The following subjects are required for entrance by all Colleges of L -· ‘
the University:
1s train- English 3 History 1 l V
dvanced Algebra lg Language (other than English) 2
raduste Plane Geometry 1 Science 1 Y
The 55 elective units offered must be chosen from the list on the
preceding page.*
. of the It is strongly recommended that a student desiring to enter the Col-
Of high leges of Engineering offer for entrance one unit in Physics and one half
me the sunit in Solid Geometry. If this is not done he will be required to carry
mldem additional courses in college in these subjects to make up the deficiency
and this may delay his graduation.
Students may be admitted to the freshman class in one or two ways,
either on examination or on presenting a certificate from an approved
mm be school. Each of these methods is described on the following pages.
“" ““‘“ A1>M1ss1oN BY EXAMINATION
M01 Examinations for admission will be held at the University on Wed-
H0] nesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, September 6-9 inclusive.
5 ml All persons who wish to enter the University for the first semester’s
E work, except those whose entrance credits have been accepted by the
Q Committee on Entrance, must take these examinations. They will pre-
i sent themselves at the office of the Registrar at 8:00 a. m. Wednesday,
Q September 6. They will then receive directions concerning the places at
é which their examinations will be held. For the hours of the examinations,
E see schedule.
f English. The units in English are based upon the requirements of _
3 the College Entrance Examination Board. English (1) and (2) are both
- included in the specified entrance requirements and are estimated
é ml l10g€ther as three units, First-class High Schools maintaining a course _ .
B* 1 lll the history of literature in addition and whose graduates have the full
course with five recitations per week may be allowed four units for
A entrance in English.
Emhsh The Complete report of the National Conference on Uniform Entrance
the mw °N0 more than two units will be allowed for vocational subjects.