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By J.W. Abernathie, T.E. Pope and J.W. Buxton
Progress Report 149 I
Department of Horticulture

J. W. Abernathie, T. E. Pope, J. W. Buxton
More and more garden annuals are used in home and industrial plantings each
year. Thus,it is increasingly important to provide needed information to commercial i
producers and consumers about the many varieties and how these varieties perform A
under local regional conditions. The trial gardens at the University of Kentucky
Agricultural Experiment Station offer opportunities to interested persons to compare l A
the many varieties.
Seed, supplied by seed companies interested in trial results, was sown during
the first part of April 1964. The seed was sown in flats filled with vermiculite and .
was covered with a fine layer of peat moss. Black polyethylene plastic was placed over
the seed flats to hold in moisture until germination. When the seedlings had developed
two true leaves, 48 of them were transplanted into flats. Starting the middle of May, ‘ »
the plants were transplanted to the prepared garden where trial plots 5 feet square ·
were laid out in rows with a 5—foot walkway between rows. Fifteen to 25 plants were
placed in each plot, depending on the growth characteristic of each variety. Water was U
applied by a sprinkler system as necessary throughout the summer. After the plants »
had become established ammonium nitrate fertilizer was applied. I
Varieties were evaluated on two different dates during the summer of 1964. l
The first date was July 17. At this time almost all of the flowers were in full bloom.
Another evaluation was made on September 23. By then the flowers had been in full
bloom for two months. This second evaluation gives a good idea of how long the plants
give a good display. A good bedding plant should be appealing for at least 2 months
during the summer. Each variety was given a rating of "excellent, " "very good, "
"fair." or "poor" based on its usefulness, uniformity and general appeal. 4

Ageratum July 17 Sept. 23 Comments*
· Fairy Pink Good plant, starting fair Shades of lavender—pink, ir-
to flower regular sizes
Snow Carpet , Good plant, starting fair Dwarf with excellent
to flower uniformity
Ping Pong Good plant, no flowers fair White, powder blue
Blue Mink Good plant, no flowers good Powder blue large flowers
` on vigorous 6—8" plant
Alyssum U
U Carpet of Snow Excellent; covers all very good Small white flowers on 4"
` of area tall spreading plant
Royal Carpet Good fair Violet—purple IO" spread
border plant
Burpee Rose Good plant, no flowers poor Flowers resemble quills —
Perfection Mix Good plant, no flowers fair 3%" double flower
Dwarf Queen Mix Fair fair Intermediate in habit
Tom Thumb Mix Good—excellent poor Dwarf and compact with
large double flowers
Color Parade Mix Excellent poor Large double flowers
Dark Opal Excellent very good Dark purplish—bronze foliage
Golden Feather Good plant poor ‘ Golden yellow spines
Fiery Feather Very good-excellent fair Pyramid formed flowers
with red fiery spines
Fireglow Good good Big globular, cardinal red
flower heads
Dusty Miller Very good very good Fine—cut silvery foliage
_ Blue Boy Good poor Very large, deep blue flowers

Early Bird Mixed Good fair Many colors, double and
Baby Doll Good poor Large bloom; extra dwarf
Red Monarch Poor fair Red ‘
Brave Good fair Brilliant red flowers
Impatiens A
Dwarf Baby Mixture Fair, few flowers very good Uniform plants with red,
orange and pink flowers
Delicate Rose Fair, few flowers very good Unusual rose—pink 4
Orange Jewel Fair, few flowers very good Deep vivid orange
Pink Jewel Fair, few flowers very good Clear pink dwarf
Lobelia _
Heavenly Good fair Very vigorous and free
flowering ‘
Blue Stone Very good fair Fine bright blue
Marigold d
Alaska Good fair Light primrose on 2‘ plant g
Brownie Scout Excellent good Golden yellow with flecks
of red V
Rod and Gold Good very good Double
Dolly Good plant, few flowers fair Large fully double flowers;
mixture of orange, yellow
and primrose
Double Eagle Good plant, few flowers very good Lemonyellow
Dwarf Master Blend Very good very good Dwarf, early flowering,
range of colors
Doubloon Good plant, few flowers fair-good Light yellow cutflowers
Geraldine Good plant, few flowers fair Large fluffy, deep—orange
flowers ‘
Golden Climax Good plant, few flowers fair Golden yellow for garden
or cutting ·
Gypsy Good good Blend of extra double, i
range of color
llawaii Good plant » fair Rich orange

