xt7gqn5z8z13 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7gqn5z8z13/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 2001 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, August 2001 Vol.72 No.8 text The Kentucky Press, August 2001 Vol.72 No.8 2001 2019 true xt7gqn5z8z13 section xt7gqn5z8z13 F
F (UK) LEX 405
LEXINGTON KY 40506-0039
Volume 72, Number 8 - August 2001 I I as S
L 1D f F d t 5th f t'

The KPA Legal Defense Fund will embark on At its most recent meeting in July, the Legal The process to seek financial help from the
its sixth year of operation Sept. 1. Defense Fund committee awarded $2,250 to The fund includes submitting the application which

Since the inception of the fund in 1996, more Kentucky Standard in Bardstown for continuing will first be reviewed by the KPA general coun—

. than $70,000 has been awarded to Kentucky legal costs the newspaper has incurred for two sels to determine whether or not the issue is of
newspapers. The fund was created to help news- cases. statewide significance. If the attorneys deter—
papers defray legal costs when fighting either as The cases eligible for consideration by the mine the issue meets the criteria, the application
aplaintiff or defendant,abattle of importance to committee must have been initiated after and written request will be forwarded to the
all Kentucky newspapers. January 1996 and include cases involving access committee members.

The Legal Defense Fund was started with a to records, meetings or court proceedings and Any newspaper not already participating the
$10,000 contribution from the KPA/KPS board lawsuits stemming from a news article, editorial Legal Defense Fund but wanting to join for the
after the board discussed the concept and heard or other material published by the paper. Libel coming fiscal year, should contact KPA Executive
that legal battles were taking a toll on newspa- cases can be considered once proof of libel insur- Director David T. Thompson immediately at 800-
pers. ance has been established. 264-5721.

_, s... ' 3 Herald-Leader veteran having flawed for 63*er 63i-
. 4.“: .5 . tgfig , reporter JaCk Brammgr sources. g p y
,. “Wilt. - . M shares Ups at boot camp He ““9 a balance httwe‘?“
; 2'1 «g, w , confidence 1n yourself and iespect
I . 5&3 By JACINTA F ELDMAN for your source can make getting
F- . " KPA News Bureau , the story much easier.
, 5 is Jack Brammer doesnt usually “You can ask the tough ques-
_, ’ . wear a su1t, but he showed up at tions, but you don’t have to be the
.. -— .4 a \«g Georgetown College on July 20 in mean dude on press row,”
,__ -..-_ a blazer and a black and whlte t1e. Brammer told the students.
’ : He said he did 1t out of respect He gave the students ti 3 on
_ w for his audience. h t ' f . t p.
‘ .. - 4, Brammer, a reporter in the ow .0 prepare or an m erv1ew.
\ _ . . , " '5‘ Lexington Herald-Leader’s He said-he always tries toresearch
.W .43 “g H I! Frankfort Bureau, spoke to the the. topic, prepare questions and
W l " I if? students at KPA’s “journalism boot arrive 15 minutes early. .
W” " * camp” about interviewing tech- , Brammer, who has inter-
niques and writing complex sto— Viewed governors from John Y-
I ries. Brown Jr. tokPaulll Patton, said he
' 4—" But everything kept coming tries to ma e t e person e is
Jack Brammer explains the steps he went through to write a front-page back to one central topic: respect. interviewing comfortable and
story about changes to Kentucky driver's licenses. He stressed the importance of See BRAMMER, page 9
Russell Springs Times Journal sold
The Times-Journal in Russell Community Newspaper Holdings,
Springs has returned to local own- Inc. (CNHI). Judd is also publisher
ership and longtime publisher of two other Kentucky papers, the
David Davenport has returned to Cumberland County News and the
that role. Edmonton Herald-News.
Davenport, president of Times- The Russell Springs Times
Journal, Inc., and Patsy Judd, sec— Journal published its first issue in
retary-treasurer 0f the company, 1949 and operated under local
purchased the newspaper from See SOLD, page 9

 Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, August 2001
K t K I . th .
phy from the Kentucky Press Adkins, an advertising account Journal in Louisvflle, WKYT-TV,

