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13:. 5‘-
Amber . ”:31. _ '
to headline 2"" ~r~ \‘f
Pride 2011 «3*
/ . ‘
GSA ;'
Celebrates I‘
10th ll:
Annniversary [7‘91
Sponsored by:
Gay Straight Alliance

 Miss Gay America Free Films It
Pageant commg to Toilet Training C
Lexmgton.... March 10, 7 pm. Oswald Building
RJ Deacon, Contributor Auditorium, Bluegrass Community
and Technical College Campus. I
An exclusive interview with A '00k at the difficulties I
Coti Collins “Miss Gay Amer— transgendered people have In using
. ,, gender segregated public t0Ilets I
Ica 2011 (Photo on Page 9) and the fight to bring awareness
to this issue. Film will be followed Al
A new Miss Gay America by a discussion. Running time 30
Pageant pre|iminary will be minutesby Tara Mateik, part Of the
coming to Lexington! “Miss Kentuckians forthe Commonwealth
BI A . R . _ Socral Documentary Series E
5919955 mfierlca _e9'°n sponsored by the Bluegrass Film
a| } IS an officnal prellminary Society. Free to the public.
to Miss Gay America and
will be scheduled in August. Hannah Free M
The current reigning Miss 5:35.13 Tigég-rand 7:30 P-m- 0
Gay America '5 COt' Collins. One World Film Festival will show L‘
(aka DaV'd Lowmen) _1 re- Hannah Free at no charge in the
cently had the honor 0f Inter- State Theater, inside the Kentucky
viewing Coti, for the GLSO. Theater. Sharon Gless stars as G
Hannah in this award winning 11
- feature film. Hannah and Rachel
. (Q) When-did your female? grow up in the same Midwest town
'mpérsonatlon career begin. where traditional expectations
(CCU) I was exposed to fe- challenge their deep love for one F'
male impersonation in my another: Hannah becomes an '1'
second year of college in adventurous, unapologetic lesbian Ir
Huntington WV. It took and Rachel a strong but reserved
h'l t ’ t t homemaker. The story reveals how
a _W 'e 0 Cpme _° erms the women maintain their love K
Wlth performlng. Klesa La- despite a marriage, a world war,
mount was the first to ever infidelity, and family denial. B
paint me (put in drag) and Reviews say that Gless “glammed- O
my first time ever perform- 301V" and bEtEhlfd'UPIInc as She
. . elvere a se ar pe ormance
mg was ":1 a pageaf‘t for a that is gritty, poignant, and real”.
WGSt VirgInIa Amerlca pre- Don’t miss this extraordinary film.
lim. It was the most remark— GLSO and the Health Department 3
able feeling and experience will host a reception after the P
ma” had “ever fe't hem iiéfigdoicaefé"”wgar|§°éeitfv°al‘%lfi§§
(continued on Page 13) see www. oneworldfilmfestival.org. I

 Issue 3 201 1 Feature Story
CONTENTS Pride Festival features Amber
y —
id Amber Booked for Pride
0 Page 8 GSA Meeting
e Every Tuesday, 7 pm.
3h Pride Center
n GLSO Discussion Group
Every Wednesday, 7 pm.
Miss Gay America Pr'de Center
“"3” to Lexington Pride Festival Meeting
Lexmgton 2
w Sunday, March 6 & 20, 4 pm.
e Pride Center
'5 GSA celebrates Wednesday Night Live
9 10 years 5 Wednesday, March 9, 7:30 pm.
a The Bar Complex
{2 Full Schedule for GLSO Board Meeting
n Imperial Court Sunday, March 13, Noon
n in March 6 Pride Center
w Imperial Court of Kentucky Meeting
'e Sunday March 13, & 27, 6 pm.
‘r, Kentuclfy Bourbon Pride Center
Bears VISIt
1‘ Owensboro 11 Show Me Your Blarney Stones
[8 Friday, March 25, 10 pm.
'3 Barrel House
It Birthday Bash Bluegrass Trans(Gender)
,e PIanned 13 Youth & Families
:e Saturday, March 26, 1 pm.
IS Pride Center

