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J  ‘
.l `
    Extension Division
 il THOMAS P. COOPER, Dean and Director
; ~ A rg-    ®
L  Lexington, KY.
` July, 1931
 " Published lll CDIIIIQCCIO11 with they ;{gI‘i(:LlIlLll‘z'il €+Xt€f1Sl0ll \\'UI'k L‘f\l`l`lCd
_ I on by cooperation of thc College of ,AlZl`iC\,liI.LlY'(i, Urnivwsity of Kmnluvky,
* with the U.   Dep;11·tme11t of Agric-ultum und distributed in flll`(hQ!`lll]C0
E of UIQ work provided for in [hg Act of COTlgl‘<:HS of MAY 8, 1914.

` l
_ . I
· ¥

  “ (Revised)
i One-Dish Meals
` - ` ` By Florence Imlay
· t i _The term, one-dish meal, is applied to a combination of th_e
e substantial foods of the meal into one dish. Such dishes usually
contain the protein—meat, eggs or cheese; starch—potatoes, rice
or macaroni; and at least a part • the vegetable. Sometimes the
protein and carbohydrate are combined into one dish and a
vegetable is served with it. One of the chief values of this type
. O of dish is that it may be prepared in the early part of a busy
1 day and cooked or reheated just before mealtime. It is also
a good way of using left-overs. There are many recipes for one-
e dish meals. However, the ingenious housewife will use her
knowledge of cookery, food values and Havorsto prepare new
  one—dish meals or to utilize the left-overs from one meal in appe-
i tizing and attractive combinations to be served within the next
{ twenty-four hours.
A. Too many starehy foods such as potatoes, rice and macaroni,
should not be used in one dish.
B. White sauce or meat stock make a good base for baked
a dishes.
C. Have one strong flavor predominate, such as carrot, turnip
or cheese, with several other flavors in smaller quantity or
milder form. ‘ K
  D- The aeidity of the tomato adds much to most dishes, eilhC1‘
as a part of them or as a sauce. t ~. V
E. Color may be obtained from foods used, as carrots. peas,
tomatoes, ctc., or by the addition of a small amount of
i Qrecn Pepper or pimiento.

4 Kentucky Eavtension Ciroula-r N0. 231  
- F. Character may be given to the dish by the addition of c1·isp  
bacon, onion juice, finely chopped parsley, bay leaf, etc.  
A. Milk or a thin white sauce may be used in place of meat  A
B. Wlieii substituting for a meat, another meat with the same  
quality of iiavor should be used, such as chicken in place of '· 
tenderloin or fish.  ip
C. Diced potatoes may be used in place of rice or macaroni.  
D. Vegetables of similar texture and quality of flavor should  
be used in making a substitution, such as peas for string i.
E. Toast may be used in place of a bed of rice or macaroni as  ·. _»
in goldenrod eggs or macaroni with cheese sauce.  
F. Shredded cabbage may be used in place of lettuce.  it
A. Vegetables retain their COlO1' ·and crispness best when cooked  
a short time.  ,’
B. Milk and egg dishes should bo cooked at a low temperature.  
C. Meat is tenderer and the fiavor better, especially in tough  i
cuts, when cooked at a medium temperature.  
D. Such dishes as macaroni loaf, salmon loaf, etc., are moister  V
when steamed than when baked. Ti 
E. Baked dishes made with a white sauce base may be pre-  i
vented from curdling by placing the baking dish in a pan  j
of hot water while baking.  
F. A covering of browned buttered crumbs gives an attractive  
appearance to a baked dish.  it A
A. Salad prepared from crisp raw vegetables.  ii
B. Salad prepared from raw fruits.  A
C. Salads prepared from colorful fruits.  
D. Desserts prepared with a custard base, when milk is not  _
used in the main dish.  L