1.4381116 county S tOp Association and LCNI. She has an executive, received an honorable WKQQ and WMKY. He has also

pOSltIOIIS filled associates of science degree from mention for best advertising idea taught speech communication at

, , the University of Kentucky and is for non-dailies with 6,000 or more Eastern Kentucky University and
The tWO top pOSltlonS at The working on a bachelor’s degree in circulation. Morehead State university.
gaggincggptyhfiirgg 1&3: W5: communications, . He has receivedthree awards
named enei'a, mam , d y t- 1 Mulcahy named editor from the 001mb“ 595001 of
g ger a V91“ 15 J ' J l ' , Journalism for feature writing and
ing manager and Linda Parker was essamlne Quma WIIIS at Senti nCl-NCWS design.

named editor. ' ,

Nalley began her newspaper tWO national awards James Mulcahy was named 991' Sh€lb Ville launChCS

career at the LaRue County Herald The Jessamine Journal received ts: lbOf 'ltlheth Sinttmel-ijevatsl 11“ y

News in 1989 as a typesetter, a third-place award and an honor e yv1 e e ”5 wee ? , uy. im rOVCd Web Site

where she worked for five years. able mention in the National He has served as the papers inter- p , ,

She worked at the Elizabethtown Newspaper Association’s 2001 1m editor Skin“? mld‘MéRy.“ M h The.” lSentlilnell-Neyivs , ”i"

News-Enterprise and the Kentucky Better Newspaper Contest. h l\]/Iu‘lca y replacels 83V ‘ enseili], Sh elbyv1 e‘agunc e Era/,8??? 0

Standard in Bardstown, before Zoya Tereshkova, a photograph- “1'1 0 “if? pdurfsueda aw $1.981: “'1: t e papeti‘ 51 -year-o e 51“”

returning to the Hodgenville paper er and staff writer for the Journal, Ce pu If: e etlt’" er: olicedin a wwvigsendine nesvf‘fcom. t l k th

in 1999 as office manager. earned the third-place award for . rsinge a er ge ing er aw egree . es1d 8.: ah I ere}? 00 .’ f e

Parker has been a correspon- best breaking news story for a non— m une. EgigxeTize 331211;; Egrfamtfé
dent for the newspaper for three daily newspaper in the 6,000 to . . to star ofPtlgiebda as $51 as

years. She has won numerous 9,999 circulation category. Sharon Knight-Ridder honors E 1 'yl d . y’l f

ds for writing and photogra- Bailey a graphic artist and Peggy - - - 0t er oca an nationa news, ea-
awar ‘ ’ ’ LOUISVIIIC nail ve Duerr tures and sports articles. The Site is
. . . updated every weekday and occa-

—'—'—-’ I ’he K entuck Press '——'—- Louisv111e native Sandy Duerr sionally on the weekends.
recently received a General The site also has weather
Excellence award from the Knight - - -

The Kentucky Press (lSSN-(Xlz3—0324) is pub- District 13 Ridder newspaper chain. The Efpé’rts’ COlumnSztOb‘tuanfs’ lessi;

lishedmimthly by the Kentucky Press GleruiGray, Manchester Enterprise award is for outstanding job perfor- ’8 5’ communi y even 8’ S De

Assocxanon/ Kentucky Press SerVice, lnc. mance reports and TV listlngs.

Periodical-class postage is paid at Frankfort, District 14 Duerr is the executive editor of

KY. 40601. Subscription price is $8 per year. David Thomberry, Commonwealth-Journal . . . _

Postmaster: Send change of address to The $29 Trlbéml‘f’fngi’IVSPapezfin Sari ltd“: Ledger Independent

Kentucky Press, 101 Consumer Lane, D" > tIS-A 18130, a l . C was 8 518818 an , '

Frankfort, KY. J106014502) 223-8321 DESK/me, Anderson News managing editor of The Courier- gCtS new dCSlgn

_, _ Journal before going to The The Ledger Independent in

9mm“ and urea“? , -. . ¢;_ Tribune. Maysville switched to the new 50-

lxenl’ucky Press ASSOCIEIIIOH D’bmd 1* B . . .