 GLSO News Issue 3 2011

_ _ Dennis Wheatley, President (
The GLSO News '5 PUbIlShed Orvis Kean, Vice President 1
monthly by and for the Lexington Jane Minder, Secretary i
Gay and Lesbian Services Organi- Ginger Minder-Moore, Treasurer 5
zation members and community. 1
The mrssnon of the Lexmgton Gay 1
and Lesbian Services Organization Glenn Blind, At—Large z
is to provide support and services Charlotta Brunson, At-Large f
to the GLBTQQIA community. Mary Crone, GSA I
RJ Deacon, Volunteers ‘
The vision of the Lexington Gay Jesse Howard, Marketing/Sales :
and Lesbian Services Organiza- Mark Johnson, At-Large “
tion is to empower the GLBTQQIA Orvis Kean, Events ‘
community through voice. Jessica Sucik, Affiliate Groups
James Carie, At Large
The Lexington GLSO is founded ‘
upon the core values of fun, in- GLSO STAFF .
CIUS'P n, respect, Integrity, dignity, Bill Chandler, Admin. Assistant
servrce an competence. Spencer Johnson, Advertising
GLSO Pride Center
389 Waller Avenue EDITORIAL NOTES
Suite 100 . .
Lexington, Ky. 40504 The GLSO- IS currently looking for
859 253 3233 new contributors and editorial
www gls-o org staff. If interested, e-mail
' ' editor@glso.org.
2011 GLSO News sponsorship packages are now available!
E-mail editor@glso.org to pick your package today!

 I GSA 10th Young adults, some of whom are
. previous members of GSA, always
Annlversary help out at our events. It was a
I Mary Cronel Contributor great success. We are consider-
ing a Halloween dance next fall.
I The GLSO Gay Straight Alliance In May we will produce our fifth
for Youth has been operating the Pride Prom. We have outgrown the
community for ten years. During Unitarian church and are looking for
those years students in all Lex— a new venue. Last year 235 teens
ington public high schools have cameto our prom; manytold usthat
r started GSAs or diversity groups in it was more fun than their school
their schools. We have supported prom. We are definitely accepting
I those groups in a variety of ways. of whatever attire, affectionate ex-
Including providing information pression, and joy the youth want to
about how such groups can get share with us. They are so amazing!
started, programming, and train- In addition, we are working with
ing for youth leaders at the Pride individuals interested in start-
Center. This year there has been ing a group for gender variant,
“0 QFOUP meeting at Henry Clay including transsexual, youth.
During the last decade we have
also seen teens more willing to _
come out publicly and there are Scholarshlp FUI’Id
more straight allies at their sides.
The GLSO Board has established
The atmosphere in schools has a scholarship fund to help sup-
changed for the better, but there port GLBTQQAIS young people.
is still a need for activism in (gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender,
this area. We also have an in- queer, questioning, allies, intersex,
terest in working with middle straight?) There are many young
schools in the coming months. people who delayorcancelplansfor
I education after high school because
The GSA is still in need of an addi- of financial need. This can be
or tional advisor. If you are interest— complicated by lack of family sup-
ed, please contact mary crone at port or lower school performance
859 266—5904 or mary@glso.org. clue to harassment in high school.
- - - The GLSO GSA donated $1,000 of
, GSA ACtIVItIeS , their profit from last year's prom
Th's year we hosted our first W'”' to this scholarship fund. GLSO will
ter Ball (pictures page?). YOUth be doing fund rasing specifically
attended from area h'gh SChOOIS for the fund in the coming months.
I as well as some middle schools.
I _

