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\‘\’\\’\V. ls'Y KFR NF I .( ‘(“)M


Cats gear up for test against the
No. 1 team in the nation Sports, PAGE 3

()(“I( )BI R (l, lilt)?’






Todd weighs in on editorial cartoon

By Jill Laster

,as'w «1 t ,‘ktwrn t’)"'

I’le‘fltlt‘ltl Ie'e‘ IiHItI tt‘lt‘.l\e‘tI it
stateiiierit last night coiideiiiiiing the
editorial cartoon that was printed in
I‘ltdtt) 's lsciitut k\ Kernel

" I he otteiisoe .aitoon published
iii the independent student new spa
per on l‘rida_\. ( )tt 51th)“ does not
represent the \aiues we embrace and
share at I'ls'.” Iodtl said in a miner»
sit_\»wide e»rii.irl

'I'odd said tltat lie is "gl’attlled It)
the response oi so niaii} iii the uni»

\ersit} L‘ttttttttlttttl). who showed
their strong disagreement" to the
cartoon. w hich likened l'K's (iieek
s_\ stem to a s|;i\ e auction

ls'eriiel I-ditor in ('hiet Ketth
Smile) i'eeened a phone call trorii
I'odd _\esterda_\ atternoori, During
the comersatioii. lodd e\pressed his
disagreement with the cartoon .tltd
its ptibltcatiori. and recommended
the Kernel statt participate in di\ei'
sit} training. .

Smile) later said he appreciated
that ’I‘odd called to discuss the car
toori and its et't'ects.

"I hope that dialogue can heal
some ot the w ouiids treated b_\ this
cartoon." Smile} said “I'm glad
I’t‘esldeiit Iodd has added liis \our
to the discussion “

Iodd said in the e riiarl that he
thought the Kernel took the proper
action with an "immediate and sin
cei'e" apolog)

".-\s much as I regret the cartoon.
and the pain it engendered. I am
gratitied b_\ the heightened seiisiti\i-
t} that l tliriik will result and the
ptisli tor iiiore iiiclusne dialogue
about these and other important is»

,, ;\ I)“ i\'I‘ II II“. R.\( IIiS


Seer ’a“N ‘.‘.'vi“tl


sues related to di‘sersit},'~ he said.

Student leaders troiii \ arious
taiiipus oigarii/auoiis \\lII meet our
the nut tew dais to eontiritte discus
sioii on I R‘s di\eisit}. I‘odd said in
the e tiiail

James Harris. one ot the students
who planned I‘rida} ‘s protest in trout
ot the (ireliaii loui'iialisrii Building.
said earlier in the da_\ that discussion
alone wouldiit be eitotigli to heal the
racial di\rde

"\Ne don't want toruiiis we

sing: Cannon to page 5


Local track welcomes
college students

'I‘he spirit of horse racing returned to Lexington
on Frida) with the opening day of Is'ecneland's

ball meet. The second of the track‘s two annual
meets runs from Oct. 5 to Oct. 27. This I’ridai
marks Is'cenclaiid's ( Jollcgc Scholarship Day.
Students are allow cd free admission with a Valid
college I.I ).. and full-time students mat register
to win one of to SLOOO scholarships. More
information is -.i\ ail-able at Is'ecneland's Web site

“w t i i‘: as theses warm an htt‘ore the

Us? dirt . ti , s a‘ .. ' ‘.. .ift Emmy matron

M adness promises free food and study tips

By Jennifer Graham

twweatwmrgr m".

Students will haie a ehaiite to
take a break trorii stud\ trig tonight at
the second annual \lidteriii \ladiiess
sponsored b_\ the ( llIIt. ge ot \rts and
St Ieiiees .\lttl‘.l\\.ttliil‘s

R'c‘preseiitatnes troiii tutoring
programs I‘he Stud} and \Iathskeller
and trout the ('otinsetuig and testing
('eiiter will be at the merit to answer
questions tioiii students about
riiidterrii otter taps tor

\legaii I'endle\. an arts and sti
eiiees student aiiibassadoi, said these
caiiipus prograriis were united this
)ear so that the merit would otter
students a chant e to better prepare
tor their tests instead ot rust otteriiig
them a stud} break

'It started out as an iim‘itttlltttU

tests and

to hate a break with piua and
drinks. and students corild get srud_\
tips trorii college ariibassadors and
get a list ot' important dates tor the
\ear." said I’eiidle}. a biolog} and
Spanish iuiiioi.
" I‘liis _\eai we will
ha\e ambassadors
lrorii dlIIL‘l‘L‘ltl eol
leges. and students
will liaxe the
chance to talk to
man} dittereiit ad»
\isers .irid disco\ei
dtitei'eiit tutoring
sessions or stud}
tips that the) didn't
know about.”

