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5 _ _.a
January I, 1923.
My dear Madam President2— _

A very happy New Year to you, and to your Club! May it
flourish like a :reen Bay tree and, as the sands of the sea, may
its members multiply!

This is the wish that sees out from the National Cemmittee
today to every Women's Democratic club in the country. There are
nearly a thousand of us nor, you knov, and the birth oertjticates
continue to pour in on us so fast that there is simply no ;elling
what the size of our family will be by the time another Ne: Year
rolls around. ,

I am writine a letter to you this week, instead of sending .
you a Fortnightly Eulletin, because there are some thinss I want . ,
to say to you that I cannot say very well in the Bulletin. It nomad ‘
be much nicer, of course, if you were gettin? this lester.irom are.
Blair instead of from me; because Mrs. Blair is the reel Mother d
the Clubs, while I am just sort ol : step_jofhev, you see. Unfortu
unately, Mrs. Blair is too far away to :rite. out et?r-mc were are
notalnays so bad, after all. One thine is this: A step~moiher can
scold much more fiercely than a real mother can, and it is a bitcf
scolding, even more than a New Year‘s oreotjnq, that I rent to hand
out to you today.

You are all very nice Clubs, of course, and ye meow at Head-
quarters are mighty proud of you. But, dri the some, it does seem
to me that you might, Elfh grofit, cultivate too heoit of ”minding
your medias“ a little better than you have been doing recently- I
spend many hours of my time, and use up reeds and reams of paper
writing out Suscestions for you in the Bulletin which many of you
take great pains not to follow. I call that rether inconsiderate,
don't you? For instance, I have been tellioi you for some weeks
past about the big Button Drive for new clrb members that we wenuzd
to put on in all the states.luring the week of January 14th to Elst,
and have explained to you how necessary it is to here the Clubs send
in to us a full list of their members in order the: we might form
some idea of how many buttons and bulletins to send out to them.

I am asnamed to tell you how few Club Presidents have taker the
trouble to comply Nitn this request. Consequently we nave ween
compelled to postpone the Drive until a later period, This 13 rather
hard on the flew Clubs that have been nice and prompt about needing

to us their membership lists and their 35 cents oer member guots,
counted upon by us to help pay the cost of the buttons and of supply-
ins individual club members with a yearly subscription to the Bulhtin.
Te are awfully sorry to disaupoint these clues. But all of you cai
easily see how impossible it is to conduct such a Drive from Head~
quarters unless the clubs will cooperate heartily with us and take

as much interest as we do in making the undertakins a success. It is
a very expensive thing to send out separate letters to all the clulr,
and the National Committee, unfortunately, has to count its dollars
and cents. Therefore, he have isled shat suseesticns one re.yests
appearing in the Bulletin be resarfod by the Cluo Presidents on
personal letters to them, ago that they connly as promptly us possible
with such requests.

Perhaps the inairvention cf fhfi holiday season has n.d some»
thing to do With the ole? reopogso Th3 rlobs heve accently hu€;'m
our apocals. But tie ho tiny: are oer: nofi1~ did they: G: is to
be no good reason why re so; not new ¢et join a; work ;n earnest,

. The question is) Do the clubs gen§* to save this Button
Drive? Do they went to increase their nemberstio and to build thcus
selves up into big and prosperous orsanizations,gqhigp g with the
sinewe of war, and ready to do battle for the cause of Democracy in
the his campaisn fight staged for 1984? If they do, then, one and
all, they must set busy. We can not desienate January 14th to Ehet
as"Button I"'eek" as we had planned to do. But we can name a new date
as soon thereafter as possible,— say durine the birthday week of
George Washington in February.

 I-‘O ‘

Meanwhile, the first and most important thing for each
Club President to do is to make out at once a full list of her Club
members and forward it to us at Washinrton. If possible, she
should send us also, out of her Club treasury, a sum approximating
35 cents for each club member, so that the entire expense of conduct-
ing this Drive and settins out the Buttons and Bulletins will not;
fall upon the National Committee but will be borne in some part by
the clubs themselves. Such clubs as do not feel able to send.in
their fullcpota at once may make their payments gradually, although
it is, of course, preferable to forward their checks at the very
first possible moment.

