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»n»· ,i.l.l_ THOMAS P. COOPER, Dean and Director
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l<* >l1»~;~ `
in ll. ··‘LL Extension Division
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llS i< ,3
,,_,,,__ CIRCULAR No. 79
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A Suggested Plan for Marketing Kentucky Wool
the fol .
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Published in connection with the agricultural extension work ear—
ried on by eo-operation of the College of Agriculture, University of
Kentucky, with the l'. S. Departinent of Agriculture, and distributed
in furtherance ot the work provided for in the Act of Congress of
May S, 1014. ·

Nearly all the upland soils of Kentucky, ·
not of limestone origin, and many of the lime- ·
stone soils, themselves, are acid to an injurious
Liming these soils will make it possible to
grow more and better crops of red clover. lt
is a necessary step in the preparation of land
for alfalfa. In connection with proper soil
treatment otherwise, it will make possible
larger yields of nearly all crops the farmer
Ground limestone is the best material to
use for liming land. Most farmers in the State
should be able to apply it with reasonable
trouble and expense.
On the Experiment Station soil fertility
feds Foczitcd on the acid soils of the State, an
investment per acre of $9.40 in ground lime··
s are and acid phosphate (this does not include
cos? of wagon haul and of spreading) has
A given, in four years’ time, crop increases worth
$34.06, using pre-war prices for farm products.
There is no reason why farmers should not se-
sxzre equally good if not better results.

` WM

A Suggested Plan for Marketing Kentucky Wool ‘
\\··»ol ii1ui·Ic·~*iiig wliivli wus ol' only lowul iiiterest and im-
p·i·tuu.·»· pr•·vious to the worlel war lH‘<‘2lllll‘. on 2l<‘(‘0l1lll', of a
~l.··i·tuu·· iu lll}.ill~:[I‘2lllt‘ <·lotb—wool, u prolilein of woi·lll1’ll a ¢·ompa1‘21-
‘ji·»l_v low lllill'l{<‘I x‘ulm· ibut l`ui·1m·i·s l>('t'2l1ll(’ interested i11 bet-
  ui··tl1o·l~ ol. 1iiui·l<•·tii1g it uml thru iliv u;~si»tum··· of county
.1["lll* il l.t‘\\` <'Ulllll_\' “v(Nll Ill|(ll< “'l*l'l’ l·<>l'lll4‘[¤l'•‘&l possible from
vis ut·i·uiig··1i1<·1it ltuw mit. lieoii l`llll_\` 1·ouliz··tl. Wool pools
Tl‘··l··· t’oi·ii1···l lol' tlit- express purpose oti lllt‘l'lt‘llt'<‘ ot` st·vei·ul yours it has been
Yllillml tliul lllv i'<¤lllll_\` \\‘ool pools ll2l\'<‘ 1'<‘Sllllm‘il ill ull 2lI‘I'21llg€—
l¤1·*lit l`ot‘tl1t· t·oiix·t-iiieiieo ol` lovul l>ll_\`<‘l`N aml have not in any
t·xt··u·lml 11Hl wool auctions. 'l`he points chosen as mar-
zction, lat renters have. in niost eases. present facilities in tobacco `
grow ttareltottses which could be easily inade eonveiiient to use for
ofthe trool-au•·tion purposes as they give ainple space, are well light-
iid re ol and have t`a<·ilities for weighing. requisites which are im-
1 is at lortant in wool ntarlteting as in the case ol` tobacco.
.\ canvass will the large wrtol tnills and wool dealers of the
in my l'ni:t··l States. thru a letter in which this plan was set forth,
fruits. has resulted in inueh l`ax·oral»le eonnnent and in inan_v valuable
to my siggesrioiis. with a general indication that ntills and brokers
,].0mM. will l».· willing to send l»u_v·~r>¤ to attend wool auctions of the
c been —E/·· wl;i··h would result l`roin the plan under dist-ussion.
“.m.M How The Auction May Bc Conducted.
ttptlie ln eounties where wool pools have lieen in operation for gi,
.d will ¤····t»i·lt·raltl·· length ol` tiine it sliottltl not be dittieult to make ar-
l'&:ll!'t‘lll•‘lll> ltetween thein \\'llt‘I‘t_'ll_\' they will inarltet their wool
whidt   t-entral points. but this should not exclude any farniers in
wool that t··rt·itor_v t`roni oti'ering their wool in the auetions even if
Jht be zlttgr are not r··pr··s··nted in the eount_v pool. \\'ool should be
tleliv··tt··l at the t-enter in the usual nianner and. when received,
we ol two plans may be followed. The wool belonging to each
l&1I‘htet’ may be graded and ltrpt separate. as is the t‘llSlOlI1 in
notion lllt‘ l*1‘<‘seut ··ount_v wool pools; but this niethod is not recom-
mltttle l¤*‘*¤·lt‘¤l as it defeats the purpose for which the wool auction
both tlistrirts are forined. that ot` getting together a large ainount of
.0; for Wh grade of wool. It is. theret`ore. suggested that a better
M ol ml‘¥lt<·tl would he to reeeive eaeli t`ai·tner`s wool. weigh it in
I Such wml classify it into the grades desirable and then weigh each U