Kristen Miniriis. an architecture
treshman. said liai ing the oppoitiini»
t) to tune questions answered will
be helpttil tor students

"Belore iii) tirst midterm. I stud

First issue tree. Subsequent issues 25 cents.

If you go

What: Midterm Madness
When: Tonight from 5 30 to 8 30
Where: Walkway between Rose I“ "V “‘l' “N
Street and Wt Young library
Admission: Free

ted tort-\er.” \Iiiiiriis said, 'But then
I torgor things irid thought that
riiaibe I should li.i\e started studs iiig
sooner ‘

\Iidteiii: \Idilltt‘sy which was
riien last )eai is
open to all I is

"\\e origi
riall_\ intended it

on!) toi

seiiiestei tiesli
riieri. but then
we ieali/cd that
not e‘\L‘t\ollt‘
knows how to
get Used to and
prepare tot tinals.” l’end|e_\ said

,\le\ ('raw|e_\. a histor} soplio
more, said that treshiiien ma) know
the least aboiit college riiidterriis. btit
other students still struggle

I don t think an\one ciei teels
tolaII\ prepared tor a iiiidteiiii no
matter what teat tlie\ are.” ('rawlet
said "I know liii iieiei satistied
with how I studied "
was mined inside betause ot ram
and oii|\ Hit students attended IItls
\eai. l’endle\ said she hopes to see
around Vt“ students

our tlieis to ad\isors. and we'\e pa»
pered cariiptis." l’endle) said 'We
hope to be in \our lace and riiake \ou
want to come to Midterm Madness.

"\lidteriiis tan be an intense
tuiie.” l‘endle) said. "but sou ham to
let _\oui guard down men once ttt a
w bile or _\ou'll go nuts."

Midterm Madness is tonight
lroni S 1H to H In on the walkwa)
between Rose Street and the “CI:
\oiing I.ibi'ar\

I .is! Real Is .\l.tdttt‘\\

.III\ et’ttsed. \\ e I \ e sent

UK Senate
gives no
opinion on


By Jill Lester

itaste milky/kernel cont

.»\t the beginning ol‘ the l'niiersit) Seri—
ate‘s discussion on Robinson Forest )ester-
da}. (‘hairniaii Kmeh 'I‘agaii gaVe some
ground rules no interruptions. no questions
asked b_\ non senators and no unrul} beha\~

But iii the end. the Robinson I‘orest meet»
trig “was \er_\ chili/ed.“ ’I‘agtwi said. No Seri-
ate resolution passed b_\ the end of the riieet»

Although the decision to coriiiiiereiall)
log NIH acres ol l'lx'»owiied Robinson Forest
has ahead) been made. each member ot. a si\»
person patiel gate statements and answered
questions about the torest at yesterday‘s meet»
mg. the Senate cotrld time passed a non—
binding “sense ot’ the Senate" statement ex-
pressing its o\erall \iewpoint on the issue to
l'ls' President Lee 'I‘odd and the Board ot'

“It _\ou get a state ot Kentuck} map. )ou
will see a big green blot." said Randall Roor»
da. an Iiiigltsh prolessor. "rRobinson Forest)
is the most \tsible part ot‘ the unnersit}. not
tl’atterson ()ttice 'I‘oweri "

Fi\e members oi‘ I'K‘s Department ot’
liorestr} were on ).esterda} 's panel in addition
to Rooi‘da.

"Robinson l‘orest is the ideal location tor
this researel'i." said ('Iiris Barton. an assistant
t'orestr) protessor. "There are potential prob»
Ieriis w itli other areas.

“This is a controlled e\peririieiit and we
need to hate control ot‘ the area we experi—

Alter questions to the panel. senators were
allotted about I” minutes to riiake statements

(‘hris Bollinger. a Senate member and
economics prolessor. said the I'niu‘t‘stt} Sen»
ate should not lt;t\ e discussed Robinson liorest
at the riieetuig.

“We shouldn't be using this as a Itit’ttttt
I'm not qtialitied." Bolhriger said. ”It‘s a
waste OI filttod i‘esearcliers' time.“

See Senate on page 5

wins the
’Super Bowl

By Bailey Johnson

iinws Lkakint‘ei (ore

Beth \Itl)otiald acknowledges that she
stands out as a musician. She is a girl who
I‘lats the ttiba. w hieh she calls a man‘s instrti»
merit. and riioie reeeiitl} she won the an inter
national tuba award tor the second time

\Itltonald. a riiiisie pertorriiaiite and po
litital science tumor and tuba pla_\er ot eight
teats. won the \rtrst I e\el award in the 11th
\ririual I eoiiaid Faltonc International Fiipho
riiuiii arid I‘uba I‘C\Il\.tl. an award she also
earned when she competed at the lesti\al in
high school

”It telt rcall_\ good to ha\ e all the practice
and hard work pa) ot‘l she said "I‘het were
ioking that I should become reall) lariious so I
could come back as a iudge.”