John Nelson, Danville Advocate-Messenger 1r_lCh _web—w1dth In July. The new

President Allen SCICCted Size 18 part of a redeSIgn to make

Marty Backus, Appalachian News-Express State at Large . _ _ , the paper eaSIGI‘ to read and more

Keith Ponder, Glasgow Daily Times for ‘Bntlsh Expenence convenient to its readers.
President Elect , Other chan es include a new
Dave Eldridge, Jessamine Journal Mike Scogin, Georgetown News-Graphic NatBSha Allen). 3 Staff writer at mast head, expagded feature pack-

The News-Herald 1n Owenton, was q th L'f 't 1 - (1

Past President Jack McNeely, Morehead News selected to participate in “The age. on e 1 es y 8 pages, a in ex
Teresa Revlett, McLean County News British Ex erience 1' a artnershi on the ”(mt and expandedcoverage

Sharon Tuminksi, Winchester Sun ‘ p ’ p p on both Sides of the Ohio River.
VicePresident between Georgetown College and The new design uses more
David Greer, The Kentucky Standard, Associates Division the Kentucky Community and briefs and summaries to provide
Bardstown Armando Arrasti Technical College System. She was - -

, _ coverage of national and interna-

Kentucky Department ofhducahon selected because she attended tional events
Treasurer Jefferson Communit Colle e in '
Sharon TulmnkSI, WINCheSIeT SUI] AdverfiSlllg DIVISIOI’I Carrollton before traisferrigg to . .

Elame M"rga“'9we"3b°m Georgetown College last fall. N ICCC I'CIII'CS after 22
Dismal Messenger-Inqmrer Allen has been a staff writer f J k
Alice Rouse, Murray Ledger&Tunes News Editorial Division With The News-Herald since her years I’OIII aC SOII

.. _ Christre-,Lexin on Herald-Leader junior year in high school. She Jack Dempsey Niece retired

Dbmc’z gt graduated from Owenton County from The Jackson Times at the end
edDill" ha ,D S ' I’ ... . . .. . .

’ mg m awson pmgs mgmss Lirculahon Divmon High School in 1999. of June, after more than 22 years as
District 3 KHSS 10mm“, Lexmgmn Heraldieader She left for the trip July 3. sports writer, editor and newspaper
Ed Riney, Owensboro Messenger Inquirer Journalism Education . . delivery boy for the paper.

_ , ‘ Buck Ryan Mace to lead Circulation In 1978: Niece answered? help
District4 . _ University of Kentucky _ wanted ad in the paper looking for
Charlie Portmarm, Frankhn Favorite efforts at 6 CNHI papers someone to write sports. In 1991, he
DistrictS GeneralCounsels R M h b d th retired from the University of
T Rice onEnt . Jon Fleischaker and Kim Greene 0.“ ace as een name e Kentucky Cooperative Extension

eresa ,Igban, erpnse Dinsmore&Shohl new Circulation manager for the S rvic to w k f 11 t' t

Northeastern Kentucky Community a e or - u ime as sp or s
District6 Kentucky Press Association News 3 er Hol din 3’ six aid ubli- editor and as editor for The Jackson
Dorothy Abemathy,Oldham Era Kentucky Press Service Staff . p p h' hg . 1p pTh Times.
David T. Thompson, Executive Director cations, w ’c inc ude e “Since I started at the Times I
0‘5““7 3mm" Howard, commue' Mcrehead News, Gray son Journal- have covered many exciting meet-
Kell Wamick,GallatinCoun 'News LisaCamahan, Member Services Director Times, Olive Hill Times, Menifee - - - . .
ey t} , , _ , ings educational activ1ties and
Larry Brooks,Adverhsmg Director County News, Carlisle Mercury and 't’ rts t't' n N'
Districts-9 RI I . R l /ll l . C l‘ m Greenup News-Times. exci i‘ng spo compe 1 ions, niece
Ken Metz, BathCounty News Outlook Jeff Stutesman, INAN Account Executive M a c e 39 is a raduate of said. ,Iw111,surely miss all that.
David Spencer, New MediaDimtor M h d, S i U . g . 'th Niece Will continue to occasion-
Distrlct 10-11 Jacinta Feldman, News Bureau Director ore ea ta e . niverSity w’. . a ally write the “Bits and Pieces” col-
Jerry Pennington, Ashland Daily Independent Sue Cammack, Administrative Assistant bachelor 3 degree 1“ radio-teleViSion umn for the paper afier he retires.
BuffySams,BookkeepingAssistant and journalism and a master’s
District 12 Rachel McCarty, Advertising Assistant degree in communications.
Stephen Bowling, Jackson Times Holly Willard.‘l‘earsheet Coordinator He has worked at The Courier- See PEOPLE, page 10