l 8 (llI`('l({(lI` .\`11. 751, 111
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lli\vlSl(lll. .\t`1o1· this 111·111·css 1111s l11·1·11 l`11ll1111*1·1l 11111 lll tht- ..111,.
11l` L‘il1‘ll llltll\'l(lllill fill'll1Cl', the 11*11111 11s }Il'llllUll 111·1·111·1l111;; 111 fllln
ucss. l11·1·1·1l 11111l s11—1`111·1l1. 111111* 111* 1}:1*1111*11 l(l{{l‘lll(‘I‘ lll 1111-;;.- 1,11,.1
<11 111111 llll}`1‘l`S1ll2l}' 111kc 111l1*1111t11gc 11l` l111y111g tllll 11‘l111l1·11111111111·.·
111· 11s 11111111* llllll1ll'L‘(l 111111111ls 111 1·11¤l1 11u11lil_1’ us llll‘}' \\·l5ll 11111}.]
011. 'l`l11· 111111l llllllll1(‘I' 11l` 111111111ls lll 1·111·l1 111l1· is 1‘2lNll)' 111*1*1=.1·1§
111 hy 1111 111l1l1111111 111 1l111 1l11*1s1111111l 1111111111111·s (°l'l'(1ll\'*l 1·1._§Q
_ the f111·1111·1·s. -
I lll 1·11s1— il 11*1111l 111111] 111· ill(ll\'1(lll1ll l.2ll`llll‘l`S $ll()lllll 1·1-_1.·1·1 -1.
1 1 s11l1~ lll: 1l11·11· 11*1111l. lll(‘ Sillll1‘ 1·l11ss Illl 11·1111ls \\'lll1‘ll 1l11·1* 11217-:··E
1·1111l1l hc 1"llSll}` 1·c11ssu111l1l1·1l at illly Illl]L‘
Plan 2. The Central Wool Auction.
'l`l11~11l1111 11l` 1111111·11111111 l`111* 1·11111l111·1111;;* El (°[`llll`1ll 11*1111l 11111-I _
lllll.1‘l`$ i`1·.1111 1l11— 1·1·g·1111111l 11*11111 11111·111111 lll 1l111t lllll ·1111~ 11-`f_
('(`lll(xl. 1s <‘l1llSlllllIlll(} 111 f11111·111111 11s 1ll(l\.l)\.lllll`lll 111111l~ _
\\`l>llltl l11· 1*ll;;‘ll1l1* T11 I'\‘l‘l'l\'(‘ l111ls 11111111 ll11·11‘ \\`lll>l. 11l‘<1\°1·l··~1 ‘.
11*1111l 11‘11s 11111 111·11111ll1* $lll})Illx(l 111 lll(` 1·1·1111·1· lllll 11*11~ l1··111;   .
11< is 11<1111ll1* 1l11— <‘ll$If>lll. 111 s111111· l111-11l llllllll 11·11I1111 1l1··  
.\ r1*1'l11111 I1ll1l1l11*1‘ (ll? ]l<*i\l'-lly 11‘1111l 111111ls 11*1111l1l 11;1t111‘;1ll_1  
11ll 1l11·11·11*1111l111 1l11· 11111·111111 1·1·1111·1· l1111 11ll 111l11·1· 1··111111_1*g .~
(l(‘$ll`lllQ 111 11111·111·1111111· 111 llll‘ 11111·111111 11‘1111l1l l11· 1·1~111111·1·1l *11 i  
111sh Ql 111'1_1*-1111111111 s1111111l1· 111) 1-:11-11 Q`l`2l1l1' 11ll'1·1‘111l l.¢ll` ~11l·· 11* Y
st11111l1111~ 1l11· 111111l 1111111l11·1· 11l' 111111111l< lll. 1l11~ <;11111· 21*1111--1 V!
l·1~l1l 111 1l11— I1111111- 111111*l<1·1.
A1 Tl11¤1·11l11·l11S11111 11i` 1ll\‘ <‘<‘llll'2Il 11*1111l 11111·l11111. 11ll  1 -
1l111s1’·1l 11111111 s:111111l1· 111111 l.1`Ill.l.`l.llllll_u' 11*1111I l11·l1l lll 1l1·~ Yil" `
1111111111~s. 11*1111l1l l11· Slll|>])1‘ll 111 1l11· llllg-lllllill \\'l|lll 1·1·1111·1*   '
»111111· ¢‘l‘ll1l'ill lllllllll 1l1·>1g*1111t1·1l l1_1* 1l1,· l111_1·1-1·~ 111 111·1l1·1· lll1l‘-
_ 1111111l11·1· 11f l`("l°(ll\'lllQ` 11111111s lll1;;`llT l11· 1·1·1l111·1·1l l.l`<1lll lfll l1·   W;
111*1-1· fl 111· ll).
'l`l111 111111l1111l 11l` 1·11111l111·1111;: >lll’ll 1111 11111·t11111 11*1111l1l l1-‘·1l1l"`  
s11111l111· 111 lllllt (‘l<,‘Sl‘l'1lI1‘(l llll(l(*l‘ l`(r'g1ll(}l \\'l1|>l 11111·t11111~. 1* ·‘*‘ l"  hl;11111
4  11111