Tuba and euphoniiuii prolessor Skip (ira)
said he telt that the award was a great
athre\ei‘iieiit tor both ,\lel)oiiald and the uni

“It's great tor Beth and it's great tor l'K."
(ira_\ said "It‘s the premiere annual solo eom»
petition in the world It's like the Super Bowl
Beth won the Super Bowl ot‘ the tuba this

Si\ high \(IIUOI students and It! college
students are chosen to attend the testiuil.
w ltth took place at the Blue lake I’tne Arts
('amp in [win lake. Mich. this )ear. attcr
submitting atiditioii tapes

In the lust round or the testiial. partici-
pants plat both unaccompanied and aecoiiipa-
nied b_\ a piano for a panel of iudges. At the
tintilist lei el. the students play in front ot‘ ttn
audience and all ot the itidges from the festr

In between competitions. participants at
tend classes and workshops taught by music
professors from around the country.

898 Tube on page 5

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 PAGE 2' ltimtltiy, tl‘ lttl’t” \l

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‘ 3



m an arts...
:m m an:

By Linda C. Black

Eh 211C- itpnt tat

~1l)tl/ eoin

Collision Center
Ace¢vfln§ all human-u- chime.

iro humus UN»: (1’, mike: from caravan) 277~19TZ

Mt abut“ our LJK 3mm" distant}: pm!

Cancer (June 22 4 July 22) “ “

-‘ x


LeolJuly23 Aug22i

thgulAUK) 23 Sept 2‘2) ‘

n t
t t . W i ,_ w, .
ih‘ t it Lit ,1 MM, yi tit t.t itti‘ i'

v’ :t‘ 1 '2‘ ”in “My
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)
’ " ‘5 er: I“; We Mint iitirt will
Iytui ttit‘ til“.
“if; titty, ,ii
~ :r ti» l' tly‘ 'i
Capricorn (Dec. 22
iii \ l" «at, it

Hui," tli‘ \v'


Jan. 19) l





l .i'

its (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18) '



House's sex new doctor

il'le DiSI-l

Olivia Wilde talks
medicine, job security
and her TV crush

\lti\[ .ieti'exwx would tteu'i‘

.itliiiit to heitie ti \L'lL‘Ilt’t‘ iieitl
.\ot ()ll\ltl \\iltle "I \ll hoiiie
l'k‘eltllllgl hookx uliotit neiii'o
phtxiu .iiitl eenetie tlixetixexf"
\lie _L‘t|\lt\'\ Stieli l\ ti
titienee ot iotnitig Home tl'o\.
l'ttextltiix. ‘1 pm i ‘l\’|‘|]l|.1k'L.l].A.
lieutlxtione hut \‘lllgllltlllL' tloetot'
\_\ing.‘ tot ;i pl.iee on the titultir
eli.ir.ietet"\ iiietlieul te.iiii. I'he
tittirtietl Ne“ tot‘kett Z‘x hext
kllt\\\ll lttl'lll;1}lllf_' \lhe‘lltt “Ll!"
toit'x lo\e lIllL‘l‘t‘Nl on 'I he ()t('.
eh.it\ \\it|i l’x.


Q: If )ou‘re doing this in-
tenieu. isn‘t it safe to assume
)ou make the fintil eut'.’

l'\e \hot \e\eii eptxotlex. but
I kno\\ lltllllllljl humid that he-
e;iii\e the ptotltieei’x tire \o tight-
lippetl. i\ll the neu ettxt iiieiii»
plii} tliexe \tipet'~titioti\
gtltlle\ ilke. “l? the “titer liottle
l.lll\ on it» llk‘tltl, )oit'i'e tii‘etl'" I
don‘t inlet all) inonieiit tor

lk‘l \


Q: \ou'w got 1'“ e seconds
to (lewrihe ‘d lune) House-like
metliezil lt-riii. (io.

Q: {\n) other shims )ou‘tl
like to zippeur on'.’