Just as soon as thee! necessary preliminary steps shall
have been taken, we rill announce a new date for the Button Drive, V
and shall immediately forward to eacn club not only enough buttons
to supply all present members but also enouch to distibute among
the new member; the will join the various clubs as a result of this
Drive. We will then also put the name of every member; new and old,
on our permanent mailing list so that every forniaht for a whole
year they will receive a copy of the printed Bulletin ve are pre—
paring now to send out. Heriofore, our Bulletin has been mimeogruph~
ed, you knot, and we have been able to send it to the Club Presidents
only, trusting/them to read it to the members at the regular meeting
of the club. But with this small help from the clubs we shall now
be able to print the Bulletin and send it to the homes of the
individual members. That will be much nicer, dont you think?

It micht be well for all Club Presidents to refer back to
Bulletins numbers 9 and 10, in wnich various detailed surgestions
are made in regard to the proposed Button Drive. To avoid any _
chances of misunderstanding, however, I shall endeavor, in the next
issue of the Bulletin, to hive further explanations of the Drive.

In a recent issue of the Bulletin we suaqested to the
various clubs that out of every $1.30 membersnip fee each club should
retain 50 cents in its local treasury, — send 35 cents to the hation—
al Committee, — and pay 15 cents into a fund to be held by the club
treasurer until needed to help pay the expenses of calling a state
conference of clubs or for other state activities. I vant to call
special attention to the fact that this suggestion was meant to apply,
of course, only to those stateswnere the clubs have not effected a
State Organization and have not yet called a State Conference. In
states where this organization’has been effected, the Executive Board
of the State Organization would naturally have the right to pass upon
what proportion should so to the local and what to the State, - unless
the Conference itself should already have decided this matter. The..
National Committee would not, of course, seek to dictate the division'
of club funds. It only suggests what appears a fairly equitable
apportionment of sustaining membership fees, naminq 35 cents as its
own share because that seemed the minimum on which we could afford
to undertake these new and additional expenses.

You have doubtless received notification of the openinq of
the National School of Democracy to be held in Nev York City durinq
the neck of January 89th to February 3rd, under the general direction
of the Democratic National Committee. This is part of the educate
ional program not being offered by the National to the women of the
party, so that they may prepare for their full share in the various
political activities of the next two years. Mrs. Blair has seCured 1
the help and cooperation of all Democratic women in New Yet“ itate
and City, and the wholc1:;ni progisos ac be e brilliant 31: :33. Mrs.
Halsey Wilson, the s: upcoeqct‘iffjl11' :J‘; 1741..;:'-:;_‘;."‘, 1": i 5.1;”; oi” {snip-ls in
the various states during the last campaiig, iii? be the Z raster.
Eighteen sessions Will be held durin' the week, the urosrun includ—

‘ ing the history and principles of the Democratic Party; the growth
of Democratic institutions; organization; and a course in campaign
speaking. Some of the country's ablest spokesmen for Democracy wiD.
lecture. Even at this early date delerations are forming throuznout
the country, includinq from two to ten women from each state who wflli
so to New York at their own expense and remain the entire week.

 Q I '

It would be wonderful if each club could send a delegate

to the School. will you sound the opinion of your metbers'and see
, if it will be possible for your club to arranse to have a repreu
senaative there?

Tiis is just one of the many activities we are planning
for the clubs this year. Almost inieiiately we expect to send out
a printed folder outlinins a very full oroeram of study and work
which all the clubs will find interestinf an instructive. The days
simply Will not hold all ice yer? y’ are busy pilins up for you to

Not yet 3% hair; QLd, — a bit wobbly still on his untried
less, — the New Year ondglni content uly in our arms, blinkins a
little uncertainly and "**;;r:ns what the great world, into which
he has just been born, is ”nine to T; uire of him. And We, satinz
down on his baby face, as yet untouched by the nitherin. hand of
Time, cannot but Wonder, in our turn, shat ii is rein? to require
of us — What tasks he will set us to do, and how loyally will we
meet the Tesponsibilities which he, than he scone up, will inev ta
ably thrust upon us.