 FULL SCHEDULE FOR Come on all you Neanderthals.
ICK IN MARCH Let’s go get primal. Woohoo.
On Saturday, March 12, come
Helena Handbasket, Contributor to the 2nd annual show we call
“Drags and Wags” at the Barrel -
Get ready Lexington because the House and support all the little
Imperial Court Of Kentucky Will have domestic critters that we love so
lots to offer in the form of quality much. You know you love our
entertainment for the month of March. little animal friends so I expect 5
Performances of “Dear Harvey” will a large crowd for this one. For B
begin on Monday, February 28 at EKU; times and other information,
also Tuesday, March 1 at UK; and then check us out on Facebook or see R
Sunday and Monday, February 6-7 our website. Happy St. Patrick’s 1
at Busters. You have to see this. I Day to you_,, Wanna drink a
recently went to a rehearsal and this little something green until S
production will touch your heart. For you feel a little green? Then
more info check out the website, www. join us at Crossings Lexington K
imperialcourtkentuckyorg or look for on Thursday, March 17th for M
the promo on Face book. On Tuesday, the Green Party. Music, drag,
March 8th will be our 3rd annual Mardi the complete St. Patrick’s Day
Gras Ball at the Magnolia Room in the atmosphere for fun. Bring your '3
Lexington Downtown Hilton. This will favorite Leprechaun and show 1
be a Fat Tuesday celebration fit for a him/heryou lovethem by kissing
king, and a queen. A collaborative their blarney stone. On Tuesday, L
fundraiser for the GLBT community March 29, join us for the always V,
brought to you the efforts of The delicious Falsie Awards at the
Imperial Court of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky Theater. Come out
Fairness, AVOL, Moveable Feast and to be entertained as well as see 5
GLSO- Costumes, music, 90-90 bOYS--- if your favorite performer or Vi
whatever you are into, you will probably GLBT community member wins
find it here. This is always a fun event the award you hope they will. I"
and we look forward to seeing all of you Nominations will be out soon so
there. The door opens at 6:30 pm. watch for them and see if you 4
with the show and dancing beginning can pick the winners. Lastly,
at 7 pm. Don’t forget to attend the on Friday, April 1, we will be U
after party at Crossings Lexington at putting on the “Can’t) Win Em 3
11 pm. (117 North Limestone)-On All" show which will feature the
Friday, March 11, take a little road trip nominees from the Falsies that
with us to Shooters in Cincinnati for didn’t take the trophy. That’s 5
the MiSS Big Bone LiCk Pageant, an okay because we think they are 9
event sponsored this year by our sister all winners and we are giving
court, the Imperial Sovereign Queen them a chance to prove it to ya. G
City Court of the Buckeye Empire. This More info to follow on this one C
one will really bring out the caveman or so check out the website and
cave woman in you (you decide which). the facebook page. L
— |

 3,5. TIE ago m m
00. The Imperial Court of Kentucky
me impctky@ao|.com
:al: www.ImperialCourtKentucky.org
're —

so GLSO News Monthly Sponsors
)ur _
ect SisterSound 859.806.0243
=or Diverse Music for all Women
fie Richardson Vision Center 859.278.4201
g 1757 Alexandria Drive, Gardenside
1til Shopping Center
Ion KCHIP 877.524.4718
Ear www.kidshea|th.ky.gov
’ I
:3; Debra Hensley Insurance 859.276.3244
JW 1513 Nicholasville Road
3Y1 Lexington Fairness 859.951.8565
Ks www.|exfair.org

ee Saint Mychal the Martyr Parish 859.338.1195
or www.stmycha|themartyr.org
:1) Moveable Feast 859.252.2867
DU 474 Silver Maple Way
be Unitarian Universalist Church 859.223.1448
E”; 3564 Clays Mill Road
'3: Scott Ackerman, Keller Williams Blue- 859.338.8483
rre grass Realty, ackermanteam@aol.com
'a- Gay and Lesbian Services 859.253.3233
2: Organization and Pride Center