I‘m Ul‘\k‘\\k'kl \\it|i Ilie ()l
liee. l “em to the \ett took pho
tox ellltl lelt .i note oti .\te\e
('.ii‘ell\ tle\k tlitit ietitl_ "( )li\ iti
“lltlk‘ li‘\L‘\ \lltllele‘l Stitll - llk‘
pi‘olxihl} thought I \\.l\ itixuiie,

hitfi't; l‘yt‘t'” .r "

Celebs' DWTS weight loss

I'lie \L'.t\0ll |ll\l heguir hut
the \l.tl'\ .ite .ilietitl) le.tiiet
elllll lighter on their leetT

"In three \xeekx ol tliiiieiiie
|'\e loxt 5 potiiitlx. l hope iii}
\\ hole hotl} elititigex I'iii \Itittr
lllf.’ to get |ll_\ \\;ll\l littekt tlllkl
tli.it\ ti hie thing .il‘tei liming
three htthiex'"

Jennie (with

"i'\e tili'etitl) loxt Ill \UlllL‘
poiintle l ont .1 little helore \\ e
started. Si\ or 7 more .lllLl the
\I‘vptttk \\tll eoiite lmek'”

Mui‘k (‘ulxui

"l"\e lmt three p.int \l/‘e‘\ tn
ltt tl.1_\\' .\l_\ \\ite .lllil tin} pttrtr
nei'i (her)! Illiitkei keep my
trip. 'l)itl )ott e.it totltii‘ l)itl
Mill e.it ititl.i_\ ‘

“nine \eototi

l’t'!\;ite l’rtietiee 1 \li( , \\etliie~»
thin ‘) p llt.l l\ more tii.iii |tl\l ti
‘I hope
ltl lic ll\

(new \ii.itoiir\ \piiio‘it
people \\lll .lllt\\\ it
uontlerttil. ltiii \ell.” the .le'l|\‘\\
who lll.l}\ ti [‘\\eilt.lll'l\l on the
\llti\\ i tell\ I \ llie (’oiiiieetit tit
ii_iti\e. 4“ lllltllllk‘tl to tliiettoi
“It“! \lll‘k‘l'llllfj .iiitl iiiotliei ot
('Iltllltlllk'. (i. Htullii. It.
elititx l'x tip


Q: \‘liait tittriietetl )on to
the \ho\\‘.’

l‘llc} lL‘till) \k'l Hill [0 \\I‘llL‘
tihout people Ill Manx oltlei tli.iii
the (ite)'~ \ii.itoiii} L'!e'\\e .ttitl
.ill the liiiiii} tutti xiiitit‘i \lllll thiit
goex mth thoxe lli _\etit\,

Q: “on is working \iilh
hate “alsh'f

\\oiitleiltil' \lie'x .i lo\el_\
girl She-K el;i\\_\. luiiii) tiiitl
\er) hunthle.

Q: You also stair in The
Jame Austen Book ('luh \iith
Maria Hello and Emil) Blunt.
Was that fun to film?

I lo\etl lteiiieiiie \\llll the
gll'lx .intl l'lllll} Blunt ii‘t.ttle me
laugh lll_\ .l\\ oll Sliek .i eoolt
hiill. l li.i\eii t e\peiieiieetl llll\
eitieketl eueh otliei up tltiiiii;

Q: ”on (lo )0“ stat} so l'it‘.’

\lllec \x‘lltml. I‘ll! \\'e‘

"l'\e lmt H or I!» pt‘lilltl\
l‘tii .ietuull} tiliottt Pt‘lllltl\
liglitei thin I ‘»\.1\ when l \\.l\ to
Main oltl elllkl ll.|llllll:; iii h.illet‘
So I don't llllllk l \llttllltl loxe (Ln " rm My“\.._e}k.k1m.\n'y
.in) more or I‘ll exupoiute?" 'xlie me t\\o kitlU

Line \e}iiiotti' t: Hit . lr‘ktyziiy


Taurus (April 20 -— May ZUl


\tioiie) ll‘llilthl‘ l\ ;i llll'te‘dtk
\.\oiiii jxoti Lilll eet lroiii milking
on the \tllltl
* . " .. ‘1 V Q: liu-ii though \ou‘re no
Pisces (,Feb' ‘9 " March 20) ‘ longer an ().('. hlonde. do you
‘ i ' > i .i ,mv ,iryg. . . .
, it , ‘ ‘ ‘ " " ‘H l .‘ * l ' ’y l d “ still get I’t't'oglllu‘d from the
' . ' .‘ v . . , i v t. iliiit‘ -:i it will It]. llitllli‘l“ ‘I q
neZl) I. . V { _ HM ‘ ‘4 y, w no“.
ixtiritr \‘m: t it t ‘» Scorpio (Oct. 23 VNOV 21) 1' i ’1: NW“ "f ‘H W, ‘1‘ louiie L‘lll\ “rite letteiN untl
‘ " ‘ V ' ” ' » - - ' 'x v n ('l W tn writer: ‘ ‘
twat dept t .1, . x, H , ’ ' " ‘ ‘ Wt f“ 1‘ ' \ eoiiie tip to rite to \;l\ thut l htitl
. y _, ' ' ‘ ‘ ' ‘ ' “’ "‘ “‘ .i pii\lll\c ellett on their ‘ti\es.l
I ‘ timer e‘\[k‘t‘lt‘tl lllL‘ (lldt‘dtle‘l’ It)