And a New Year grows up so terrifyinfly fast, you knOfi.
Just a span of 18 short months, and behold, — the sap of his youth
is spent and dried, and Old Ave and Death have gripped him in their
throttlino hold!

So, if he is an ambitious New Year, he has not to work fast
and furiously to set anythini done at all in the brief time alloned
to him on earth. And, we, - if ve are to keep pace with him, have
Cot to Work fast and furiously, too. There is so tremendously much
to be done risht no”. The world is topsynturvy, Without doubt,
and somebody has rot to help set it risht side up aoain. Who is
fitter for this task than women? Their Whole life training has
been the ruidino of unsteady feet, the bindinr up of broken heads,
burned finrers, and scxrvodtoes, and the daily cleaninr up of all
the accunulated litter of our daily life. Isn‘t it reasonable to
suppose that :hey could offer substahtial help in cleaning up the
litter of the world as yell?

They can, of course, and they will: When once it is
borne-in to the consioueness of woren that the burden of requlatins
the complexities of modern civilization is too heavy arena for men
to bear alone, and that their help is absohutely essential to the
stabilization of the world, they will rive as senerously and
unselfishly of themselves to sovernnoital matters as they have
always siven in the realm of the home, More and more are they
coming to see that politics is the aaiasenent of the Nation’s affahs
just as nouskeepinq is the management of dOmestic affairs, and that
the connection between politics and the welfare of the home is so
close and intimate that they cannot be dealt with separately.
Everybody knows that a nan—run home is apt to be. Well, a manarun
world is provins equally disorderly.

So Women, with mop and brush and pail, are getting ready
to tidy thinss up a bit. More and more seriously are they taking

- the responsibilities their newly granted citizenship imposes upon
them. More and more are they leernins to look upon the exercise of
the franchise as a sacred duty, upon the proper performance of which
depends in larse measure the welfare of their home and of their
children. '

The Learue of Women Voters, interpreting the sentiment
of many thousands of welsh, is sponsorins a movement to establish
as a nation custom the relisious observance of the Sunday before
election. A prayer for the use of voters has been published by
then. It is: "O God, help us to realize that this vote which we


are about to cast is the ”reatest isir;i;nt ior TOOQ or 111 which
can be wielded by human qanis; that i: can get Eh: worthy, however
lowly, in hivh places and is a thunoerDQLt to cast donn trioksters

_ and tyrants. Help h% to vote taauThIfully, revozently, ani orayer—
fully and vith an eye sinole to E36 oo;“on Wood. And espsoially,
O God, to Flog all minds are an open 090k, save us from votin? for
any selfish or disiones: oaniioate, or Icr any unpatriotio Leasure.
And this we aak for Jegue’ sake; Anon.”

Uoon om? Toasfi? 5:193:311u Club: we are countinq 3093—
fully to 3319 teach to 329%; fiOLéfl this creed of education for
efficient oiniaensfiip‘

