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Regulatory Bulletin 210
University of Kentucky
College of Agriculture
Agricultural Experiment Station
Regulatory Services

 (Cover Picture) Laboratory equipment used in the fat extraction of feeds
Department of Regulatory Services

Bruce Poundstone, Director*
T Dr. H. F. Massey, Director
Dr. Paul R. Caudill, Assistant Director
Glynn E. Nilliamson, Milk & Feed Coordinator
Neville Hulette, Auditor
Wilson M. Routt Ellis Hugh Ray
Joe B. Brown* Claude E. Hensley William K. Robertson
Elmer Cottongim Wallace L. King Eugene G. Vanderpool
Ben W. Cox Samuel D. Whitehead
Valva C. Midkiff, Chief Chemist and
Coordinator Chemical Laboratories
_ John T. Adair Oscar McNew**
_ Elizabeth Brown Dr. Poo An Thio Ellen Perry
Judy Dombroski Carolyn Sue Herald Robert N. Price
Debra Dahn Norma Holbrook J. A. Shrader
7 Introduction & Feed Monitoring Program .....,............. A
Estimated Tonnage of Feed Sold in l97l ................... 5
Companies with Feed Registered in l97l ......... . ......... 6
Average Composition of More Common Feedstuffs ......... . ..... l5
Miscellaneous Samples Analyzed l9L7—l97l .............. . . . . l7
Uma in reeds ............................... 18
Changes in Product Names .......................... 19
The Medicated Feed Label .......................... 2O
Table l — Report of Official Samples Analyzed in 1971 .........,. 22
Table 2 - Samples Classified as "Not Passed" ............... 28
This bulletin compiled and prepared by Bruce Poundstone, Dr. H. F. Vassuy, and
Ulynn E. Williamson
. Analytiral data by Laboratory Staff
* Retired July, 1971
** Resitned April. l?7i

This bulletin contains the results of inspection and analysis of commer— ’
cial feeds sold in Kentucky during the calendar year of 1971 and other informa-
tion helpful to those interested in feeds in Kentucky.
During 1971, 2,bSO official samples of feed were secured by inspectors.
2,207 or 90% of these passed inspection and analysis satisfactorily. During } ,
1970, 2,803 official samples were secured and 91% of these passed. 300 special A
samples were analyzed in the laboratory. The total estimated tonnage of com- I
merclal feeds distributed ln Kentucky for 1971 was 742,51b tons. In 1970 the
tonnage was 714,026 tons.
All feeds sold.in Kentucky must be registered with the Feed Control Sec-
tion. Registration forms are available upon request and there is no charge for
registration. Registration continues ln effect until re-registration is called . ·
for. Registrants should keep all registrations current by cancelling feeds no
longer manufactured and by adding new feeds. Re-registration of all feeds was
called for and accomplished in l97l. Regulatory Service Inspectors in the
field consult with dealers and manufacturers to assist them with labeling,
record keeping, and feed manufacturing practices, check compliance and sample
feed. Samples are analyzed in the chemical laboratory. Samples that do not
come up to the guaranteed analysis are listed in an annual feed bulletin pub- `
lished by the section. Those companies having seriously deficient feed samples
are advised by telephone or letter regarding the deficiency, and on occasions ·
when the situation warrants, stop-sale notices are issued until the situation
can be corrected. The Feed Control Program protects the feeder by requiring
proper labeling, adequate purpose statements, precautions, and warnings where
necessary and checking contents of feeds with the guarantees. Manufacturers and
dealers are thus enabled to do business on orderly and equitable basis.
During the year inspectors brought in QO samples of feeds that were not
registered. Feed manufacturers have been most cooperative in registering such
feeds. Fourteen stop-sales were issued during the year on feeds. All stop-
sales were cleared up ln accordance with Regulatory Services' directives.

_ Mixed Feed
Beef 32,887
1 Broiler 29,865
_ Calf 6,701
Dairy 210,169
Dog 6 Cat 36,732
Horse 6 Mule 2h,276
V7 Layer-Breeder 63,A45
Mineral 10,520
` Scratch, Wild Bird 5,438
Sheep 631 n
Starter—Grower 13,661
· Swine 155,686
UA Turkey 372
· Miscellaneous Mixed Feeds 14,925
Straight Materials
Alfalfa Products 2,233
Animal Products 10,765
Barley Products 197
Beet Products 106
Brewery Products 1,209
Citrus Products 205
Corn Products 29,470
Cottonseed Products 5,988
, Distillers Products 7,399
Drugs A
Lespedeza Products 36
Llnseed 6 Flax 299
Marine Products 23
Milk Products 187
Molasses 1,591
Oat Products 3,736
Peanut Products 13
Rice Products 128
Rye Products 29
Soybean Products 33,205
Urea 370
Vitamins 365
Wheat Products 19,010
Miscellaneous Products 6,338