 ` 5
Mary Helen Good plant, few flowers fair Brilliant yellow, carnation
_ shaped
Mr. Sam Good plant, few flowers fair Chrysanthemum—type,
canary yellow
Naughty Marietta Good plant, few flowers fair Golden yellow with mahogany
Penn State Good plant, few flowers poor Golden color
Primrose Climax Good plant, few flowers poor Primrose up to 5" across
G Pygmy Primrose Very good good Primrose with red base
when young
, Sovereign V Good plant, few flowers fair Golden—yellow
. Sparky Good good Gold with edges and marks
of red
Toreador Good plant, few flowers fair Mid—orange
Yellow Climax Good plant, few flowers fair Bright yellow globular blooms
Fire King Poor poor Brilliant red
Triumph Mixture Poor poor Wide color orange on 6-8"
Purple Robe Good fair Non—fading, deep—violet
Appleblossom Good very good Light to intense salmon pink
Bingo Imp. Very good fair Continuous bloom of wine,
red and white
Calypso Good good Scarlet and white fringed
Cavalier Very good very good Rich salmon and white
Coral Magic Very good very good Deep salmon—rose
Fandango Good good Blue and white flowers
Hi—Fi " Very good good Bright deep rose
Pink Cascade Good very good Pink
Pink Cheeks Very good very good White throat with pink edge
_ Pink Magic Very good very good Smooth bright pink flowers
Popcorn Good very good White

 6 .
Red Cascade Good good Scarlet red
Red Ensign Very good very good Plain edge scarlet—red ·
Rhapsody Fair fair Fringed double flowers of
deep burgundy
Rose Desire Poor poor Rose A
Scarlet Desire Good good Vivid scarlet with small
gold throat
Sky Magic Good fair Silvery, sky blue
Snow Lady Fair —- Giant pure white flowers
on dwarf plant
Snow Magic Fair —- White large flowered
White Cascade Good good Glistening white ruffled
flowers '
White Giant Good fair Large flower pure white i
White Magic Very good good Early, ruffled white blooms
Petunia “
Multiflora I ·
Brass Band Very good excellent Creamy—yellow _
Cardinal Good very good Double red
Comanche Improved Good good Scarlet V
Coral Satin Very good excellent Coral—rose on dwarf plant
Honey Bunch Good good Salmon doubles _
Meteor Good good Sharply defined scarlet
and white U
Paleface Very good very good Pure white with small cream l
Peaches N'Cream Fair fair Light creamy-—yellow changing
to salmon—rose on edge
Peppermint Fair good Lacey rose—pink veins on »
soft pink flowers
Pink Velvet Excellent very good Rose—pink
Plum Dandy Excellent excellent Fuchsia color
Red Satin Fair very good Non—fading scarlet
Star Trophy Very good good White stars on blue 4
Sugar Plum Excellent excellent Orchid flower with wine—red
Torchlight Fair good Soft pastels with throat ‘
Choice Mixed Very good good Soft pastels with throat

 A 7
Dwarf Master Blend Excellent poor Bright flowers begin when ·
i plants are small
F Globe Mixture Good fair Mature plants domed shaped
Radiant Mixture Excellent poor Most compact, especially
for pots
Twinkles Starred , Very good poor Dwarfs with mixed colors
Mixture and pointed petals
_ Grandiflora Mixed Excellent fair, Free flowering with distinct
few flowers colors
F Double Finest Mixed Excellent fair Free flowering with distinct
America Good plant, few flowers good Fine red dwarf, bushy,
compact growth
Cardinal Good plant, few flowers very good Intense red with dark foliage
Royal Blue Very good good Deep blue 3' tall
St. John's Fire Good excellent Only I2" tall, deep red
Evening Glow Good good Bushy with IO" lavender—
rose spikes ·
Choice Mixture Poor fair Huge florets attractively
ruffled `
Rocket Mixed Good very good Long, tapered, . compact
Floral Carpet Good fair Bushy plant with mass of
short spikes
Floral Carpet Rose Very good very good Rose, bushy plant with mass
of short spikes
Knee High Mixed Very good very good Mix of solid colors
Scarlet Sentinel Very good very good l8—24"
Sunrise Formula Mixed Good good Rich colored, 2-3 weeks
_ earlier than most
Topper Very good very good Long stems, many flowers
Jewels of Opar Fair good Loose cluster of luminous
pink flowers

 8 .
Dwarf Master Blend Very good fair Very compact, blooms
entire season —
Vinca »
Mixture Fair good Heat tolerant pinks and
Bonanza Good ** Golden—yellow
Firecracker Good ** Scarlet—red, quilled cactus i
type petals
Old Mexico Good ** Deep mahogany red edged
_ with bright gold shades ~
Persian Carpet Good ** Bi—color flowers with
pointed petals, range of G -
Pink Buttons Very good ** Rose-pink and salmon, small
Princess Good ** Soft salmon—pink flowers »
Red Mun Very good-·` ** Giant Scarlet flowers
River ol` Gold Fair ** Low spreading plants »
Thumbelinzi Good ** 6" plants with double and
semi—double flowers, range Y
of colors 1
Yellow Zcnith Good ** Large cactus—type blooms,
clear yellow
* Comments as given by seed companies
** Infested badly with mildew
(Filing Code l7—3)
1 .GM—3—65