‘ Cordially yours,
fiorion Banister
Fortniyhtly Bulletifiu

 mast" S
£13133..- .é'ii- 1;; w.;':v‘- ”:91.
e” 8.1. .- E: 2 .. 2 £91: v
- - . Limi‘. £9,131. 3:3,...” iii;¥.fffl.. 522345 £3" eta 1915.
9;.” ~ 1.,
As of Vent 1st, Lexington {insanitiom galaxies - .. ~ ... .. ...-1159.53.23
fififgfinsitsd since «- ... ... .. ... a .. .. .. ... . _, ... _ .. a .. .. .. .. .. 1539?,5‘Q
his"? obi-
x-»'-.,._1.mee«...-“-.----......-............-...... 19.43
assess-tea..-»-o-..........--..----......-.. 3;§..3(3
'ififiatlildififi WEE!”
yaiafl'iiiaflnwovfiwmuuuona“sienna-wow» 11.€,{3
balance on mm. - .. . .. ... «- .. - .. - ... - .. . «- '- 11? ~ ... ~ $13-$35
._ tiara-Lindsay lasts.
- 5f“
incc the ‘ tats Hmvexflien held in initiation. r"‘§;. «apt 1m. and me,
the .Ef‘olictdi‘af it a -aam" c2: 2.1.152 “greener; .1 has Egon-:2 .zzra'u Rea-'2 the 7
secs Mind’s ei‘fi’ice. .
bullctins-ove-n-w-—-~«-~-wv~~~- $3
phages of" and]. . .. - .. .. - ~ .. - .- .. - — .— .. «iii:
. at the tats some time it was cimwwsly decided that we seep: use
with tats iié‘jilfiquflf’téi}: :- ei“ the »-»é’:2€33‘~i€lmi Legion in the isewnes of
tentacle: Leggiswirs. sine issued. have gone cut in l':!§":§.:.:':?:1 its aniline;
V has has. sagas er tritilfifi in sight issues cs.‘ at L;L::;n:..s s an sen" page.
at the present Lime 3» as} sweetest/we swamise roses on 5:1}?an
Pilifi‘flle, fiénrlmsville, *ii-ai‘mollton, l4...,-"zre:a=:meburg, limiters, iic‘holasvills, '
Var-is, (Lad , Lawless, 1 ermine-552;, ?'aj;?szs‘ills, ...:aiiim; "ills, L- our girl-t,
2. e .: t1u‘illu , cilia”... was, L:.,r_.(..:-:..=' '3.§'i".~iifilil“’,fj , and ‘-=--‘s§;:r§‘:i.=19lda
as: £321“ to wake up the 103.1%! ing; - amiss , c» 1., verges-
field, Daytm‘i, .1 3:13.23, évic’h‘élzfiszbcro, Element}, ikiiuwills, , ”2.5m,
..1:;.2.rcz:.:a<.313, Uni-01151.; z..£"§1it’at, and tween air-'5 learns.
I“- «pas 1,153,333.. .3? 211;: taxi. and.
. ’a J. ...2, I13 U.Ly.

 . 31_1n.
S'l‘aTE EXEEUTI 21E CGElsz.-.I':“IFER till 3311in
DEPAR ’erilrl’f 03%“ KEJE’I‘UCEY.
January fifih 1923.

The Meeting of the State Executive Commueteo
of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Kentucky,
was held at the ameriean Legion Headqzarters, over Kentucky
Theatre, Friday, January 5th 1923. .


Mrs.Scott M.Duncan, President,

hrs. John M1ddleton,$tate Hospital Chairman,

MrooJohn hafhhall, National Executive Committoowoman.

Mrs.L1ndsay Bette, Triasurer,

Ere.O.J.Jenninga, Executive Committeewoman

hrs. h.a.$tansbury, " “

Miss Edna J.Lanahan,Dopartment Secrztary.

hrs.O.J. Jenningsn.Distriet Committeewoman of the
First District, reported that one had just succeeded in securing
the election of new officers at Paducah, and that she Would in a
few weeks, organise, Benton, hayfield, Flinton and would do all
posSible to wake up the apparent dead units in her district.

It was suggested that hrs.harshall, mra.huncan and
Mrs.niddleton, endeavor to make a trip to that section of the
state doing campaign Work with theiassietunce of hrs.Jennlngs.
This trip to be made in April and if possible too ecuro the
assistance of Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett, the National President.

Mrs. Hafi.8tansbury, District Committaewomen of the
llth.district, advises that her district is too large and that
she sould like to have only the Eastern half which inclfleo
Pineville, Midelesboro, Walline Creek, hanhester, London, Corbin,
and Williameburg, It was sug noted that the other section of

i this district be turned over to Mrs.r. Coffey, Prominent of
the Monticello Unit., and a letter should be written to per,
outlining the work and advising that hrs.narshall and others
would be glad to visit there with a View of armisting 1n the
organization work of the Unite not already organized.