Acme-Evans Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. Arkansas Rice Growers Coop., Stuttgart, Ark.
46222 72160 _
Adams Packing Assn., Inc., Auburndale, Fla. Armour Creameries, Springfield, Ky. 40069
33823 Armour-Dail, Inc., Chicago, Illinois 60606
Ade Farm Chemical Co., Inc., Tiskilwa, Ill. Armour & Company, Chicago, Illinois 60609 .
61368 Ashland Milling Co., Ashland, Ky. 41101
Agricultural Supply Co., Inc., Owensboro, Astor Products, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida;
Ky. 42301 32202
Ag Services, Inc., Bowling Green, Ky. 42101 Attala Company, The, Kosciusko, Miss. 39090
Agway, Inc., Country Best Feeds, Syracuse, Aubrey Feed Mills, Inc., Louisville, Ky.
N.Y. 13201 40204
A-L Farm Service, Lawrenceburg, Ky. 40342 Auburn Mills, Inc., Auburn, Kentucky 42206
Albany Mills, Albany, Kentucky 42602 Aylor & Meyer Company, Aurora, Ind. 47001
Albers Milling Co., Los Angeles, Cali. 90036 Bagdad Roller Mills, Bagdad, Kentucky 40003
Alex Agri-Supply Co., Louisville, Ky. 40206 Balfour, Maclaine, Inc., New York, New York
Allegre Milling Co., Allegre, Kentucky 42203 10004
Allen Canning Co., Siloam Springs, Arkansas Baltz Brothers Packing Company, Nashvi11e,(
72761 Tenn. 37210
Allen County Seed Service, Scottsville, Ky. Barton Brands, Inc., Bardstown, Ky. 40004
42164 Bay State Milling Co., Leavenworth, Kansas ‘
Allen Products Co., Inc., Allentown, Pa. 66048
18104 Bay State Milling Co., Winona, Minn. 55987
Allivd Ch¤miC¤1 C¤YP·. Omaha. N€bY· 6Bl24 James B. Beam Distilling Co., Clearmont, Ky.
Allied Chemical Corp., Ag. Div., Morristown, 40110
N.J. 07960 Best Feeds 6 Farm Supplies, Oakdale, Pa.
Allied Chemical Corp., Hopewell, Va. 23860 15071
Allied Foods Inc., Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Bi-County Farm Bureau Co—op., Florence, Ky.
Allied Mills, Inc., Libertyville, Ill. 60048 41042
Allison Mills, Inc., Little Rock, Ark. 72204 Big Four Feed & Implement Co., Scottsville,
Alvor Brothers Co., Milford, Illinois 60053 Ky. 42164
Amendt Milling Co., Monroe, Michigan 48161 Big Star Products Co., Atlanta, Ga. 30302
American Crystal Sugar Co., Denver, Colo. Birmingham Milling Company, Benton, Ky.
80202 42025
American Cyanamid Company, Princeton, N.J. Bisset Farm Supply, Harrodsburg, Ky. 40330
08540 Blenda Life, Inc., Green Isle, Minn. 55338
American Kennel Foods, Russellville, Ky. Blue Barn Dog Food Co., New Albany, Indiana
42276 47150
American Pet Food Company, Birmingham, Ala. Blue River Feed Mills, Inc., Edinburg, Ind.
15223 46124 _
American Rice Growers Coop Assn., Lake Bobb Brothers, Leesburg, Ohio 45135
Vharles, La. 70601 L. C. Bolson Co., The, Decorah, Iowa 52101
\:·;vri¤·;ln Salt Corp., Des Plaines, Illinois Boone Co. Farm Supply, Walton, Ky. 41094
60018 Boones Feed Store, Stanford, Kentucky 40484
Xvory Cotton Oil Co., Inc., Amory, Miss. Boone Valley Coop. Proc. Assn., Eagle Grove
IBSII Iowa 50533
\nderson Farm Service, Lawrenceburg, Ky. Borden Chemical CO., Norfolk, Va. 23501
30131 Boswell Company, Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Anderson S Spilman, Danville, Ky. 40422 Bow Now Co., Inc., Rolla, Missouri 65401
Anglo Sweet Feed Mill, Inc., Owensboro, Ky. Bremco Mills, New Bremen, Ohio 45869
·ll0l Brode Corp., Memphis, Tenn. 38101