  One—Dish Meals 5
mp   E, Fruit desserts.
·   F_ Whole cereals, as bread or in desserts,
1eat   _   I l _ V. · - Y  
ame   · . · ‘ ` . ' . ri; P P “ ·  
e of 5  . » ‘ V· {_    A .,  —. ,_.e—  
>  sq . * ¢ »'   Ke
,-  . .· ¢·»   ,_ gp  ~.  ‘“` " `    ..,..s.._  ..- .  
V, _ _ V Vbh rr  ; r_`¥5 ‘;:   yl I xr; `   _ §§k4     “   V
,. .,   ,   TY m y "    f>·~..~“     »=;..2< "   
 _ ~· (...,6 --~· * ,*,3 X ly? _L· _   , · ljlpi ~ VJVVR (QM    ~·—i I g  ii;
mm  f V r .e,4»   ` . A P C " .   ·_:¤ee·   ‘ ‘   A ‘‘’` 4  
ring  -- . ev  if _ g'i   ..;. _ M is wg  i _.   ··.‘f_`? `*‘` , Q.
_ ;·   xt g {aww; .f‘ "` ‘   Tf gpl! V   ·   _ ·..;»;·       * _.  
 I. °     · "‘¥_”  P '   i W   I    ‘TTT .;;§.· }Q4;~·?__jQ;.Q) 
‘ "’   =i»a:.~.:‘ _,  '   ”     1 d'”‘ i " —  -·'‘   ~rr.· `
L1 EIS  ’ ’   __‘_ '_ V?   M. Wage.? ’ \ gev .  " ..; G
 .· ` . V ~;~<*¤¤¤’@?’f  QF? A
;-  »/W; l; _ _ Gin., wi/`pé) V / 1 V Hr ` V `> ~ ,_ Lg Eli: \4   ,*.3r _[\ Q,fi;.7§l
 —   ,ers!r.    ;~,;¢.’, ·;i#~ w *<<»re-t        . P
  Types of linking Dishes
>ked  » n;czPEs `
Y illmf ])I>S/l(’¥
l~U`€·  ‘ liakcd (e`reamed Chicken. Fruit Salad. Biscuits and
High ;; ll()llC;»`—
  Baked Creamed Chicken
lS’E€l`  ; 3 c. diced cooked chicken 2 c. milk `
 _ 1 c cooked peas 4 tb. butter _
p1,0_  i %a§ c. diced celery 4 tb. flour
an   1 tb. pimiento ii; tsp. salt
P ’ 1 tb. green pepper
. · .  ? Blake a white sauce of milk butter and Hour. add the other
ltne  _ _ y
= iiiuveilieiits. Pour into a baking dish. Place luakingr Lll$ll in a
 _ pan ef hot water and bake in a moderate oven 30 minutes.
1 I like (`rcole. Pineapple and Carrot Salad. whole \Vl1eat
  Bread- .
  Rice Creole
j 2 large onions 2 large green pepjers
Hot  ’ l 0. chopped ham 2 c. tomatoes
Q 3 tb. butter 15 tsp. salt
`  2 c. cooked rice

E 1(enfueky EIt67l.Sl01l (ji1‘c·1¢.Z§ Melt the remaining tablespoon of butter and quickly stir into
ld   it the bread crumbs. Sprinkle crumbs over the top of the dish
at  ig and bake in a hot oven until brown. Serve at once.
>u ·  Q
{ter   Scalloped Potatoes and Egg, String Beans, Rolls and
 F} i\l’2ll‘1ll&llH(l€—
  Scalloped Potatoes and Egg
 _- 3 c. cooked diced potatoes 2 tb. flour
{ir 6 hard-cooked eggs % tsp. salt
V  '_` 2 C. milk Buttered bread crumbs ·
   '»_ 2 tb. butter
lake   Make a white sauce of milk, flour and butter. Add eggs cut
WH-   in quarters and salt. Mix potatoes and sauce. Put into a baking
  dish. Cover with buttered crumbs and bake in hot oven until
.  a l ,
uits,  . WOWH
  Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Gabbage-Apple-Marshmalloxr-
  Nut Salad, and XVhole \Vheat Rolls- '
  Baked Macaroni and Cheese
 Q? 3 c. cooked macaroni 3 t`b. flour
  1% c. grated cheese % tsp. salt
9 the   2 C- milk Buttered fbread crumbs
On H  E. 3 tb. butter

10 Ifemiacky Extension Circulcw· N0. 231  
Make a white sauce of milk, flour and butter, add cheese,  
macaroni and salt. Put into baking dish, cover with buttered  
bread crumbs. Bake in a hot oven until brown. Note—Hominy  
may be substituted for macaroni.  
Cheese Cutlets, Buttered Peas, Whole Wheat Muffins, Pear  
Sauce, Tea Cakes-  
Cheese Outlets  
1 c. mashed potatoes 1/8 tsp. poultry seasoning  
*,5 cup grated cheese 1 tsp. salt  
M; c. cooked lima or navy paprika .§ 
=beans ground %, teaspoon curry powder .
1 tb. minced pimiento  
Combine the ingredients and shape the mixture into cut—  
lets about LQ-inch thick. Brown them in a little hot fat and  
serve them with horseradish sauce.  
Horseradish Sauce  
2 tb. butter 1/Q tsp. salt  
2 tb. iiour 1 tb. horseradish  
1 c. meat stock  j`
Melt thc butter, remove it from the heat, and add the flour.  ii
Stir the mixture until it is smooth, add the meat stock and  _
return the mixture to the fire. Bring it to the boiling point and  Y
boil it for 3 or 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the season-  
ing and the horseradish, and serve.  4
Cheese Balls, Tomato Salad, Muffins and Jam--  
Cheese Balls  
4 c. mashed potatoes 2 eggs  
% c. grated cheese % tsp. salt  Q
Mix potatoes, cheese, well-beaten eggs and seasoning. Malw  
into balls and fry in deep fat.  .,

