Shelby Wilson Woman's Democratic Club papers Women -- Kentucky -- Societies and clubs Women -- Suffrage Women -- Political activity -- Kentucky. Broadsides text Broadsides 2016 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7gqn5z6g1b/data/50w29/Box_2/Folder_3/18693.pdf undated section false xt7gqn5z6g1b_20 xt7gqn5z6g1b WOMEN IN THE HOME
I We are forever being told that the place for women is in the HOME. Well, so
be it. But what do we expect of her in the home? Merely to stay in the home is not
enough. She is a failure unless she attends to the health and welfare, moral as well as ‘
physical, of her family, and especially of her children. She, more than anyone else, is held ~
responsible for what they become.
SHE is responsible for the cleanliness of her house. ,
SHE is responsible for the wholesomeness of the food.
SHE is responsible for the children’s health.
She, above all, is responsible for their morals.
, How :Far Can the Mother Control These Things?

She can clean her own rooms, BUT if the neighbors are allowed to live in filth,

she cannot keep her rooms from being filled with bad air and smells, or from being infested
' , ‘ with vermin. . >

She can cook her food well, BUT if dealers are permitted to sell poor food, unclean
milk or stale eggs, she cannot make the food wholesome for her children.

She can care for her own plumbing and refuse, BUT if the plumbing in the rest of the
house is unsanitary, if garbage accumulates and the halls and stairs are left dirty, she can-
not protect her children from the sickness and infection resulting.

She can take every care to avoid fire, BUT if the house has been badly built, if the
fire-escapes are inadequate, she cannot guard her children from the horrors of being maimed
or killed by fire.

‘ She can open her windows to give her children the air that we are told is so necessary,
BUslefuthe air is laden with infection. with tuberculosis and other contagious diseases,
she cannot protect her children from this danger. , H

She can send her children out for air and exercise, BUT if the conditions" that
surround them on the streets are immoral and degrading, she cannot protect them from
these dangers.

Alone, she cannot make these things right. Who or what can?

, The city can do it—the city government that is elected by the people, to take care of the
interests of the people. _

And who decides what the city government shall do?

’ (FIRST, the officials of that government; and, SECOND, those who elect them.

Do the women elect them? NO, the men do. So it is the Men and not the women who ,
are really responsible for the .

' Unclean Houses Bad Plumbing
Unwholesome Food Danger of Fire * ‘
Risk of Tuberculosis and Other Diseases
Immoral Influences of the Street

In fact, MEN are responsible for the conditions under which the children live, but we
hold WOMEN responsible for the results of those conditions. If we hold women respon—
sible for the results, must we not, in simple justice, let them have something to say as to
what these conditions shall be? There is one simple way of doing this. Give them the
same means that men have. LET THEM VOTE.

Women are, by nature and training, housekeepers. Let them have a hand in the
city’s housekeeping, even" if they introduce an occasional house-cleaning. ‘

, National American Woman Suffrage Association
' cw Headquarters: 505 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK ‘ ‘

People Say: We Say:
The majority of women don’t The majority never wants progress.
want to vote.
Women will not vote when Official figures show women DO vote largely wherever
they are given the right. they have the right. L
V If women vote they ought to Men who could not fight still vote; this is the age when
A fight and do police duty. RIGHT makes MIGHT. .
If women vote they must A woman will have to be elected to office by the men and
hold office. women together; Do the men all have to hold office? ,
Women have enough to do Voting takes but a few minutes and can be done on the 7.
without voting. " way to market.
—_—-—_——'——_———-———————_— .
It would interfere with a Does it interfere with man’s business in factory, store
woman’s business, the care or office? ‘9
of the house. I
It would double the ignorant M3 more girls than boys attend the high schools and '
vote. ‘- . women will soon be the more educated class. ” 1
, *— It would double the. foreignmail'whthe iUnited. Statgsp over 12 times as many
vote. . native born women as foreignibornZTw 1-. T .. 7 "
It would double the criminal Only I in 20 of the criminals are women. It would add -
1 vote. * - largely to the good vote and very slightly to the bad vote.
It would double the expense The safety of a democracy lies in giving the vote to all
and trouble of election. classes» so that .ALL are fairly represented, and the .
‘ , . . result will be a Fair Average opinion. Ought we to
,. _ , cut the present vote in half to save money? ,
W .
Women can change or make Why be indirect when we can be direct? Why waste 1
' laws by indirect influence. time and strength in beating around the bush?
A woman’s place is in the , She leaves it to go to market and whypnot t'o vote—it '
home. takes less time. ‘ '
Women are represented by ‘ Would men let women represent them at the polls? ,
men. ‘ , :'
' ,Does a man with women to represent have more than
one vote or does he cast his vote according- to the ‘
' majority vote‘of, those he represents? No! Then he
doesn’t represent them. . _ " ~. 1
j ' Is a man’s vote given "him to represent some one else’s .
' opinion or his own? ' _ ' ‘ . .,
505 Fifth Avenue ~ ' v “1&3, ‘ ' ' 1 New York City