The Kentucky Press, August 2001. - Page 3
o o
Pubhsher ' P t wh t u h
S. raC ICC a 3’0 prCaC
Promote your paper dur/ng National Newspaper Week
on second a .. W hen Yo 1‘
Thought 3 6‘9 when Yo 0
—————— 3 ‘2‘ ate 0 4/
By David T. Thompson ; .. 1 Q {”43} , ’9 Q
KPA Executive Director . . . Q " . ex 1‘” ;:~. if: - G 0
A .3; .31 . '90, Q
If there are two things I know about the a, . ,xil,::3* fife?”
newspaper in dustry. the y’re lal newspapers 0 gig" c 6
stick tr:- their deadlines for advertising an d g g 3 ‘5 . t: 2:: m 0)
news mpy but don't abide by deadlines when , xv?" ' ’ .
others set them and (bl newspapers don’t prac- 3 \Q‘-«\\
tice what they preach. L.._._______> ‘
We send ad rep after ad rep to local busi— 3'; 'g * 2",“
nesses and encourage them to run ads if they "1 3 “Ram EVE 3"“3 ' 3%
want to be successful. We encourage local clubs 38} m8 lfil’z'vxy ll Ll m 33” {3}]: 3
and civic organizations to run their notices in j 3/ [J . . 3 \‘5 \\
newspapers if they want their club activity to f ‘ l ’ .
$5.1?assessesrprpzz93:25 than; 9 NATIONAL NEWSPAPER WEEK
about themselves, their businesses, their clubs l OCTOBER 7'13, 2001 ’
and organizations. 3
_ BUt when 1t.comes to promoting our own newspapers; ads to encourage readership. dthompson@kypress.com and I’ll put you on the
, industry, or 1nd1v1dual newspaper, well, that I found out last year what a massive job it list. There‘s no charge to you. KPA pays the fee
doesnt carry the same weight: In my days. as a is to put that packet together. Each year, one to NAM.
publisher,”1 remember many times 0f pulling a NAM member spends weeks, even months, Two special events are scheduled during
house ad to get In a late ad. .Th’at late ad developing the logo, rounding up writers to talk the week. One is “Newspaper Career Day,”
brought in money. The house ad dldh t' about the newspaper industry, coming up with scheduled for Thursday, October 11. The pur-
_ Thats probably Shh true — we have all the ad ideas that promote the newspaper industry, pose is to tell high school and college students
intentions 0f promoting our newspaper bht and finding editorial cartoonists. The articles, about potential careers in the newspaper indus-
when It gets t0_de‘adline time and there are ads and cartoons are done gratis. The selling try. Contact your local school(s) when they open
some ads to fit 1hr Pull the house ads 15 the point to get them to contribute is “Just think, in August and see if you can speak to classes
battle cry. your article/cartoon/ad will appear in newspa- about newspaper careers. Plan a job fair.
Many, many years ago, the Newspaper pers in every state.” Schedule an Open House at the newspaper to
AssoCIation Managers (NAM) developed We had a Kentucky flavor to National invite the public to come in, meet the staff and
National Newspaper Week. Thls ‘5 one week set Newspaper Week last year because the writers see how your newspaper is produced. Every
aSide each year to met our own horns), th talk and cartoonists were all with Kentucky news- newspaper can do that.
about the FlrSt Amendment and why Its impor- papers. The other event is “International Carrier
tant net We" to the media bUt to all Americans, This year, the media kit responsibility falls Day,” on Saturday, October 13. Less applicable
to tell about what we do for our communities, to to Doug Crews, my counterpart with the to every newspaper, because several don’t have
run articles talking about newspaper staff mem- Missouri Press Association. newspaper carriers, the day is still set aside to
bers, to talk about the reasons why advertisers National Newspaper Week 2001 will be recognize and honor newspaper carriers.
need to use newspapers to promote the” bus“ Sunday, October 7 through Saturday, October If you’re one. who utilizes carriers to get the
ness, serv1ces and products. , 13. The kit is being developed as you read this. paper distributed, plan now to run your carri-
National Newspaper Week ‘5 always, well, The logo’s done and this year’s theme is: ers’ pictures and names; encourage your sub-
most always, the hrSt full week Of October. It “Hometown Newspapers: We’re Here When You scribers to send in a letter about their carrier
begins on the first Sunday Of October and COh’ Need Us/We’re Here When You Read Us” that you can publish in the paper.
tinues through the follqwmg Saturday. _ _ What’s really discouraging is that few There are a lot of things you can do to pro-
NWS role 1n thls ‘5 to develop a media‘kit newspapers pay attention to National mote your newspaper, whether or not you use
that gives newspapers camera ready materials Newspaper Week. KPA typically orders 50 the media kit developed by NAM.
to promote the. industry and the local newspa- media kits to give to newspapers and we gener- But start planning now for October 7-13.
per; proclamations from the PreSIdent; stories ally have 45 of them to throw away. Commit now to “practice what you preach" by
about the importance Of newspapers In every- If you want this year’s media kit, give me a promoting your newspaper during National
day lives; editorial cartoons about the value of call or send me an e-mail at Newspaper Week 2001!»
NAA study: Papers must reach out J Ob Sh O
to young consumers where they buy p
According to a new study by One third (33 percent) of
the Newspaper Association of respondents said their newspaper . ‘* ,. 7 ' T , u "
America, younger consumers' buy- purchasing decision is influenced 53"" ’« F‘l Take advantage of KPAS '10,) Shop.
ing deCiSions are more heav11y by front-page content, and 18 per- ~ u \ Inst your newspapersyob opening for
influenced by in-store, pomt-of- cent are influenced by point_0f_pur_ , Just $10. Or, zfyou are a newspaper
purchase displays and the content chase material. Of those who are professzonal seeking new opportunities,
on the front-page than those of influenced by POP material, 45 l5 .: ' send us that information. Call 800-264-
thell' 01d? counterparts. , percent were in the 18 to 34 age H_ W11 5721ore-malllcarnahan@kypress.com
The Single-copy buyers survey range and 44 percent were in the
was discussed at NAAs Marketing 3‘3t 54 O l 11 t , ,
Conference, July 22-25 at the ‘ 0‘ age range "y heme“ General Assignment Reporter 3313330393333;:kgfozawgsmr'ggsgg
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in were over 55' Progressive commirriity newspaper seeks Wilson: Managing Editor, Po. Box. 406, Mt.
Washington. See NAA, page 9 full-lime general assugnment reporter. Writing Sterling. Ky. 40353.