Bemeeii \ltttllfl llll\ ioh .itit!
li;i\ iii}: t\\o .Lxltl\. l tlon't' I ltllllel
\\heii | retitlt '()li. \he \pentk
t\\o lltilll‘t III the SMH

Libra lSept 23 :,.'

m i
tttii"t__. i.

ltjil.‘ \" e. ' i' J .I
\Li‘tt‘ you” t "

Gemini (May 21 A ‘Ju

Amy's Hot New Show

Don't tl.ii'e e.ill hei \Ie

‘ it t t v .4 .
(ii‘ tot: {new um i,

17W)“ 3‘4“ it: ‘E t'tt;






make .1 l.i~tin§__‘ iniprexxion.

Shi‘ink' All!) llreniieiituii new


Today’ 5
Sponsored By:


Rtwuurtint .iiitl loiiiiue


Xlo luelid A\ e.











”or: Mil:i Fltl


35'! Ft‘lfi‘lMAN
‘u'i it if

~ «.v - [I]





~BM§N lIliE S
' nesonsme W pom
50cm LOUNGE wmi mum
24410th FWNESS cam


tNl WVll )UAI l EASE S




()t ltlllt‘l ‘9,

Page ii



l'ir ’. till a‘,


\llll 'l“


Cats facing adversity after less to USC

By Travis Waldron

twaltlron wkykernel corn

Likc so nian_\ tcams in thc
hcctic 20H" collcgc loothall scar
son. l K's sin} in thc top [it \\ as

'l'hc (‘ats dropped out ot the
top lll altci' talling to South (‘ar
olina 'l‘hursda). No“ rankcd
I7th \\lili top-rankcd Louisiana
Siatc coming to l.c\ington Sat-
urday [K has turncd its atten—
tion back to “hitting.

“\Nho \\ ants to losc a
gamc“" said \\ idc i‘cccnci'
kccnan Burton. “Wc‘rc 5~l and
\\ c ha\ c thc opptlt‘lttllii} to make
somc noisc In the Slit". You got
thc numhcr onc tcam coming to
your cit). and _\ou gct a chancc
to compctc against them. It docs-
n‘t gct bcttcr than that

With onc loss in the South
castcrn (‘onl‘crcncc and too
tough cont'crcncc games viaiting
tor tlic (‘;its in thc coming
uccks. l'K‘s position in thc
>l;(’ Last racc \\hcrc l‘ixc ot‘
thc ili\ision's sis teams are
ranked in the top 35 appcars
to he on shalx} ground

“I l'ccl lil_c this tcam can
compete wth aii_\hod}. Burton
said. “Thcrc's iiohod} on our
tcam \\ith thc doubt to sa) that
\i c can‘t compctc."

['K rodc a halanccd ol‘l‘cn—
soc attack through the lirst l‘ivc
\\ccks of the season. \\alt/ing to
a 5—0 stan and overcoming hall‘-
timc dcl‘icits to \\in games
against l.ouis\ illc and .»\rkansas.
liut thc ('ats' iiiistakcriddlcd
loss to thc Gamecocks ma) haw
\\arrantcd conccrns about their
confidence heading into this

"Am bod) can comc out and
gct hcat." said linebacker Micah
.lohnson. “We‘ve just got to
bounce hack. Ever} bod} "s con—
iidcncc is still up. We still havc
the same players. samc coachcs.
We still ha\ c thc samc talcnt,"

Still. bouncing back against
thc 'l‘igcrs \\on‘t hc cas). said
head coach Rich Brooks.

LSl' knocked otl‘ dcl‘cnding
national champion lilorida on


tori riAlthr

Saturda} to hccomc thc unani»
mous No. | tcam iii botli thc .A\s-
sociatcd l’rcss and thc l'S.\ lo»
da_\ polls.

"LSl' is a tcani unlilsc any
thing \\c‘u‘ sccn so tar this
)cai." Brooks said. “'l‘hc) don‘t
ha\ c a \\caltncss."

LSl'. \\hich \\allopcd l'K
40-0 last )car in Baton Rougc.
La.. had tour pla\crs chosen in
the first round oi last _\car's
NH. dralt but ha\cn t misscd
a beat" this scason. Brooks said.