Lexington Pride Festival 859-253-3233


Amber Headlines 1,,
Lexmgton Pride , g 4
Festival 2011 . , ,.\ _
Orvis Kean, Contributor f l f l
. t . ‘i
The 2011 Pride Festival Plan- . - ' - ‘
ning Committee is pleased to 7 ‘ ' -. g ' -
announce that we have just . [I 7, 7 ‘
finished negotiations with f" w l, ‘ /
international recording artist g‘, w,’ 'y ‘gv
Amber. Amber will be head- i ' " ’ i
lining this year's festivalfrom l A - '
the 9:30 to 11 pm. time slot.
She has worked with Bette
She has amassed an impas- Midler and Cher. "I am in a
sioned army of fans with 4 happy place now and there
full length albums and a is nothing like owning your
string of worldwide smash own music and masters
hits from 1996 thru 2009 in- and running your own show
cluding This Is Your Night, and destiny. No longer do I
One More Night, If You Could have to live in anyone else's
Read My Mind, Sexual li da world or dance to some-
di,Love One Another and I one else's beat." she says.
Don't Believe In Hate. She
hasracked upand impressive We continue to grow and
seven consecutive numberl bring a bigger and better
dance singles and an addi— pride festival to the Lexing-
tional 6 top 10 dance hits. ton community each year.
If you would like to join the ‘
In the summer of 2004, committee or volunteer in
Amber performed with the any way, please contact the
international recording art- Festival Chair, Orvis Kean
ist Zelma Davis at the Mil— at orvis@g|so.0rg. Please L'
waukee, WI Gay Pride. be watching for upcoming I
_ i

 tjlttT/ttittitt’ ,. g
‘51"??? ‘
.. , w x F
A . . H A: V A
t L, i. , ti}
r'i-‘w' r15:
"r" " "V tat
l . ‘. ~a 7".-
I s. " ~‘ ' o.»
‘ ‘ t1?!" it
- a It, I
”1,: , i 1
‘ i ~. ,, ,, .. , . I,
k i t . . ti ,2
. - , -.> g ”I“, ta ,
t - . .‘ifiwst’t‘f' .9" “q" A. r
J ” ”541%.: \V ,» -.. .1
t . -- .i.-,{tv<§3%’a _ , ' _ .
- V ' 1' .,_‘;.M / , .
as" 5.1" . w, 3’"
. 7g ”*2 (,J ,.
' tit ,
. a $5 a
w m .f z ‘
tau» . ,,, wept, 4 U” l ‘1
‘t; “fit 1
:f-ifi:fir' .3,-
l 9 ..-. 75 , - g g
I *W‘
‘ 3 1173*;
:- 933:5 . ”r
' a \ t l ..._i
iii-7: ' q A V‘t ‘ —;3:|.
{it .'. x .2: 1 . f" 1:11. [211; I. _;,~ -

 Josh Pack, Contributor 9355
Ginger Moore-Minder, Contributor
The discussion group is a special place. A , f , f _
It’s a place where all are welcome re- group '5 (”mm or a crUIse
ardless of sexual orientation and gen— the last week m November 2012
g . t‘ It’ | h on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of
er orienta Ion. s a p ace w ere you the Seas. We are planning on
can talk, express whatever you need 30-40 to decrease cost. Single
t0, and actually be heard. ‘ Where share rooms are possible. Tell
you can get support and adVIce. It’s your friends. Call 859-253-0061
a place where we cry together. It’s a for more information.
place where we laugh together. It’s
the place where I learned the true ”Keep the Love you Find,
meaning of community and its impor— Get he Love ou Want"
tance to the GLBT community. I found t y '
this group and the Pride Center during _ _
a time when I was still coming out to JeSSIca Bolllnger, LCSW
myself. I am forever grateful for the Imago Relationship Therapist
love and support I found here. That’s EMDR Trauma Work
why I’m doing my best to keep the Cou les Famil Individual
group alive (with the help of Debbie, l p ' y't.
Lynn, Laura and Jerie). If you need magoconnec Ion.com
support or would like to help, please 859-552-6533
contact me at jpack11664@aol.com
We would love to see you Wednesday Monthly Workshops for Couples
at p.m. check web site or call for information
.. 'w» ‘9 . l, Listening is probably the most important factor when
y)! ’ if doing business with anyone. whether it he Real Estate
9% ,1; or any other form of sales oriented services.
f1}! it": .. I like to use the term of "emotional intelligence"
43°" .:_~.t"'- when describing what I bring to my clients.
, e, 1-: Teresa Combs
‘51- - Realtor, ABR. GRI, QSC
' ' Accredited Buyer Representative
Cellchxt: 859-4894 ISO ‘RWM‘
Office: 859-422-2000
Email: tcrcsacombs@rcmax.nct
Web: wmv.tercsacombsrcaltor.com , MK
9 ins—Q 3;? Creative Realty

Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.
E :l
1033 Industry Road
Bourbon Bears stage as they have never been
- - seen before. Eartha Quake (John
VISIt OWEHSbOTO David Elam) was the featured per-
Chuck Embs, Contributor former and almost $2,000.00 was
raised for the Central Kentucky
2011 is off to a big start for the Regional Humane Society. Thanks
Kentucky Bourbon Bears of Lex- to Crossings for hosting such a fun
ington. On Saturday, January event! ' _
29th, the Bears traveled to The The followmg night, Saturday,
Equals Bar in Owensboro, Ken— February 12th, KBB had their 1st
tucky. Mike Prater and Scott Year Anniversary Palty and Mem-
Perry produced a fundraiser for herShIP DhVe- TYVehtY five 9W5
CLAW (Cleveland Leather Aware- JOlheCl the CIUbr Slghahhg another
ness Week). This is a National successful year.
Organization but the money
raised benefitted local gay chari- Events that are planned for 201}
ties in Owensboro, KY. The Bears are: Keeneland Spring Thaw Tall'
definitely left their mark on the gating, Bar Crawl and numerous
smaller town of Owensboro. POOI parties and potlucks. If YOU
Many members of the Kentucky think you might be interested in
Bourbon Bears participated in JOihihgr ViSit the ‘Kentucky BOUF‘
the HAIRBALL 2011 on Friday, bon Bears’ on FACEBOOK. There
February 11th. This wasa show/ you will find more information
party put on by Crossings Bar of and pictures from our events.
Lexington. The Bears were on We'd love to have you.

 ".3: \ .. .
, "‘ ll . '\ .gr-J \ '
607i HARVEY?“ “E?
‘ ”Sunday; llllar'cllu ’6‘“: M “fix; .. . .
Monday; 'llllaurcll ‘7‘5‘g‘gaw /: ' ' S:
Silu‘ow@8:®@pm L ‘ , ‘,
Admission: “ 9 ar ‘.
‘ , 55 Students ,ng . * 2 -,
s10 Non—Students lk ' _ . '.
nusren'ss‘ \, Harv :
. “mum“ 1&3,“in The Stories—of Harvey Milk ‘ -
filmfifxfl .115; 32;} ‘ A One Act Drama ., ~~
Presented by: ”Y‘Pamci.“°“9my‘ 3
The Imperial‘Court of Kentucky $355Lfi3$§2f32fi1 ' ,.
...‘-. K‘ (V A
#5:; BALL 7. .
i ._ {fl iUESDAY,MARCH8,20ll it,
_ :
i we owe: r30: 5mm " fl
W stool Audion ow mg
‘ Door: 6:30pm Gooelol Admission: $l5 Slodeni ll): $l0 I,

 MISS Gay Amer'ca ing and traveling how
(continued from Page 2) do you spend your time?
(Coti) Animal Rescue, I love

(Q) Other than being Miss Gay working with dogs and saving
America what other accomplish- animals in my spare time.
ments are you PFOUd 0f? (Q) Who do you look up to and
(Coti) Being drug free all my life! who is your Hero?
N50, Changing the face 0f fe- (Coti) God is who I look up to. I
male impersonation and taking am a very spiritual person. And
it to Main stream,with the help for my Hero’s I would say the 39
0f Reba McEntire. I have mainly former Miss Gay Americas. Each
worked at Casino’s and Imper- one in some special way has put
sonator shows (LaCage) across their single stamp of the system
the country. Imagine... for the in my life. As I sit back and look
last 25 years I have had a ca— at the book of formers I see how
reer in female impersonation much each one has affected my
and not a typical 40 hour work reign. I hope to do the same for
week. I have always kept and the next Miss Gay America 30
open mind, always been focused years down the road that she
and have always been willing to can look back and say that Coti
change. impacted her life in some way or
In 1996-1997 COti toured With fashion_
Reba McEntire as her double in Coti has worked with Entertain—
her “Starting Over Road ShOW'I- ers like: Garth Brooks, Martina
This was country musiC's most McBride, Faith Hill, Shania Twain,
lavish stage show. She traveled Celine Dion, Trisha Yearwood,
all 50 states and Canada with Barbara Mandrell, and The
over 2 million fans watching as Judds just to name a few_
She appeared as Reba in the fi' It was an extreme pleasure to
nale. This accomplishment has sit and talk with Coti, She is very
only been achieved by one other excited about coming back to
entertainer (HOt Chocolate — Lexington for her Birthday Bash
MlSS Gay America 1980) and again in August for The Miss
(Q) What advice WOUId you give Bluegrass America prelim. The
to new female impersonators? “Happy Birthday Bash” is March
(Coti) Be True to yourself and 27th, 9 pm. at The Bar Com—
reach higher than the limitations plex. This will be a fundraiser for
0f your dreams. the GLSO/ Pride Festival. Details
(Q) When you are not perform- for prelim in upcoming months.