 Page 4 - The Kentucky Press, August 2001
Ediml' aka 116th annual convention set for Sept. 12- 15 in Milwaukee ~
6 , N NA dues well worth
gator hunter t f 't
__, per money and protect your busi—
MA ‘ Tar ness and employees.
“so“: »m f; Do you have a picture of some-
. Update .- reading your newspaper? Itso.
‘ .——— : NNA would like to put it on the
as "h By Chip Hutchinson ._ “54;? new web site. You can send the
. m NNA State I ' picture to Heidi Guilford at
it Chairman Wizfifi heidiiivniia'irg' d k 1 th
wvwfifiit ' r twins him around the COSuntry Vt?“ President George W. Bush to repeal
% . 5“; ",1.Ml‘Whihherg’VfigpAFPtflhsf; the estate tax. NNA president
. . .. . ' " 9 a 9’? S. Diane Everson was at the White
3 i Ahhuh‘ convention &. Trade Show. House to see the President sign this
* xi "fir" ““5 is the "my Damn?“ conven' important bill. Unfortunately, the
. t -' , h- ._ “O“ h” h’mmhhhy newspapers estate tax may come back in 2011.
., ,5“ ; .. f, '1. of” X? 3 The program .lnCiSdBS- spec1a(i NN A is continuing to work to make
I . My 32".: 321:»??? I: was h > mdnd g e m Uni: Wlth keynote seS- Are you paying the Postal
v taxi. é; Sions 0“ the future 0f community Service more than you should? If
' ’3‘ 5‘ ,w M p°“;”"a newspapers. _ , you haven’t got Max Heath’s new
.. reiterates The ”th show WI“ mC'ude the handbook on now to reduce your
6 igift’itit latest products and technolog1es. postal costs the chances are your
‘ ' i g%§ it Social events include receptions at answer is, “yes.” ‘
a...“ h gnga Mitchell Park Conservatory (The There ié now a summer sale on
. Domes) and the Milwaukee 1’“th this important handbook for com-
Museum. , munity newspapers. It is $25 for
Alan Gibson, editor of the Clinton County News, had a different kind Cheek the NNA WBbSIte at NNA members and $75 for non-
of hot news item to cover recently. Gibson was part of a group that WWW-Una-Org for the latest PFO' members. The offer expires on
hunted an alligator that had been spotted on Dale Hollow Lake. gram and registration information. Labor Day,
Although he wasn’t part of the team that eventually captured “Gus,” Make your hotel reservation before Contact Mattie Porter at (703)
the adventures made for entertaining reading for the paper’s sub- August 10 t0 g€t the SPeCial NNA 907-7900 or mporter@nna.org
scribers. Gibson, left, is pictured with his friend and fellow gator— rate of $128 per night. Call the today to order your copy, And
hunter, Allen Smith, who nabbed the four-foot alligator by using Hyatt Regency Milwaukee at (800) remember, if you’re an NNA mem-
marinaded chicken as bait. “Of all the events I‘ve covered in the past 233-1234. Let’s meet in Milwaukee. ber, Senny Boone and Max Heath
20 plus years, murders, shootings, rapes, storms, etc., this gator Have you seen the new are available to handle your quos-
story has excited people in this area more than anything I can ever Publishers’ Auxiliary? Beginning tions.
remember. I've also heard all of the Steve Irwin jokes I can stand,” with the July 2001 issue, Pub Aux NNA is the only national orga-
said Gibson. Two Nashville television stations covered the gator has been totally redesigned and nization working on behalf of those