Page 2 I
Mrs-John Marahall advise& that the American Legion
Auxiliary aufl American Legion motion pictureg of the fiational
Conventiwn.awula be purchased for a price of @100.00 and it
was auggestaé Lhat posaibly it would be a goed way for State
fieadquartars to make fiomo zoney; to purdnase thoea films
together for WIOO‘GO and than to rent them to the various
anitg at game ftom.¢10.00 to $15.00 per wash. Murray >
Unit advigad aunt they wealfi Pfiflt it if Etate fia¢dquartexs
Would purghflse it.
It wag suggextea that we sent to fizazx National
{ fieuequarters of the «murisan Legion and ask for a liat of
the fififii film a thEy have on hand other than ;ar piabQFJB.
kotian was made by firg. gursball, scoondsé by
“rs. Eiflélatec, fhn; we tax all Cnizn on; in :na ;pat3 £55
a? hhwir met prufibm on all BHLQERQLflmGHL$ given in :ha future.
This notion unanimously garriea.
_ firs,mnc.J&nrings 7?{fi a Aoiion 32;: we porrow
QEQQ.@G, withouz interasz, fwam thz.fund which firs. kgrfiball
haw. This nobc to be fine in threfi nmnth: and refiawabla at any
, time; Moriimn sectinnad by firsynt&:sbtry an: curried.
gaiion x33 gage by 133.;uwghull, EacoLded my
Era.fiatts that we charge 5300 for permanent char$era. This
. motion carriea unanimously.
Motion was mafia kg firs.fiiudleton that we ehayga 50¢
far the pins; aecondefl by Era. Stansbury and carried.
' Motion was made by Era. Marshall,s cconflefl by firs.
‘5anm1nga that we charge 50¢ per 100 for the cards to be used
in the file index for the units.
3§I Mrs. Marshall said the fiacretary should be authorized
he get prices for the necessary stationery from.fi.K.Stawart
ané cthers and order the neceaaary supplies on instructions from
‘ firs.Marahall advised that by writing to heaéquarters
we could get copies of thfl entertainment becka issued by Rockfellou

There be 1118 "*1 0 filI‘thOl” bus 1319 :- s the 3-: 90 1. 1:23.
adj curried .
'2'} SCI‘S 158.1"? .

Under the Direction of the Democratic National Committee
. . Treasurer
Executive Bm‘mlttee January 29th to February 3rd, 1923 MISS VIRGINIA DI H. FURMAN
MISS ANNIE MATHEWS . Chairman 278 Park Avenue '
MRS' JOHN BLAIR Vice—Chairman Democratic National Committee
MRS» MARY F- O’MALLEY Director of Education, Democratic National Committee
MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT Press and Publicity
Le Marquis Hotel
12 East 3lst Street, New York, N. Y.
Telephone Lexington 3160
January 19, 1923.
Mrs. Sam Wilson,
455 Fayette Park,
Lexington, By.
My dear Mrs. Wilson:
I sincerely hope that you.will arrange to attend
the National School of Democracy to which I know yOu have
had an invitation. I want you to speak on our program, Tues-
day afternoon, January 30th, under the subject "Representa-
tion of WOmen on Political Committees, for WPhe Unrepresent—
96.0 I!
We are presenting the subject in the following
form: The Development of Party Organization, The Argument
for Equal Representation, The Unrepresented, The Indiana
Plan, The Colorado Law, The New Jersey Law, and The Nation—
al Committee Recommendation.
I wish you to present the situation that you
have in Kentucky, where women have no representation on
state committees and are, therefore; handicapped in their
ability to represent the party. Just the situation that
you presented in a recent letter to me, which I hope to
answer in a few days. Please wire me your answer.
Yours very sincerely,

 j/l) " d‘ i ,' Wflw%— ‘ i — ~ V
// ; .2" ii , ' , é ' /
rue.» ' «ea . * i ‘ ' [a / ,... .
45"»? 9 - c _.g ‘- 2m 1- j _.2 J A .- . ; / __’_3LL..‘,;,,.;-.72.; . fig“'tT'—‘ilh-x. I
<4; fl ._ s;,‘ v, ”1: ’: .5 g . .1175; 3 Ni...“ ““5€3§:?€”# ’3“:
553%,, 11‘ .1. ‘ ; \- ‘ /(, ‘ . ._ (
I I i ' ' 5' 5‘ . _ . ,5 y
[i [/l “C;>"/ i -' ., 23: " {1' : I l "
. gr”; l . I. 1.]
C/‘rfi 3.5: 4 :1" _ may“; I //_ , , ’ .5! /
. .Zw/J‘V/ ‘ I ‘x i - » “ ,r {‘7}? , 1‘5, 1.;1‘.‘ ‘5 fl» [1'
.‘ L, £5 1’; _, f . fl ' [if
f ‘ T ‘ A * V , - , .‘ f’ " .' . ,- .
' :‘é’é ‘7 ‘ ’ 5 t" ' " é .e 3 - H i
{:11 f 1, g . f
,‘ . 2"»,-

