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     The Executive 0ommittee of the State University met
at the office of President Barker. Wednesday, May 19, 1915.

     There were present:

     C.B. Richols. R.C. Stoll, T.L. Edelin, Claude 3. Terrill,
John E. Brown, P.P. Johnson.

     Absent: G.G. Brolk.

     The snecial committee appointed to present a tentative
budget to the Executive Committee. made its report in writ-
ing, and copy of the recommendations for the budget for the
school year 1915-16 was handed each member of the Committee.
After considering same, the budget for said year was adopted.
showing Itemised statement for each de-:artment and college
of the University. A copy of same is filed with the secretary
of this Committee to be kept in the files for future use.

     On motion made, seconded and unanimously carried., it
was ordered that the board at Patterson Hall, from and after
the closing of the present school year, shall be charged each
student, at the rate of Three Dollars and Seventy-Five Cents
($3.75) per week.

     On motion made. seconded and unanimously carried, it was
ordered that hereafter all matriculates in the Law Department
shall be charged ton dollars ($1O.o0) per semester or Twenty
Dollars ($20.00) for the year, and that Two Dollars and fifty
Cents ($2.50) of the money paid for each semester or   ive- Dol-
lars (0*5f0o) for the year shall be turned over to the Law
Department for the use and benefit of the LaF Library.   1hat
Law Graduates will pay a dinloma fee of Ten "ollars ($1o.00)
ive Dollars ($5.00) of which will be turned over to the
Department for the purpose of paying the   xnexnses in main-
tairing a law magazine or bulletin.

                                       Secret ary


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