"'l‘lic) ‘rc bcttci' non than
\\hcn \\c pla) cd thcm last )cai‘."
Brooks said,

'lhc 'l‘igcr dclcnsc. \\hich
ranks ncar the top in ncai'l)
cwr) statistical catcgor}. is built
around dcl'cnsnc taclsic (ilcnn
Dorsey 'l‘lic) arc thc .\'o. i dc»
l'cnsc in thc country al|o\\ mg an
awragc ot‘iust 197.3 _\ards pcr
gamc. ()pponcnts arc a\craging

just owr ninc points pcr gamc

against thcm son.

l‘lx' boasts an ottcnsc that
tops thc Sl:(' in scoring r42 7
points pcr gamc).
sccond in passing
Iltil.7 )ai‘ds pcr
gamer and third in
rushing IZIZS
)ar‘ds pcr ganici.
But to knock olt
LSL'. thc (‘ats \\Ill
ha\c to climinatc
thc tiirnmcrs that
plagucd thcm
against South ('air
olina. Johnson said.

To conic aua}
\\ith a \\in against
LSl', Johnson said
Ms iiccds to pla) "pcrlcct. inst


"LSU is a team
unlike anything
we've seen so
far this season.
They don't have a



about " ad\crsit_\
“\\c cant hatc man}. it an)
mistalscs." hc said. ".»\nd on top iiig "

ol that I\\c |ia\cI to pla} gi'cat
and ha\c a \cr) I)ll_\\lc.ll gaiiic "
.»\ltcr losing to [.81'

“Ill riot

last scar again soon

thc ('.its \\on
nc\t l| gamcs

Wltll‘l eir‘eiv Ar KiA Aeria it B ii iii h rats in a Martin do Min pass ill irinu UK's l? 29A Avrir over Mr i rsasi in Sun? 7? lir.’

Lats an? I till‘ ii iii a“ th rim rlirst ‘irss of ti ll‘ si ast in against \ iii'lr C iroiirra ll riirs lay 'A law

Ill oI tlicir
including si\
l‘L‘l‘Ul’L‘ losing In
South (‘aroliiia
Though it
months sincc
last loss bctorc
South Carolina.
Burton said he [1"
IllL‘lllllt't‘L‘tl llit‘ lc‘t'l
ingot losing,

"l nc\cr toi'got
\\liat it lclt likc to
losc.” Burton said
"I lsnoxs lio\\ to losc
t‘call} \\cll 'l'hc tact
is l iust don't \\alll
to lt‘c‘l lll\c lllal ally

(H Cl' lll


l'iii tircd ot o\ci'toiiiing
l rcincnilici distinctl}
hon it lccls. and l liatc that lccl

lt is a tccliiig lic hopcs lic
ll;t\t‘ to

L‘\I3L‘t'IL’IlL c

Getting back on track starts with UK’s defense

It’s a common thing.

It starts \\ith a cum ing ol somctliing )llt
You mosc_\ down
to thc kitchen to gather
and it hits )ou thc
onc ingncdicnt that )tilt
Ithl can't go \\ithout is
absent l'rom thc
the pantr} and distant
trom thc

ha\cn‘t tastcd in a \\hilc.

all thc



'> nonhcrc to bc ltlllllil. trains i‘ioiir calling in on tliosc costl_\ \lcls l l\' \\on‘t bc
J_D_ \VL‘WL‘ tlll lTL‘L‘ll ilag\s,
WILLIAMS thcrc hcl'orc; it‘s thc \Vith Louisiana Statc coming into (‘om
Kernel grcat lctdorVn altcr iiioimcaltli Stadium this \\L'L‘lu‘lltl lioastiiig iiatioiialh bcliiiid ()liio Siatcs‘s T I
columnist high c\pcctations. tlic \o l ranking in thc nation. it \\ ill lic tlic
l’or the Cats. tlic dclcnsc that \\ill |ia\c to cari'_\ tlic ('ats lxccp thc gamc closc.

missing ingredient that
notild satist') thc tlcsirc to compctc loi‘ tlic
Southcastcrn ('onlcrcncc titlc is a good dc
lcnsc to accoiiipan} a stcllar otlcnsc.

Stats suggest that [K is onc oi thc clitc
Mm ing thc hall this
t\\o. thi'cc
l7th ranlscd
(‘ats arc lirst iii scoring ollcnsc HI 7
pcr gamcr. sccond in passing 12M .7 rards
pci' gamci and third in rushing r2125 pass-

ol'tcnscs in thc SIT

sc‘asoii has bccii as cas) as onc.

litcrall). ln tlic Sl:('. thc

mg )ards pcr game).