New York City
January 29th to February 3rd.
All sessions of the National School of Democracy will be held in the
Mezzanine Room, the East Ball Room and the Grand Ball Room of Hotel
Commodore. Rooms for out of town guests may be reserved at rates
indicated on the accompanying card.
Three courses are in progress which together will include eighteen
sessions during the week. The two dollar registration will provide
a ticket good for admission to all sessions which will be held daily
at 10:30 A. M., 2:50 P. M. and 8:15 P. M.
The program for this course is in the hands of Miss Caroline Ruutz-
Rees, National Committeewoman of Connecticut, mm
and Mrs. Henry Moskowitz. Among the subjects to be discussed are
International Principles of the Democratic Party, Democratic High-
lights of American History, A Liberal Democracy, What Women Find
in the Democratic.Party, and Democracy Applied to Social and In-
dustrial Problems. We are in corresyondence with speakers of na-
tion—Wide reputation. The sessions for this course are all to be
. held in the evening.
Mrs. Emily Newell Blair, Miss Harriet May Mills and Miss Elizabeth
Marbury have this course in charge. It will include such subjects
as a General Organization Plan, Cooperation between National Organ-
ization and State, Club Finance and a Round Table for discussion of
Literature, Publicity. Separate Clubs, Representation of Women on
Committees, etc. -
Mrs. George Bass, Miss Dorothy Donnelly, Mrs. Anna Moskowitz Kross
and Mrs. Halsey W. Wilson have the program for this course in charge.
Miss Donnelly will teach Position, Voice and Gestures; Mrs. Wilson
will instruct in Technique of the Speech; Mrs. Bass has chesen the
Development of the Speech, including analysis of the Subject and
Building the Speech; Mrs. Kross will present the Campaign Speech.
Course I and II will alternate between the morning and afternoon.
V On Thursday evening, February let, a dinner will be held in the
Grand Ball Room of Hotel Commodore, the price for which will be
$4. The speakers will be announced later.
Both men and women may register. The registration fee for all three
courses is $2. Single course tickets may be had for $1. Admission
to single sessions is twenty-five cents.

\\\)l‘iL'lI;/, . '
i7 ‘8 9‘6- COMMITTEE
MRS. SCOTT M. DUNCAN. President 97$ 9,},
MRS. ALYSE DRESSING. Vice President 5; \; MRS. o. J. JENNINGS. Murray
MRS. LINDSAY BATTS. Treasurer El l: MISS N. RUTH MOORE. Owcnlboxo
MRS. J. WEBB BRATTON, Historian “3“. 1" MRS. JOHN HARLAN, Glasgow
MR5. JOHN MIDDLETON. State Hospital, Chairman ’6!)po Ag'ké)‘. MRS. THOS. W. MORAN. Louisville
MIss EDNA I. LANAHAN. Secretary 13mg,“ MRS. c. A. BEVIs. Newport
316 Louisville Trust Building
Apr i1 20 th 1925 .

Mrs. Samuel Wilson, '


De er Mrs .‘fI'i ls on : - -

Miss Clarke was telling me today of your

recent sorrow; words fail me at such a time but I want

you to know that my heart is with you in sympathy and thought.

Mothers are stong ties in this world and when one loses her

every other child heart aches for the one who 18 the loser.

Accept my deepest sympathy. .,

Sincerely, /7fl //
d4 MW i W
Margaret n.Duncan
Department President.
E JL .

 ) TA“? if
January 24, 1923.

