. . inaries. A thorough training in chemistry and physics, a reading dey
_ knowledge of German and French, a working knowledge of the micro- firs
` `_ ‘ scope, and the process of embedding, sectioning and staining, a solid ele
I foundation in anatomy and physiology will not only give advanced stand. golf
ing in the medical school, but will lay a truly scientific foundation upon
which a substantial superstructure may be erected. An
·' _ ' Text books: Martin’s Human Body; Stewart’s Manual; Syllabus of cor
the Professor’s Lectures; Gray’s Anatomy. sm
, Books of Reference: Cunningham’s Anatomy; Morris’s Anatomy; acc
Gerrish’s Anatomy; Howell’s Physiology; Schaefer’s Physiology; Amer- the
ican Text-book; Loeb’s Physiology of the Brain. sili
· AsrRoNoMY.  
Courses in astronomy are described under the Department of “S‘
Mathematics and Astronomy. tm
Professor Tuttle, Professor Manson, Assistant Professor Daniels, esi
Dr. Bedford, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Staebner, Mr. Waitt. Y0<
Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry must an-
have completed four years in chemistry, the subjects to be selected from thi
the list given below. The Course in Industrial Chemistry is a prescribed
course throughout·and leads to the degree Bachelor of Science in Indus- tui
trial Chemistry. tht
The Department of Chemistry offers courses of study in General sd
Inorganic Chemistry, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, an
Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Agricul- cu
tural Chemistry. es
General Inorganic Chemistry. The work in General Chemistry
extends throughout the year and must be taken by all students who Ei
intend to continue work in the department. Instruction is given by me
lectures, recitations and laboratory work. In the laboratory the student ap
becomes familiar with apparatus and the methods of work and gains an ` ad
intimate knowledge of the chemistry of the non-metals and metals an
which is a necessary preliminary to the study of qualitative-analysis. we
During the second semester the student manufactures and purifies sim- of
ple inorganic compounds. 03
Qualitative Analysis. This subject is studied in the laboratory Li
during the first semester, the amount of time devoted to this work th