But thc )in to that _\ang is on tlic othct'
'l‘hc ('ats arc ranked no

sltlc til lllt‘ lMll

highcr than sc\cnth on dclcnsc, The 117
(“ats gi\c
ranks thcm ninth lll tlic contci'cncc and ol»
lcrs plcnt} oi room to impro\c.

lltl“ C\L‘I‘ lllt‘ (Kills lltllL'\ till tlclL‘Ilsc lllai
allo“ oll‘cnscs to slip through is nothing
nc\\. nor is it surprising.
\i\ c an Sl;(' schcdulc \\itli hcttci‘ oppoiiciits
it \\lll bc l'ls's dctcnsc that
\\lll carr) thcm hc)oiid tlic broad shouldcrs
ol tiiiai'tcrback .-\ndic \\oodson
no onc takcs thc i.la_\ oil.

a\ magic points thc


cabi- on ihc hori/on.



hig plag\s \\ill \\ill.
\\oii} about.

iiior dclcnsnc

tit] lllc‘ l‘lllL’ls,


“Dance Lessons
{8:30 p.m. Baker Hall
Dance Studio
;-Order of the
Pheonix-Cheap Seat
.Tuesdays 8 p.m.
Student Center

OAnthony Rupp 8 p.m.
Memorial Hall
°Lunchtime Trivia
12:00 p.m. Student

-Sex in a Test Tube

6 pm. Young Library
Gallery Room
0Comedy Caravan

8 p.m. Cats Den

OAd Club Meeting

- 8 p.m. Student Center

against \\ hat l'ls' hcail coach Ritli Brooks
said is a licttcr tcaiii iio\\ than \\licir it liaiid
dclncrcd a 4‘) ll trashing to thc ('ats last
scason \'\ hiclic\cr tcani docsn't gi\c iip tlrc

.\lltl ii thc ilcicnsc \\asn't ciioiigli to
haw to comc ctc lc\ cl \\llll
lciisc lcd h) tlic onl} dclcnsnc llcisiiiari
li'oph} candidalc iii (ilcnn l)oi'sc_\
much ot an_\thing at all.
\\on‘t hc lccliiig gcnci'oiis to thc

llt‘ritilss salil.

l‘(\\ s,”

tip a gamc

nation. going up onl}

litlt tit ot'tlcl lri slti

giantcd, uracil l.cs \lllcs

and c\ crg\ oiic it"


"'l‘hcii' dclciisiw lront is thc lrcst \\c‘\c
“l)oi‘sc_\ is a iriaii amongst

l'hc l'igci‘s liar c tlic hcst dclciisc in tlic

W“ is viiils a gariic

and thc} lia\c no \\or‘rics ahout stopping
Woodson and company

"\\c‘ll ha\c to pla} \\cll. but tlic pcac c
oi mind is tlic lact l‘ll hc trawling
\ci'_\ stioiig dctcnsc.”

\\ill) a
said l 81


Brooks docsir‘t haw that sanic ltl\tllg‘\

ltl points this

\\cckciid against a tcam that Hill} gircs up

arcn't iiscd to
morc points llic

ltastcrn Kcntucls}

and thc (‘ats \\Ill
an I St dc

sonic l),

lhc Ill
gi\c up
and dclinitcl)
nun lads

tltk'fli it


0Euchre Tournament
7 p.m. Cats Den
OCCO Board of
Directors Meeting

5 p.m. Student Center
0The Times of Harvey
Milk 10 p.m.
Worsham Theater
OCCO Board Meeting
5 p.m. CCO
°Haunting Harmonies


of the Zist-Century

Concert 8 p.m.
Singletary Center for
the Arts

i/iolrx i'i/iloi
iom‘mr/rrm \(‘HII’L I: HIIII/ /\i ii’l/r/msi‘rr (Mar

0 2 points a ganic. \\Iiicli is iaiilscd sctoiid


\\lll ha\c to match dclcnsc loi' chc-iisc to
soiiictlring thc (ats
('ats ha\c plaicd. thc} Iia\. c alloucd II' or
too gamcs \\Iicic
hcld thcir opponcnt in clrccl \\cic against
and Honda
nothing to dcmand a pat on thc back

It tlic ('ats oath to lioiincc llilkb alIcr lct
ring a “lit in thcir last outing poiiiicc our of
tlicii laps. thcn thc} hcttci lrc liunci) to plax



./ I) lir/l/iuiix n «i



°|talian Conversation
Practice 5 p.m. Coffea

OSnatch 10 p.m.
Center Theater


393 Waller Ave. Waller Center ° 131-0957

COMEDY till llllllilllllil



l’i‘iilai iiaturdar!