 ‘7 Votes for Women a Success ’
——___————————+——————.______— .
. .W "h///// The Map Proves It. m
l H 7' "/ I Q , 2
h/h/hh hh/h rhh ‘
. ., _ .. , , W 4, ..‘fi". W W. ”/4
..- .. b — /////// ha hh... _.
1:. / mama/WW _ ~77 gm . ‘i/Efl .
Alaska 1913 ~ _ V ,. A, ' ‘ / h . , . ’
‘ 7 WHITE STATES; Full Suffrage SHADED STATES: Taxation, Bond oh School ufi'rage “WTM—M—V ' i .
DOTTED STATE: Presidential, Partial County and State, Municipal Sufl'rage BLACK STATES: No Sufi'rage
, Sufirage Granted €33.10
Bounds Wyoming on South ‘ Bounds California on North
1896_UTAH 1912—ARIIZSEJJEI?Califomia on East
1896—?B‘XCI1—igvyoming and celomdo 1912—KAngdhgds Colorado on East '
Bounds Wyoming and Utah 1913—ILLINOIS .
1910—WASHINGTON . Starts 3 New Cycle
. ' Bounds Idaho on West 1913—ALASKA
.' t V
> _ - Would any of these States have'adopted EQUAL SUFFRAGE
, if ithad been a failure just across the Border? ' '
505 Fifth Avenue PUBLISHED FEBRUARY, 1914 New York City

I BECAUSE women must obey the laws just as men do,
They should vote eliually ‘with men.
BECAUSE women pay taxes just as men do, thus supporting the government,
They should vote equally with men.
B EQAUSE women suffer from bad government just as men do, ,
They should vote equally with men.
BECAUSE mothers want to make their children’s surroundings better,
. Théy should vote equally with men.
BECAUSE over 7,000,000 women in the United States are wage workers and their
health and that of our future citizens are often endangered by evil working
conditions that can only be remedied by legislation,
- They should vote equally with men.
I BECAUSE women of leisure who attempt to serve the public welfare should be able
' to support their advice by their votes, '
They should vote-equally with men.
B ECAUSE busy housemothers and professional women cannot give such public service,
and can only serve the State by the same means used by the busy man»— ‘
namely, by casting a ballot,
.'“““ “”“r‘” ' ' ' ‘ They should vote equally with men.
' BECAUSE women need to be trained to a higher, sense of social and civic responsi-
. bility, and such sense develops by use, . V.
They should vote equally with men.
BECAUSE women are consumers, and consumers need fuller representation in politics,
They should vote equally with men.
_ BECAUSE women are citizens of a government OF the people, BY the people and
" « FOR the people, AND WOMEN ARE PEOPLE,
_ They should vote equally with men.
WOMEN Need It.
MEN Need It: m A
_ W H Y ?
~ The STATE Needs It. ‘
Women Ought To GIVE Their Help.
B E C A U S E . ___‘ Men Ought To HAVE Their Help.
. . The State Ought To USE Their Help.
. National American W oman Suffrage Association
/“3 Headquarters; 505 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. "' f

l“ i273; ,FHIOAY, NOVEMBER v4lh, al 8 P. M. .1 2 ‘
if} f" V',SPEA§£RS: ' .g
i. *' . ., "MW - , ‘
. i1 15!???1f75-3;OONGRESSMAN FRED. M. vmson , ~
l. 2 MRS. DAVIS HOWERTON, .1 ' . '
k, Y1. State President Democratic Women’s Olub of Kentucky? , _ ' g