hunt and the Lexington Herald-Leader did a story after the gator was includes more content. While the of us in the community newspaper
caught. Gus was taken to Camp Earl Wallace, a summer camp oper- print edition will now arrive once a business. If you’re an NNA mom-
ated by the Kentucky Department for Fish and Wildlife, where the month, each week you will get - ber, please pay your membership
alligator will be used for wildlife demonstrations for the remainder ePub Aux — an easy-to-read, dues when the invoice arrives. If
of the summer. After that, he’ll be taken further south. weekly electronic newsletter. If you’re not a member, join today. ,
YOU haven’t seen BPUb AUX, jUSt NNA membership will strengthen
. . send your email address to NNA at your bottom line and demonstrate
Bowhn Green D2111 News ”more . your support ot America’s commu-
g y Another new benefit is a total— nity newspapers. Check the N NA
. . 1y redesigned NNA website website for membership benefits
has new WCbSltC for JOb hunters (www.nna.org). Take a look at the and dues information.
website and review the list ofbene- As your NNA state chair, I
fits available to NNA members. welcome your input and ideas.
The Bowling Green Daily News Each site will be linked to the From libel insurance to health Please contact me (270) 365-5588,
has launched a new specialized other so job seekers can see all the insurance to office supplies, there or chiphutcheson@timesleader.net.
internet website geared toward job help wanted ads in the on the two are a number of significant pro- (Hutcheson is publisher of The
seekers in the South Central internet websites. grams that will save your newspa- Times-Leader in Princeton.)
Kenguckyiareg. J b .11 BowlingGreenJobs.com main .. — e , - ~ ,
. 0‘” mg "‘9“ 0 s.com W1 page also has national news head- '
dISpletty tiled 13:85:" emglloyles lines and career tips that may be of ' The KPA News Bureau ¥S here for you.
Fem“ me.“ a S a are p“ ‘S 9 interest tomb seekers Take advantage of havmg a reporter
m tbggralizlgfvvasiited line ads have On the left Slde Of the page are ' ‘
been available on the web for a fihifiisiilpsaignrigmbg5215:3033): for aSSIgnmentS m Frankfort-
3:33:31: vyefhyaeVZYdeIeii: niacsotlufriivri Viewers click on the job title to Caugmiaagfigu What can the News Bureau do for your newspaper?
ads with graphics and borders to read 0" print the entire ad. Ff'dmf’" Just to name afew ofthe possibilities:
~ - a - “Althou h research shows 800 264 572‘ . - . . .
OUI' bgdailynews.com Slte, sa‘d g . . _ I)Pukuptopiesvofcases',rcports.ctt..al.
Julie Dickens, Daily News classi- newspaper classrfied ads Still to be I. ' F.";.-n.|fl.',?§':""f”""
fied advertising manager. head an. shoulders above internet 59: - Division orwimii. wig: itianiigcmpm
Adding multi-column ads to advertismg for recruitment, we _ .SUMW (our,
the existing bgdailynews.com site didn’t want to leave any stone - __ _ 2)Prm'idc written or photo coverage at
wasn’t a viable SOlUtiOH, SO unturned to help our advertisers .".. I W .....' - 8le6 school board meetings. hearings
BowlingGreenJobs.com was find qualified candidates.” Kent lHlllliliiI"! fm“afigiurgég’fgnzr‘xli: ”'5 .
launched. O’Toole, advertismg manager said. ’ .