TICKETS ONLINE: www.comedyaffbroadway.cam

Lakeside at Lexington Green






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2‘.) REM

What Could Be Better...
Than a Girl in Theta Letters







 PA654 I Tuesday. October 9, 2007

Br Elie lindsvr
etindsey'kakernei com
Andre Woodson might be human after

The senior quarterback. who has been
nearly flaw less throughout the season while
garnering more and more Heisman Troph)
consideration. niade seseral ke) mistakes
Thursday night during l'K’s 3823 loss to
South Carolina.

Woodson threw his second interception
ofthe season and lost two fumbles that were
returned for touchdowns during the (‘ats’
first loss of the season.

Despite Woodson‘s less~than~stellar
performance Thursda) night. head coach
Rich Brooks backed his quarterback's pla)
yesterday at his weekly news conference.

"l think Andre is throwing the ball pret-
l)‘ “ell." Brooks said. "He‘s throwing as
well as any body under the circumstances in
my opinion. Did he hate it great game at
South Carolina"? No. But did he hate it bad
game'.’ No."

The circumstances Brooks referred to
were a tenacious defensiw line that pres~
sured Woodson all night long. The Game»
cocks sacked Woodson three times and con-
tinually made him throw off his back foot to
elude the defensive pressure.

"it‘s hard to throw off your front foot
when somebod) is in your face occasional-
ly." Brooks said.

If Woodson is going to cut down on his
mistakes against Loursiana State on Satur-
day. much will depend on the UK offensive
line that was manhandled b_\’ the Game-
coeks' defense.
said offensive line-
man Eric Scott.

“We ~iust shot
ourselws in the
foot." Scott said.
“You cannot win
games that way. It
sounds like we
ga\e one of their
defenshe ends a
great night with
two fumbles.
That‘s something
that doesn't happen often. but if we clean
up the mistakes. l think we're going to be

Cleaning tip the mistakes \\lll be tough
against one of the best defenses in the coun—
tr}. Led b_\ defensi\e end Glenn l)orse_\. the
Tigers gis'e up the fewest total )ards per
game and allow the second fewest points in
the country

"Their defensiw front is the best \se‘\e
seen." Brooks said. “l)orse_\ is a man
amongst bo_\s.”

"Their defensive
front is the best
we've seen.
Dorsey is a man
amongst boys."


UK '»r-

:31! air"

l<‘()o'i‘ii.\t.t. .\'()’i‘i£i;oois'
LSU defense to test W’oodson’s resolve



”is 'v ‘
. 1v V f



Quarterback Andre Woodson drops hark to pass against Arkansas on Sept 22

Injury Report

The ('ats could be without starting
tailback Rafael Little Sattirda} against

Little. \\ ho leads l'ls' in rushing with 685
_\ards on the ground. is questionable with a
thigh bruise. Brooks said.

"It‘s worse than it \\ as the last two
weeks." Brooks said. "I guess he inst aggra-
\ated it. and \se‘ll lime to see how that
comes along."

Linebacker .lohnn) Williams (foot) and
third—string running back Alfonso Smith
tanklei are also listed as questionable.
Brooks said. If Williams can't play on Satv
iirda}. linebacker Sam Ma\\\ ell would start
in his spot.

Watching LSU-Florida made Brooks

With an unusually long \s eels because ol
the Thursday night game. Brooks said he
had the chance to watch the LSl'—l5lorida
showdown Saturday night - a matchiip of
UK‘s opponents for the next tw o weeks.

“I had to excuse myself to go to the
bathroom to \omit." Brooks said iokingl}.
“It \\ as a great game. and then I had the re»
alit) check that these are the two teams l
have to play the next two weeks."

The Cats. who are in the midst of pla_\-
ing three straight ranked opponents. must
face the No l Tigers followed b_\ the No.
I} Gators the next two weeks.

“Neither one of those teams should ha\e
lost." Brooks said. “The_\ both pla} ed that \tell."



°‘ 0 Josephine;

“l it issil ‘ Slit ’1‘”

l‘aigc Islet 'ool a full service beauty shop

3.24 Rosemont Garden 0 (859 278-8io-i

Openings lor nail in It k liair .irtisr




Tired? Sleenv?

Need help with tter attention“ ‘


4" cé'ii’iiiriaii'idi: ‘an' Evaluation "

Commonwealth Sleep
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/r r f;

The Student Ambassadors of the
College of Arts & Sciences present:


. Free Pizza

. Study Tips

_ A Good Time

. All of the above

Tuesday. October 9, 2007 r 5-30PM—8mPM
Wot; . -. '- Sits."

Rain i..i::