tem bf The lecture room of the department seats about sixty students. A small
private laboratory for making preparations and for the use of advanced - ·
a fu]]y students adjoins the lecture room, and a collection room in which are .- ‘
k, Wbbd cages containing types of skeletons of vertebrate animals is used also
Of md partly for advanced students. . .
mgbbut The office of the department is on the same floor, and is furnished
paid by with asmall working library devoted very largely to zoological and Y
entomological subjects.
bam bf The laboratories are equipped with compound microscopes, micro-
,0,, bbb tomes, water baths, charts, a lantern and desks, and other equipment
ebb and regarded as necessary for giving students both a practical and theoreti-
jevbtbd cal acquaintance with entomology and zoology.
mlbvy a Esvperiment Fields—The Department of Agronomy has an extensive
params system of experiments in crop production and soil fertility in the
Adjbjb State. Fifty-six acres of the Experiment Station farm are devoted
lwbicb to this work. Experiment fields are maintained at Burnside, London,
ZS, and Berea, Lincoln Ridge (Shelby County), Greenville, Russellville, Paducah
Sow, and Mayfield. There are more than a thousand plots on these fields
my by devoted to the study of soils and crops under the various conditions
bsbmb represented by these different parts of the State. The results of this _
luipbbd work are presented to the students in agriculture.
r€f,.ig_ Feed Control-—Under an act of the General Assembly of Kentucky
ming bf of 1905, known as the Kentucky Concentrated Commercial Feeding Stuffs
Law—a law regulating the manufacture and sale of commercial feeding
usb in stuffs in Kentucky——the feeding stuffs laboratory was established. This
V if not laboratory consists of a suite of four rooms and is located in the Ken-·
E Hbbb tucky Experiment Station building. It is equipped with the latest
improved scientific apparatus necessary for carrying on the work of the
bpmebt Department of Feed Control.
ld cob, Fertilizer Control-The fertilizer laboratory is located in the south-
insects east corner, second floor of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment
p Station building. It is well lighted and consists of a laboratory proper
mom, 26 X 24 feet and a balance room and office adjoining 18 x 8 feet. The `
zhnical equipment comprises an electric furnace, electric oven, Kjeldahl nitrogen
of the distilling and digestion apparatus, hot water baths and all the other
necessary apparatus and appliances used in fertilizer work. Three chem- A V
mt of ists are actively engaged in analyzing fertilizers and over fifteen hundred
argely Hrmlyses were made during 1915, Commercial fertilizers are analyzed
atural for their content of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash.
[gygg Food Cmd DMtgs—The Department of State Food and Drug Control i
ology. occupies the eastern half of the first floor of the Experiment Station