_,.§4'iYQ§; E ‘ ‘  ""`°*`"`W`_“*— R 1
Iss of tit.; ’“' NM - I
Ihv vu`.; Q I
;: to iiu¤» Q I
l1';jt’ I¤1I··\ '   w 5
qttztittity *”"`" ”`d & @
v 2ll`I'I\`»·II 9 6
•‘ T, Bowling Green
\_ ,·x·-I·II‘  IIIIIIIIT   (`<*\'IY1R_tou S. I·I•?t1d01‘s0!1 `
 C 0. Louisville 9. Puducalt
I H*;tI¢I$:'T110 uiuc iogiortal wool nuctiou points tlosigiiztted on tho above map
aud flb suggestions, but huvo boon chosen ou account of their 1‘:1ih*0:1d
W WOIJII1 equipment ot tobacco wanrohousos which may be used for nuctiouing

10 G-iroulur No. 711.
that thv Q'l'illllllgjj ul` th·· \'Ill'll>llS <‘Ulllll_\' pnwls \\'lll‘l'¤‘ \\‘·»·»l um
lwihg hclal ut hlt‘< snln11il1¤·ll slmuhl hp {f\l2ll`illIll‘<‘ll in 1··~m·.-`.4;,-
tlnvtygwuml<|11z1lit_x·¤>l`wm>l whi<·h th¤· l»11_\’¤·1· \\‘\l_\'1*l‘> ul. ll¢*<*¢·¤‘ \\'<11>l,
_ Xlwv lll¢llIl‘_\` hus lwon Ins! ln thv ;§`l‘tl\\'t‘l' thru [»m»1· ;1·.l·].·;
·»l` wm»l thun l»_x· uny ·»m· hum in llI2l[’l{¢‘llII}.{`. It i> mu mlm l·_
I www huvw l><·¤·11 pu_vi1n;;· unfulr p1·h·¤·¤ l`<»1· lhv ;;·1·mll·~ ~;»····i1i··li  
l shut 1h.·_x· huvp lawn uhlv to ]»11r¤·l1u<¤· \\’h¤»l¤· <·1‘<»]>~ nm um  
h1l'»·1·i·»1· lll rhv ll'll¢‘ ¢|ll&llll_\' <»l' tho w·»¤»l.
rllllw <}`>l1‘ll1 Ul. 4>[N‘l'2llll1;1' <*¢r1ll1l_\' \\`eN»l |l¤>¤lls alms nw  l l
ir~¤·ll' l'*‘il1lll_\' In unll'¤»1·111 uml »¤·i¤~11lili·· g’r;1le’l1l wl l{t‘<‘l>llIQ` lhw wm·l in hug< <·m· whiwh xx‘ll’ ·:§,` I
aln··u·:·u·liug·1·»thol»u_v»~¤·». ll lll2l_\'*ill.l'l_\'ll1*~i|l¤l thu: :l~- r l
osx l'l·ut11y·¤· ¤»l` ¤·<»11nt_\‘ wool p¤»·»l~ l` 1hl· h1ul»ilii_v 1·» \·l~—·x ·  
wmlls In il¤l\`illIl;lQ`¢‘. 1l1·mling·;.ml ·ll~;»lu_\‘ ·»r` lh¤· x\‘···»!~ ll ·· ~ L
sllnlllwl l».· Q'l\`!'lI ··ur·¤·l'11l 2llll‘llll<»ll in H[1l‘l`;1llllLj' u 1···ui·»2l;l’ ·  
ilEl¤‘Vl¤»ll. l·lxl>··1·1 g·1·mll·x·:‘ sh<»n:l·l l»·· »»~l·m·¤··l uml 1Il·· ~»~»·` ~ ll
u1·ut···l l11!·»~m·l1 g‘1‘u·l¤·lll_\' l{Il¤l\\'ll uml ·l·-~és· · ll
Th·· ll‘;:·l:~. 'l`h<· g‘1·u¤l¤*< lllU\l <·<»111111·»11l_x‘ ll<¤‘1l uml xxlmd.   ` ll
!1l|; lugx   ‘l   m
s•·lv¤·s; s•···¤l_v uml l»111·1·_\‘ t<>g·¤·lI1¤*1·; ll····l·<~s Ihwl with ~1~zll   " H
hv Tll•·lll$•'l\'(‘<_ —l
' . lvl
'l`l1··lu~r ;;‘1·ulIIL[` llll‘ll° ll¤···:···~ IM MM `.-` `
lhul lh<·_\‘ uwml th<· uso of sisul twim· ur ‘\'ll'4‘, 'l`h·· h··—l  
l of T\\`lllt* Y1) llsv l'1;|‘ this I){|]'l»(agq~   });]]):·]· \\\‘l]]4·_ l]] l»[>l*l'E1··`·!
Tll¢‘ l'=‘Q'l*»l12!l \\‘¢>¤>l 2lll(‘llUllS lIll1l<’I' lhi< 1m·ll1ml lhv ll**' hl, ll".