 The Kentucky Press, August 2001 - Page 5
W K [J J -school, students Burnln g ( IDs With 1 o'ast
I O . .
Wln awards, 80h013f ShlPS still best option for Macs
Ryan Clark a Western award for the best use of sound in . . .
. , . . . . . . :5'15::71'3'3:131:“?3"""'""='1‘=t=:=:1t55:1:'Iir bumln ) CD5: Mac OS Hybnd
Kentucky Umversrty Journalism the competition. She received ,% mg( g . ‘
major from Louisville, has received $3,500 in scholarships for the TeChnOlogy (Mac OS and PC compatible), Mac
a $10,000 scholarship from the awards. fi 8 ' w“ Est Effie/31218831, bangMfcf tOhS
Scripps Howard Foundation. Caroline Lynch, 3 Louisville P yfifi .x e“ e. ., y “ ' OS 0 9'
Clark, who Will be a senior and junior com eted in the finals of .— ' W s time thls ‘6 31-1 I want to know
editor of the College Heights th , 't' p t't' d ByKevin Slimp about data options. I can create
Herald this fall was one of 10 col e. w“ mg compe l 10-n an 1 CD5 for future use 0“ a Mac, 3 PC)
, ‘ received a $1,000 scholarship. - - ,
lege journalists selected for the W I‘ h _ or a combination of the two. There
foundation’s To T S h 1 h' estern s Sc 001 ofdournalism Several years ago, when I pur- are lots of other options (located in
P en C 0 ars. 1P- and Broadcasting finished first chased my first CD burner, I kept . . - . - .
The $10 000 award 18 a one-time , . _ _ _ . , , other areas) for creating audio CDs,
award cbverin f 11 d . overall in the Hearst competition havmg difficulties burning icreat- video CDs, copying a CD, master-
g a u aca emic for the second consecutive year, mg) a CD on the Mac1ntosh plat- inga DVD and more
year. 1 d fi ti br dc ‘tin ti d form. Usin the software that came . . -
“ . , pace TS h 03 as g, e g Awonderf ln f) t re .,
The foundation S TOP Ten for second in photojournalism and With the burner, 1 was unable t0 . ’ ' ' u 8“ ea‘ [‘1 12
Scholarship program was created _ . _ _ _ Toasts ability to burn CDs in the
to identify and reward the bright- was seventh l-n writing. - burn one working CD. - background while the user runs
est college 'ournalism students in In add_1t10h t0 the tTOPhIeS, After days 0‘ frustration, I con- other programs in the foreground.
the co ' ntJr » sa'd Judith G WKU received a total Of $15,000 tacted the company that made the Other features included (which
Clabes ufounffationl resident and for its overall finishes in the broad- CD derefhd was t01d they COUldh t may not be used very often by
CEO “This year’s scholarship win- casting and photojournalism COH‘I- help me. We dont SPPPO“ the 59ft" newspapers) include: an audio
ners'have outstanding academic petitions. ware that came w‘th your drive extractor, CD Spin Doctor, a CD
and professional credentials and Two WKU students also won anymore, Iwas 3019' The tech sup- label creator with templates for
represent a very bright future for national honors in the Society of port rep added, I suggest you use QuarkXpress, FreeHand and other
journalism in America” Professional Journalists’ 2000 Toastfit seems to be the only SOfi‘ programs, and a Multimedia cata-
Clark is a sports and news Mark ofExcellence competition. warclet 3::9'1‘30,“ the Mac. log program called iView. This is
reporting intern this summer at Cassandra Shie, a senior from toof T15 a Vlce and purchased the most impressive package I’ve