 GLSO Phone Directory
A community resource page for gay and/or SisterSound 859.806.0243
gay-friendly organizations across Kentucky. Social Services, Lexington 211
_ _ Speaker’s Bureau 859.266.5904
Wm TransKentucky 859.963.6606
AIDS Volunteers Inc (AVOL) 859.225.3000
. United Way 859.313.5465
Cumberland Region, SE Ky. 606.864.3776
888.425.7282 _ _
Health Dept., Fayette 859.288.2437 W
877.606.2437 Integrity, Ky. Diocese 859.369.9691
Health Dept, Jessamine 859.885.4149 Integrity, 5" Martha’s 8595339851
Health Dept., Woodford 859.873.4541 Inte'weave’ unitaria” 8592665904
HIV / AIDS Legal Project 502.584.1254 Lex Friends, Quakers 859.254.3319 _
Louisville Region 502.574.0161 Mercy mm” mm 8593583357
Moveable Feast 859.252.2867 MCC Paducah 270'443'3339
Northern Ky. Region 859.341.4264
UK Adolescent Medicine 859.323.5643 W
Berea College ACE 859.958.3633
E .l I 5 . I 5 Centre College BGLA 859.238.5332 -
24—Hour Crisis Line 800.928.8000 Morehead State University 606.783.2294 I
24-Hour Teen Crisis Line 800.999.9999 UK Gay Straight Amance 8595597464
Alcoholics Anonymous 859.967.9960 UK OutSource 8593233312 ;
AA/Alcoholic Teens 859.277.1877
Bluegrass COLTS 859.225.9169 /\ 1' -,
Council for Peace & Justice 859.225.6999 .2 '
Discussion Group 859.253.3233 K (’0‘;e&6 " :1. (
Fairness of Louisville 502.893.0788 \: Cgfiedflig
Gay Straight Alliance, Teens 859.266.5904 \oé‘gtce 9‘ -
GLSO Pride Center 859.253.3233 “$999346 5
Imperial Court of Kentucky 859.619.7521 39\€°9\;09‘9
International Gay Bowling 859.276.3058 1“. 6 3 _
Lexington Fairness 859.951.4450 E
Lexington Human Rights 859.252.4931 Ls/
Lexington Insight Group 859.230.2428 E
Lexington Pride Festival 859.253.3233 GLSO News Deadline *
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at 441* - . ,~ V ‘ {a .
7‘ ' ' ' " “a3” 3‘34 1‘ "'2‘
.131 i" {b V ‘1. = )% \ ‘ j: " V .
495.? if”; " 12.4.5 53‘: ‘ Wit 23x a“ ' a gang.
[1115’ p‘ :i 57’- 9" f" _ t. A ":2 LIL. . A 1. . J§
~ "‘- _ ‘ ‘2; .” r3 4‘ ~~ ‘3' , 1’51“? w.
Central Kentucky Research Associates is conducting a study
evaluating a future over-the-counter Rapid HIV test that you run and
read by yourself.
it you are interested in getting tested for HlV through this study, you
must be 14 years (with parental consent) or older.
Eligible participants will be compensated for time and travel.
Whether through this study or your local clinic or doctor,
V _ For more information, please call CKRA at 264-8999 or visit
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