  One-Dish Meals 11
,   . Eggs a la King
“) ? s
d   5 hard-cooked eggs 1 c. peas
{  2 C_ miik 1 c. carrots
Y  wi 1 Q_ Ygggtabie iiquid bg c. celery
  4 ti, butter 1 thick slice onion
  4 to Hour % tsp. salt
  Cook vegetables in boiling salted water until tender and
  amp, Make a white sauce of butter, tlour, milk and vegetable
  liquid. Quarter or slice hard—cooked   Add eggs and
  ve;;etables to sauce and serve.
`_ Dueliess Soup, Combination Vegetable Salad, Wafe1·s or
if Toast-
t_   Duchess Soup
`d   :11.2 e. milk 2 tsp. salt
1 be  2 tb. Hour 2 tb. onion
  Pg e. grated cheese 3 egg yolks
 f` lg c. chopped carrot 1/; e. water from vegetables
  2 tb. butter
  (‘ook vegetables. Melt butter, add dry ingredients, blend
  uml add liquids. Cook until thickened. All vegetables. Adil
  elteese. Stir until cheese is melted. Pour gradually upon beaten
m   egg yolks. reheat and serve. _
ud E
ud  '; lierksliire Soup, Lettuce with French Dressing, VVafers or
m_  ;· Toast-
 Q Berkshire Soup
 Q 3 c. tomatoes % c. thin cream
  2 tsp. onion 2 egg yolks
J 1 c. corn Lg bay leaf
.-  4 e. milk 3 cloves
  4 lh il0U1‘ 1% tsp. salt ,
 i 4 tb. butter
  (`0ol< vegetables. bay leaf and cloves together. Strain.
tke   Make a white sauce of milk, flour, butter and salt. Combine
 _, 11\1XiHres while hot. Add cream and well-beaten egg yolk 3.HCl
 Q serve.

 i 12 Kem‘ut·ky Extension Circular N0. .231  
I Vegetable Soup, Fruit Cobbler, Wafers——  
Vegetable Soup  
2 lbs. beef % c. string beans  
2 c. diced potatoes % c. peas  
2 c. diced carrots % c. chopped spinach  
1 c. diced turnips 1 c. chopped cabbage  
% c. chopped celery 2 c. tomatoes  j
1 medium sized onion 1% tsp. salt by
\Vash meat, put into cold water and cook slowly until  
nearly tender. Add all the vegetables except spinach, cabbage  ’
and tomatoes and simmer for one hour. Add other vegetables  Y
and cook l() minutes. Season and serve.  
Sa!uds—  '.
Chicken Salad, Lettuce Sandwiches, Peach Custard, Sponge _
Cake——  —,
Chicken Salad ll
3 c. cold chicken, cut in cubes 2 hard—co0ked eggs ° 
1% c. celery, cut in pieces French dressing  
1 tsp. salt Mayonnaise dressing _ l 
Combine chicken, celery and French dressing. Cut up eggs,  ;—
reserving three or four perfect slices for garnishing. Add eggs  ..
to the chicken and celery just before serving and mix well with  
mayonnaise dressing. Mound in salad bowl on bed of crisp  
Potato Salad, Cold Ham, Sliced Tomatoes, Rolls- Z
. Potato Salad  _'
3 c. cooked diced potatoes ' at c. sliced cucumber  
‘ 3 hard-cooked eggs 1 tb. chopped parsley  5,
Ml c. diced onion Boiled salad dressing  A
% c. diced celery  4
Mix all ingredients together and let stand for one hour  
before serving.  

   One-Dalsh Meals 13
  Macaroni Salad, Boston Brown Bread Sandwiches, Fruit
E2  Gelatin and Cookies-
  Macaroni Salad
 “ 3 c. cooked chopped macaroni 2 c. cooked string beans (cut
  1 c. diced celery in small pieces)
  2 tb. chopped onion 2 tb. chopped olive
  Mayonnaise dressing
  Mix all ingredients together and let stand one hour before
itil   serving.
iles  ** Cabbage and Salmon Salad, Bread and Butter Sandwiches,
  Baked Apple-
  Cabbage and Salmon Salad
 {Z 3 c. shredded cabbage V; c. peanuts
nge   ‘-’· 1% c. fiaked salmon Mayonnaise
  % c. diced celery
  Mix all ingredients together. Chill and serve.
  Cottage Cheese Salad, Wliole Vllheat Bread Sandwiches,
 Q; Apple Roll—
   ii Cottage Cheese Salad
?§I{l`*  I 2 c. cottage cheese %, c. nuts {
with  ? % c. diced celery Mayonnaise
,.181,  :9 % c. sliced cucumbers
  Mix cottage cheese, celery, cucumbers and nuts. Add
 4 enougli mayonnaise to nioisten, Serve on a bed of shredded
 · lettuce.
,3,  Vegetable Salad, Corn Meal Muffins, Fruit Tart-— '
  Vegetable Salad
  1 cup cooked peas 1 cup cooked string beans,
 It 1 cup cooked carrots, out in cubes cut in pieces
uour  j 1 small cauliflower, cooked French dressing
 ` 1 CHD Celery, cut in small pieces

 4 14; Kentucky Extension Circular N 0. 25*1  
i a Marinate peas, earrots,_celery and string beans in Freneh  
Dressing. Chill thoroly. Separate cauliflower into small  
flowerets and marinate separately in French Dressing. Arrange ii 
cups of heart leaves of lettuce on a platter and pile vegetables  _
lightly in them. Put a border of cauliflower around the edgeof  i
platter and garnish with strips of red and green pepper. 5
- V l V  ` lix
.‘Y  l',