The Baltimore Sun and has had Sterling, V3" won first in photo a coply 0 ‘ 91am fnd btlllimlng (T1138 seen for mastering CD5 on the Mac
summer internships at The illustration of “To Hill and Back” {Visicteag‘l’f} ing 5%?“ 31:an (81 platform. .
Virginian-Pilotin Norfolk Va and in the College Heights Herald, the Ta fist 58,13.th11. 0 Gas ’ u tel The US price 0f TOaSt 5
The Cadiz Record ’ ., WKU student newspaper_ olas {d bl aglum’sflis recen_t1); Titanium is $99. Everyone WhO V
Two WKU students placed Lisa Hughes, a Scottsville :VZaI-Seiiew: 0x10 0 ware W] bu?“ CD5 on a Mac ShOUId ”3V“
third nationally in the finals of junior, tOOk hI‘St place in the best I dd't'. t ' t' th this product. For. more information
- - , d' d '1 t t f n a 1 ion 0 incorpora mg e see the R0x10 webSite at
Willlam Randolph Hearst ra 10 31 y newscas ca egory or “A ua» 100k OfS tem X th ser _
. . k / h f . q ys ’ e u www.rOXio.com/en/products/toast.
Foundation Journalism Awards wor as a reporter anc or or interface has changed. The Toast
Program. WWHR’ the WKU student radio screen now is dominated by three Belkin Introduces
. .Amber WOOlfOIk, a LOS Angeles Statlon- . . ' large buttons for copy functions, FireWire 6-Port HUb
Junior, was third in the photOJour~ ‘The national Winners “”11 accessing data, and audio informa- I’ve always liked products by
nalism competition and received a recelve their awards 0015- 4-6 fit the tion. A fourth button has been Belkin. They’re generally easy to
$3,000 scholarship. 2001 SPJ National Convention In added which offers all other func- set up, easy to use, and work right
Aimee Reed, a Columbia Seattle and will be honored in the tions. out of the box. Such can be said for
senior, placed third overall in the July/August issue of Quill, the When I clicked on the Data but- the latest product I received from
radio competition and received an Soc1ety’s magazme. ton, I noticed four options for creat- See BURNING, page 9
his”? WWW! Iiiigm i’i‘IWWimmInuIrigisziIagai In I III” I III I I
°‘ 2 3' :9???“ .i 5 7 selw”? ‘0 “1 “2 ‘3
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 Page 6 - The Kentucky Press, August 2001
(Editor’s note: Through the journalism. And no matter where ing at a newspaper in a small town ing journalism. That’s good.
Kentucky Journalism Foundation, we went, there was hardly anyone would be boring — these people Because in this field, class work
internships were awarded this sum- who didn’t call Chris by name. have obviously never done it. alone cannot prepare someone for
mer to 19 college students. Teresa Rice, Lebanon Covering a town about to go broke, the melee of a real newsroom.
These students worked at vari- Enterprise publisher, gave me use- a methamphetamine lab bust, and Luckily for me, I was able to
‘ ous newspapers across Kentucky for ful feedback on everything I wrote. a visit from the governor, I always spend 10 weeks with one of
a 10-week period and were paid She was quick to compliment a had plenty to write about. Kentucky’s most amiable news
$3,000. well-written story, and also gave There was always plenty to staffs. They let me try many new
We asked the students to submit constructive criticism when need- learn as well. The best lessons things, only laughing occasionally
a photo and comm