Mrs. Samuel M. Wilson,
Lexington, Kentucky.
My dear Mary!

I enclose copies of two letters
I have written, and of a letter I am writing
to Mr. Klair.

I know it is needless for me to
tell you that not only am I dissatisfied with
what I have written, but that I want you to
slash, change, add to or cut from them as you
think best, for my only desire and purpose is
to accomplish the object we all are bent upon.

Si 151/69er $1 2; o u Md ‘6 ‘-

 ‘; (To be sent to the chairman of every
Domocrutic committee, or, better otill,
“ to every Ecuocrotic precinct committee-
Dear air:
We cncloco c copy of a set of resolutions
cicgtc: - the Democratic State Central and Executive
Comm toes -hich we ask you to read carefully and to
aii to i~ limit of your capacity in carrying out
t'oir purp~sc. V
We ‘ircct your gcrticulor attention to the
f"th reeo‘ 'ion, which expresses the conviction of
the Dot chtic Sta ; Control cud Executive Committoea ~
‘1ct .Lo femocrc c pa by owes c oucrcc obligation to
psmvent the wi two *i o nhuns of the Democrats who
I died n the 0 cy o ’ ec ct from being submerged in
poverty and gn :ccnoo of the dcath of their
breacawinnaro squr 1y BhCTCd and imporctiVo
obligation L: shoe ats wh: were indicted and con~
g victcd in“ '0 ' irr‘it Cc" t n a trial doclurad by
g?“ the Court of lppsilo o be 1 legal to—fiagaiafiaohom the
_fr means for thoi poo or def? so
:V‘fy in ~. . :y w. A. ,
\DV line crislirmcn 0; tanr tic State Central
‘ and Executive Committ ~c “ggoin . us a cub—committee
to Carry out this guzwo* , uni we i‘ito to wax that
you will immediately to 9 stop .. raise no fonts to
assist the widows and orphans and to cic he Democrats
who are to Lo again tried under the indirtmants re~
turndd because of the tragedy on elastic diy ' 1921.
we cannot too strongly beg ".u to “:c your
utmost effort. We fool that upon the prop r yroccnt—
ction of the facts every Democrat iv th state will
gladly contribute to those causes, ewi we hope, and
confidently believe, that a minimum of ten doll to
~ will be raised in every precinct in the state, which -
would prevent the families of the dead Democrats from
suffering and give the orphans an opportunity to obtain
an education, no that they might be the some useful,
self-supporting citiZBn9.thoy would be had not their '
fathers been killed while serving the Democratic party.
May we ask that you will, as quickly as
possible, make the effort to raise what amount you can,


¥ 2.

ani transmit it to Hon. John Shuin; Tragaurcr, ,
Lexinfiton, Kentucky? The Bub-committee passed a
ragolution that the expenditure and diapOSul of thuse
funis should be diracted by it, with the assistance
cf Judge Alax P. Humphreygund the Hon. John H. Ather-
ton, of Louigville, Kentudky, thereby giving ugsurunce
that every dollar contributed will no to the benefit
of the families of the dead Democrats and to the nec«
esgary legal expenses of the Democrats who were in-

Sincerely yours, ‘

 January 24, 1933.

Hon. W. F. Klair, ‘
Lexington, Kentucky.-
My dear Billy: .

I enclose a copy of a letter I have
dictated, to be sent, if possible, to every Dem~

, ooratic oommitteemun, and if not possible to &0

that, to be changed so as to go to the chairman
of every Democratic committee; also a copy of
a letter to be sent to every neHSpuper. I an en-
closing also the copy of the resolutions you sent
me. I am taking the liberty of sending a 00py
of the two letters to fire. Wilson and to Senator

I cannot tell you what deep regret I
feel thet I have failed long since to do what I
could about this. My only excuse, which is not
a justification, is that I knew that Senator
Combs could write a much more convincing and appeal-
ing letter than I, and therefore not only hoped he
would do so, but delayed doing anything myself
until he would, and that pressure of business .
and illness haVe kept him from so doing, but I
want you to know that while I am sorry for the
delay I know that you will overcome the ill effect
of that delay so far as it is humanly possible to
do, to the best of your ability and energy.