,1 .S'11_r;_r/r*s/1·1/ /*/1111 _/`¢11‘1l/r11‘L‘r·//11g ll'm1/, ]l_
\`¤1¤»l \\;1`
In ,1__1. im, {.,1- l1l'lH|2!l'_\' Slll]lll|l‘l|l is lllll 11¢·1·<*ss111·_v, 11s ll1·te1-vs 151111 11ll
·,.I,,-..\,.ti- 1,.. H1·11tl_1· tivtl i11 lPllll¢llt‘S 11111l sliippvtl to 111111·ll>1llJl
l111t l·_.»
iti···l   Conclusion.
gmllilii 'l`h1· 1··»11ti111111ti·111 ¤~l' 111·<»lit11l1l·· \ll|‘l‘[) 1·11isi11;5 i11 l{t'1llll<'l{_\`
_ T   11111l st:1t»·~ si111il111· tti it tlt*]>t‘l¤1l<. to 21 g:1·•·11t <·xt1·11t. 11111111 tl1•·
HU   iii-1.tit \\'lIlt‘lI 1·1t11 lm _\'-]>]‘t•11 iii ti1r· 11<·t ]`l‘llll'|l€
  » t·» l.;ll’lll#‘l'$ i11 \‘111‘i11t1s ]>11t‘ts <>l` tl1¤· st11t¢·. lll 111·t·o1·Il*
  l;··l1l i11 1‘·»t11ti<»11 so tl111t lIll_\'t‘l'< i`1·1>111 111ills illlll ll|l`{[<‘  the
    s1·~—1·11l11tiv1— l>ll}'<‘I‘. 21 111i1l1ll1— 1111111 who. lllltlt*l' this {lI‘l'llll{I0lll(’l1I,
wl}   . l···1·1·111··s 11t1111·1·1·ss111·_v. l·`111·tl1<·1‘11101‘<·. it will I`(\(llll°l* tho soiling
  _ . ·1l`\v<><>ls tw il s<1t1111l¢·t‘ l111sis illlll will (‘llllllllHll‘. tn il §Il‘l’ill wx-
 i }._ A lt‘lll. tho $]Tt‘t'lllilll\'t‘ l.<‘Elllll'l‘. of tho ]}I`t‘$l‘lll ll12lI'l»{<‘I ntttlvts.
    Wliilv 11t tho S&l]llC time 1`t‘tllI<‘lll{I thc ]llil1'l{(‘lllllL` mst. 1
Ml]   XlVl`l·l—Tlll€ 'l`l·]N'l`,\,'l`lY]·] XYOOL GRl\l)l·]N OF THE
il   `»i' V   lilllil‘L\lv l)l·` ]lARl{l·]'l`S_ lv. S, DlCl’Al{'l`]lI·]N'l` OF AGRI-
ii " A l`l'l1Tl`Rl·Z.ARERli(i‘t>M][1·jXI)El>_\s _\ BASIS FUR XVOUL
I l9ll.l\l)lNl} IN Kl·INT['(`l{Y XYUUL POOLS l)lvRlN(l 1920.
1·~·i. 1
1 t1t.:!`-`
nl. VV". `