Sincerely yours,

.. ‘f\ 9:" '
MK \‘xf‘ _. is}! ” i ‘

Dear sir:

We enclose a copy of resolutions adopted
by the Democratic Stoto Central and Executivo Commit-
tee 5 r; t a called moo tin"; at Loni svi 1 lo , The clx:z.i:‘3-2;«.‘:1 :
JuflfC Charles A. Hardin, appointed as a suo«committeo
to’oarry out the purpose of thesc resolutions.

We earnestly request your co-oporation and
assistance. We are sending a copy of them, together

/ with a letter, of which we enclose a copy, to the

chairman of every Democratic committee in the state.
we feel that upon an adaouuto presentation of the
bare facts and realization of the need of the finalise .
of the Democrats who were killed and of these who have
been subjected to prosecution and undergone confine—
ment and hech financial loss, the Democrats of the
state will welcome the chance to contribute to the
fund, which will teaspended under the supervision of
thms committee, assisted by Judge Alex P. Humphrey ,
and the Hon. John H. Athorton, of Louisville.

with abiding faith in your assistance and
confidence of the attainment of the object sought by
the Democratic State Central and Executive Committees, ,

, we are
Sincerely yours,

. ~ Stwd'
r i ’ i
“VT w'
,I‘ :.w«
l‘ total
'7'; "WP-1,7"? 1 , - "“r‘1‘fi." "3"” ’E-ujf w'i‘gr
‘ .. ... . D , .. I
“he revise? constitution folionn:
“one ~- “his club anal? he known as the ‘omsa'e Yenoctntio
sins of *eyotte Younty, *entuohy.
... . . I") . "l ,I J‘ A" _‘ . ...‘fii ."‘,‘v" 5‘. J. .... 7,.-V "‘
1153:20sz -—- who Oojtos 0:2: 31>- {2", Lite. tints, no 45: their wining:
‘omoorafiic principles and maintain the “waoesatie piety.
‘eflborshin —— 'nv woman may become a member of thin club
by enioseinf its constitution.
”insane - “0 fine? are meaning? for membership, but it is
in tact that enters exalt contribute annuelly a free will
ottoman“ to the tsoacnry for the ohieote of this club, but no
vote 0“ the club oh 1? innooe finenetcl obit ationc upon its
inaahernhin. ixpeneenibr nay object not paynfile out of the
treasury moot he oosunefl by individuals as bv~flsfiagfin££ nueetcl
/ . . . ‘. t v A
WT? luv-viii‘x‘ law
conxitjeo norhinv outside 0? club meetinec.
hr! - , .. w, 1 .. ." ...,r") .. .~ “. .. .. .- -. -
“isletal board —- the qeneeat ofzicese shall no president,
first vice president, seeont vine profitinet, from the city of -
hexin to: and one vice proeident 550m each 0* the three ¢Cfiifk
tortel districts outoifle of the city on? in ”nyofito “ounty, Vy.,
also correnpondinr oecroatry, recordin~ mooretsry uni a treasures.
fueee shall constitute its based of of?icerc who shalt be
elected ennuafity. ”o officer shall be elieihle for the name
offiCn for wore than two eoneeeutivo terno.
”he ofticiel hoarfi shall select the chairman and nowhere
of the otenflinn eon itteoe.
hos the better execution of the objeote of the club, these

. ctuflflinm asmnitfieos ehuii'be famnsflg ta—Uifi: ”ifiizcnahip mfiufly
01: deny fiaeace, yrs m: , imhlieity, liter flare: fiembefinfiiy.
firecntivc coaxitfica: Th0 9f?ici:1 Ecarl and @h* chairuefi
W? the can ififioc¢ shal‘ comsfiitufio fine Cieoufiivo com ififieag vho
shall fiyansaet thfl huciaesr of £30 Cmnb SEQ hm?“ $076? $0 2111
all vafianciem accurrin“ in ifis “an bofly in the interim bot sen
annual elections.
V . ‘ewtinfivz “aims sieil‘mo one fiumuA? meeéiflfi in